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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 30


Chapter 30

Miao Yi was rendered speechless as he glanced at Luo Zhen's imposing presence, trembling slightly at her overwhelming power.

He couldn't help but be suspicious that a mere cultivator with a cultivation at White Lotus Second Grade, couldn't even withstand an attack from a cultivator at White Lotus Third Grade. On that basis, since his cultivation was only White Lotus First Grade, wouldn't he just be throwing his life away if he ran out now?

Yan Xiu's Adam's apple quivered a few times. It seemed he too, didn't know what else to say.

At the mountainside, Cao Dingfeng revealed a smile, nodded his head and praised, ’’Good! Next time anyone who dares to address her as 'Madame Shi Xiang' will be the same as picking on me, Cao Dingfeng!’’ He glanced around and threw a warning at those behind him.

At that exact moment, a strange sound was suddenly heard from the opposite mountain. The crowd quickly looked in the direction of the sound, only to see five dragon steeds and their riders. Similar to Luo Zhen, they leaped a hundred meters high with a woosh, and then galloped towards the open field where Luo Zhen fought with only a blade and her steed.

Yan Xiu's grip tightened on his broad axes as Luo Zhen, in a state of shock, quickly urged her steed to hastily dodge them.


Cao Dingfeng coldly shouted, lifting his spear and charged ahead. The crowd immediately followed suit behind him, racing downwards to rescue Luo Zhen.

Five out of seven mounts dashed out from the mountain forest, riding through the air and into the battle. In an instant, both parties' dragon steeds were sprinting to and fro, the madly rushing transcendence energy stirring between them at the scene, killing everyone in a life and death struggle. This sort of transcendence energy was filled with violence, capable of suffocating ordinary people should they venture close.

Charcoal did not leap out in a flashy way, and instead kept slipping on its hooves numerous times. It seemed to be slightly frightened as it slowly galloped to the foot of the mountain.

Miao Yi could faintly feel the emotions transmitted from Charcoal;it appeared to be saying it was scared, so how about finding a place to hide?

Miao Yi really wanted to lift his spear and stab this bastard to death. The most he was thinking of was to surrender after the battle, and this guy was actually thinking of wanting to flee before they even battled it out?

Similarly, Yan Xiu also held back from leaping out to join in the fight. Instead, he rode next to Miao Yi. This was his usual style, safety always came first!

At the same time, he also pulled back Miao Yi, who seemed to him as slightly impulsive, shaking his head at Charcoal beneath him.

Amidst this lifestyle of ceaseless manslaughter, without the advantageous power of a dragon steed, it would be impossible for one to defeat his opponents. The enemy would just ride off with their dragon steed, coming and going like the wind. With Charcoal's leg power and speed? He would be sending himself to an early grave if he tried to pursue them.

An unusual movement was faintly seen coming from the distance, causing Yan Xiu to quickly raise his head and look in the direction of the mountain peak opposite him. He caught sight of a cold and elegant woman clad in a snowy white robe with a bow on her back. She sat on top of a majestic dragon steed, it's coat the color of a deep-red date fruit. Her hand held a Serpent Lance, a symbol of a five-petaled white lotus bloomed between her brows.

Behind her, standing side-by-side, were four cultivators mounted on dragon steeds. All of them had a cultivation at White Lotus Third Grade.

’’Qin Weiwei!’’ Yan Xiu's pupils abruptly shrunk, all of a sudden crying out involuntarily, ’’Sh*t! We've been used by Yuan Zhengkun!’’

Being a man who was adept at surrendering, he was naturally skilled in this field and instantly came to the realization that everyone had fallen into Yuan Zhengkun's trap.

Wasn't that Qin Weiwei? Wasn't she going to split her forces into two flanks, and then prepare to attack from the other side? Why is she here? Miao Yi also lifted his head and gazed at the mountain peak across him. He hadn't yet arrived at the same conclusion, not realizing that they had been tricked by Yuan Zhengkun.

Yan Xiu did not have the time to explain further, he quickly transmitted his voice through the usage of arts to Luo Zhen. But since she was at a scene of carnage, surrounded by people being endlessly strangled to death by transcendence energy, using arts to transmit his voice had no effect at all.

Meanwhile, at the opposite mountain peak, the snowy-white-robed Qin Weiwei gently lifted her finger, pointing towards the bottom of the mountain. The four mounted men swiftly charged and leaped forwards in a flash, descending onto the midst of the battlefield.

Cao Dingfeng and six others were surrounded on all sides, standing their ground against nine foes;four of them were at White Lotus Third Grade, the other five at White Lotus Second Grade.

