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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 22


Chapter 22: Greenhorn (2)

Apart from cultivating, there were other things for cultivators to do. Obviously, they couldn't waste their main energy on managing their follower's life in their own territory. Therefore, they would normally be administered by the appointed local officials. Usually, cultivators themselves would not intervene in local affairs.

In actuality, the upper echelons would also restrict the lower-ranked cultivators to try their best not to intervene in the administration of the worldly people's livelihood. A bunch of cultivators who frequently enter closed-door seclusion training just to cultivate, how would they understand governing? Once they intervened, it would only make matters worse. If they made life impossible for the people and lost their followers in the process, where would they go to gather the power of will?

Of course, to completely put an end to cultivators involving themselves was an impossible task. Cultivators overseeing an area would definitely appoint and nominate a local official they trusted to manage their own territory. For instance, Chen Fei intended to place his own niece in East Arrival City, so how would the local official dare to not to handle it properly with all his heart?

However, these were all within the upper echelons' permissible range. As long as one did not act unruly, the upper echelons would not bat an eye.

And Chen Fei was scribed under the banner of the Fifth Earthly Branch Domain Overlord, serving directly under Han Lifei. He was the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave, the garrison for East Arrival City.

So, that's why... Miao Yi perspired tremendously, realizing that he really was a greenhorn rookie.

But thinking back on it, the blame should be placed on Lao Bai. The things that Lao Bai knew weren't at all meager in quantity. He could tell you things about cultivating and fighting in his own set way, but when it came to the cultivation world, he knew nothing of the details and particulars. And the reason Lao Bai gave him was that he had never wandered through the cultivation world before, so how would he know all those things? In the end, he told Miao Yi that he would find out soon enough once he gradually went out to explore.

After Chen Fei and Miao Yi clinked their cups, he asked, ’’Is Brother Miao a Loose Cultivator?’’

Without shame, Miao Yi asked in reply, ’’What is a Loose Cultivator?’’

’’Cough cough!’’ Chen Fei choked when the alcohol flowed into his mouth, coughing into his drink. After steadying himself, he stared at Miao Yi in disbelief, as though he were saying, you don't know what a Loose Cultivator is?

After being asked that shameless question, Chen Fei was finally defeated by Miao Yi's expression. He coughed, ’’Those cultivators who are not under any domain's respective Overlord's rule or do not belong to any sects are known as Loose Cultivators.’’

Miao Yi then understood, nodding in reply. ’’Then, I am definitely a Loose Cultivator.’’

Chen Fei stretched his hand out, requesting to drink a toast with Miao Yi and asked once more, ’’Brother Miao is planning to always be a Loose Cultivator?’’

Miao Yi replied disapprovingly, ’’There's nothing wrong with being a Loose Cultivator. At least you do not need to be under the control of others.’’

Chen Fei waved his hands. ’’Your words are far from correct, Brother Miao. Not being taken charge of by others may not be true freedom. Among the cultivators, who does not strive to cultivate until they advance to the highest level of enlightenment? Without the assistance of the power of will from every living being, that in itself is very difficult. The followers in this world are all designated to serve under the Overlord of their respective domain. Those who take pleasure in the incense and power of will are also serving under the Overlord of their respective domain. The cultivators who are not initiated into this would of course, not be able to share in these pleasures.’’

Miao Yi frowned, ’’I have to serve under others to receive the power of will?’’

Chen Fei nodded. ’’Correct.’’

After hesitating for a while, Miao Yi spoke bluntly, ’’I didn't mean to hide this from Big Brother Chen, but I'm a greenhorn. I don't have any social connections.’’

Now, Chen Fei wasn't an idiot who couldn't tell that Miao Yi was a greenhorn by now. He must have had his reasons since the conversation had reached up until this point. ’’I have a good friend whose name is Cao Dingfeng, serving under Yuan Zhengkun, the Cave Master of Transient Light Cave. He's gained the considerable trust of the Cave Master. Recently, Transient Light Cave went through some turmoil, and requires more people to help out. If Brother Miao wished to head there, I could write a letter of recommendation.’’

Filled with excitement, Miao Yi cupped his fist and said, ’’Thank you for your trouble, Big Brother Chen.’’

Chen Fei was forthright, he grabbed a jade archive on the spot and used his transcendence energy to write a letter, giving it to Miao Yi so he could take it along with him to find his good friend, Cao Dingfeng.

It was only days after that when Miao Yi finally came to the realization that it was all sheer luck. If not for Chen Fei's referral, it would have been difficult for a greenhorn Loose Cultivator with a low cultivation base like him to join the vassals of the respective domain's Overlords.

