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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: A Valiant Warrior Indeed (2)

Still, it did leave a bloody scar on Charcoal's rear.

Charcoal, in pain, abruptly went astray from his course of direction, but after circling for a round, it soon came to a stop under Miao Yi's urging. Currently, they were facing in the direction of the enemy's camp.

WIth blood hanging from his lips, Miao Yi gripped the spear and lifted up the White Lotus Third Grade cultivator, displaying his prowess to the people in the mountains!

Anyone could tell Miao Yi was absolutely no match for the White Lotus Third Grade cultivator, but who would have thought that the fat dragon steed would actually assist in the fight. It happened too quickly, and in the process caused everyone's eyes to almost pop out of their sockets onto the ground.

The person who had earlier ridiculed Charcoal as a huge wild boar, also couldn't help but stare at the fat dragon steed, revealing a covetous look on his face. It didn't matter if the steed was ugly as long as it was useful, it would be valued.

Quite a number of people appeared to be setting their sights on Charcoal, only waiting for Miao Yi's death.

Yan Xiu was shocked as he stood there blankly, but nobody was paying any attention to him right now. Their attention was all focused on Miao Yi and Charcoal.

Qin Weiwei scowled, her expression unsightly. Her subordinates consisted of four White Lotus Third Grade cultivators and six White Lotus Second Grade cultivators, and already four of them had been completely wiped out by a kid only at White Lotus First Grade. One could imagine what her current mood was like now.

’’Get me his dragon steed!’’ Qin Weiwei let out a cold hmph;she was plainly asking her subordinates what were they still waiting for?

Three White Lotus Third Grade cultivators and two White Lotus Second Grade cultivators immediately charged out, urging their dragon steeds forwards. It could even be said that each and every single one of them felt furious from the embarrassment they suffered. And not only had they been greatly humiliated, they suffered it in front of Yang Qing. Each and every single one of them were dying to swallow Miao Yi alive.

With a shake of his spear, the pierced corpse split in half and sprayed out a rain of blood, revitalizing Miao Yi as he was bathed in the corpse's blood. Charcoal, who was underneath him, turned around and fled.

Five cultivators gave chase on their dragon steed, with the ensuing hunt consisting of him running at the front and five chasing from the back.

Charcoal's rear wound did not seem to affect it. Instead, it ran faster and faster with shocking speed. Despite its oversized body, it ran faster than the dragon steeds of the other five cultivators, widening the distance between them.

Yan Xiu was in a state of disbelief, was this still the same Charcoal he had known for years?

Miao Yi did not run away, instead he led the five cultivators circling behind him on a merry chase around the open field.

They wanted to catch up but couldn't, and the distance between them kept getting further and further apart. They became worried of the slight chance that Miao Yu would get away, and in an abrupt move, one of them rushed out and attacked, hoping to intercept Miao Yi midway. Another cultivator changed course in order to obstruct his path, running in the other direction to face Miao Yi as he circled around once more.

However, this was the result Miao Yi had wanted all along. If the five of them combined forces against him, he absolutely wouldn't have a hope of winning. His only resort was to separate them. If he ended up dying, then he would take a few sacrificial lambs down with him;if he could kill one more, then that would be good too.

Facing a White Lotus Third Grade cultivator that rushed towards him straight on, Miao Yi raised his spear and charged, his face a mask of ferocity.

With his previous experience against a White Lotus Third Grade cultivator, he did not attempt to fight fire with fire, instead he fought with his life on the line!

Immediately after they faced each other in combat, Miao Yi's opponent understood right away the reason behind a White Lotus First Grade's ability to kill four people in a row. He definitely hadn't managed it out of sheer luck!

Relying on his strengthened cultivation alone to pressure his opponent, he discovered that he was unable to suppress the opponent's reaction speed. It was simply inconceivable. Wouldn't people normally rely on their profound cultivation base to suppress and beat down their opponent? But the opponent resembled a fish in the sea, he seemed able to swim in the ocean of transcendence energy. Not only that, he could still perform a counterattack under the enormous pressure inflicted on him!

Miao Yi faced the stronger enemy's deadly strike head-on, and did not attempt to dodge or defend. He knew he wouldn't be able to withstand the attack just on his cultivation base alone. They might as well stab each other and then die together!

No one was willing to play a dangerous game like this with him. Instead, the opponent was forced to quickly defend himself. In addition, the moment they brushed past each other, the opponent would still need to be vigilant against Charcoal's personal ambush.

