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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 43


Chapter 43: Hidden Agenda (2)

Xiong Xiao replied, ’’Within the region under my administration, there is a ghost cultivator causing mischief. He keeps attacking and disturbing the peace of the followers who come and go in passing. When I received word of his misdeeds, I immediately sent a White Lotus Third Grade cultivator to go forth and exterminate the problem. When they fought, they were neck and neck in their level of strength, which ended with his escape. I wanted to send out more manpower to wipe him out. But by sheer luck, Manor Head launched his army so I didn't have the time to punish him. I was going to deal with that ghost afterwards anyway, but now that I think about it, why not send Miao Yi to perform this meritorious service!’’

Miao Yi stared at him with widened eyes. That f*cking dog, trying to make me go deal with a ghost cultivator who's on par with a White Lotus Third Grade cultivator. Does he want me to distinguish myself or does he want to kill me?

Everyone stared at Xiong Xiao, they were clearly having the same thoughts.

Yang Qing was not an idiot. He said with an expressionless face. ’’Before this, it was merely a fluke that Miao Yi managed to behead that White Lotus Third Grade cultivator. Are you certain that on this journey, he will be able to successfully eliminate that ghost cultivator?’’

Xiong Xiao laughed, ’’This was inherently part of my duties within my realm. Naturally, I cannot ignore it. I will dispatch two White Lotus Third Grade cultivators to accompany him to set forth together. In all likelihood, there shouldn't be any issues for him to perform this deed.’’

A sudden realization dawned on everyone present. He really did find an excuse to give that kid Miao Yi credit. This Xiong Xiao sure knew how to kiss the Manor Head's ass. He was able to so even just by simply beating around the bush.

Miao Yi let out a sigh of relief in his heart. This was much better.

Yang Qing laughed while nodding his head. He looked at Miao Yi and said, ’’Miao Yi, you heard what he said. If you agree to go perform this deed, you can go directly to Transient Light Cave and take up the Cave Master post after you come back.’’

’’I'm willing to set forth!’’ Miao Yi responded readily. After going through so many ups and downs, he could finally voice out what he had a hard time saying earlier. He cupped his fists and continued, ’’I only have one bold request to make, and I hope Manor Head can grant me this request.’’

Qin Weiwei had a scornful look on her face. This guy had the cheek to negotiate with the Manor Head.

However, Yang Qing was not a petty man in that aspect. He dismissed it with a laugh, nodding his head as he replied, ’’Speak!’’

Miao Yi attempted to ask, ’’Manor Head. Can you change Transient Light Cave to East Arrival Cave? What I mean is, if I perform the deed and come back, can you let me become the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave?’’

Everyone stood gazing at each other. There was no difference in followers for Transient Light Cave and East Arrival Cave. There wasn't any special local product either within that realm, so what would he gain by switching?

Yang Qing was taken aback by his question. Soon after, he believed he understood the reason why. He recalled Ji Xiufang who Miao Yi had previously gone to rescue from the Manor of Sincere Hope. He figured it was in order to make things easier for him to take care of her in passing.

In fact, this was only part of the reason. If he really had intentions to take care of her, if worse comes to worse, he could have moved her to Transient Light City to settle down after becoming the Cave Master of Transient Light Cave.

The most important thing was that Miao Yi had taken a fancy to the geographical location of East Arrival Cave, situated right by the seaside. Atter being reminded by Yan Xiu and coming to a realization as to why he could withstand the pressure of the higher rank cultivator's transcendence energy, he felt he shouldn't abandon the cultivation method Lao Bai had taught him. He should continue on with it.

’’I will allow this!’’ Yang Qing agreed.

He then waved his hand to indicate him to step down, as the upcoming higher tier appointments weren't something that Miao Yi with his current rank could participate in.

Miao Yi naturally thanked him and stepped down, but the annoyed feeling he had towards Xiong Xiao still lingered in his heart. Seeing that he was about to eat the fatty meat which was so close in his grasp, in the end he swallowed a fly first, so he felt extremely awkward about it. Why was it so difficult to become a Cave Master?

Inside the grand hall, Yang Qing's voice once again boomed, ’’Regardless of Transient Light Cave or East Arrival Cave, they all belong to Mount Calming Sea. Who's willing to move forward to oversee Mount Calming Sea?’’

The reason why nobody fought for this seat was because the decision had already been made behind closed doors earlier on.

Beforehand, Elder Auntie Qing Mei had specially stepped in to personally notify everyone to come forth, one-by-one, to discuss official business at the grand hall. At the time, she had appeared to have spoken something in a casual manner it goes without saying that the Manor Head's wish is to promote all nine Cave Masters under him to become Mountain Chieftains, with the exception of Qin Weiwei . As for the remaining mountain, that will be handed over to Lan Yumen, because Qin Weiwei's cultivation base is slightly lower. Unfortunately the Cave Master of Colossal Ram Cave died before gaining victory, and we absolutely can't give two mountains away to Lan Yumen. It's better to hand it over to our own people, so that we can all be at ease, isn't that right?

Everyone naturally nodded their heads in agreement. It was impossible for them to say it would be more suitable to hand it over to outsiders, because wouldn't that make them a person that bites the hand that feeds them?

Although Elder Auntie Qing Mei seemed to be asking casually, everyone understood well in their hearts. Qin Weiwei was mentioned twice and she then said our own people. One can well imagine the profound meaning hidden behind her words, so there was no need to state it clearly.

