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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 20


Chapter 20: Refugee (2)

Not only did they drive Miao Yi back into the cabin, they even locked the cabin door. Miao Yi was speechless. He could only open the small window and breathe in some fresh air.

Because Miao Yi was bored, he spread out the blanket given by the order of the unacquainted Madame and sat in a lotus stance as he cultivated.

Time passed imperceptibly, and already it was late at night. With his keen senses, Miao Yi noticed another ship approaching. At first, he did not take it seriously, but soon the sounds of clanging, fighting and screams of fear rang out.

The sounds caused Miao Yi to recall the fights that took place in the Boundless Secular World.

’’Pirates! Pirates! Protect Madame!’’

It was the voice of that steward.

Miao Yi opened his eyes and rapidly stood up, grabbing the wooden spear. He walked to the door and with just a push, the door immediately flew out.

In a flash, he dashed up to the deck and saw a ship sailing right beside theirs. In the opposite ship, many pirates with sabers in their hands were jumping and climbing onto this ship, waving their long sabers and shouting wildly to induce fear.

There were many people fighting with the pirates on the ship Miao Yi was in, but it was obvious that the one's defending were no match for those pirates that made their profits by licking blood off their sabers. Quite a number of people had already been slashed by sabers and were left collapsed on the ground. Especially when the pirates' archers fired their arrows, killing many of the men defending the ship Miao Yi was on. The defending men could only retreat as many of their own forces were killed.

A few falcula ropes were hurled over. The pirates leaped out from the sails of their ship wielding their sabers and slid directly along the ropes towards the master's cabin. It was obvious that they were trying to capture the leader first in order to capture all the followers.

If they could seize the master, the others would stop fighting back to save their master's life. This way, the losses during the attack would decrease. These pirates seemed very experienced. It was obvious that this wasn't the first time they had done something like this.

The fight outside was extremely terrible. Screams of maids could be heard from the master's room, accompanied by cries of children. The steward was also shouting in the master's room, ordering the men to stop the pirates from coming in.

Sou! The sound of a sudden, sharp burst of wind sounded as Miao Yi moved the long spear. With a ’’Duo’’ sound, a white feather arrow trembled as it hit the spear shaft. It almost shot Miao Yi's head.

With a shake of his spear, the white feather arrow rebounded from the spear shaft. He waved the spear, which measured up to one zhang long, at the archer who was holding onto the mast.

Bang! The shapeless force blasted the archer who was about to fire again. The archer spat blood and fell, crashing onto the deck. He stopped moving after struggling for a while.

Miao Yi was dumbstruck by what had happened. He didn't expect that the opponent would be this weak. Immediately, Miao Yi realized that he was no longer an ordinary being, as ordinary beings wouldn't be able to withstand his own transcendence energy.

Clang! The pirates had already broke in the door of the master's cabin room.

Without any time to ponder, Miao Yi darted up in a flash. As he dashed into the room, the transcendence energy bursted out from his body and immediately blasted the group of pirates, causing them to spit blood as they flew out.

Simultaneously, Miao Yi dashed into the room and thrust his spear through the heart of the pirate who had his saber up in the air and was about to slash the steward.

As the pirate collapsed, the saber in his hand fell to the ground with a clang, landing near the steward.

The terrified steward, the lady with the child in her arms, and the two maids all saw the expressionless Miao Yi who was behind the pirate that had collapsed. They all saw the faintly glowing, one petal White Lotus that was in between Miao Yi's brows, seeming so abnormally conspicuous.

Feeling delighted and surprised, the steward pleaded, ’’Immortal, help! Immortal, please save our lives!’’

Without paying him any attention, Miao Yi picked up the load with his spear and carried the corpse with the spear's tip to the balcony outside to display his prowess.

After training his temperament for many years, Miao Yi no longer felt a sense of fear or weakness after doing something like this. Even Miao Yi himself felt it weird that he wasn't afraid. He could still remember feeling that weakening sensation after he killed Huang Cheng out of anger in the Boundless Secular World.

When the pirates that were rushing up saw Miao Yi who had the glowing image of the lotus between his brows, every one of them tottered as they tumbled down the staircase.

Carrying the corpse with the spear, Miao Yi held it up and he shouted, ’’Those who refuse to leave will be killed!’’

With the use of the transcendence energy, his voice resonated loudly on the ship.

