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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 38


Volume 1

Chapter 38: Decisive Battle of South Edict (1)

The sound of a galloping steed made everyone turn their heads to look behind them.

Its mane swished as it rushed forward, flying through the dust as though it were a wanderer in the wind. Even though it was a fat wanderer, it was still swift enough to catch up to Yan Xiu's mount.

Letting out a neigh, it even ran neck to neck with Yan Xiu's mount.

Miao Yi had assumed that his steed would have been too pissed to join them so he couldn't help feeling pleasantly surprised by its appearance. Carrying the silver spear in his hand, he leaped from behind Yan Xiu and landed onto Charcoal's back.

Two fleshy feelers quickly emerged from Charcoal's fluttering mane and latched onto Miao Yi's thigh.

Miao Yi's gaze met with the backward glance Qin Weiwei cast him as she looked behind her. The former let out a mischievous laugh, as though saying my mount has already returned on its own, you want to embarrass me, well that's not going to happen!

Qin Weiwei scoffed coldly and turned to face the front, continuing to lead the troops to gallop through the mountains and high ranges at top speed.

'Charge to the front! Make that b*tch eat our dust!'

Miao Yi transmitted his thoughts to Charcoal. Although, with their current cultivation, they were nowhere near to making her really eat dust. Instead, the dust flying up ahead flew towards the back, hitting them in the face. This made him immensely angry.

Neigh! Charcoal's eyes gleamed as it produced a long neigh. The steed appeared to be very interested in doing things like this, especially when it was directed towards Qin Weiwei who had stabbed its rear with a strike of her lance.

In an instant, its four legs flew like a phantom, the speed was akin to a black-colored spirit amidst the wind. Even though it was a fat spirit, its swiftness was not for show. It sped through the high mountain ranges as if it were on flatlands and even when crossing the mountain streams, it still raced through in a flash, swiftly leaving behind Yan Xiu, who had been riding alongside them.

Ordinary people were unable to withstand the quick pace of a dragon steed. Besides the fact that they wouldn't be able to keep their eyes open, it was an entirely plausible thing for them to get blown away by the wind.

Very quickly, Miao Yi soon reached the front, drawing level with the leading Qin Weiwei, who rode at breakneck speed. Both of them turned their heads to lock eyes with each other, their gazes emitting sparks.

Miao Yi turned to look up ahead, his lips curling into a smirk. He leaned forwards slightly, stretched out his hand and patted Charcoal's neck.

Charcoal got the message and once again increased its speed, slowly exceeding that of Qin Weiwei's mount by more than half.

Qin Weiwei seethed with rage and discreetly transmitted to her mount the thought of wanting to exceed Charcoal. The saddled dragon steed immediately exploded with speed, violently chasing after Miao Yi and his mount. Their race caused the cavalry behind them to also hasten their mounts in order to catch up to their leader.

Yet, Qin Weiwei couldn't help but gnash her teeth with hatred. That dragon steed, it was as fat as a pig, yet still managed to gallop at a speed that could only be seen as extraordinary. Her own dragon steed had thrown caution to the wind and ran with all its might, yet the distance between the fatty and her own mount continued growing further and further apart. She wasn't able to catch up no matter how much she tried to.

Not long after, the fat-wriggling Charcoal had far surpassed Qin Weiwei, taking the lead by more than a hundred meters. This was done under conditions where it had two deep slashes on its rear.

Most excessively, Charcoal seemed to feel that competing with speed alone wasn't enough for it to vent its anger. It actually began to slow down in order to shorten the distance between them. Then, using both of its hind legs, deliberately tossed back a pile of dust, sand, stones and weeds. It was extremely mean-spirited.

A pile of debris came pelting from up ahead onto Qin Weiwei's face, although they were all eventually cleared away and then avoided by Qin Weiwei's arts.

Miao Yi, riding in front, stifled his laughter, feeling extremely satisfied that he finally had his revenge.

Yan Xiu at the back sweatdropped tremendously as he watched on. Clearly this was to deliberately mess with Qin Weiwei! He hurriedly transmitted his voice over, exclaiming, ’’Brother, stop fooling around! I heard that the Cave Master for Hundred Blossoms Cave is supposedly Yang Qing's adopted daughter. Before your Cave Master position is definite, I feel it's better if you don't offend her.’’

’’...’’ The smile on Miao Yi's face froze, instantly unable to laugh anymore. He madly scolded in his heart, why didn't you say so earlier?!

Unable to control her fury anymore, Qin Weiwei held out her lance and pointed it at Miao Yi. In a cold voice, she yelled threateningly, ’’Listen to my orders! Your position is behind me, those who defy orders on the battlefield will be executed without mercy!’’

