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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 37


Volume 1

Chapter 37: The Slumbering Dragon Awakens

’’No.’’ Miao Yi frantically shook his hands in denial. He was a bit embarrassed to begin in this way, but this was a matter of great importance to him, so he had no other choice but to clarify, ’’Then what about Transient Light Cave? Do I need to stay and defend it?’’

’’Why, do you seriously think you're the Cave Master of Transient Light Cave?’’ Qin Weiwei ridiculed.

The tone of Miao Yi's voice was grave as he asked, ’’Could it be that Mountain Chieftain will go back on his words?’’

’’...’’ His directness made Qin Weiwei choke back her reply.

Turning to stride towards the outside of the grand hall, she deadpanned, ’’Naturally, Mountain Chieftain won't break his promise. But for matters concerning the granting of domains, these are rewarded based on the merits after the battle. It's not the time for you to indulge in your fantasies just yet. If you still aren't going to make a move, then that means you're deserting us. I can stab you to death with my spear!’’

If her father hadn't set his eyes on him, she really would have followed her impulse to stab him to death.

Because she felt like she had been lied to and tricked. She'd been utterly shocked when Miao Yi let out that helpless roar in the valley, and had assumed he was brave-hearted, a rare characteristic to find in a man. But who knew he was also a guy who could easily be swayed when faced with benefits. If she had known earlier, she would have made him suffer more at that time.

B*tch! Miao Yi secretly scolded in his heart, thinking that once he had the strength, just wait and see how he'd take care of her.

Having the strength was a matter of the future, after he'd actually acquired it. At least for now, it was still necessary for him to remain well-behaved.

He ran out after Qin Weiwei, and discovered that Yan Qing had already set off with vigor, leading a large number of his forces. Qin Weiwei's subordinates had already mounted their dragon steeds, awaiting further orders, with Yan Xiu and the two other prisoners from the former Transient Light Cave among them.

Qin Weiwei climbed up onto her new dragon steed, with bow and arrows draped around her and the Serpent lance in her hand. She hoisted the lance, and was about to yell for everyone to set out, only to discover Miao Yi at the side in solitude, looking about. How very arrogant he was, he practically took no notice of those around him. More importantly, he disrespected her, the Cave Master of Hundred Blossoms Cave.

Pointing her Serpent lance at Miao Yi, Qin Weiwei said in a deep voice, ’’Displaying cowardice just before a battle, do you seriously think I'm too afraid to kill you?’’

Miao Yi, unsure of whether to laugh or cry, replied, ’’My mount hasn't returned!’’

Qin Weiwei went speechless, finally recalling that the guy's mount had been frightened away by him and his spear. She realized that she was so pissed by him that she was losing her wits.

But Qin Weiwei would never go easy on him. And she also found delight in taking revenge. She laughed coldly, ’’You're the one who caused trouble in the first place, so think of the solution yourself. If you can't keep up with the group, then you'll be punished as a deserter and executed without mercy!’’ She turned to point her hoisted spear in the direction of where the main force disappeared, ’’SET OUT!’’

With her at the front, she led the cavalry away as fast as lightning.

Luckily Yan Xiu assisted him on the side. As Yan Xiu sped past him, he abruptly extended his hand, hauling Miao Yi up onto the steed, the two of them riding together on one dragon steed, trailing behind the group.

Yan Xiu also had some questions to ask him, so he invoked his art to send a message discreetly to Miao Yi and asked, ’’Yang Qing is really going to appoint you as the Cave Master of Transient Light Cave?’’

’’You saw how I was just treated, do I look like I'm a Cave Master?’’

Yang Xiu cried out in surprise, ’’Are you sure? Yang Qing made that promise in front of everyone, how could he back out now? How would his subordinates see him in the future?’’

’’He didn't break his promise. He was about to mention this, but was interrupted by Charcoal. It's more likely the title will be determined after battle, when we'll be rewarded based on our merits.’’ Miao Yi vigilantly peered about his surroundings, before wandering off from the subject, ’’Charcoal that bastard, he wouldn't seriously get frightened off and not come back anymore, will he?’’

’’No. For sure he's back in Hidden Dragon Valley. That's his old nest.’’ Yan Xiu was very certain, since he'd known Charcoal for many years already so he still had some understanding of his attitude. ’’Brother, your wounds are already healed this quickly?’’

Miao Yi looked at both of his hands. ’’Yang Qing used the Glorious Star immortal herb to heal them.’’

Yan Xiu asked in bewilderment, ’’Yang Qing personally healed you?’’

Miao Yi explained roughly about the events that happened at that time. After keeping silence for a while, he sighed, ’’I'm not speaking well of him just because I surrendered to him. I also don't care whether Yang Qing was putting on false pretences or not. All in all, I feel Yang Qing seems like a pretty decent guy, better than Yuan Zhengkun at least. Maybe we made the right decision to surrender.’’