On the open land, six dragon steeds chased each other in an endless circle, repetitively going to and fro, assaulting each other at close quarters.

At this point, everyone was a little unclear as to who was hunting down who. In any case, no one was able to block Miao Yi. The people who were obviously trying to intercept him, instead became flustered the moment they ran into him. This made it seem like Miao Yi was the one who was brutally attacking the five higher leveled cultivators.

The scene was spectacular to look at, but was something practically unheard of before this. There were five White Lotus cultivators, three at Third grade and two at Second Grade!

An hour passed, and the chase was still ongoing, with the five cultivators unable to catch this guy at a mere White Lotus First Grade level. The crowd on the mountain were unable to restrain themselves from looking at each other in dismay.

Yang Qing, clad in full silver armor, let his gaze follow the desperately fighting Miao Yi, revealing a look of admiration that he couldn't quite mask. He then exclaimed in approval, ’’A valiant warrior indeed. Given time, when his cultivation base grows higher, he will definitely be an excellent choice as one of the protectors for the domain. What has that Yuan Zhengkun too afraid to show his face done to merit such a subordinate to fight his battles for him?’’

The instant he said that, the already disgraced Qin Weiwei gritted her teeth, swiftly grabbing the bow she carried on her back. Simultaneously nocking three feathered arrows on the bow-string, she drew back her bow, fed her transcendence energy into them, and set her target at Miao Yi.

Yang Qing shot a glance at her, abruptly shouting, ’’Stop!’’

With the exertion of his transcendence energy, his voice rumbled and reverberated between the ravines.

When he began to speak, Qin Weiwei turned back to look at him. She slowly lowered the bow in her hands. Even the five cultivators, who were locked in their chase, were too afraid to disobey his orders;they immediately turned their steeds around and returned.

Miao Yi pulled Charcoal to a stop, raising his eyes to look in the direction of the mountaintop.

Yang Qing kept his eyes locked onto Miao Yi, producing a rumbling and reverberating voice. ’’Who goes there, what is your name?’’

Miao Yi hoisted his spear at the mountaintop towards Yang Qing, similarly invoking his arts and bellowing furiously, ’’Miao Yi is here, who dares to fight me!’’

The voice shook the entire range of mountains, filling the sky with his wrath, an ordinary man without fear.

His fearless, resolute words only served to fill Yang Qing's eyes with barely concealed respect.

Lifting his hand, he pointed two joined fingers at Miao Yi at the foot of the mountain and replied, ’’Miao Yi, if you surrender to me, I will give you the Cave Master seat of Transient Light Cave!’’

A storm of protest broke out amongst the crowd when he finished;letting a White Lotus First Grade cultivator become a Cave Master?

The guy who had called Charcoal a wild boar immediately reminded him in a low voice, ’’Mountain Chieftain, he only has a cultivation at White Lotus First Grade.’’

’’It will be alright as long as he can convince the masses!’’ Yang Qing lightly dismissed his protest and everyone else immediately went silent.

Who knew Miao Yi would show ingratitude towards the offer, continuing to point his spear at Yang Qing as he shouted in anger, ’’Who dares to fight me?’’

Everyone realized that this kid was either a lunatic or was seriously trying to court death, even refusing the marbled meat position of Cave Master that was presented to him.

Yang Qing glanced at Qin Weiwei below and said calmly, ’’Capture him alive.’’

Qin Weiwei, dressed in robes as white as snow, immediately charged downwards, gripping the Serpent Lance as she soared high up into the sky on her dragon steed, before descending down into the open field. She pointed the lance at Miao Yi with a blank expression on her face, evidently she was too lazy to say a word to him.

’’Die!’’ Miao Yi straightened his spear, hurriedly rushing out towards her.

But Qin Weiwei's cultivation was on an entirely different level of power compared to her underlings. She proceeded to point with her straightened lance and an unseen force, equivalent to that of a sledgehammer, hammered against Miao Yi's chest.

It was an attack that had been materialized purely out of transcendence energy. Amidst the White Lotus cultivation realm, the cultivation at White Lotus Fifth Grade was the line of distinction. Only cultivators with a cultivation base that had broken through to White Lotus Fifth Grade or higher would be able to congeal their arts into a tangible form. It couldn't be compared to the few fireball tricks Miao Yi invoked at the seaside. In the end they were just mere tricks, which had little to no effect when used against cultivators who were guarded by their transcendence energy. Indeed, the attack that Qin Weiwei delivered was a genuine transcendence energy attack.


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