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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: Charcoal Wrecks Havoc (1)

When the specks of starlight on the red stone branches and gem leaves finally reappeared again, Yang Qing opened his mouth to blow another mouthful of air. A wisp of starry clouds floated from the red stone branches and gem leaves, directly entering Miao Yi's nostrils.

As the specks of starlight permeated into his heart, Miao Yi could feel the internal injuries from within his body being healed at a quickened pace.

The instant Yang Qing flipped his hand over, the storage ring gave a soft glimmer, and the Glorious Star immortal herb went back into it.

Inside the grand hall, everyone kept throwing glances at each other, discovering that Yang Qing really looked up to the kid. Not everyone possessed a Glorious Star immortal herb. When the seal was lifted from the Boundless Secular World, the amount gathered was also very limited. Moreover, every time the immortal herb was used, it would be reduced in quantity, so it was extremely valuable. Those who wanted more would need to wait for the Boundless Secular World to lift its seal once again.

The trivial injuries this kid suffered would have healed with time. Yang Qing must have truly been willing to use the immortal herb, which could have saved lives in the midst of an emergency.

The most important thing was that Yang Qing had gone as far as to personally help the kid to mend his wounds.

Everyone could see now that Yang Qing was doing this to win his support.

But everyone could only keep the thought in their hearts no one would voice it out just to bring misfortune onto themselves.

Xiong Xiao lightly creased his brows, the degree of admiration Yang Qing harbored towards Miao Yi had slightly exceeded his expectations. He feared that it would not be an easy feat to give justice to Chun Xue.

’’Miao Yi, previously I promised you...’’

Once Yang Qing began to speak, everyone immediately strained their ears, guessing that he was going to announce that Miao Yi would become the next Cave Master of Transient Light Cave. This made everyone feel very upset.

One of the reasons as to why Yang Qing dared to revolt was because his troops were well-trained and powerful. The Cave Masters under him were stationed elsewhere and there were quite a number of people who possessed the qualifications to be a Mountain Chieftain but regrettably, they had a Yang Qing presiding over them. Yang Qing himself had the ability to be a Manor Head it was the reason that Manor Head of South Edict Manor, Lu Yu, dreaded.爽。

Besides Qin Weiwei, the other respective Cave Masters of Mount Shaotai present on the scene had cultivations at White Lotus Eighth Grade and above. They had endured much to make it this far, and yet they still remained as Cave Masters. This Miao Yi was only a mere White Lotus First Grade cultivator, had recently surrendered and now actually wanted to become a Cave Master himself. Naturally, everyone was a bit unhappy with it.

Yang Qing had not yet finished speaking when all of a sudden, a loud 'bang' sounded from outside, in addition to a neighing, blood-curdling screech, mixed in with a flurry of chaotic-sounding noises.

Everyone was bewildered, could it be that South Edict Manor's Manor Head, Lu Yu, had gathered his forces together and were attacking this place?

With Yang Qing in the lead, everyone instantly whipped out the weapons from their storage ring, the whole lot of them bolting out in an instant.

Within seconds, the entire grand hall was empty, with only Miao Yi remaining behind.

Miao Yi was a bit speechless. The battle this time had ignited an impatient desire to raise his cultivation, so he really wanted to obtain the position of Cave Master of Transient Light Cave. The reason was simple;to obtain more Orbs of Will.

With such a sudden turn of events just as Yang Qing was about to say something, Miao Yi didn't even know who was it that had gotten in his way.

’’Miao Yi! Get the f*ck out of there!’’

Qin Weiwei's shrill shout suddenly came from outside, startling Miao Yi who was about to get to the bottom of what was going on. That woman was too strong, and from the start he himself had never been a match for her at all. So, he was clueless as to what he did to piss her off again.

For the sake of the Cave Master seat, he would stomach this for now. He would wait until he had built up enough strength, then he would take care of her. Miao Yi quickly ran out obediently.

He discovered that there was a large group of people crowded together in the open plaza outside the grand hall. Quite a number of them turned their heads in the direction of the quickly-arriving Miao Yi. Some had a look of astonishment on their faces, while some of them had their lips curled in ridicule. Everyone started to make way for him to pass.

