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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: Charcoal Wrecks Havoc (2)

Miao Yi nodded and said, ’’For this dragon steed, this form of punishment is more painful than killing it.’’

At the edge, someone on the scene was trying to stifle his laughter, having the impression that Miao Yi was making a fool out of Qin Weiwei. However, Qin Weiwei was the adopted daughter of Yang Qing. Normally, nobody would dare to cross her, not to mention that Qin Weiwei was never a meddlesome person to begin with, so no one would take the initiative to anger her. This time things had gotten more interesting, someone was unexpectedly making fun of Qin Weiwei in public.

Luckily, Yang Qing only swept his gaze around coldly, his meaningful glance was filled with the message 'Who dares to stir up trouble?', which made everyone restrain their laughter.

Miao Yi looked at everyone's reaction and then eventually caught on. But he didn't lie about the fact that Charcoal and the other dragon steeds were different. The other dragon steeds were omnivorous. They ate meat and vegetables such as fruits, greens, chickens, ducks and fishes, but Charcoal ate nothing but seafood like fish and prawns. Not letting it eat fish and prawns was no different than starving it for a month. Particularly for Charcoal, who had such a huge stomach, so forcing it to starve for that long was definitely a very severe punishment indeed.

Unable to contain her anger anymore, Qin Weiwei furiously shouted, ’’I'm going to make it pay me back with its life!’’

She lifted her lance and was about to stab Charcoal, but was stopped by Yang Qing gripping her Serpent Lance with one hand. With creased brows, he said, ’’Weiwei, this is not a big deal. Don't let this affect your good relationship. Just change to a new one!’’

He was trying to win someone's support, specifically Miao Yi's. At the same time, he wanted all his subordinates to see the generous treatment he bestowed onto a loyal warrior, hoping that everyone understood that he would never mistreat people who were loyal to him. How could he let his daughter ruin this plan for him?

Qin Weiwei's full chest was heaving quickly, her clear eyes glaring at Miao Yi as though they were about to shoot out flames. But since Yang Qing had already said as much, what else could she do? Privately, maybe she could depend on their father and daughter relationship to throw a tantrum at Yang Qing but for appearance's sake, she had to protect her father's face in front of his subordinates no matter what.

After throwing Miao Yi a glance that said wait and see, she took back the lance from Yang Qing's hand, turned her head and left!

’’Watch your...’’ Yang Qing pointed at the pleased and proud Charcoal and didn't know what else to say. Was it worthwhile for him to bother about a mere beast?

He waved his hand, speechless, and also moved to depart.

Miao Yi pointed at Charcoal as well, as though warning in advance how he would deal with it later. Turning himself around, he followed everyone back into Transient Light Hall. He fully anticipated that Yang Qing would bestow the position of Cave Master to him.

Little did they know, that as soon as everyone began to walk up the steps of the grand hall, they would be instantly alarmed by a commotion coming from behind, making them turn their heads back one more time.

They were greeted by the sight of Charcoal once again charging towards Qin Weiwei's mount, who wasn't completely dead yet. It bit the steed's neck, gripping it tightly while it shook its head like a lunatic, smashing it violently left and right. Very quickly, a hole was formed on the bluestone pavement, and was filled with flesh and blood by all the repetitive smashing.

After it completely ended Qin Weiwei's mount, the steed opened its bloodied mouth and lifted its head to the sky, revealing rows of sharp, eerie teeth as it let out a long neigh.

Everyone standing on the steps looked at each other. Good heavens, this bastard was full of character, not even permitting one last breath to the steed it only stopped when the steed was completely dead.

Yan Xiu, who had run to the sidelines intending to stop Charcoal, looked at Qin Weiwei's dead mount. He weakly turned his head to look in their direction, showing signs of wanting to cry yet remained tearless. He had never imagined Charcoal would pull an eradication trick like this.

Qin Weiwei, dressed in snowy white robes akin to a pear flower, her full chest once again began to heave up and down in a hurried state. That bastard had gone too far, to the extent of practically not giving her any face at all!

Yang Qing's face faintly twitched for a while.

Miao Yi's face thoroughly crumpled from shame, that steed kept stirring up trouble during his most important moments.

He bolted towards Charcoal in a flash, taking his spear from Yan Xiu's hand, then smashed it with the spear as he charged.

