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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Surrender

’’Splurt!’’ Miao Yi violently spat out a mouthful of blood. He flew backwards, tumbling a few times as he landed.

Charcoal, who bolted to his side, was stabbed deeply on its rear, with Qin Weiwei rotating the head of the spear around. In pain, Charcoal let out a weird, loud yelp and fled.

With blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth, Miao Yi leaned on his spear for support, staggering as he slowly stood up from the ground.

Qin Weiwei leisurely trotted her dragon steed to the front of Miao Yi, the tip of the Serpent Lance in her hand pressing onto his chest. In an indifferent tone, she then said, ’’Surrender or no?’’

In the face of defeat, Miao Yi's eyes were filled with fury as he glared at her. He had the look of someone who would rather die than submit.

A cold smile appeared on Qin Weiwei's face, about to teach him another lesson.

’’Surrender! He surrenders!’’

Yan Xiu screamed as he ran to their side, supporting Miao Yi with his hands while nodding his head repetitively as he said, ’’He surrenders!’’

He was unaware that Yang Qing had commanded that Miao Yi be captured alive. In fact, Yan Xiu was worried Miao Yi would be killed by her.

Qin Weiwei did not pay any attention to him at all. She only stared at Miao Yi as she asked expressionlessly, ’’Surrender, yes or no?’’

Although Yang Qing had told her to capture him alive, he never said she couldn't give this brat a hard time.

A few of her subordinates had died at the hands of Miao Yi, so she wanted to take this chance to exact her revenge.

Yan Xiu was beginning to panic. At once, he invoked his arts and transmitted his voice to Miao Yi, ’’Brother, your parents gave birth to you and raised you not for the sake of throwing your life away! Just surrender! Where there is life, there is still hope!’’

Miao Yi's gaze was still locked onto Qin Weiwei, the corner of his mouth twitched furiously as blood trickled down. The mention of 'parents' from Yan Xiu's mouth made him remember his foster parents who had treated him with kindness, as well as his younger siblings...

He still had no idea how his little brother and sister were faring right now...

’’I surrender!’’

Miao Yi abruptly gripped the spear and stabbed it ruthlessly into the ground, letting out a mournful roar as he looked up into the sky.

He hadn't managed to avenge Luo Zhen and Cao Dingfeng, and yet he surrendered. A remorseful feeling of grief and indignation filled him wholeheartedly. He had never before thirsted to raise his own strength like he had today!

If he did not improve his strength, what could he even do if he found his younger siblings? As an older brother, would he have the ability to protect them?

The heartfelt cry contained in the word 'surrender' made Qin Weiwei's heartstrings quiver indescribably, her icy cold gaze hesitant. After she cautiously eyed Miao Yi up and down, she slowly moved the head of the Serpent Lance away from Miao Yi's chest.

Yang Qing, on the mountaintop, led a crowd of people charging down the mountain, rushing swiftly towards the direction of the Transient Light Cave. Miao Yi had forcefully held up a lot of people for a considerable period of time.

But Yan Xiu on the other hand, still trembled slightly with fear. He was called by someone to accompany Yang Qing's side.

Not for any other reason, but because anyone with a pair of eyes could tell that Miao Yi had initially preferred to die rather than surrender, but he was then persuaded by Yan Xiu to submit in the end.

Yang Qing felt it was a little strange, since he and Miao Yi were total strangers and did not have a past blood feud between them. Yet, he showed no hesitation in putting up a fight to such a degree. Unless Miao Yi had a special relationship with Yuan Zhengkun, and therefore was this loyal and devoted to him? He figured they had no such special relationship, since there wasn't a high possibility that Yuan Zhengkun would accept a White Lotus First Grade cultivator to join Transient Light Cave.

After some questioning, he found out that Miao Yi and Yuan Zhengkun weren't especially close and had only seen Yuan Zhengkun twice after arriving to Transient Light Cave for more than a year. Not only that, Yuan Zhengkun had been hard on him, giving him the mere role of a Horse Deputy to do menial jobs.

And Yuan Zhengkun also had nothing to do with Miao Yi joining Transient Light Cave. It was merely because of a referral from another and the fact that he had gotten in through Cao Dingfeng the man had taken care of Miao Yi and therefore he had fought without restraint when Cao Dingfeng was slaughtered.

Truth be told, Yan Xiu believed that the murder of his wife, Luo Zhen was one of the most important factors. Although Miao Yi had been at Transient Light Cave for more than a year, he wasn't as close to Cao Dingfeng when compared to both him and his wife. The reason why he rushed over to help Miao Yi surrender was because he felt deeply moved by him.

However from the beginning to the end, Yan Xiu neglected to inform Yang Qing about the husband and wife relationship between him and Luo Zhen, as tenth surrender and eleventh surrender wasn't something that was nice to listen to.

