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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 34


Chapter 34: An Old Friend From Changfeng

However, they weren't merely handmaidens, or even just trusted aides;they were often partners in bed as well. There weren't many masters in existence who could restrain themselves from putting their hands on the delicate beauties at their side.

A person who was both personal and intimate, how could he not see that she had worries on her mind? Xiong Xiao extended his hand and lifted her chin, his eyes looking at her lovely and pitiful face and asked in a deep voice, ’’Did someone bully you? Tell me, I will give you justice.’’

He, Xiong Xiao had a cultivation at White Lotus Ninth Grade. If he weren't a subordinate serving under the mighty, powerful Yang Qing, he already had the qualifications to be a Mountain Chieftain himself. Once all matters concerning this war were resolved, he would inevitably be given the position of a Mountain Chieftain. Not only that, he was also one of Yang Qing's most trusted subordinates, so he had the qualifications to make such a statement.

Chun Xue shook her head and replied, ’’No.’’

Xiong Xiao pinched her chin, using a tone which did not allow any room for evasion as he forcefully demanded, ’’Tell me!’’

A heartbroken look broke out on Chun Xue's face. She bit her lips for a moment, before beginning to say, ’’Mountain Chieftain...’’

’’Mountain Chieftain?’’ Xiong Xiao was alarmed by her words.

If Yang Qing, the Mountain Chieftain had truly laid a hand on his woman, then he himself had no choice but to swallow his protests for now.

But immediately after, he sensed something was amiss since Mountain Chieftain Yang Qing was not a lascivious man. He had long heard that Yang Qing already had someone he held an unrequited love for, except that there was a vast difference in status and background so he could not fulfill his longings. The majority of Yang Qing's great accomplishments were done for the sake of that beautiful woman, so he absolutely took no notice of other women. This made it impossible for him to lay a hand on his trusted subordinate's woman, unless there was another reason for it?

Loosening his grip on Chun Xue's chin, he tested the waters and asked, ’’What did you do wrong? Were you reprimanded by Mountain Chieftain?’’

Chun Xue knew that he was misunderstanding the situation, so she promptly waved her hand and said, ’’Mountain Chieftain would never bother with a small handmaiden like me.’’

Xiong Xiao also thought as such. Curious, he asked, ’’Then what is the reason?’’

Chun Xue revealed a bittered look and replied, ’’Cave Master, please do not ask anymore. The man is already highly favored by Mountain Chieftain so I do not want to pursue the matter any longer. Also, I don't wish to bring trouble to Cave Master by being blamed by Mountain Chieftain.’’

So it was a different person after all. Xiong Xiao's facial expression darkened. Serving under Yang Qing, he had never truly been scared of anyone apart from Yang Qing himself. He coldly asked, ’’I would like to know who had the audacity to touch my woman, tell me!’’

Seeing that he was set on pursuing it to the end, Chun Xue knew the truth could not be hidden anymore. Her Cave Master's imposing presence also did not allow her to hide the truth. So with her face covered, she broke out into weeping sobs and exclaimed, ’’Miao Yi!’’

’’Miao Yi?’’ Xiong Xiao froze, unable to recall a person with that name within the ranked groups controlled by Mountain Chieftain Yang Qing. But he swiftly came to a sudden realization and exclaimed, ’’It's that Miao Yi who recently surrendered? As a man who yielded, he dared to anger you?’’

He was a little unconvinced. That Miao Yi had suffered a defeat under the battle formation of Qin Weiwei, so he should be restricted by Qin Weiwei right now. Where would he get the chance to bully his own handmaiden? He reckoned they did not even have the chance to meet face to face, unless there was another man with the same name?

Tears streamed down Chun Xue's face as she explained, ’’Has Cave Master forgotten the terrible death my brother suffered? In that year, we couldn't find any trace of the killer in Changfeng City, but who could have thought that ten years after the incident, I finally get to meet him here!’’

It turned out that this Chun Xue wasn't just anyone;she was none other than Huang Yue, the daughter of Head Guard Huang who he'd gifted to the Immortal to act as a handmaiden. She was also Huang Cheng's sister.

In the beginning, when she first saw Miao Yi and the other captured men fighting to the death, she had yet to recognize him. Although in her earlier years, due to the fact that they were neighbors, she had seen Miao Yi before, it had already been many years since then and Miao Yi was no longer the juvenile youth he was at that time. His appearance had gone through a huge transformation, so she couldn't remember him at first sight.

It wasn't until the name 'Miao Yi' personally flowed out of his mouth, a name which was imprinted into her very bones, and only then was she struck by terror. It roused the past events and she was able to distinguish vaguely from between Miao Yi's brows that he was the neighbor at Changfeng City at that time. The same killer who had murdered her own little brother.

