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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Without the ability to stay within the dangerous zone for too long, what's more venturing deeper into it to find Zhao Wu, the question whether Zhao Wu was able to escape alive still linger at the edge of Miao Yi's mind. Putting that aside, Miao Yi quickly headed for the safety zone. On the way there, he kept his eyes out for some immortal grass.

With great difficulty, Miao Yi managed to return to the safe zone before the sky darkens.

At night, the bottomless red mountain becomes even more dangerous. Not only does one's visibility decreases, there will be an increase in the number of creatures lurking in the dark which could endanger him.
However the most important factor is that he was already very tired due to him running for a long time and thus have to find a place to rest.
After wandering around the foot of the mountain, Miao Yi managed to find a small cave which made him feel a little relief. Though the cave may not be the safest place, the trees outside the cave would prevent others from seeing it.
When Miao Yi was about to walk inside, he was surprised by the sudden appearance of a hand that went to grab his neck. In response, Miao Yi took out his butcher knife to protect himself. However, the attacker's reaction was no slower than him, and he grabbed hold of Miao Yi's armed hand.
At a deadlock, Miao Yi and the attacker are finally able to see each other's face. The attacker is that strong man he met before. Miao Yi did not expect him to be hiding here. Miao Yi flicker his eyes, signaling the man to let him go.
’’Oh, it's you.’’ The man frowned slightly. He hesitated slightly before letting Miao Yi go and removed the knife from his hand as he was worried about what Miao Yi might do to him if he were to hold the knife. Recalling the scene of the recent murder incident made the man shudder as he was afraid that Miao Yi might stab him at the back if he let his guard down.
’’Ahem!’’ Miao Yi, whose face was red, clutched his neck and coughed twice.
The man covered Miao Yi's mouth and said in a soft voice, ’’Don't make so much noise! What if the monster is still out there?’’
The man hid here because he was afraid of meeting the creature.
Miao Yi waved his hand and the man then soften his grip.
Miao Yi panted and shook his head saying, ’’When I was coming here, I did not see it.’’
The strong man peeked outside the cave to observe the situation before staring at Miao Yi, ’’Kid, you are so young yet so vicious. Thinking back, I find your actions very puzzling. You don't seem to be trying to steal, but trying your best to exterminate the three of them as fast as you could. Kid, tell me the truth. Did the three of them really have the immortal grass?’’
Miao Yi stared at the butcher knife and understood that there is no longer any point to hide the truth. Thus he explained the situation of what had happened.
’’Ha! Those three bastards really deserve to die! Kid, I say, you really are not stupid. I say... bah! I know I'm not that smart but to be used by you and nearly lost my life in the process...’’ the man joked.
Looking at Miao Yi's bag, he asked, ’’While running, I forgot to take my food and water with me, mind sharing some with me?’’
Miao Yi did so without any complains. He put down his bag and took out some water and dry food. ’’Uncle, how about we take turns to sleep? I'm afraid it won't be good if both of us fell asleep at the same time.’’
Miao Yi could see that the man was a veteran and if a fight does break out between them, he's afraid that he would not be a worthy opponent. Also, he's unsure whether the man's intentions is good. Hence letting him know that he was of some use first, would prove useful in this situation.
The man went into a deep thought before he looked at Miao Yi and smirked. After that he went to take a bite. While eating, he looked outside and said, ’’I estimate that the sky is currently not very dark but the mist is thick which makes the place seems darker.’’
Like that, both continued to eat while holding a one sided conversation. The strong man introduced himself as Yan Bei Hong, a military official of a city with a million people. However, his relationship with a city lord's concubine stirred up trouble, and even his family were affected. At that time, he was so furious that he killed the city lord and fled from the city.
The life of a hunted was not easy. Thus, out of desperation and also with no other options left, he went into the bottomless red mountain, hoping for a stroke of good fortune.
Yan Bei Hong questioned Miao Yi why he would come here at such a young age to seek his death, and out of good will, Miao Yi did not hide anything.
At night, according to their agreement, they each took turns to rest.
Night soon went by. With a sentence from him yesterday which was able to attract a gang of robbers, Miao Yi understood that even if he did manage to find some immortal grass on his own, complications would arise. Thus Miao Yi decided to ask Yan Bei Hong to work together with him.
Yan Bei Hong neither rejected nor agreed. He just gave Miao Yi back his butcher knife and they continued on the road together.
After the encounter with the Dart Mantis yesterday, the two no longer dared to wander away from the safe route. Being lucky and able to escape is not something that could happen every time, thus they honestly followed the map's directions.
However, after seeing the situation in front, the so-called safe route does not seem safe anymore as a broken leg was spotted on the 'safe route'.
By analyzing the bloody scene, one could be sure that quite a few people had actually met their fate under the Dark Mantis's attacks on the safe route.
Hiding behind a rock, Miao Yi and Yan Bei Hong even borne witness to a group of Dark Mantis leisurely crossing the safe route. This made them scared witless.
The two of them slowly realize that even though these Dark Mantis were bloodthirsty, they were not ruthless and would still let people have a chance to live. However, the more timid one is, the more the mantis would go for the kill.
Deep inside, the mountainous landscapes collapsed, resulting in the rivers to flow in directions. Such destruction could not have been done by mortals, which makes people shock and not able to imagine what had happened.
Could it be that the immortals' war really did happen here before?
The next encounter made Miao Yi felt fortunate for working together with Yan Bei Hong.
Even though the bottomless red mountain is a place where immortal grass grows, it does not mean they will be a common sight. The two of them travelled deeper into the bottomless red mountain and were still unable to see a single shadow of an immortal grass.
What's scarier is that after surviving the Dark Mantis attack, they met with another similar threat.
Yan Bei Hong's food supply were lost when running for his life while Miao Yi only had ten days left of dry rations for himself. No one would bring a month worth of food to run around, so the amount of food he brought was just enough for him to last for ten days. After calculating, with two people now, the amount of food would only be enough for them to last for less than five days.
Food shortage is also a common occurrence for other people. The two of them were thus surrounded by five people and were forced to take out their little amount of food supply.
Yan Bei Hong sneered, and without fear, pulled out his sword and rushed forward.
Indeed a military official of a city with a million people! With his skills, his sword only saw the blood of his opponents, and his enemy of five were all beheaded.
Wiping the blood off his sword, Yan Bei Hong took all their food supply, packed them together and gave them to Miao Yi, thus they added two days' worth of food supply.
However, Yan Bei Hong soon met a man who has skills much better than him the next day.


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