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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 53


Volume 1

Chapter 53: Mystic Arts Temple (8)

The Lady Boss and her group had traces of shock on their faces. They were all examining Miao Yi closely, and caught on that he planned to distract the female ghost by himself, allowing them to escape. But with his cultivation, the end result would be hard to tell.

There was no longer any signs of mockery in the Lady Boss' eyes as she looked at Miao Yi;a cultivator with such a temperament was hard to find in the cultivation world.

Men may not feel much, but in a woman's eyes, men were all the same!

’’No.’’ The red-clothed girl shook her head. ’’It has been far too cold here, and since you've come all this way, then all of you should stay!’’ Her tone brooked no room for discussion.

Miao Yi's expression gradually grew colder, it seemed as if nothing he said would be of use. He readied his spear for battle, and slowly uttered, ’’And if we don't stay?’’

The red-clothed girl looked at her slender fingers as they were strumming the lute. She shook her head slightly and said, ’’Since you are already here, do you think that decision is up to you?’’

Miao Yi slowly clenched the spear, and he pushed the Lady Boss and her crew behind him. ’’You all retreat to the temple, then leave from the back.’’

As soon as he finished saying this, the Lady Boss immediately waved to her back, and the bunch of them instantly ran away, without a single moment's hesitation.

Splish splosh splish splosh, they ran inside the temple, but they didn't leave, and instead hid behind a broken window, looking at the events unfolding outside.

’’Dang dang dang....’’ The red-clothed girl's fingers sped up, and so did the sounds of the lute. She lifted her head and said to Miao Yi coldly, ’’Even if you plan on leaving, I will still make you stay.’’

Miao Yi thrust his spear and shouted, ’’Let us go, and we can end this peacefully, otherwise, even if I have to sacrifice myself, I will exorcise you, malicious spirit.’’

’’With just your White Lotus First Grade cultivation you wish to exorcise me? If you had not killed those two, I might have been slightly afraid....’’ the red-clothed girl laughed coldly.

Miao Yi's spiritual point had already been hidden by the Soul Concealing Paste, yet the enemy still knew his level of cultivation. It was clear that this female ghost had already heard much beforehand, no wonder she chose to show up now.

The red-clothed girl's thin fingers suddenly moved faster, the sonorous lute sounds clanked hastily throughout the temple, and soon after, loud splashing noises came from the two ponds.

Miao Yi quickly casted a cold glance at his surroundings, only to find bald zombies crawling out, one after another. He could vaguely see that under all the mud and grass the zombies seemed to be wearing monk robes.

They had all been turned to zombies. Uncertain as to how many years had passed, the clothes hadn't even rotted away yet.

Bald? Monk robes? Could it be that these zombies were originally the monks of this temple? Miao Yi was stupefied was it possible that all the monks of the temple were killed by this female ghost?

In a short while, over a hundred wet zombies were stumbling their way towards him, crowding together and clawing around, each of their faces were beyond recognition.

The lute melody shifted again, and it was as though the over hundred zombies received an order they groaned as they circled around the red-clothed girl sitting on the wormwood, and like a wave, they were running towards Miao Yi.

’’Why aren't you leaving!’’ Without even turning his head, Miao Yi shouted angrily to the people that were peeking from inside the temple.

Barely having any time to speak, he was already being surrounded by the group of zombies as they clawed around him.

The Lady Boss and group remained indifferent, and continued to watch the chaos.

Even though these zombies were full of weaknesses, they were unbelievably strong, and could destroy a low-leveled cultivator's transcendent defenses. They feared no pain nor death, and were extremely vicious.

A single White Lotus First Grade cultivator wasn't capable of defeating over a hundred zombies, and even a White Lotus Second Grade would have a hard time accomplishing it.

It seemed as though the Lady Boss's group wanted to see how many zombies Miao Yi could defeat.

Miao Yi moved as fast as a rabbit, the spear in his hand struck out like a whirlwind with a cold glint, hitting an approaching zombie on the chest and sending it flying with a single strike.

