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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 31


Chapter 31: A Valiant Warrior Indeed (1)

Miao Yi did not bother about the number of men in the mountain peak across them. He only stared at the torn upper body of Cao Dingfeng with a blank expression on his face, still wriggling even after death, which had fallen onto the ground.

Ever since he left the mountain he'd cultivated in, he had made four friends;namely, Chen Fei, Cao Dingfeng, Luo Zhen and Yan Xiu. And now two of them had actually died in front of his eyes, and all he did was stand from afar looking on passively.

As he watched the deaths of the others, his emotions had barely stirred, but after seeing the terrible deaths of his friends, who had always been looking after him, he was suddenly struck with the extreme cruelty of the cultivation world!

Inside his heart, he furiously blamed himself for what he'd done. His younger siblings had a great life going on for them, yet, he had sent them into such a dangerous place. How could he now face both his foster parents'spirits in heaven!

He had caused harm to his brother and sister. He had watched on helplessly as his friends, who had taken such good care of him, suffer a horrible death and still, he did nothing!

He deserved to die!

Miao Yi sentenced himself to death in his heart, lifting the silver spear he gripped in his hand. He pointed it at the murderers in front of him!

’’What the hell are you doing? Quick, surrender!’’

Yan Xiu kept shouting at him but didn't get a reaction from Miao Yi. Instead, he saw the expression on Miao Yi's face becoming more and more malevolent, a one-petaled white lotus emerging between his brows, glowing faintly. He immediately dashed over with the intention of dragging Miao Yi down.

But Miao Yi pointed with his spear, its sharp spear tip pushing against Yan Xiu's chest, as he said in a low voice, ’’Move!’’

The people high above and at the base of the mountain were staring at this interesting move Miao Yi was making.

’’Kill!’’ Miao Yi stuck out the spear and thundered.

Neigh! All of a sudden, Charcoal emitted a plaintive cry, rearing its forelegs up in the air. Once its forelegs landed back on the ground, it immediately bolted forwards in a flash, its speed as quick as lightning.

Yan Xiu was stunned beyond measure;he had never seen Charcoal burst out into such a fast speed before.

On the mountaintop, the silver-armored Yang Qing was slightly amazed, not because of Miao Yi's display of bravery, but of Charcoal whom Miao Yi was mounting. ’’He's riding a dragon steed?’’

Someone laughed. ’’I thought it was a huge wild boar.’’

Everyone exploded into laughter, never in their lives had they seen such a fat dragon steed. How could a dragon steed, that was supposed to be adept at running, become fat to this extent?

At the bottom of the mountain, the few cultivators still in the battlefield locked their gazes onto the quickly approaching Miao Yi with expressions filled with disdain. A cultivator at White Lotus First Grade dared to charge up here, where anyone pulled at random from their group would be, at the very least, at White Lotus Second Grade.

Everyone looked as if they were watching a dying man naturally, those who refuse to surrender would only be killed!

Cultivators at White Lotus Third Grade felt they were above fighting Miao Yi. One amongst them made a signal, and a cultivator at White Lotus Second Grade was forced to rush out, reluctantly carrying his spear.

Both of them charged towards each other at great speed.

When Charcoal saw the man who murdered Luo Zhen charging out, traces of blood appeared in its eyes as its speed increased once more, becoming faster than ever before. Yan Xiu stared at the sight, his eyes widened into circles.

The sound of a clang!

Both of them collided together. The eyes of the cultivator at White Lotus Second Grade grew wide and large;the transcendence energy he exerted had apparently not stopped Miao Yi's movements.

At that instant they collided, Miao Yi did not waste any unnecessary movements when extending his spear out. With a slight flick, he deflected the tip of the enemy's incoming weapon, then seized that chance to thrust his spear forwards.

This was a spear trained in the rough waves heaving to the skies. This was a spear trained for years under a waterfall. This was a spear which was often brandished;it had been thoroughly mastered and understood as a result of destroying countless mountain stones, people, Arts and even more spears.

Lao Bai said his training was only so-so, thus exchanging his wooden spear with the real deal should have some overpowering force.

With a swift attack, the spear tip drilled into the chest of the Second Grade cultivator, his eyes flashing with disbelief.

As the two dragon steeds passed each other, he sent the other cultivator flying with his spear. He brandished the spear, dragging the corpse along the ground with a single strike. Blood burst from the body as it tumbled backward beneath them.

