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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 54


Volume 1

Chapter 54: Mystic Arts Temple (9)

A look of surprise flashed through the clear eyes of the Lady Boss.

She wasn't someone who was hard to come by, so inherently she was a bit suspicious of Miao Yi, and if he knew of their true identities and what they were capable of. He could have been putting on a pretentious front in order to give a favorable impression of himself, worming his way closer to them.

However, the scene unfolding in front of their eyes was absolutely not fake. He was heavily surrounded and yet was calmly fighting with the best of his abilities. He was practically disregarding life and death.

It was justifiable if the person had a high cultivation base, but Miao Yi had a lower-tier cultivation base, did not have a profound level of transcendence energy, and wasn't assisted by a transcendent artifact. Yet, he displayed the brilliance of an unyielding man's bravery and temperament. Not just women, even if men saw his display at this very moment, they could only use shocking to describe it.

The Lady Boss was now extremely curious as to who Miao Yi's master was. Judging by Miao Yi's form of attack, it was evident that this was a method used to countermeasure against group assaults. A person without experience in being beaten by a crowd would be unable to learn this particular method of dealing with group assaults.

In the cultivation world, people who usually dared to deal with group attacks were those with a profound level of transcendence energy and thus had the ability to suppress a crowd alone. Otherwise, they would normally make a hasty escape in order to save their own lives. But the person who taught Miao Yi obviously had experiences quite different from others.

Having such a proficient method of dealing with group assaults and at such a young age, Miao Yi had clearly gone through a long period of training. It was impossible that he'd comprehended it on his own. She was able to tell, starting from when he had calmly closed his eyes.

She had no clue as to how Miao Yi's master had trained Miao Yi to this state. This was certainly not some folk's tale from the secular world, talking about jianghu heroes who could fight against scores of people on their own. Those were all exaggerated tales. Without the attribution of transcendence energy, a human body made of flesh and bone would be impossible to train to achieve Miao Yi's skill. Miao Yi's incoming attack had already harmonized man, arts and spear together.

Perhaps it was easy to teach skills, but this kind of temperament, this kind of vigor that did not falter when facing death was difficult to teach. Without a master who was broad-minded and open, it would be impossible to train a disciple like this. Thus, the Lady Boss was considerably curious as to which master in the cultivation world had the ability to produce such a disciple. In all likelihood, the master must also not be an average person!

It was uncertain as to when the melody from the lute had stopped.

Palala! Keeping his eyes closed, Miao Yi dragged the spear as he swept his spear across the ground, before turning it around, revolving his body as he swept it with a quick speed.

Six of the zombies had yet to fall, all of them with legs severed by the speartip, and instead had their heads burst by the returning cold glint sweeping across. One by one, they flew backwards and fell struggling onto the ground, no longer able to get up.

The final six zombies had fallen. Over one hundred zombies were left with intestines emerging from their cut bellies, or had been dismembered, or were just pools of black and sticky blood splattered everywhere. It was a ground that left one full of disgust yet was also a ghastly sight. Some of the arms and legs were still twitching.

Spear held horizontally in hand, Miao Yi suddenly opened his eyes, glaring straight at the red-clothed girl who was now hugging the white-boned lute. Slowly, he hoisted the spear in his hand, directing the speartip right at her.

The red-clothed girl stood up in a daze, staring at Miao Yi in a dumbstruck manner. She had been heavily shocked by Miao Yi.

Within the temple, in front of the old window, the Lady Boss's gaze twinkled as she stared at Miao Yi, a look of extraordinary splendor flashing by.

The confucian scholar and the rest were throwing glances at each other. Over a hundred zombies, and yet to their surprise, they were all wiped out by a kid with a cultivation of White Lotus First Grade?

Miao Yi abruptly glanced behind at them, and angrily shouted, ’’If you're not leaving now, then until when do you intend to stay?! Do you really want to drag me to my death here?’’

The rage he was feeling was practically indescribable. He'd been stalling time for them so they could easily make their escape, but who would have thought this group of people were still here?

If not for the fact that these few people had warned him in time and saved his life, he wouldn't be throwing his life away in this place he'd just run away without considering anything else.

The confucian scholar and the rest were slightly embarrassed, had they gone too far? He was obviously filled with grief and indignation to his limits.

They cast a glance at the Lady Boss as though asking, what do we do now?

But that Lady Boss, whose bearing gave a feeling of unruliness, pursed her lips tightly she was apparently unhappy at the fact that Miao Yi was not afraid to lose his temper at her.