There were countless Loose Cultivators in the world, but those that can be a vassal to the domain's Overlord were not many. This was for no other reason than the fact that all available posts were quickly monopolized by every sect's power. It was natural that every sect would want to nurture their own men.

And as to the reason Chen Fei agreed to voluntarily extend a hand to offer his assistance, it was all to repay a debt of gratitude, to pay back Miao Yi for saving his niece's life. Miao Yi had protected the only family member he had left in the world, so he was extremely grateful.

Early next morning, Chen Fei did not detain him. Instead, he pushed Miao Yi to quickly be on his way.

It wasn't because he was reluctant to extend his hospitality, but rather, he was afraid that if Miao Yi was late in his departure, some unforeseen events might happen. He was afraid if Miao Yi arrived late, the available position at Transient Light Cave would be taken by other sects.

New clothes and a well-groomed horse, along with some money to be used when on the road, these were all parting gifts given by Chen Fei.

The horse was an ordinary steed, as Chen Fei didn't have a dragon steed to give him.

However, he did commission the city's blacksmith expert to work against the clock throughout the night, selecting fine steel to forge a silver spear for Miao Yi. It would have been an extremely unpleasant sight to let a guest leave with a wooden stick instead.

After leaving East Arrival City, Miao Yi was in high spirits as he straddled the steed while holding a silver spear, swiftly dashing through the entire journey.

Obviously, the footwork of an ordinary horse could not be compared with a dragon steed, the latter being far beyond comparison. Their speed was such that not even Miao Yi's own quickness could come close, even when his Arts were applied. But Lao Bai had once told Miao Yi before, that when in the outside world, he should try his best not to consume his transcendence energy if not necessary. Or else, it would be very problematic for him should he encounter any troubles.

But moving swiftly for long distances with the use of his Arts was definitely consuming too much of his transcendence energy. Thus, he could only resort to patiently letting the horse run at its own pace, eventually arriving at Transient Light City a few days later.

Using his Immortal Status, he asked a City Guard he found in the city to help find the location of Transient Light Cave. He immediately changed horses with the City Guard, once again riding away in his haste.

Since Miao Yi had ridden in a pressing manner, it couldn't be helped that his horse had exerted too much of its physical strength, and it could no longer keep up a swift pace. However, the horse that Chen Fei gifted him was a rare breed, so the City Guard did not seem at all unwilling to carry out the exchange.

Transient Light Cave was situated deep in the mountains, hidden in a place where clouds and mists wreathed. It was forty li away from Transient Light City and far from disturbances.

In Miao Yi's thoughts, Transient Light Cave should be an abode of Immortals which resembled a cavern. Otherwise, why else would it be called a cave?

Arriving at the main gate, Miao Yi realized that was never the case, as he saw that between the mountains were pavilions, terraces, and open halls laid out in picturesque disorder. They complemented the valleys, as well as the swirling clouds and mist deep in the mountains. It certainly felt like some sort of paradise.

But apparently, this place seemed to have undergone some kind of disaster. It was a complete, chaotic mess beyond the gate. A mountain had collapsed, and trees had fallen into a heap;even the gate's monument had crumbled into pieces on the ground. Currently, a large number of commoners rested in the surroundings.

Underneath the collapsed monument, an old man with a brandy nose and a wine pot hanging from his waist was sitting on top of a stone beast, carrying two broad axes on his back. He was improperly dressed and looked as though he had come down in the world, reeking entirely of alcohol. Anyone who took a look at him could tell he was a drunkard. He stretched out his hand to stop Miao Yi in his tracks.

’’Kid, open your eyes and see where this is, is it a place that you can barge in at will?’’ The old man leaped from the stone beast, glaring in a terrifying manner. Before his eyes, a faint glow of a blossoming three-petaled lotus flower appeared between the man's brows. Impressively, it was a cultivation at White Lotus Third Grade.

Miao Yi was slightly upset as he came to the realization that his cultivation level seemed to be seriously too low. After he got off the boat and came ashore, he had already come across two stronger cultivators in a row, both with a cultivation at White Lotus Third Grade.

Dismounting from the horse, he cupped his fists with the spear raised, saying, ’’Please forgive me for the intrusion. At the request of a friend, I brought along a letter to pay a visit to Cao Dingfeng. Please inform him. ’’

When he finished, a one-petaled white lotus faintly glowed between his brows, proving himself to be a cultivator as well.

’’Cao Dingfeng....’’ The old drunkard mumbled, surprised that Miao Yi was also a cultivator.

He eyed Miao Yi's mount suspiciously, clearly finding it strange to see a cultivator riding something like this instead of a dragon steed.

’’Wait.’’ After the old drunkard had said those words, he staggered off, not forgetting to gulp down a mouthful of wine on his way


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