Miao Yi did not want to kill people. As a beginner, he had not established the habit of killing people. He had just wanted to kill one in order to threaten a hundred. Miao Yi harbored no wishes to slaughter everyone.

Everyone already saw the image of the glowing lotus between his brows.

At that moment, the ship that was noisily fighting instantly became silent, leaving only the sound of the waves striking the ship.

In this world, the Immortals posed a great threat to the ordinary human beings. No matter how good a human being was at fighting, he would still die even if he went against an Immortal with the lowest rank.

Seeing that the crowd froze with no reaction, Miao Yi waved the spear as he exerted force.

Bang! The corpse on the spear was blasted into pieces.

The spear could even blast rocks into pieces, let alone flesh and blood.

Soon, the pirates that had been arrogantly shouting scampered off posthaste like frightened rats, climbing back onto their own ship. There were even people that jumped into the sea without hesitation.

The pirate ship departed at a fast pace. On the deck that Miao Yi was in, someone was holding the corpses as they cried, ’’Brother! Brother!’’

After crying for a few times, the person suddenly turned to look at Miao Yi and said loudly, ’’Immortal, you let them go today and they will kill even more innocent people tomorrow. By letting them go, you have harmed even more people.’’

As Miao Yi pondered, he agreed with what the person had said. With a flash, Miao Yi flew up the pirate ships. As the long spear was waved, screams resounded and wooden boards flew in all directions. It was as if a bull had charged into a paper house.

The ship before their eyes soon became pieces floating on the surface of the sea. It had been completely destroyed. The big ship was disassembled into pieces.

Stepping on the waves, Miao Yi rebounded and descended back into the ship he was at. He then watched the pirates struggle as they swam for their lives.

In the end, he still didn't kill the pirates, but he destroyed the ship which facilitated the pirates' evildoing. Whether or not the pirates in the sea could survive depended on their own luck.

Shaking off the blood on the wooden spear, Miao Yi returned to the cabin under the respectful gaze of the crowd.

Miao Yi did not want to care about anymore things that happened outside. As for the cleaning and scrubbing, that had nothing to do with him.

Soon, the steward walked in while bowing and nodding. After apologizing for being a poor host, the steward cordially invited Miao Yi to rest in the main room.

Miao Yi replied that there was no need.

The steward could only leave helplessly. After a while, the lady that had calmed herself came to express her gratitude.

Miao Yi was born in a small town. He might not have known of many great principles, but he did know about some things. He also wondered why a lady would make such a long voyage.

The noble lady naturally had no audacity to keep it a secret. She told Miao Yi her background and talked tirelessly about what had happened.

The woman's name was Li Xiufang. She wasn't from Celestial Nation, but from Boundless Nation. Her family had suffered an unexpected disaster. When she had been driven to despair, a person sent by her uncle, whom she had never met before, fortunately found her.

She had never seen that uncle before because that uncle had left the house when her mother was still young, seeking to be an Immortal.

Outside of everyone's expectations, that uncle actually became an Immortal. The uncle travelled from the Boundless Nation to the Celestial Nation and became an Immortal. This time, she came with her young child to seek refuge with her uncle.

Under the circumstances where the followers were divided and managed by domains, if one was not an Immortal, one would need a travel permit issued by the region to leave the area. This was to prevent disorganization and to keep the domain from losing followers. If people were caught without travel permits, they would be sent to the Manor of Sincere Hope. It was nearly similar to the Manor of Merciful Hope, the place that Miao Yi and his siblings almost got sent into. It was just that the Manor of Sincere Hope was for criminals, and the treatment was far worse.

It was the same in both Celestial Nation and the Boundless Nation. However, because the noble lady had an Immortal uncle to grease the wheels, travelling to another nation was not a very big thing for the noble lady.

Miao Yi understood, realizing that this noble lady had an Immortal Uncle as her patron.

After the chat, the noble lady thanked Miao Yi again and again, inviting Miao Yi to rest in the main room. However, Miao Yi still rejected.

When he had a low profile, he wanted to be high profile instead. But after indulging in public prominence, he instead wanted to switch back to being inconspicuous..

Soon after the noble lady left, a lavish amount of food was sent by someone, and the bed was also reorganized. As expected, the treatment was different from when Miao Yi had just boarded the ship...


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