What does it mean to win the people's support? This would be a great example. Obviously, Yang Qing's actions had earned Miao Yi's good opinion.

Yan Xiu too, fell into a deep silence. Of course he understood that Yang Qing wouldn't be doing this for nothing, and also wouldn't be doing the same thing for everyone else. Rather, it was because of Miao Yi's fight to the death that had earned him Yang Qing's admiration and subsequent special treatment.

Yang Qing aside, even Yan Xiu was shocked to the core by Miao Yi's ferocious display of fearlessness when he lifted the four cultivators using his spear and straight after, battled against five cultivators on his own.

Moreover, he was shocked by what Miao Yi had just told him. The result of Miao Yi's fight to the death had not only resulted in him becoming the Cave Master of Transient Light Cave at only White Lotus First Grade, but his wounds were also specially treated by Yan Qing.

And him? So what if he had a cultivation at White Lotus Third Grade? He would rather be a live coward than a dead hero. He had completely faltered under the notion of safety first. Picturing his wife, Luo Zhen, unreconciled to humiliation and fighting with all her might, made him slowly shut his eyes, his heart full of desolation and sorrow.

Yan Xiu took down a wine bottle gourd he had tied to his waist, then flung it far away.

’’Brother, if you really do become the Cave Master of Transient Light Cave, you mustn't forget me, your old brother!’’

’’Don't worry. I won't let Senior lose out.’’

’’Brother, I have a question that I'm not sure I should ask.’’

’’Go ahead.’’

’’You only have a cultivation at White Lotus First Grade, yet how did you manage to endure the pressure of transcendence energy exerted by those with a cultivation at second and third grade, and even go as far as counterattacking under pressure?’’

Miao Yi asked puzzlingly, ’’Under the same conditions, others cannot endure this kind of pressure?’’

’’Maybe it's possible to endure the pressure exerted by a second grade but never with your skill. Not only did you endure the pressure exerted by a third grade, you could still fight back with ease! Judging by your condition at the time, I reckon even a cultivation at White Lotus Fourth Grade would have had a hard time invoking their arts to suppress you. Unless they were at White Lotus Fifth Grade, with a high enough disparity between their level and yours, then maybe they'd have a chance. Just like how Qin Weiwei had wounded you by congealing her transcendence energy into a solid form and using it to attack.’’

’’Is this normally the case?’’

’’Under normal circumstances, it would be. You're the first exception to the rule, though.’’

At his words, Lao Bai's teachings flashed through his mind, recalling when he'd faced the waterfall's onslaught over the years, the very same words mentioned when Lao Bai made him dive deep into the sea to cultivate, ’’Treat the pressure in the deep sea as a strong enemy who is using transcendence energy to oppress you. You need to get accustomed to this feeling and learn how to adapt under such oppressive conditions caused by an enemy's formidable transcendence energy to launch your attack!’’

In an instant, Miao Yi's eyes brightened. He had found the reason.

Obviously, no matter how much theory Lao Bai had taught him at the time, he would never be able to deeply comprehend it if he hadn't experienced it beforehand. However, after going through actual combat this time, he finally understood.

In actuality, Lao Bai had already opened a door for him earlier on. As to what hidden treasures were behind the door, Lao Bai didn't say. Maybe Lao Bai himself had no idea since he wasn't a cultivator. Miao Yi would have to comprehend it himself, to find the treasures hidden beyond that door...

Neigh! The familiar sound of whinnying and the trampling of horse hooves travelled from behind him, dragging Miao Yi from his thoughts to reality. Turning his head back to look, he saw the fat Charcoal's four hooves galloping forth, approaching with a speed akin to a bolt of lightning.

Yan Xiu hadn't guessed wrong. Charcoal really was hiding at its old nest, the Hidden Dragon Valley, and had been frisking and rolling about on the spot.

But once the rumbling sound of hooves had faded in the distance, and after the entirety of Transient Light Cave had fallen into a dead silence, Charcoal got back on its feet again.

Trotting back to Transient Light Cave and neighing for a few times did not garner it any response, as the whole grounds were empty with no one around.

Luo Zhen died, and now Miao Yi and Yan Xiu no longer want me as well? Are they abandoning me because they don't care about me anymore?

Thus, it immediately chased after them, madly galloping towards the direction of where the sounds of the other sprinting steeds had disappeared.

Once again it exploded with an alarming speed. Although it was under disadvantageous circumstances, where the other dragon steeds had a longer head start, it still managed to quickly catch up.

Akin to its performance on the battlefield, it could surpass the speed of other dragon steeds despite its fat physique. It was capable of catching up to the enemy, but the enemy was unable to do the same.


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