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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 5


Chapter 5-The Scholar(1)

Once again, Miao Yi pointed towards the danger zone and exclaimed with his eyes wide open, ’’Someone is playing the zither in that zone!’’

’’Playing the zither?’’ Yan Bei Hong went silent. Sensing that Miao Yi was being honest with him, he used his pinky finger to dig his ears before soothing his heart and concentrating on listening for the sound of the zither.

Yan Bei Hong listened for a long while. Not a sound of a fart was heard;what's more, the sound of the zither. Yan Bei Hong could not help but doubt Miao Yi. ’’Little brother, was it not your imagination?’’

Miao Yi, however, still believed that he did hear the sound of zither. With a rush of excitement, he pointed towards the danger zone spiritedly. ’’Someone is playing the zither in there... I'm sure of it so I think the path ahead should be safe... Let's check it out! There aren't many who will tread this path so there might be a higher chance of us finding the immortal grass there.’’

When he turned around, he noticed that Yan Bei Hong's facial expression sank but was not sure of the reason.

Yan Bei Hong did not even hear the sound of the zither and as a person who clearly understood resentment from his past experience, he knew he should not anger Miao Yi.

Yan Bei Hong was fine being Miao Yi's bodyguard in the beginning but with Miao Yi's current 'excuse' to continue finding an immortal grass caused Yan Bei Hong to feel that something was amiss.

He had already experienced Miao Yi's way of using a knife to kill others. Additionally, he had an immortal grass. Who knows when a negative thought might surface within Miao Yi's mind and result in betrayal?

Thus the little trust Yan Bei Hong had for Miao Yi became void. Yan Bei Hong took down his bag, grabbed some food for himself before throwing the bag with the remaining food supply at Miao Yi's feet.

’’Little brother, since you do not heed my advice, this is all I can do for you. May we meet again in the future!’’

After saying, Yan Bei Hong turned and walked away without looking back.

Miao Yi was a little baffled by Yan Bei Hong's sudden change in attitude.

After witnessing Yan Bei Hong's figure disappear into the mist, Miao Yi was still unable to comprehend the situation and hence arrived at only one conclusion, and that is Yan Bei Hong not wanting to accompany him anymore.

The search with Yan Bei Hong concluded in half a month with no success of finding another immortal grass. Miao Yi wondered whether he should continue the search by himself or give up and follow Yan Bei Hong. With Yan Bei Hong's skills, the trip back should be relatively save...

Alone, Miao Yi was in a dilemma as he stood on the hill while thinking about the future. When the thought of his younger brother and sister's future surfaced, he returned his gaze to the location where the zither sound was transmitted from. He whispered to himself, ’’Where others dare to go, why can't I?’’

Miao Yi looked up at the sky and took a deep breath. He settled his feelings and hardened his guts before picking up the bag and headed into the danger zone with only the zither's music guiding him.

He went downhill.

Upon arriving at the bottom of the hill, the sound suddenly became messy but was soon back to normal.

After walking for a while, he found the terrains to be extremely flat. He continued to follow the sound of the zither and after the long walk, the sound still seemed distant, as if one would never be able to get close to it. Thus he started to doubt himself whether what he heard was really the zither or just his imagination.

Miao Yi could not help but hesitate.

Not far away on one of the towering misty peak stood a stone table. On it laid a ten feet long ancient zither.

The body of the ancient zither was embossed with carvings of the sun, the moon, the stars, the blue ocean, and the mulberry field.

Above the ocean rose three dragon heads. They were looking at the sun, the moon and the stars.

Their bodies were the three different colored strings that were strung onto the ancient zither, making the zither look extremely delicate.

Looking closely, one could see the four claws of the dragons and their life-like heads. In a moment of carelessness, one could even mistake these carved dragons to be actual real ones trapped in the zither.

A normal zither should have eight strings, but this ancient zither that was like the work of the heavens was missing five!

A tall man stood near the stone table. He was wearing a plain white robe, with a plain white cloak over it. His clothing seems ordinary, if not for his hairstyle which would be easy for people to mistake him for a relatively clean scholar.

His hair was black and glossy and reached his waist. However, the hair near his temples was cream color.

Among these luxuriant white hair, each side of his temple had hair hanging down and resting on his chest while the rest of his hair were formed into a single knot to bind his black hair together to prevent them from being messy.

[TL: continues to describe the nose, eyebrows and other things on his face...... :'(

Raw: 鼻梁英挺, 眉目间刚柔并济, 眼若丹凤, 眸若寒星, 面颊刚颊刚毅中透着江山柔情, 唇线的刚柔一吻能醉美人.]

It was difficult to tell the type of feeling he would give to others. With a glance, righteous and demonic qi was contained within;noble and normal together;domineering and gently coexisting;not lacking chivalrous and tenderness. When he looked back, he was like looking at the world in an imposing manner.

There was a phrase called ' 风情万种' [TL: At different times, it gives others a different impression but his '风情万种' and woman's '风情万种' is different.

The only word to describe his beauty was also used to describe a woman's beauty;absolute beauty!

This kind of a man is extremely hard to find in the world!

On the misty mountain, the 'scholar' stood as straight as a brush as his gaze wandered into the horizon while playing the zither with one hand and the other hand kept behind his back. His five fingers were like the wind, gently fiddling with the three strings and playing the sounds which attracted Miao Yi's attention.

As the mountain was in the middle of the twenty miles radius basin, the scholar was like a bat. He used the ancient zither to produce sound waves and was able to identify those who trespass into the zone.

He was, however, unable to discern if Miao Yi was attracted by the sound of the zither, or came here by chance, but he could feel Miao Yi's hesitation.

Without stopping his five fingers from playing, he brought the other hand towards his chest and slowly pulled the ribbon of his cloak, and untied it.

The cloak flew as it floated off his shoulder and drifted away, into the fog.

When Miao Yi stopped hesitating, he realized the sounds seemed to have moved and had changed to a different direction.

Miao Yi scratched his head as he looked around perturbed. He decided to painstakingly follow the sound of the zither.

The 'scholar' at the mountain top blinked for a while and slowly looked at the direction of Miao Yi.

His confirmation disturbed his playing of the zither. Placid on the surface, his mood, however, was affected and his five fingers moved a little faster for a few minutes. The sounds became somewhat abrupt.

The sounds of the zither changed directions a few times like there was someone trying to run away with it. Miao Yi was attracted by the sudden increase in tempo. He wanted to see the person who was playing the zither in such a place.

Led by the sound of the zither, he did not notice that he had already gone out of the '之' word road.

Outside the '之' word road, there were many black creatures with 'sickles' and their body size so big that it was very scary. Some were mating, while others were preying on the bloody corpse of people with their frightening sharp teeth.


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