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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 42


Chapter 42: Hidden Agenda (1)

Qin Weiwei's expression turned sour, giving off a feeling that she was about to fly into a rage, but she eventually restrained herself in the end. It was because she could tell that Miao Yi didn't mean a word of what he'd said. If she treated it seriously, then she really would be letting Miao Yi take advantage of her.

She scoffed coldly, her face tightened as she speedily rode away on her dragon steed.With a guilty expression, Miao Yi and Yan Xiu both cast a look at each other. The latter give a thumbs-up sign to show a 'You have the guts to be presumptuous with Qin Weiwei' hand gesture. The former drew back his neck, his face sweating profusely. Since when had he become this vile and despicable, and had what it took to utter such lewd words?Both of them hurriedly rode their dragon steeds, giving chase after that fluttering white skirt under the moonlight...

Once they returned to East Arrival Cave, they immediately accompanied Yang Qing as he rushed throughout the night, charging straight towards South Edict Manor. That was the place which really required Yang Qing to keep watch over...South Edict City was a huge city filled with millions of followers. It was Miao Yi's first time to see such a massive city and he was surprised at how everything was flourishing there. He had disguised himself as an ordinary person with Yan Xiu, and they loitered around the street observing the local conditions and customs, all the while feasting on fine delicacies.

Of course, they weren't just here to have fun. They had been dispatched to patrol surreptitiously, to see if any of the surviving members of Lu Yu's faction would cause a ruckus. Guaranteeing that the followers in their domain lived in peace and could work happily was a major matter. Or else, if things became chaotic in this city filled with millions of people, it would have an extreme effect on gathering the Orbs of Will.

One must bear in mind that just the number of followers in this city alone was almost equivalent to the number in Mount Shaotai overseen by Yang Qing back in the day. It had yet to include the other ten mountains.

Nowadays, this city had turned into the forbidden domain of Yang Qing, the Manor Head of South Edict Manor. The domains of the other ten mountains would then be divided and awarded to the rest based on individual merit. However, those domains would still be considered his, it was only South Edict City that would be directly governed by Yang Qing.

Consequently, Yang Qing naturally placed extreme importance on the administration of this capital. He not only dispatched a large number of cultivators to undergo investigations, both openly and in secret. At the same time he had also summoned the local officials to declare Lu Yu's crimes, saying that he had offered his life to crusade against them, and had already beheaded the traitor Lu Yu as a result.

Of course, after threats, offering platitudes was something they wouldn't disregard. After all, the cultivators under Yang Qing prioritised cultivation, so they wouldn't have much experience in meddling in local affairs,as they frequently spent their time entering closed-door seclusion training. As a result, if they were to involve themselves in dealing with such matters, they would only make things worse. In the end, they would need to depend on the local officials when it came to administering local affairs.

More than ten days later, the Cave Masters who had seized control and cleared each of the mountains, as well as Lan Yumen's disciples who had accompanied them in the expedition, hurried over one after another, assembling in South Edict Manor.

Situated among the winding and undulating grand mountain ranges was a great palace, where the ancient trees rose up high to the sky, the exotic flowers and herbs resembled brocades and all kinds of birds and animals lingered in one's sight. Within this vast palace, a pavilion towered above the waters, gathering the earth's riches and honors together with the immortal clan, the entirety of it all was faintly discernable.

To Miao Yi, the Transient Light Cave was like an inconspicuous Earthen Temple when compared with this South Edict Manor.

Each and everyone of the domain's respective Cave Masters were in high spirits and full of joy. They lined up, and one after another ascended the tall steps, entering the magnificent South Edict Manor Grand Hall.

It was impossible not to be happy, because it was time for them to be rewarded based on their merits.

The gains from this battle were very impressive. Yang Qing had taken possession of the entire South Edict Manor which meant that their followers had expanded by at least tenfold. The leaders under him naturally rose with the tides. Those who were going to be promoted to Mountain Chieftains from Cave Masters, their followers had more or less increased tenfold too. This signified that henceforth the Orbs of Will gathered every year had also been raised tenfold.

WItnessing those people entering, Miao Yi paced back and forth in the long hallway of the waterside pavillion, his heart itching. Unfortunately, since he hadn't been summoned, he was still not qualified enough to enter the grand hall.

In his heart, he was impatient to know whether Yang Qing would still remember him, hoping that Yang QIng wouldn't destroy the bridge after crossing the river and completely forgetting about him.

But, Yang Qing obviously wasn't the kind of man he thought he was. Not long after the domain's respective Cave Masters entered the grand hall, he noticed a beautiful woman dressed in green robes exiting the hall. In a flash, she floated to the long corridor of the water pavilion at the side of the hall, the blooming seven-petaled White Lotus between her brows concealing itself, as she leisurely strolled toward him.