Everyone also understood that there were some matters that Yang Qing would have difficulty in voicing out. He was only borrowing the mouth of Elder Auntie to convey his hint.

Yang Qing wanted to support his own daughter to take up the post, he wanted to let his own daughter take in more incense and power of will, and he wanted very much to quickly raise his own daughter's cultivation base, so what kind of objection could they have? If it were them, once they had taken up their seats as Mountain Chieftains, they also wanted to promote their own men. Furthermore, they would enact it the moment they returned.

In the end from the very beginning, Yang Qing had made use of Miao Yi to mention the seat of Mountain Chieftain for Mount Calming Sea. Everyone had already guessed what kind of thoughts Yang Qing had in mind. Even Miao Yi, with a cultivation at White Lotus First Grade was deemed qualified to be a Cave Master, so that person....why couldn't she then become Mount Calming Sea's Mountain Chieftain?

Yang Qing had already prepared the opening statement for everyone else, all he needed to do now was to wait for everyone to take the bait.

Therefore, Xiong Xiao once again rushed before others and cupped his fists. ’’Manor Head, I believe Cave Master Qin of the Hundred Blossoms Cave can take up the post.’’

’’I second the motion!’’

’’I agree!’’

His men, who had been with him since Mount Shaotai, all stepped forward, agreeing in succession, except for Qin Weiwei who stood at the same place unmoving. This kind of matter obviously would not look good on her if she stepped forth to speak on her behalf.

Yang Qing cast a glance at Qin Weiwei before saying hesitantly, ’’She only has a cultivation base at White Lotus Fifth Grade. Wouldn't it be inappropriate to appoint her as the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Calming Sea?’’

Someone hurriedly replied, ’’Miao Yi with a cultivation at White Lotus First Grade can be a Cave Master, so why can't Cave Master Qin be the Mountain Chieftain? I believe that we mustn't shun relatives when considering talent!’’

Xiong Xiao continued again, ’’I recalled Manor Head once said this about Miao Yi, as long as he can convince the masses, then it's alright!’’ He then turned to ask others in reply, ’’Cave Master Qin to garrison the Mountain Chieftain's seat for Mount Calming Sea, is everyone satisfied? In any case, I, Xiong Xiao, hold both hands up in approval.’’

’’I approve!’’

’’I approve!’’

The respective Cave Masters who had yet to become Mountain Chieftains voiced out their support of the proposal. The feelings of the crowd were intense, as though they couldn't be convinced of anyone else being the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Calming Sea, apart from Qin Weiwei.

Lan Yumen's men stared at each other, at a complete loss. The Cave Master of Colossal Ram Cave had fallen in battle, so the seat was unoccupied. They originally wanted to try and fight for it because the reason why they could win this war was due to the agreement between Lan Yumen and Yang Qing;if it weren't for their support and the Third Grade Yao Core given to Yang Qing, it would have been impossible for the battle to end in victory.

They intended to wait until the two Mountain Chieftain seats were left unoccupied, then take possession of them together.

Well now, a large number of people supported Qin Weiwei in taking up the post. The principle of majority rules, it left one with no control over matters. Besides, Qin Weiwei was Yang Qing's adopted daughter. It wouldn't be proper for them to stubbornly object to it since after all, a large number of their men would be serving under Yang Qing in the future, and it wouldn't do them any good to clearly show themselves not giving face to Yang Qing.

Lan Yumen's men were simply stifled with no room to object..

Seeing everyone insisting on it, Yang Qing revealed a look of reluctance, sighing as he said, ’’Alright! Qin Weiwei, are you willing to take up the post of Mountain Chieftain of Mount Calming Sea?’’

In an immediate action, Qin Weiwei stepped forward and cupped her fists, ’’I'll do my utmost, and will not disappoint Manor Head and South Edict comrades' great expectations! ’’

’’Then it is decided!’’ Yang Qing complied with the crowd's opinion and waved his hand, thus settling the Mountain Chieftain seat of Mount Calming Sea.

In the following appointments, Xiong Xiao took over Yang Qing's former seat, and became the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Shaotai. One by one, the other respective Cave Masters also became Mountain Chieftains.

Lan Yumen only managed to claim one Mountain Chieftain seat, but they weren't at a loss either, as they had already made promises with Yang Qing beforehand. Once they conquered South Edict Manor, a large amount of empty seats under every mountain and cave were to be first given to Lan Yumen's disciples.

Which meant from now onwards, the majority of Lan Yumen's disciples on the whole became people who could officially indulge themselves in incense and power of will. Not only that, they were also granted other allowances. They no longer had to go around painstakingly scavenging for various types of items to slowly increase their cultivation base. This kind of opportunity wasn't something that every sect could chance upon.

Because regardless of a sect's strength, and even if your own strength was powerful, it would never be more powerful than the Six Sages of Heaven and Earth. The Six Sages of Heaven and Earth implemented such rules to suppress every sect, in order to keep them from becoming arrogant. No matter which sect wanted to enter this system, they would need to obtain consent. Even if they managed to join, they would still need to uphold this system. Those who dared to force their way in can only attempt to do so!

Even if Lan Yumen had the guts of ten men, he still wouldn't dare to go up against Mu Fanjun, the Immortal Sage from Realm Beyond Heaven.


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