He was greeted by the sight of Qin Weiwei standing with her hand grasping the Serpent Lance, glaring at him with a frosty expression. And at the base of her feet, a dragon steed had collapsed and was twitching in a pool of blood. In one glance, Miao Yi recognized that it was Qin Weiwei's mount, and figured that it would not survive.

Yan Xiu was nodding his head and bowing, offering apologies and ways to make amends to Qin Weiwei with all his might.

Miao Yi scratched his head, feeling rather baffled. He'd been inside the grand hall just now, so it was a stretch to say he had killed her mount. Yan Xiu wouldn't have the guts to do so, as well.

’’Why is Cave Master Qin losing her temper at me?’’

Miao Yi's expression also sank. Even though his cultivation base was low, his personality was not weak. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to survive in the streets, dragging his younger brother and sister around to avoid being bullied by others.

Qin Weiwei brandished her spear and pointed it at Yan Xiu, shouting furiously, ’’Ask your bastard!’’

The tip of the spear almost stabbed into his chest. Yan Xiu meekly moved his body out of harm, revealing a pleased and proud Charcoal behind him.

Miao Yi still did not understand what she meant by this so he asked Yan Xiu, ’’What's going on?’’

’’I also didn't expect that...’’ Yan Xiu stood sideways, pointing at Charcoal as he explained.

After Miao Yi listened to everything, he broke out in a cold sweat! He was no longer able to steel himself to face QIn Weiwei, who was boiling in anger.

Ever since he and Qin Weiwei had arrived, both of their mounts were placed together Yan Xiu was helping to keep an eye on Charcoal.

However, Yan Xiu also hadn't a clue as to what happened. Charcoal just abruptly ambushed Qin Weiwei's mount from the side, colliding into its weak spot with all its might.

Charcoal was usually terribly lazy, but its explosive power was evident to all. The usual dragon steeds were truly incomparable to it, so when it directly crashed into Qin Weiwei's mount it managed to send it flying.

That wasn't the end of it. With the ambush succeeding, it immediately rushed out and bit into Qin Weiwei's mount's crucial spot its neck then gave in to a burst of wild hysterical stomping. Charcoal kept stepping onto the steed, tormenting Qin Weiwei's mount into this tragic state.

Miao Yi was considered to have officially fought side-by-side with Charcoal before, and vaguely understood Charcoal's d*mned temperament. Its sense of vengefulness was very strong.

Luo Zhen had been killed, and Charcoal thoroughly erupted Miao Yi understood it wanted to avenge Luo Zhen.

He didn't know whether the reason for its act of revenge was partly due to the fact that he'd been beaten and injured by Qin Weiwei. He figured his relationship with Charcoal had not reached that stage yet.

But Miao Yi was very certain, that it definitely had something to do with Qin Weiwei stabbing Charcoal's rear with her lance. The steed knew it wouldn't be able to defeat Qin Weiwei in a fight, so instead seized its chance the moment Qin Weiwei was not around, to inflict a deadly blow towards her mount. He dared not speak highly of this dragon steed's 'character'.

As it happened, Charcoal was still unaware that it had gotten into trouble and was still in joy to see Miao Yi appearing before it. It huddled up to Miao Yi, arching its head, and even snorted at the dragon steed lying in the pool of blood, as though it was proudly showing off. It seemed to be saying 'Look! What do you think?'.

Miao Yi so badly wanted to strangle it to death. If the Cave Master position he had risked his life to obtain was thrown away because of this, just wait and see how he would deal with this dragon steed later.

’’What do you plan to do now?’’ Qin Weiwei furiously shouted with the lance hoisted.

’’I'll apologize and make amends on my steed's behalf.’’ Miao Yi sighed. Who asked him to be in the wrong.

Unable to contain her anger, Qin Weiwei shouted, ’’A simple apology and that's it?’’

Miao Yi cupped his fists and said, ’’I will definitely punish it later.’’

Qin Weiwei let out an 'oh', casting a glance at her mount who was about to breathe its last at her feet. She then half-heartedly said, ’’How are you planning to punish it?’’

Miao Yi turned back and slapped Charcoal on its head, pointing at it as he scolded, ’’Your punishment is to go one month without eating any fish and prawns.’’

After he finished, he turned back to gaze at Qin Weiwei.

Qin Weiwei waited for quite a while. Seeing that he had nothing else to say after that, her facial expression instantly darkened as she deadpanned word by word, ’’This. Is. Your. Punishment?’’


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