When Miao Yi saw her walking towards him, his heart stirred and happiness immediately flashed through his eyes. He quickly walked up to her, cupping his hands as he bowed in salute, ’’Miao Yi greets Little Auntie.’’

After staying here for a few days, he gradually figured out who Yang Qing's trusted aides were at his side. He had two personal handmaidens. One was named Qing Mei while the other was called Qing Ju.

The two servant girls had been serving at Yang Qing's side ever since he was a Cave Master and now they already had a cultivation base at White Lotus Seventh Grade. Everyone who served under Yang Qing treated the two handmaidens courteously, addressing Qing Mei as Elder Auntie, and Qing Ju as Little Auntie.

And the Little Auntie in front of him was naturally Qing Ju.

’’There's no need to be over courteous!’’ Qing Ju raised her hand to humbly help him up. She clearly knew that Yang Qing held Miao Yi in high regard. She gave a faint smile as she said, ’’Miao Yi, Manor Head has summoned you to enter the hall to have an audience.’’

Now, everyone did not address Yang Qing as Mountain Chieftain anymore and were already officially calling him Manor Head.

Miao Yi accepted the order solemnly, trailing behind her as he followed.

Inside the grand hall, Yang Qing had already taken off his martial attire, and was instead donned in a brocade robe as he sat in the high seat, his presence extraordinary. All his subordinates were divided into two lines on both sides, akin to court officials attending an imperial court.

As the both of them entered the grand hall, all eyes were suddenly on Miao Yi. Qin Weiwei, who stood at the very end, gritted her teeth the very moment she saw him. That bastard dared to se*ually harass me!

Neither too fast nor too slow, Qing Ju strolled to Yang Qing's right side and stood properly. The other Elder Auntie, Qing Mei, had then been standing at the left side of Yang Qing's seat.

Walking to the empty space in the middle of the lines of 'court officials', Miao Yi stood there, cupped his hands and bowed, ’’I come to pay my respects to Manor Head!’’

Yang Qing gave a frivolous laugh, raising his hand to indicate he could skip the formalities. He turned to the various people standing beneath and said, ’’I once promised him the Cave Master seat for Transient Light Cave and I'll keep my word! Transient Light Cave belonged under Du Zhangxing of Mount Calming Sea. Now that Du Zhangxing has died, who would like to come forward and accept the position of Mount Calming Sea's Mountain Chieftain? And also take this kid along with you in passing?’’

Miao Yi was overflowing with ecstasy. It's here. It's finally here. I'm going to be a Cave Master....

But on the surface, he still acted calm. He had a request, but from the beginning he was unsure as to whether he should ask.

For the most part, everyone also looked at each other, laughing heartily. The feeling of partitioning domains was truly satisfying.

This was as it should be everyone would eventually get their own share so there was no need for them to urgently jump out. Otherwise,they would look very unsightly.

However, there seemed to be two people who didn't look happy, one of them was Qin Weiwei, and the other then stepped out.

Xiong Xiao stepped forward and cupped his fists. ’’Manor Head, I have a remark which I'm uncertain whether it's right for me to say.’’

Yang Qing was in a good mood. He nodded his head and obliged, ’’Speak your mind!’’

Xiong Xiao stared at Miao Yi and explained, ’’Miao Yi is nothing more than a prisoner. He only has a mere, insignificant cultivation base at White Lotus First Grade, and has not performed an ounce of an accomplishment. If you were to hastily reward him the seat of Cave Master, I'm afraid it will lead to dissatisfaction in the hearts of those old subordinates who have followed Manor Head for many years. ’’

Miao Yi was stunned. He quickly raised his head to look at Xiong Xiao, thinking to himself, spoiling my good thing, I don't think I have a feud with you?

Yang Qing creased his brows, but after seeing the highly disapproving looks on everyone who were present, he dropped his gaze onto Xiong Xiao as he asked, ’’Could it be that you want me to go back on my word?’’

’’No! Manor Head's promise is worth one thousand in gold. Naturally, you will keep your word!’’ Xiong Xiao once again cupped his fists and continued, ’’I'm just considering this matter for Manor Head's sake. I feel, why not formulate a statement to let others know that no matter how big or small the accomplishment is, as long as they can spare no effort to handle affairs for Manor Head, Manor Head would be generous in conferring. Then they'll know it's because he has worked for Manor Head to obtain the seat of Cave Master and won't say as much. At least on the bright side, it will block the gossip on everyone's mouth.’’

Yang Qing nodded his head in agreement. ’’Then what do you think we should make him do?’’


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