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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Hidden Agenda (3)

Lastly, Yang Qing stood up and warned, ’’After everyone heads back, be sure to settle down your region. Anyone who disturbs the peaceful life of South Edict's followers will therefore affect the number of Orbs of Will being transferred at the end of year. This will incur the wrath of the Hall Master, so if I am not able to deliver my duties, don't blame me for not considering old friendships!’’

’’We obey the law decree!’’ the crowd promised in unison.

After discussing official business matters and everyone had received what they needed, they walked out of the grand hall in happiness, cupping their hands at each other as they bade their farewells. They were all preparing to ascend to the higher seats to live it up, each of them in a hurry to head home.

Arriving at the grand hall's entrance, Qin Weiwei tilted her head, her gaze locked onto Miao Yi from afar who was walking beside Yan Xiu. Her lips curled into a mocking smile as she looked on. It seemed like there were going to be more than enough opportunities for her to torture that guy in the future.

If Miao Yi found out Qin Weiwei was going to become his own immediate superior, it's unclear what kind of thoughts would run through his mind...

’’Both of you are not enemies. And he's not necessarily targeting you. Besides, with your cultivation base, you definitely need some kind of explanation to convince the masses. Maybe he's really looking out for you.’’

Yan Xiu, who was walking with Miao Yi, muttered ambiguously in an attempt to persuade the other after listening to his prattle.

’’Looking out for me? I can't tell. I was born a street butcher and sold pig meat for a living. Honestly, I've already seen all sorts of people so when that guy looked at me, I felt as if there was something amiss with his eyes. They seemed to be hiding something. In short, I can't tell if he's looking out for me. I need to be more careful.’’ Miao Yi snorted twice, the unhappy feeling in his heart lingered on.

He came from the streets. From a young age, he needed to protect his younger brother and sister. In order to guarantee their safety, he had this habit of not letting anyone get away with even a tiny fault. He wasn't lacking in fortitude either. Otherwise, when outsiders laid their eyes upon this family of three children, it would be easy for them to come up and bully them.

During that time when he had to face the surrounding adults who'd come to take them away to the Manor of Merciful Hope, he had been carrying Little Sister on his back with his hand holding onto Little Brother's. In a moment of desperation and helplessness, he had stabbed his thigh with the strike of a blade. It was in that instant that he was forced to understand the commoner's principles of surviving.

In a fit of rage, he hadn't been afraid to kill Huang Cheng and Zhao Xingkui in the Boundless Secular World. For the sake of forming an alliance with Yan Beihong for his own protection, he had also dared to stab the other expert in the back surreptitiously. For the sake of his younger brother and sister's future, he was willing to give up all he had. Seeing Luo Zhen and Cao Dingfeng killed with his own eyes, he was able to risk his life while seething in anger. After being tormented and disgraced by Qin Weiwei, a mere prisoner like him dared to let Charcoal go unrestrained, kicking with its hind legs to pelt debris at Qin Weiwei. Learning about Ji Xiufang being in trouble, once again he immediately rushed to her rescue to pay his debt of gratitude.

Deep down, he knew he wasn't a good man, but he also knew he wasn't a bad one either. That distinctive nature found in ordinary people could also be found in him. In short, if anyone crossed him, don't give him a chance to fight back!

’’You're probably thinking too much. WIth his cultivation base and status, he doesn't even need to target you,’’ Yan Xiu said comfortingly, before coughing as he asked, ’’Brother, once you become a Cave Master later, remember to ask for me.’’

Miao Yi chuckled and once again gave his word.

Within the pavilions and kiosks, all built around a beautiful lake and mountain landscape, Chun Xue led two White Lotus Third Grade cultivators from the long hallway outside.

Xiong Xiao's back faced the three, while he slowly tossed fish food into the pond in front of him, leading the red carps in the pond to fall over each other in their eagerness to fight over food.

Chun Xue silently stood at his side while the two cultivators beamed with happiness, cupping their hands in unison and exclaiming, ’’Congratulations to Cave Master for being promoted in glory as Mountain Chieftain of Mount Shaotai!’’

After Xiong Xiao tossed away all the fish food he had, he clapped his hands before turning to laugh, ’’Zhang Shucheng, Mo Shengtu, I have a task that require the both of you to carrtr assistance.’’

The duo hurriedly bent their heads to obey the order. ’’Willing to adhere to Mountain Chieftain's commands!’’

Xiong Xiao beckoned his hand at them, the both of them immediately moved in closer. Xiong Xiao then whispered something into their ears.

