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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 48


Chapter 48: Mystic Arts Temple (3)

’’Little Brother, please don't be mistaken!’’

The women was taken aback, her entire demeanor giving off a feeling of wildness as she quickly let out a light laugh. She raised her hand in the direction of the confucian scholar by her side.

Immediately the confucian scholar chuckled as he ran over to him. He heartily pulled Miao Yi's arm, politely inviting him back.

One of the laymen moved the cook's large bag and laid it flat beside him, reaching out his hand to Miao Yi as he signalled him to sit.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Miao Yi waved his hand and said, ’’I'll just squat.’’

The confucian scholar half forcingly pressed him down to sit.

Miao Yi reluctantly consented and sat down, facing the group as he smiled awkwardly, ’’Excuse me.’’

’’It's alright. You're the guest.’’ The woman generously waved her hands, taking the seat in front of Miao Yi.

When her hands shook the skirt, a flash of her flesh-colored thigh could be seen from within the clothes' folds. She again, crossed one leg over the other, blocking the view, her actions full of uninhibitedness. ’’Your name is?’’

’’Miao Yi.’’ After he announced his name, Miao asked in reply, ’’I heard them calling you Lady Boss. May I ask for Lady Boss's name?’’

’’I deal in a small business, so my name is out of the question. Calling me Lady Boss will do.’’

The woman avoided the question. She looked at her underlings at both sides and said, ’’What are you all waiting for? Serve!’’

They responded. One of the porter served a bowl of rice to Miao Yi, saying, ’’Enjoy the meal.’’

He sounded like a true waiter and didn't seem to be feigning it.

The confucian scholar also served a bowl of rice to the woman. The latter crossed her extremely se*y legs, and proceeded to twirl the chopsticks through the rice. She then pointed at the piping hot four dishes and a bowl of soup before saying, ’’Brother Miao. Don't be shy.’’

On top of the simplistic dining table was a plate of green vegetables, a plate of bean sprouts, a plate of simmer-fried muntjac meat, a plate of steamed fish, and lastly a large bowl of mushroom soup.

Lady Boss, seeing that Miao Yi still looked a bit embarrassed, couldn't help but curl her lips into a smile as she realized that this youngster was kind of interesting.

She reached out her chopsticks and removed a tender piece of meat from the belly of the fish, placing it personally onto Miao Yi's rice bowl, said ’’Please.’’ and then started to eat.

The two porters crouched on the right side while the cook and the confucian scholar crouched on the left. They also began to eat, with great enjoyment. None of them concerned themselves with Zhang Shucheng and Mo Shengtu.

Miao Yi turned around, casting his gaze at the both of them. Seeing that the duo did not look like they had any intentions to come over, he also paid no mind to them, and raised his bowl to eat.

Miao Yi had already been embarrassed once, so naturally, Mo Shengtu and Zhang Shucheng wouldn't go over to be embarrassed themselves. Thus, they sat by the fire in silence.

’’Try this. The cook's skill is pretty good. Customers from the store praise him to high heaven after trying out his dishes.’’

The Lady Boss would frequently offer more, enthusiastically helping Miao Yi to the food. Miao Yi promptly thanked her. ’’Lady Boss, there's no need to be so courteous. I'll help myself. I'll help myself.’’

They sat around that simple dining table and ate with great enjoyment. After Miao Yi sampled the dishes, his eyes brightened, coming to the realization that they were indeed very tasty. He proceeded to rave about the cook's skill, who appeared gratified to receive his praise. He cast a silly smile at Miao Yi.

Since he'd already eaten, Miao Yi let go of his reserve. And to top it all off, the taste was pretty good, so he quickly devoured his meal ravenously.

The cook immediately snatched away his bowl, and gave him another serving. Miao Yi thanked him before continuing he really was eating without restraint.

In fact, the Lady Boss was secretly observing Miao Yi's expression. She saw his face had a look of honesty to it that did not seem to be feigned, and he also didn't seem like he wanted to be intimate with her, unlike other men. A hint of admiration flashed through her clear pupils.

Unintentionally, Miao Yi noticed that she was observing him. He swallowed the food in his mouth, smiling. ’’Lady Boss, you're quite unlike the common folk, seeing as you all dared to stop at this desolate temple in the mountain! May I know what it is that you do?’’ He began to inquire about their origins.