Xiong Xiao was stunned beyond measure. Of course he knew about the incident. At that time, Chun Xue was heartbroken because of it for a long time. He himself personally urged the City Lord of Changfeng City to do everything in his power to arrest the killer, all in order to comfort Chun Xue. Except at that time, the kid ran away too quick so they couldn't seize him on time.

He was more or less bewildered and doubtful as he asked, ’’You are certain that this Miao Yi is the same killer who murdered your brother?’’

Chun Xue choked with sobs as she nodded her head in reply. ’’Yes, that's him. Even if he turned to ashes, I would still recognize him. It's been so long since the incident has passed, Chun Xue does not wish to bother about it anymore. Simply when I remember my poor brother, Chun Xue still finds it difficult to bear the great sorrow in my heart.’’

As she continued to grieve, she quietly eyed the Cave Master's reaction.

Xiong Xiao went silent. If this was a normal situation, he could just attack directly and murder a White Lotus First Grade cultivator since it wasn't too much of a big deal. The issue now was that Miao Yi had already entered the Mountain Chieftain Yang Qing's transcendence vision, and was obviously highly favored by him. So it would not be easy for him to act recklessly. If due to this, he made Yang Qing lose face, it would not bring any good to him either.

’’For this matter, I have my own plans. I will definitely give you justice.’’

Xiong Xiao patted her back comfortingly, both of them soon leaving the waterside pavilion together.

But as luck would have it, just as they arrived outside the Grand Hall, the expressionless Qin Weiwei happened to approach them with Miao Yi in tow.

Xiong Xiao took the initiative and folded his hands at Qin Weiwei. Although his cultivation was much higher than Qin Weiwei's, she was the adopted daughter of Yang Qing. She was an orphan, picked up by Yang Qing in his earlier years by the roadside. Since infancy, she was kept and raised by Yang Qing's side, so QIn Weiwei was considered to be Yang Qing's most trusted amongst all his trusted aides. He, Xiong Xiao, was better off not disrespecting her.

Qin Weiwei returned the salutation, and led Miao Yi up the stairs of Transient Light Hall. Yang Qing wanted to meet Miao Yi.

Xiong Xiao's flickering and doubtful eyes circled around Miao Yi's face, eventually dropping his gaze onto Chun Xue's face, who was silently biting her lips.

Miao Yi had also seen Chun Xue. Although the two used to be neighbors and he had known the Chun Xue from earlier years, Chun Xue had only been fifteen years of age when she was sent away to become an Immortal's handmaiden. The Chun Xue now was close to thirty years of age. As the saying goes, a woman changes eighteen times before reaching adulthood, the changes were greater when compared to men. Miao Yi didn't recognize her, and the thought of her being Head Guard Huang's daughter would have never crossed his mind.

Xiong Xiao did not say anything, and left Chun Xue behind as he ran straight towards the Transient Light Grand Hall.

Chun Xue was not qualified enough to enter when the Mountain Chieftain was discussing official business, so she could only go to the place where attendants stayed in.

Inside the grand hall, Yang Qing was seated above all. Every respective Cave Master of Mount Shaotai, along with Lan Yumen's disciples, stood divided on two sides. After Xiong Xiao saluted and bowed to Yang Qing, he threw a glance at Miao Yi, who stood alone in the middle of the grand hall, before returning to stand at his own designated position.

’’Are the wounds on your body serious?’’

Yang Qing, seated high and wearing armor and a helmet, looked down at Miao Yi who stood below, wearing a grin on his face as he asked warmly.

Miao Yi cupped his bloodstained hands, where the webbing between his thumb and forefinger had split open, revealing a raw wound, and replied, ’’Not at all.’’

The superior Yang Qing dismissed his words with a laugh, and flipped his palm over, the storage ring on his middle finger flashed with a glimmer. A nine red stone branch and nine gem leaves levitated in his palm, with specks of starlight floating around it, looking extremely beautiful.

Miao Yi was not foreign to the item. It was the Glorious Star immortal herb.

He saw Yang Qing open his mouth to blow at the specks of starlight on top of the red stone branches and gem leaves. They immediately turned into two wisps of starry clouds, floating towards Miao Yi's hands.

Stunned, the blown specks of starlight had adhered to the wound where the flesh could be seen in the webbing. A pleasant feeling, with a slight chill, swiftly spread from the wounds on both of his hands. As the specks of starlight gradually permeated into the wounds, the split webbings on both hands could be seen making a speedy recovery.

With no more than a moment of effort, the wounds had already recovered to its original unharmed state, causing a great shock to Miao Yi. Everyone had said the Glorious Star immortal herb was revered as a priceless treasure a divine healing medicine by the cultivation world. Yet, he hadn't expected the effects to be this unimaginable.


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