With his spear in hand, he struck out and pulled back. Spear in hand, each of Miao Yi's strikes rushed forth like the drizzling rain, the cold glint of the spear tip constantly flickering.

In a few short moments, over ten zombies had rushed forward with their claws ready to strike, and they were all swept away by the spear.

But the ones in the back did not fear death, and continued to charge, yet were still unable to break past the cold net of Miao Yi's spear.

However, through the control from the red-clothed girl's lute, the hundred over zombies no longer converged on a single point, and instead separated from one another, surrounding Miao Yi and attacking simultaneously. The Lady Boss and her group all grew anxious as they saw this.

What vexed Miao Yi the most was that he always managed to pierce the zombies' hearts, but was unable to kill them. The zombies that were blown away all got up once again, and continued to attack him.

Those zombies that had their legs cut off were also crawling towards him, as though there was no way to kill them permanently.

If this continued, even if he wasn't killed by these zombies, he would die of fatigue, and the female ghost cautiously watching hadn't even made her move yet.

This was also a result of his inexperience in dealing with zombies.

But as Miao Yi burst the head of a zombie with a single strike, he finally found the experience he needed. This was the experience of battle, more precious than anything else.

The zombie that had its head blown to pieces flailed about on the ground, yet did not get up again.

Having found an opening, the spear in Miao Yi's hands struck without mercy, like crushing gourds he burst tens of zombies' heads, one after the other.

The red-clothed girl looked on coldly, the tempo of the lute's melody was furiously fast.


The zombies all started roaring, one after another, wildly charging from multiple directions.

With so many zombies, they had no way to attack together, so those that could not get into the front of the crowd all leaped upwards over ten zombies charged from overhead, and Miao Yi was suddenly thrust into an extremely dangerous situation.

The confucian scholar and the cook all quickly turned their heads to look at the Lady Boss, but she still had an indifferent expression on her face as she looked on, not showing any response.

She noticed how at that moment, Miao Yi had a decisive and sharp glint in his eyes, like a hawk. He was calm and quiet, there was not a trace of fear on his face, but actually turned more vicious and uncompromising.

She was surprised to see that Miao Yi actually closed his eyes under the congregated attacks of the zombies.

Lao Bai once said, to a cultivator at your level, the more you panic, the easier it is for your sense of sight to make errors. By confusing your own eyes, you end up making unsuitable choices. This was why Miao Yi had to close his eyes when he stood under the waterfall.

A wave of cold light suddenly shot out from Miao Yi's hand, the silver spear quickly pierced and struck its targets he was spinning and striking within his confinement at a blindingly fast pace.

And he was striking with his eyes closed.

He managed to recall the sensation of striking out with his eyes closed from when he was being beaten under the rushing waterfall. He managed to grasp the feeling of when he was surrounded by more than thousands and thousands of Tyrant Fish under the deep sea.

It was as though he no longer carried any emotion within himself right now, with only a single connection between his target and the spear in his hand he only had to strike the target.

Over a hundred zombies simultaneously charged at him, leaping ferociously.

Yet even though he was being surrounded to the point his figure could no longer be seen, the flash of the spear in Miao Yi's hand showed no signs of stopping.

The cold light that was striking in all directions, it was calm, decisive, vicious, stable, and accurate. The zombies either had their heads burst one after another, or were struck backwards hitting the zombies that were charging to the front.

Such a display would stupefy anyone. It had nothing to do with the level of strength, and was more like a sheep being surrounded by a hundred tigers, yet the sheep managed to display a domineering and unbeatable aura.

The confucian scholar and the rest, they all had serious looks on their faces, and once more turned to look at the Lady Boss. They did not know if the Lady Boss shared their sentiments, but right now they felt as though they had the word 'solemn' stuck in their heart.

’’Good kid! Good courage! Good spunk!’’ the confucian scholar muttered.


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