Charcoal broke into a mad run and Miao Yi couldn't catch up. Even a Blue Lotus stage cultivator was unable to keep up with a dragon steed's speed, let alone him.

’’Don't run! Stop this instant...’’

Miao Yi's voice, bursting with anger and shame sounded in the distance.

After a while, when the whole crowd had returned to the grand hall, they saw Miao Yi dragging his spear back inside.

Yang Qing didn't want to bother with an animal but he couldn't restrain himself from asking, ’’What did you to your mount?’’

Miao Yi held back for a while, feeling rather ashamed, but eventually he still replied honestly, ’’Couldn't catch up to it.’’

’’’’Hehe!’’ Again, somebody couldn't control a snort of amusement.

Somebody sighed, ’’That's right, you can't catch up. If you could, then there'd be no need to use it as a mount.’’

Someone bantered, ’’You can't be blamed for this. Just about anyone with a disobedient mount like this would get a migraine too.’’

The entire hall roared with laughter on the spot. Now, nobody was envious that Miao Yi's mount knew how to ambush, what was the use of a mount who won't even listen to its master's orders?

Even Yang Qing couldn't resist smiling, he realized that this man and dragon steed practically deserved each other.

Even Qin Weiwei didn't know whether to rage or laugh. In short, she rolled her eyes, raising her head to gaze towards the domed roof of the grand hall.

Yang Qing lightly lifted his hand, halting everyone continuing to make fun of Miao Yi. Before getting back to the subject at hand, he said, ’’Miao Yi, I previously promised you Transient Light Cave...’’

Before he could finish, he was interrupted again. A flurry of the hurried sounds of galloping dragon steeds resounded from outside.

Everyone's gaze instinctively went back to Miao Yi again, guessing that his rascal mount was at it again.

Miao Yi thought so too, his expression thoroughly darkened. That bastard always comes and causes trouble at important times, watch how I'm going to deal with you!

Without informing anyone, Miao Yi gripped his spear and proceeded to run out.

In the end, somebody shouted, ’’Report!’’

Somebody swiftly dismounted from the dragon steed that had stopped outside of the hall and nearly ran into Miao Yi. The person sidestepped and threw a glance at Miao Yi, then immediately delivered a report to Yang Qing with his fists cupped, ’’Mountain Chieftain, the men that have managed to attack East Arrival Cave were annihilated!’’

Everyone in the grand hall was alarmed. Yang Qing stood up from his seat, and shouted in a deep tone, ’’The Cave Master of Colossal Ram Cave has a cultivation of White Lotus Eighth Grade. They can take down East Arrival Cave without any problems, so how could they have been annihilated?’’

The man explained urgently, ’’Lu Yu banded together with South Edict's forces of nine mountains and coincidentally ran into Colossal Ram Cave's forces. Lu Yu personally beheaded the Cave Master of Colossal Ram Cave. Now Lu Yu is leading his forces towards Transient Light Cave with great speed and urgency! ’’

Yang Qing scoffed, ’’Lu Yu scum, how quick his response is! Alright, might as well. We can avoid the trouble of hitting them hard one by one, and eliminate the effort required to settle him. ’’

He looked around and asked, ’’Does everyone dare to face him with me?’’

With a swish, everyone folded their hands in support of the order.

’’Good! Once we have taken Lu Yu's scum life, I will grant rewards based on your merits!’’

’’We're willing to give our lives!’’ Everyone called out loudly together, they already seemed to be very excited.

The people, a number of them already had the strength to become a Mountain Chieftain, so they had been restless beforehand, looking forward to quickly expanding their own domain, and to take pleasure in more power of will. Yang Qing was bound to lead a revolt with the support from these people. To be exact, they had already been instigated by Yang Qing earlier on.

Yang Qing waved a hand, taking the lead at a quick step, swiftly guiding everyone in leaving the grand hall.

Miao Yi stepped to the side inside the hall to let the others pass through, he was stunned. Yang Qing left, just like that? What about my affairs?

Qin Weiwei, the last to leisurely walk past his side halted in her steps. She tilted her head to glance at him and coldly said, ’’You prisoner, what are you up to, staying here unmoving instead of following Mountain Chieftain into battle? Are you waiting for your master to kill his way back here?’’


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