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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 187


Qin Weiwei kept sweeping her gaze past him. After a pause, she saw that he wasn’t going to say anything more and was forced to take the initiative to ask, "Are there any other matters?"

Miao Yi let out a dry laugh;he appeared slightly embarrassed to say anything further.

"If you have something to say, just spill it," Qin Weiwei said calmly.

"It’s actually no big deal. It’s just that the damages my East Arrival Cave have sustained are too great. Whenever I think of this, I feel extremely troubled and worried…"

Qin Weiwei waited for him to continue, yet he uttered nothing further. She then said indifferently, "Haven’t I already promised you an addition of twenty disciples? Are you trying to gain more incentives from me? What do you want?"

"That’s not what I meant. May I remind Mountain Chieftain that I’m still in shock from the earlier battle. Mountain Chieftain’s condition was too precarious during that time."

Explaining up to this point, he stopped once again. Qin Weiwei furrowed her brows slightly. "Are you trying to remind me that you’ve saved my life and now you want me to show some gratitude?"

"No! No! No!" Miao Yi waved his hands at once. "I certainly didn’t mean that!"

Off to the side, Hong Mian simply couldn’t stand it anymore. She couldn’t help but ask, "Then Cave Master Miao, what exactly are you trying to say? Can you please get to the point?"

"Elder Auntie, don’t be worried. Actually, it’s nothing much. I just felt it was unfair for the Mountain Chieftain." Miao Yi put on the guise of one filled with a common hatred. He pointed outside the window. "Think about it. The reason she was in danger was because someone had purposely lured Mountain Chieftain into the trap. Yet, that despicable character is still at large! The more I think about it, the more I feel for the Mountain Chieftain."

Both Hong Mian and Lu Liu exchanged glances with each other. They weren’t on the scene at the time, so they still couldn’t fully understand Miao Yi’s true meaning.

But Qin Weiwei on the other hand, couldn’t help but grit her teeth, because she understood.

She thought this bastard had something important to discuss, but it turned out he was still thinking about Yuan Zhengkun’s head on a stick. What did he mean ‘he felt for her’? Obviously, he still wanted to teach Yuan Zhengkun a lesson, so he was purposely beating around the bush to incite her temper. Why couldn’t this brat change his nasty behaviour…?

"Cave Master Miao, thank you very much for your concern," replied Qin Weiwei expressionlessly.

Miao Yi was slightly disappointed that the scene wasn’t unfolding into what he’d expected, so he continued to remind her, "Mountain Chieftain, that bastard almost cost you your life. Are you really going to let them go?"

Qin Weiwei then replied, "Xiong Xiao was right. During a battle, everyone works for their own master. There is nothing wrong with using such methods. I’m the one to blame for being careless. More importantly, they’ve already surrendered and given their lives to South Edict Manor. What else do you want me to do with them?"

The moment she mentioned Xiong Xiao, the great Cave Master Miao suddenly became alert, his eyes widening in response. He rubbed his sleeves together, revealing the six storage rings which now looked more and more conspicuous. He’d completely lost the cultured pretension he’d put on earlier. "That old scum Xiong Xiao never had any good intentions to begin with. It’s because he saw that I wanted to kill them, thus he intentionally came out to stop me by accepting their surrender. He’s purposely making things difficult for me. Mountain Chieftain, by all means, you shouldn’t fall for his tricks! Mountain Chieftain, you’ve already seen my display of loyalty towards you. I’m willing to go through untold dangers for you! It’s certainly not appropriate for you to step in personally, so won’t you allow me to do it on your behalf instead? I promise I will avenge you without anyone realizing your involvement. I will never allow them to look down on Mount Calming Sea!"

Hong Mian and Lu Liu once again exchanged speechless glances with each other. It would seem that there was more to this story than meets the eye;they would have to question the Mountain Chieftain in more detail later.

Today, Qin Weiwei was experiencing the full extent of his audacity firsthand. She was struck with the urge to ask the great Cave Master Miao whether he could get anymore shameless than this. He was the one who obviously thought that way and wanted to use her as an excuse. What kind of person was he?! No wonder he wanted to chase Gongsun Yu away.

Forcibly restraining herself from losing her temper with him, Qin Weiwei continued to say expressionlessly, "Then what do you intend to do?"

Miao Yi’s eyes brightened immediately, thinking that she was in agreement. Thus, he quickly lowered his voice and said sneakily, "Mountain Chieftain, you have an amicable relationship with the Manor Head. Can you think of a way to obtain the personnel assignment of Xiong Xiao’s three subordinates so I can find out their location? I’m sure that won’t be a difficult feat for you to pull. Mountain Chieftain, you can put your heart at ease. I, your subordinate, will never let anyone know this matter has any relation to you. Let me handle it, have no fear, I will definitely avenge you. Even if something were to go wrong, I guarantee that I’ll shoulder the blame alone and will not implicate you!"

Qin Weiwei’s clear eyes stared unblinkingly into his own. Without challenging the truth of his intentions, she simply took in his nonsense.

Miao Yi felt slightly guilty under her watchful gaze. Once again, with a face full of sincerity, he pledged, "Mountain Chieftain, I can swear to the heavens above, you will not be implicated!"