Both of them were surprised at what they'd heard. Mo Shengtu's facial expression changed as he said softly, ’’But, that Miao Yi is someone who has found favor with Manor Head.’’

’’Hmm?’’ Xiong Xiao scoffed heavily with his nostrils, seemingly asking, are you two Manor Head's men or mine?

Mo Shengtu corrected himself without delay, ’’Mountain Chieftain, I didn't mean anything else by it. It's just that the kid seems to be a bit abnormal. You've also seen that battle before. Five people weren't capable enough to subdue him. We're afraid we'll let down Mountain Chieftain's great trust in us.’’

Xiong Xiao shot a glance at Chun Xue, slightly tilting his head to give a signal.

Immediately, Chun Xue took out a small jade bottle from her sleeve, passing it towards the two men.

Zhang Shucheng received it into his hand, saying hesitatingly, ’’This is...’’

’’Drunken Immortal!’’ After Xiong Xiao prompted him, he said with understatement, ’’That ghost who dares to cause trouble in my territory needs to be wiped out. That kid, I also don't want to see him come back alive. And I don't want the Manor Head to know his death is connected to me. Both of you know what to do, right?’’

Mo Shengtu immediately coated his words with flattery, ’’We will push the blame of his death onto that ghost cultivator.’’

Pleased with the answer, Xiong Xiao nodded his head. ’’I have always thought highly of you both. Make it clean, don't leave room for any repercussions!’’

After he finished, he left with his hands clasped behind his back, with Chun Xue following quietly behind him.

Zheng Shucheng and Mo Shengtu saw him off and got up, staring speechlessly at each other.

Both of them couldn't figure out why the Mountain Chieftain wanted to pick on a nobody. And the main point was that this nobody was favored by the Manor Head. If something unfortunate really were to happen, wouldn't it just make things difficult for himself?

The same principle could apply to them. If the two of them screwed up, they could forget about living the good life. Their only path forwards was to succeed with no room for failure...

Yan Xiu didn't know where he was going and nobody told him anything about it either. In short, he was still a subordinate of Qin Weiwei, following her as they left South Edict Manor. He set forth to take up his new post.

On the other hand, Miao Yi left with Xiong Xiao and his forces, rushing to Mount Shaotai to take up his new post.

Two days later, during the midday, a wave of swiftly galloping dragon steeds came to a stop at a fork in the road.

With a smile, Xiong Xiao called forth Miao Yi to give him an advisory talk, as well as encouragement. He wished Miao Yi success in his endeavor, and asked him to visit Mount Shaotai more frequently in the future. His attitude was welcoming, appearing to give face to Manor Head Yang Qing.

Soon after, Xiong Xiao led his large body of forces to hurry to Mount Shaotai to take up his new post, leaving Mo Shengtu and Zheng Shucheng behind, together with Miao Yi.

At the fork in the road, the three of them made their introductions and familiarized themselves with each other. They then continued to speed off in the other direction, towards Changfeng City!

Hearing the words 'Changfeng City' made Miao Yi involuntarily tingle with excitement since that was his hometown. In spite of everything, he faintly had a feeling of eagerness to return back home.

It had been more than ten years. Ever since he escaped Changfeng City, over ten years had passed in the blink of an eye. This filled him with regret, he really wanted to return back to Changfeng City to see, wanting quite strongly to see, whether those two bastards who'd prevented him from seeing his younger sister one last time, had survived or not.

’’Brother Miao, this isn't the time to go sightseeing. No one will be able to face Manor Head's wrath if we hold up the mission he personally assigned. Once we have completed the mission, we'll have all the time in the world to have fun.’’

A day later, at a place where Changfeng City could be seen from afar, Zhang Shucheng stopped Miao Yi's intention to go into the city.

He didn't know what kind of past Miao Yi had with Changfeng City. Miao Yi himself would not say it either. Xiong Xiao would also definitely not reveal the reason behind it.

’’Brother Zhang is right. I'm just being silly. Let's continue to hurry on.’’

Miao Yi, mounted on Charcoal, apologized as he chuckled with his fists cupped.

Now, Charcoal seemed to be much thinner. He figured it had something to do with how they'd recently been on the move without cease, and this was going against his fatty life customs.

The three of them changed directions, the dragon steeds beneath them once again swiftly galloping forward.

After dashing up a mountain peak, Miao Yi spun his head to look into the distance of Changfeng City, thinking to himself that Zhang Shucheng was right. It wouldn't be appropriate to go back now to kill those two bastards. He had to at least wait until he'd gotten rid of Zhang Shucheng and Mo Shengtu first.


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