Unfortunately for them, only Cao Dingfeng and Luo Zhen had a cultivation at White Lotus Third Grade. The other four men, who were at the second grade, were instantly beat down, leaving them all in a disadvantageous position.

They were all entangled in the battle, each of them wanting to break free but to no avail.

The enemy adopted an ingenious battle strategy. A cultivator at White Lotus Third Grade withstood Cao Dingfeng. Three cultivators also at the third grade surrounded Luo Zhen, suppressing her with violent attacks until her complexion turned deadly pale. She had practically run out of strength, barely able to hold her ground anymore!

Yan Xiu's chest heaved up and down with urgency, finally lifting the pair of broad axes in his hands. Although he usually kept himself discreetly out of harm, now he had no other choice but to throw himself forward and risk his life to rescue her.

The dragon steed underneath him barely went forward a step before abruptly coming to a halt. Yan Xiu eyes widened at the scene happening before him.

Miao Yi's eyes also widened. Charcoal's four hooves stamped about in confusion, turning extremely restless.

A spear was thrust into Luo Zhen's back. Luo Zhen was in the middle of brandishing her blade with both hands, fending off the spears stabbing towards her by a row of people. Before she could even lower her gaze at the bloody spear tip piercing through her chest, a cultivator at White Lotus Third Grade chased after and in one quick movement, slashed off her head with one strike of his blade.

Blood sprayed everywhere from the headless corpse still sitting atop the speedily galloping dragon steed.

The spear piercing through her chest was removed from her corpse. After the three White Lotus Third Grade cultivators combined their forces to slaughter Luo Zhen, they quickly turned their horses back and besieged Cao Dingfeng together.

Miao Yi eyes were cold as his gaze locked onto the cultivator who beheaded Luo Zhen, gradually lifting the silver spear he gripped in his hand.

Neigh! Charcoal let out a long neigh as it faced the sky, both eyes staring at the fallen corpse of Luo Zhen. It constantly snorted in agitation, its four hooves unceasingly plowing the ground. It looked like it wanted to storm forward and breach the enemy ranks, its behavior were becoming incredibly violent and restless. Miao Yi could feel the wild emotions transmitted from Charcoal.

However, Yan Xiu extended his hand, grabbing onto the fleshy feelers which connected Charcoal and Miao Yi together. The fleshy feelers were a dragon steed's most vulnerable weakness.

He stopped Miao Yi from risking his life.

’’Why?’’ Miao Yi turned back to stare at Yan Xiu and said with coldness, ’’They killed your wife, don't you wish to seek revenge?’’

Yan Xiu shouted with a look of grief and indignation on his face, ’’They are too strong, we won't be able to avenge her! We will only be running headlong into our deaths if we charge out like this! Only by saving ourselves will we have hope for revenge!’’

What he said was right, but...all of a sudden, Cao Dingfeng let out a furious roar, ’’Yuan Zhengkun!’’

He had apparently also come to the realization that he had been set up by his leader, but it was already too late. Besieged by four cultivators at White Lotus Third Grade, he realized that he was unable to endure it any longer, but before he could shout surrender, with one slash through the waist, he was cut in half, the upper half of his body flying into the air still bellowing with rage.

Seeing that it was a losing battle, the two cultivators at White Lotus Second Grade, who were lucky to survive this long, shouted surrender at once. They gave up resisting and leaped off their dragon steeds, and were eventually captured, blades pressing against their necks.

The victor had been decided, Qin Weiwei's few subordinates glanced back at Yan Xiu and Miao Yi shrunken at the sidelines, both not daring to move.

Right at that instant, on the opposite mountain peak, a wave of rustling sounds reverberated through the air. With an astonishing air of grandeur, hundreds of cultivators mounting dragon steeds appeared behind Qin Weiwei, swiftly lining up in a row.

Qin Weiwei turned around in a swift movement, facing towards a cultivator clad in silver armor standing in the middle, who cupped his hands in greeting and bowed.

The silver armored cultivator was none other than Yang Qing, the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Shaotai. With thick brows and large eyes, as well as an extraordinary might, he faintly exuded an air of domination. He gazed attentively at the battlefield beneath him.

In actuality, Yang Qing and Miao Yi had once seen each other before, during the time when Fairy Hong Chen had arrived at Ancient City. As a host, Yang Qing welcomed her arrival, except at that time, Miao Yi was hiding in the old willow tree, and Yang Qing was standing on top of the city walls. Both of them were only a short distance away from each other, but sadly, they never met in person.

As soon as he saw the spectacle unfold, Yan Xiu hurriedly gave Miao Yi a push. He immediately threw away his pair of broad axes, jumped from his horse with his hands raised up high as he exclaimed, ’’I surrender!’’

This was his eleventh time surrendering!


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