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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Mystic Arts Temple (5)


At this moment, Mo Shengtu let out a blood-curdling scream, his hand still gripping onto the cup. It was clear that Miao Yi's amazing ambush had been so quick, he had been caught off-guard when he struck out with his spear.

Below the severed arm, blood streamed out from Zhang Shucheng's torso as he urgently dodged the blow. Simultaneously, he opened up his hand, summoning his spear back into his grasp.


With a malevolent expression on his face, Miao Yi kicked the screaming Mo Shengtu, sending him flying. At the same time, he swept his spear horizontally, directly lopping Mo Shengtu's head off, causing blood to immediately splash out in the air.

With his body and head in two different places, Mo Shengtu collapsed onto the ground, no longer capable of screaming.

The Lady Boss, who was lying on top of the chair bed, rose up and watched the commotion from inside her tent. Regardless of the laymen or the confucian scholar or even the cook, none of them had expected Miao Yi to suddenly explode without a heads up, which had given them the impression that he had not seen their earlier warning.

Only now did they realize that this young man, who seemed so plain-looking, also had a considerably brutal side to him. Neither was he lacking in shrewdness as well. When he made a move, it would be fatal. Otherwise, it wouldn't. He was considerably decisive!

One could ask what kind of person was Lao Bai, and why would he select a goody two-shoes to teach his art to? Of course, Lao Bai chose Miao Yi after he had done a lot of investigation. If Miao Yi didn't have the slightest capability to adapt and survive, then Lao Bai would have been wasting his time and effort by selecting a person to come out and send him to the grave.

Zhang Shucheng was pale, he'd already used his transcendence energy to seal the severed arm along with the wound under his armpit that had penetrated deep below the bottom of his heart. With a single arm, he captured his spear and pointed it at Miao Yi as he roared in raging fury, ’’You little scum! You dare to ambush us!’’

’’If I hadn't ambushed you, then I wouldn't have been your match!’’ Miao Yi spoke openly, in a forthright manner. Akin to a death god, he pointed his spear at Zhang Shucheng. ’’Two White Lotus Third Grade cultivators, going as far as using poison on a White Lotus First Grade cultivator like me behind my back. The thought of killing you two makes me laugh! Speak! Whose orders are you following?’’

The Lady Boss and the rest looked at each other. No wonder this kid used an ambush tactic. It turned out he was only a White Lotus First Grade cultivator, but he really had the nerve to do so. A mere White Lotus First Grade cultivator actually dared to mount a sneak attack on two White Lotus Third Grade cultivators. He had more guts than the average person!

Zhang Shucheng looked at his own severed arm he'd unexpectedly lost an arm?

Abruptly lifting his head, he vigorously bellowed in rage, ’’DIE!’’

In a sudden movement, a spear was piercing its way towards Miao Yi,

Jaws dropping from surprise, Lady Boss and the rest saw that the kid with a White Lotus First Grade cultivation base, did not try to dodge or avoid the attack. He directly faced the White Lotus Third Grade cultivator and launched his counterattack!

Zhang Shucheng reached him in a flash, but Miao Yi was not in the least scared. His leg stepped out, becoming one with his spear as he leapt.

He rose high up in the air of the grand hall, and ferociously struck out with a spear attack. Practically all his transcendence energy was focused onto the strike of the speartip, similar to his cultivation on the island in the sea. Even if you were a large stone mountain, I would still destroy you.

That grandeur, that all-encompassing force as he courageously advanced forward, even the Lady Boss and her subordinates felt alarmed. He dared to act this way when facing two enemies who surpassed himself by two levels what kind of sect and master would train their disciple into one with such a temperament?


A loud sound shocked the grand hall, the transcendence energy shaking their surroundings.

Under the brutal swirls of surging transcendence energy, the few stone statues which were on the verge of collapsing, finally gave way with a loud bang. The fireplace beneath was instantly stifled, having been pressed down and extinguished into burning coals, sparks flying everywhere.

The bonfire near the Lady Boss had also been nearly extinguished, causing sparks to fly in all directions. Yet, somehow none of the fire sparks could touch the the pink muslin tent of the Lady Boss's chair bed.

Outside the hall, the terrified horses whinnied.

This head-on strike separated them, as they recoiled upon impact.