Miao Yi held the spear again, as he rushed towards the enemy's camp.

Everyone in the mountain went silent, a cultivator with only a cultivation at White Lotus First Grade had quickly killed a cultivator at White Lotus Second Grade?

Qin Weiwei's brows creased slightly;it was blatantly obvious that her subordinate was incredibly useless.

The silver-armored Yang Qing had a gleam in his eyes;he was beginning to focus his attention on Miao Yi in a serious manner.

Two cultivators at White Lotus Second Grade rushed out of the camp, directly charging towards Miao Yi to intercept and kill him.

The two cultivators' faces twisted in anger at the thought of their comrade being killed in a humiliating manner. They rushed over to trap and attack Miao Yi from both sides, unable to gauge how powerful he was.

He lifted the spear!

In one sudden movement, Miao Yi thrust the spear tip towards the ground, using it to lift up a boulder, before charging towards the two men with the boulder resting on the spear tip.

When the two sides collided with each other, Miao Yi retracted the spear and sent it piercing out again.

With a bang, the boulder was smashed into a lump of dust, the crushed stones shooting out towards the two men who were approaching.

This kind of attack would have easily killed a mortal, but it was useless when used against the two men as the stones couldn't even break through their shields manifested from transcendence energy.

The two men waved their spears and an unseen force immediately cleared away the annoying incoming crushed stones.

But once the crushed stones disappeared from their sight, they discovered that Miao Yi was nowhere to be found on the quickly approaching dragon steed. However, they could hear the sounds of something in the air, flying over them with a whoosh.

He's above us! Both of them lifted their heads and looked towards the sky at almost the same time, only to be greeted by the sight of a slightly larger crushed stone flying across their heads.

As they were looking upwards, Charcoal charged in between the two mounts, and suddenly two spears thrust out from its sides, angled upwards from below. The spears pierced into the two cultivators' chest, right through their armpits, sending both of them flying off their mounts.

The two spears dragged the two figures against the ground, instantly causing two patches of blood to spurt out. The figure holding the two spears flipped over quickly from under Charcoal's abdomen it was Miao Yi. The extra spear was picked up from the ground, it didn't matter who it belonged to.

During such a brief assault, a cultivator at White Lotus First Grade had already slaughtered three White Lotus Second Grade cultivators, leaving everyone stupefied.

If he had killed one, that could be passed off as sheer luck. But, killing three of them consecutively, that wouldn't be considered as pure luck anymore. It could be said he was well-endowed with both bravery and wisdom!

Swish! Miao Yi suddenly waved his arm, hurling out a spear directly into the enemy's camp towards the man who killed Luo Zhen, challenging the man by name.

A White Lotus Third Grade cultivator captured the incoming spear tip with his hand and casually threw it away. The dragon steed he was riding violently bolted out, as he raised his long saber and pointed it at Miao Yi.


A trembling sound rang out, the spear and saber crossed swords in a flash. Blood spurted out from Miao Yi's mouth, the webbing between his thumb and forefinger broke, and his body shook violently. He was almost sent flying out by the impact of the tremor.

The difference between his cultivation base and the White Lotus Third Grade cultivator was too far apart, it wasn't something that he could withstand. An entire body of transcendence energy had easily dealt a blow on him, and he was nearly defeated by the tremors alone.

But a strange thing happened. When the two mounts passed by each other, Charcoal suddenly tilted its head, revealing a mouth filled with rows of sharp jagged white teeth. It bit onto the cultivator's leg, and before the cultivator could react, it pulled the cultivator, who was busy fighting with Miao Yi, down from the saddle.

Not for anything else, but because this guy had used his saber to cut down Luo Zhen's head. Charcoal remembered this very well.

Miao Yi would never waste such an opportunity. He exerted his entire strength and broke through the enemy's transcendence energy shield with his spear, the raging spear tip penetrating into the other man's heart.

Luckily, Miao Yi's reaction was quick;otherwise Charcoal would have been crippled. In his attempt to quickly save himself, the cultivator who was suddenly attacked by Charcoal tried to slash down his saber towards the dragon steed's rear buttocks. If Miao Yi had not thrust his spear in the nick of time, that would have been the end of it, half of its buttocks and hind leg were for sure going to be cut down together.


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