Yang Qing slightly nodded his head, this time asking about Charcoal, who was as fat as a pig.

After becoming aware of Charcoal's nature from before, it was hard for Yang Qing to keep a straight face and he indeed erupted into laughter. Back then, Charcoal was purely as lazy as a pig, which was why it turned out to be as fat as one. This time around, the reason why the steed had charged out was because its previous Horse Deputy, who had treated it well, had fallen in battle. Indeed, it was truly a special dragon steed.

But with this, Yang Qing then understood a certain truth that Miao Yi hadn't exactly been welcome at Transient Light Cave before this. Obviously, that Cao Dingfeng didn't think much of Miao Yi either, otherwise why didn't he help Miao Yi choose a more proper dragon steed? Miao Yi had risked his life to this extent only because of a mere debt he owed to Cao Dingfeng for being treated well.

Yang Qing gave a slight wave of his hand, dismissing Yan Xiu. At the same time, he cast a calculating glance at the devastated Miao Yi, who trailed behind Qin Weiwei's squadron.

Since Miao Yi was now grouped as a prisoner who suffered a defeat under Qin Weiwei's formation, naturally he would be placed under Qin Weiwei's watch for the time-being.

Since a mere debt was enough to make him act like this, could it be that he, Yang Qing, would not be able to surpass what Cao Dingfeng gave?

The corner of Yang Qing's lips curled into a knowing grin, as he mumbled under his breath, ’’Things money can't buy...’’

He very much admired and liked Miao Yi.

The more ambitious and ruthless a character was, the more he loved to subdue loyal and brave warriors, as this kind of subordinate would make him feel at ease when put to use. Since he was able to subdue that person, then that person would give his life up for him in the future, the same as he did today.

Even though Yuan Zhengkun's cultivation was quite high, he only knew how to flee when matters arose. He, Yang Qing, would rather exchange two Yuan Zhengkuns to obtain a subordinate like Miao Yi. It was alright that his cultivation base was slightly lacking, as he would be able to improve it after ample time was given. Not only that, Miao Yi had already displayed an impressive side of him which was worthy to be nurtured. Even if he couldn't become Yang Qing's own trusted general, he could still be kept at his side as a reliable aide for his own use.

The crowd of people rushing over to Transient Light Cave brought to mind a dove occupying a magpie's nest. Yang Qing and his men did not plan to stay there, and only lingered about for a while. Since the land was recently claimed by them, it was impossible for them to not give it a look at least.

But a squadron of vanguard forces had already been dispatched earlier on to attack the bordering East Arrival Cave, the place where Miao Yi had disembarked previously after travelling by sea. It was also the place where Chen Fei currently lived.

Outside the Transient Light Grand Hall, the respective Cave Masters of Mount Shaotai, along with Lan Yumen's disciples, leapt off their dragon steeds one after another upon arrival. After they entrusted their mounts to their attendants, they ran towards the Transient Light Grand Hall straight away.

Afterwards the Cave Master of Changfeng Cave, Xiong Xiao, led his men to inspect the surroundings of Transient Light Cave. Soon he also arrived outside the Transient Light Grand Hall, leaping off his dragon steed.

Changfeng City fell under Changfeng Cave's protection, it was also the location of Miao Yi's old home.

When he entrusted his mount to his handmaiden, Dong Xue's care, Xiong Xiao discovered that one of the two personal handmaidens was nowhere to be found, so he spoke thoughtlessly, ’’This isn't the time to be wandering around. Where did Chun Xue go?’’

Handmaiden Dong Xue pointed towards a lithe figure within the waterside pavilion, she was about to speak and then faltered.

His personal handmaidens had followed him for a long time so Xiao Xiong was able to tell with a glance that there must be a hidden reason. He strode over to the arch bridge and went straight into the waterside pavilion. There, he was greeted by the sight of the handmaiden Chun Xue sobbing, while leaning on the parapet with her back facing him. He couldn't help but crease his brows and said, ’’Chun Xue.’’

Hearing the voice, handmaiden Chun Xue quickly wiped her tears away before turning around, revealing her beautiful, tear-stained and tender face. Forcing herself to smile, she made a bow in salute as she said, ’’Cave Master.’’

Xiao Xiong surveyed the surrounding area and asked, ’’What happened?’’

Chun Xue tried her best to force a grin, shaking her head as she replied, ’’There's nothing. Sand got in my eyes.’’

What a joke. Normally, the handmaidens selected to be by the Cave Master's side were women who had the aptitude for cultivation. They were meant to be stationed by their side, acting as a personal confidant to be nurtured in the long term. Naturally, Xiong Xiao's handmaidens were no exception. Currently the two handmaidens by his side were already with a cultivation at White Lotus First Grade, so how was it even possible for ordinary sand to get into her eyes?


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