Lady Boss heartily let out a gentle laugh. ’’I'm only a mere innkeeper. The sky gave signs of a heavy downpour coming soon. Coincidently, we knew there was a place for us to rest. If we weren't here. wouldn't I have to wait outside in the rain instead? I see the three of you are armed with weapons, you're the ones who don't look ordinary at all! I suppose if you're not a jianghu errant hero, then you should be one of the government officials, right?’’

’’An escort from an escort house,’’ Miao Yi answered curtly.

The Lady Boss chuckled. ’’Then, that's a relief. We were afraid that we wouldn't be safe in the barren mountain ranges, so we feel more at ease at having your party protect us as armed escorts.’’

The storm went on incessantly outside the grand hall, as lightning flashed and cracks of thunder rolled by.

Miao Yi ate and drank to his heart's content, and after thanking the Lady Boss and her group, he returned to the other side.

The cook tidied up the bowls, chopsticks and cookware before carrying them outside, keeping them under the roof. He then braved the rain to fetch water, and proceeded to clean the dishes outside.

Meanwhile, the confucian scholar took out a brush and some ink from his basket, scribbling in an account book by the fire. From time to time, he would make a report about something to the Lady Boss sitting beside him, and she would listen in a serious manner.

The two porters were wiping the floors clean, looking as though they were planning to use it to spend the night.

After the cook returned from washing the dishes, Zhang Shucheng suddenly grinned. ’’Brother Miao, don't you think it's boring just sitting around here? Why don't we borrow their cookware to brew a cup of hot tea?’’

’’Might as well.’’ Mo Shengtu indulged him and stood up, walking towards the other side.

Zhang Shucheng's expression darkened as he shot a glance at Mo Shengtu, realizing that his ailment of being lecherous could not be changed.

He saw Mo Shengtu squat beside the lovely Lady Boss, who was listening to the confucian scholar reporting their accounts, his gaze wandering over her beautiful figure without the slightest scruple.

Evidently, he wasn't satisfied with just using his eyes, and actually went as far as to reach out and grasp the Lady Boss's jade hand on her thigh.

Instantly, everyone's eyes were locked onto him. The Lady Boss's gaze lowered slightly, eventually dropping onto his hand.

Mo Shengtu ignored the strange look the confucian scholar and the rest were giving him. He stared at the Lady Boss as he laughed in glee. ’’Lady Boss, I would like to borrow something from you.’’

The Lady Boss withdrew her hand in a single swipe, frowning. ’’May I know what the armed escort would like to borrow?’’

Who would have expected Mo Shengtu, whose hand was suspended in midair, would again try to grope Lady Boss's thigh, which was only covered with a thin layer of muslin skirt.

Lady Boss's reaction was quick, as though she was very experienced in dealing with skirt-chasers. She lifted his hand off her thigh, before quickly standing up to evade his touch. She moved to the side, giving him a sidelong glance. ’’Armed escort, please treat me with respect!’’

Mo Shengtu immediately stood up, his gaze revealing a covetous look as he stared at her elegant figure. Again, he slowly moved closer to her, reaching his hands out with the desire to embrace her. ’’I only wanted to borrow your cookware for a while, there's no need for Lady Boss to be so petty!’’

’’You better keep your paws away from her!’’

Miao Yi's voice suddenly sounded, his tone slightly cold.

The group turned their heads and looked, only to see Miao Yi dragging a spear in his hand. The tip of the spear scraped the ground as he approached them, his face expressionless as he came to a stop beside Mo Shengtu.

Zhang Shucheng also stood up, his brows creasing.

Lady Boss tilted her head to look at Miao Yi, her eyes flashing with a hint of amusement.

Mo Shengtu turned around, his expression had become slightly sour. He spoke in a deep voice, ’’Brother Miao, what is the meaning of this?’’

Miao Yi was not courteous. ’’Nothing. I just can't stand how you keep pawing at her, your behavior is obscene.’’

Immediately, Mo Shengtu was furious. ’’I thought we were in this together?’’

’’Sorry, I just ate their meal and I want to repay them back!’’ Miao Yi responded indifferently.

Letting out a cold laugh, Mo Shengtu repeated again and again, ’’I will definitely sleep with this woman tonight. I'd like to see what can you can do to me!’’

After he finished, his hand immediately reached towards the Lady Boss.

Swish! With a swift shake, Miao Yi swung his spear, the spear tip emitting a stream of fire sparks from the ground as he pointed it at Mo Shengtu. ’’You try it and see!’’


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