Miao Yi meekly made Charcoal slow down, letting Qin Weiwei ride in front of him.

What did it mean to give someone a dose of his own medicine? It was exactly this circumstance. The things Charcoal had done before, Qin Weiwei's mount doled out in exactly the same manner.

Her mount probably wasn't as smart as Charcoal. It would be weird if she weren't the one instructing it.

A pile of rubble came pelting down towards Miao Yi and Charcoal, forcing Miao Yi to incessantly invoke his art to avoid them. When the usage time is prolonged, then the amount of transcendence energy exhausted wasn't a small amount. However, he didn't dare voice out any complaints. If others could do it, there was no reason why he couldn't.

At times, Charcoal would cry out, feeling wronged, but Miao Yi wouldn't let it take revenge.

Qin Weiwei kept her gaze towards the front, her face was expressionless, and only she knew in her heart whether she felt satisfied or not.

To avoid being implicated, the others dispersed into two lines on the left and right as they followed behind, each of them wearing pitiful looks to gaze at the meekly following Miao Yi as he ate Qin Weiwei's dust.

Not long after, the group saw that Yang Qing's main forces were lined up in a battle formation on the vast wasteland.

The moment Qin Weiwei saw the stance, she knew they were preparing to engage the enemy forces in a decisive battle right there. Thus, she quickly commanded her troops to take their positions in the formation.

’’Miao Yi!’’ With her gaze upfront, Qin Weiwei suddenly called out in a gentle voice.

Miao Yi immediately led Charcoal to the front to listen to her orders. Qin Weiwei held her lance and pointed in front of them, ’’Once we cross swords, you'll spearhead the attack!’’

’’...’’ This was obviously a case of using one's position to get even with another person for a personal grudge! Miao Yi put on a bold front and forced himself to cup his fists and said, ’’Understood!’’

Hearing him, a wave of pitiful gazes were again cast at Miao Yi.

Yan Xiu shook his head and sighed, what was a prisoner like him getting so arrogant for?

Up ahead, a cultivator on a dragon steed urgently gave chase to another cultivator. Obviously, it was the enemy's outpost pursuing the scout with murderous intent!

But upon seeing the battle formation ahead, the enemy's outpost became afraid to continue further, swiftly retreating.

The scout then rapidly rushed to the front of Yang Qing before coming to a stop. He pointed behind him as he reported, ’’Mountain Chieftain Lu Yu's forces have arrived!’’

Yang Qing gave a slight nod, then waved his hand to dismiss him.

Soon, a burst of rumbling sounds rapidly closed in from somewhere straight ahead, and even the ground could feel its vibration.

A herd of dragon steeds came speeding towards them, a black dense mass which consisted of thousands of cultivators were closing in, eventually halting at four or five hundred meters away.

Miao Yi looked at the forces on his side, and turned to look at the forces on the opposite side. He guessed that the opposing forces had roughly around thousands of cultivators, while those at Yang Qing's side barely reached five hundred. He could not help but feel dubious about their chances on whether they could win this battle or not.

As a matter of fact, the majority of the forces from Yang Qing's side came from Lan Yumen, since a lone cultivator from the mountain wouldn't have the capability to gather this many people.

The battle formation on the opposite side made a number of cultivators with low-level cultivation bases secretly timid, but when they were swept by the cold gazes of the respective Cave Masters holding the lines at the front, they immediately lifted up their spirits with determination.

’’Yang Qing, you scum!’’

A loud roar akin to a sudden clap of thunder resounded in mid-air, reverberating over the wasteland.

On the opposite side, among the ten cultivators clad in silver armor, one of the men wielded a Square Sky-Decorated Halberd. He moved upfront, stepping on horses from the group, wielding his halberd as he pointed and furiously shouted at Yang Qing.

Not to be outdone, Yang Qing similarly went up front by stepping on horses, a silver spear wielded in his hand. He pointed at the other and shouted, ’’Lu Yu, you old scum, you dare deceive me!’’

’’In all these years, I have staked my life to fight for you, fought in wars all over and pushed you up to the Manor Head seat with our fellow brothers. I have worked hard, not just for merits, and this is how you treat me? You promote me in name but demote me in reality! You really are pushing it too far!’’ Yang Qing appeared to bristle with anger and compelled to act, he waved his spear at the people up front. ’’This Lu Yu scum does not have the capacity to tolerate others! Let my current end serve as a warning to every brother! Brothers, why not join me to kill this scum together? When the deed is done, I will stand united with my fellow brothers-in-arms, sharing the world's power of will together!’’


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