The place where Zhang Shucheng's arm was severed along with the deep gash in his armpit, violently exploded into two clouds of red mist. He dropped onto the ground and staggered, falling back a few steps as he used his single arm to hold onto the spear in order to steady himself.

Meanwhile, the attack had momentarily jolted Miao Yi, till he was thrown flying backwards.

Boom! He crashed right through the stone wall behind him, his figure disappearing deep inside the hole created.

A clattering sound emitted from the back of the broken wall, and immediately a loud bang followed, causing more than half of the inner grand hall to collapse. Among the smoke and dust, as well as the upheaval of tumbling rocks, a speartip slowly extended out from the back of the broken wall. Miao Yi gradually walked out, holding the straightened spear in his hand.

The disheveled Miao Yi stood steadily amidst the messy pile of rocks. He lifted his hand to wipe away the blood that flowed out from his nose and mouth, once again directing his spear at Zhang Shucheng. ’’So what if you have a cultivation base at White Lotus Third Grade? With a missing arm and half your chest sliced open, I don't believe I won't be able to get rid of you!’’

Zhang Shucheng would never have expected that Miao Yi wouldn't be afraid to face him straight on. Although his attack had wounded Miao Yi, he wasn't exactly in good shape either.

He was already without an arm, and using one hand had greatly reduced the strength behind his spear. On top of that, he had to consume a lot of transcendence energy to seal the grave injury of both wounds, as well as to stabilize his heart which had been inflicted serious damage in his chest.

Miao Yi saw his chance, and so he focused all his energy into this one strike. In the end, he'd been battered till half the blood in his body came exploding out of his wounds.

Zhang Shucheng's body was on the verge of collapsing, his complexion growing more pale by the minute. His wounds weren't the only places bleeding out, he also suffered from internal bleeding within his chest.

Lady Boss and her group were astonished. They never would have thought that Miao Yi, under the suppression of a White Lotus Third Grade cultivator's transcendence energy, still had the capability to lash out such a swift and fierce counterattack, delivering blows to Zhang Shucheng until he'd been reduced to his current state.

Zhang Shucheng was so full of regret, his intestines had turned green. He finally understood why this kid could not be defeated even in a fight against five cultivators. The transcendence energy he exerted to suppress Miao Yi appeared to have no effect whatsoever. Miao Yi's transcendence energy shield had an unclear and unknown method of defensive power. As a result, he vigorously met him head-on, even when seriously injured.

’’Who gave the order?’’ Miao Yi directed his spear at him. ’’Say it and I will spare your pathetic life!’’

Lady Boss and the rest were speechless. A White Lotus First Grade cultivator was actually threatening a White Lotus Third Grade cultivator.

Suddenly, Zhang Shucheng brandished his spear in one sweep and with a rumbling sound, a few large flagstones on the ground went flying, smashing in the direction of Miao Yi. In one swift movement, he fled.

He didn't believe that by confessing all, Miao Yi would forgive him. He was going to die either way, so why not just stake his entire life on it?

With a strike of his spear, Miao Yi deflected the flying flagstones. He didn't give chase to Zhang Shucheng who was fleeing in the direction of the main gate. To save time, he headbutted his way through the walls of the temple. Amidst the swirling rubble in the air, with his blurred vision a spear attack came slantingly piercing out. The movement was akin to when he was blindfolded under the rapid flowing currents of the waterfall, striking with equal precision each stone flowing with the torrents.

Zhang Shucheng was terror-stricken he had just flown past the main gate. He had tossed away the broken stone walls with his spear, intending to continue his escape, when suddenly he realized he was no longer able to move.

He slowly lowered his head to look, only to find a spear had penetrated through his waist from the side, completely piercing through his own transcendence energy defense. His transcendence energy no longer had the strength to fortify him anymore.


The spear in Zhang Shucheng's grasp fell to the ground powerlessly. He wanted to reach out his hand to cover the blood flowing profusely out of his wound, but was unable to do so. There were a number of wounds on his body so how could he cover them all with just one hand? His eyes were filled with terror.

The rumbling sounds of thunder, wind and rain accompanied each other outside the grand hall, Drizzling water came in through the roof, constantly being blown inside with the wind.

Under the flashes of lightning, both of them, to the left and right, their hair plastered flat from the rain. Under the lightning, it was even more clearly seen.

The aloof and remote Buddha statue inside the grand hall, silently watched the two men, one at the main gate and the other by the gap in the broken wall...


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