The melodious sound of the lute gradually sounded out again in the temple.

The red-clothed girl played leisurely with her hands, faintly saying, ’’I never would have thought that a White Lotus First Grade cultivator like you would have such skills. I have underestimated you. You're called Miao Yi, right? Miao Yi, if you agree to stay and become my partner in Yin-Yang duo cultivation, then I will no longer make things difficult for you. How about from now on, you and I will be in love with each other, forgetting about all the disturbances in the world?’’

Under the moonlight that appeared after the rain, the tempo of melodious sound from the lute suddenly became sentimental. The expression of the red-clothed girl seemed to also carry a slight hint of tenderness.

Yet, the Lady Boss's lips curled in a shameless manner. When a woman finds another woman to be an eyesore, they tended to behave this way.

Conversely, her gaze dropped onto Miao Yi, watching his reaction.

’’Can I think about it?’’ Miao Yi asked.

When the question came out of his mouth, the implied mockery in the corner of the Lady Boss's lips was even more apparent.

The red-clothed girl smiled sweetly. ’’Hopefully, you won't make me wait too long.’’

’’It won't be too long.’’ Gripping onto his spear, Miao Yi leapt over the ground littered with zombie corpses, eventually descending under the eaves of the temple, turned around and then entered.

The Lady Boss and the rest who were hiding by the temple window, watched him enter and once again acted like they were so scared their legs were too weak to run with.

Miao Yi shook his head grudgingly, realizing that he had forgotten they were mortals and were frightened till they didn't dare move about recklessly.

In the temple courtyard, the red-clothed girl hugged her white-boned lute as she raised her head to gaze at the moon. Her hands strummed the lute, her skirt twirling while she revolved lightly and unhurriedly, as she gently sang and danced with grace.

She was not afraid of Miao Yi escaping. Miao Yi had fought a round with Mo Shengtu and the other man, and again fought a fierce battle with over a hundred zombies. His transcendence energy definitely would have been more or less depleted. Even if he wanted to run, he would not be able to escape her grasp.

Indeed, he did not let her wait too long. Miao Yi's voice travelled out from the inner hall. ’’I have thought about it.’’

The red-clothed girl giggled. ’’So?’’

’’Come in and we'll talk.’’

She could only hear Miao Yi's voice and had yet to see any traces of him.

The red-clothed girl's eyes flickered. She wasn't exactly scared that Miao Yi would play any tricks. Spreading out her arms, she lightly descended onto the corridor under the eaves, hugging the white-boned lute as she leisurely strolled in, only to see Miao Yi holding onto his spear towering over her just inside the residence. The other commoners were trembling with fear and trepidation behind his back.

The red-clothed girl casually strummed the strings of her lute, stretching out her arm and gently held her beautiful, thick hair as she laughed. ’’Hopefully Husband won't disappoint me.’’

’’I definitely won't disappoint you!’’ On the palm of his hand, Miao Yi held onto a porcelain bottle that the cook used to store condiments.

’’What's this?’’ the red-clothed girl asked puzzlingly.

All of a sudden, Miao Yi tossed out the bottle and smacked it over with a strike of his spear.

Pa! A cloud of mist exploded inside the hall.

The red-clothed girl waved her sleeve, invoking her art as she swept the air back continuously, not allowing the dust to get near her. It was at that moment that she heard Miao Yi shout in a stern voice, ’’Yin Dispersal Powder!’’

’’Yin Dispersal Powder?’’ The expression on the red-clothed girl changed abruptly. She appeared to recall something, and looked as though she was terror-stricken. Letting out a shrill scream, she fled from the shrine in a flurry.

This item, Yin Dispersal Powder, Miao Yi had also heard about it from Yan Xiu, back when he told Yan Xiu he had to come here to eliminate the ghost cultivator.

This item was said to be formed by utilizing the ghost cultivator's nemesis the drought demon's inner core and grinding it. It was an item of supreme Yang properties. For an ordinary ghost cultivator, a small stain would basically burn them until their souls flew away and scattered. For minor cases, they would be burnt till their strength was greatly depleted or their vitality was severely wounded.

From the change of the red-clothed girl's expression upon hearing the name, they knew how much of a deterrent power this item had against the ghost cultivator.

Meanwhile, the group of figures had already quickly fled out of the backdoor of the temple courtyard, scuttling towards the mountain forest under the moonlight.

In the end, that Lady Boss was carried in Miao Yi's embrace as he ran madly.


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