However, for anyone who knew the true extent of their relationship, they would assuredly question his sincerity. Even Hong Mian and Lu Liu were mulling over what this man could possibly be planning.

In actuality, Miao Yi was also out of options. He really was clueless as to where Xiong Xiao had assigned Yuan Zhengkun and the others to. Although his subordinates were powerful and well-trained, he couldn’t simply attack every single mountain and cave under Xiong Xiao. Presently, he didn’t hold that kind of power and influence yet.

Initially, he had ordered Chen Fei to look into it, but had to yet to receive word from him. He reckoned that it was inconvenient for Chen Fei to inquire about this matter without getting back on his feet first.

He’d also considered using the disciples from the School of Blue Jade to launch his investigation;even to this day, they could only be found within the South Edict Manor. But their information channel didn’t seem to be as effective as before.

To quote Yuan Fang, Yang Qing was now being more strict with the disciples from the School of Blue Jade to guard against any attempts of collusion between them. Hence, it was difficult for them to scout around.

Both Yuan Fang and Lai Yuhan were still extremely supportive of the Cave Master in causing internal strife within Yang Qing’s headquarters. But it really wasn’t easy for them to investigate further.

Miao Yi was aware of this as well. They had just gone through a ferocious war, so every abode would be keeping their guards up. It was no easy feat getting close to them.

Miao Yi could afford to wait a little while longer, since this wasn’t really classified information of extreme importance. As time moved on, he would eventually find out where those three pieces of scum were stationed at. Yet, the problem was that those twelve corpses dangling from the ruined beams couldn’t wait that long.

It was still alright in the winter but once spring arrived, when the weather became warmer, one could well imagine what those corpses would become.

Moreover, he felt uncomfortable staring at those corpses everyday without the having ability to avenge them. He couldn’t rest or eat in peace.

He’d vowed that he would never rebuild East Arrival Cave unless he avenged them one day.

The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t believe that Qin Weiwei didn’t detest those men after nearly being killed. If he were to put himself in her shoes, if that had happened to him, he would desire revenge. Thus, in order for the current scene to become a reality, he’d set his plan to revolve around Qin Weiwei.

But as a Mountain Chieftain and the adopted daughter of Yang Qing, how could Qin Weiwei promise Miao Yi such a matter? Even if she was eager to dismember Yuan Zhengkun’s body into a thousand pieces, she wasn’t allowed to do so.

If she really was the type of person who didn’t care for the general situation, she would have killed Miao Yi the moment she had the itch to do so.

Although she agreed with what Miao Yi was saying, she couldn’t possibly promise him. Slowly standing up from the table, she gave a determined shake of her head, saying, "No!"

Astonished by her reply, Miao Yi persisted, "Mountain Chieftain, I’m doing this for your own good!"

Qin Weiwei repeated her answer, "No!"

Miao Yi finally realized that it was futile no matter what he said. He must have brain damage. This woman had always detested him, so to be sharply rebuffed was his own fault. In the end, he had to rely on himself to think of a way.

"If Cave Master Gongsun was the one to request it, then she would’ve agreed." Gravely upset, the great Cave Master Miao muttered confidently to himself.

When he spoke, the three women instantly froze at the same time, but quickly recovered after registering what he meant. It wasn’t as if they didn’t know the rumors being said about Gongsun Yu and Qin Weiwei’s relationship. Even the Manor Head Yang Qing had inquired about it.

Until now, Qin Weiwei had always believed that an upright man was never afraid of gossip. She had always maintained her relationship with Gongsun Yu as that of a superior and her subordinate. To now hear those words from Miao Yi, she inexplicably trembled with anger, even knowing it was beneath her to be bothered by such slander. Her expression turned icy as she stiffly said with gritted teeth, "Miao Yi! What do you mean?!"

"I’m requesting orders from Mountain Chieftain. If there are none, then I will take my leave now!" Miao Yi cupped his fists, turning around to leave.

"Stop right there!" Qin Weiwei was furious. She wasn’t deaf.

‘Seems like she’s livid with humiliation after being exposed,’ Miao Yi muttered to himself as he gradually spun around. He cupped his fists, asking, "Do you have anything else you wish from me, Mountain Chieftain?"

Qin Weiwei’s chest heaved, rising and falling for a brief moment. Calming down her emotions, she coldly answered, "Those people out there speak nonsense. It’s not what you think."

Hong Mian and Lu Liu were extremely alarmed. The Mountain Chieftain usually felt it was beneath her to explain this. What had happened to her today?

Both of them instantly looked towards Miao Yi, intending to comprehend the current situation from both of their reactions.

The great Cave Master Miao let out an ‘Oh!’, cupped his hands and said, "I understand."

Looking at this act, Qin Weiwei began to boil in anger again. She fixed a glare at him, curling her fists as she asked, "What do you understand?"

How would Miao Yi understand it actually? At the very least, he should show consideration for others even when he held no regard for her. Even if he was honoring Yang Qing, he didn’t want to have a falling out with her in public that could go out of control. Thus, he changed the topic, "East Arrival Cave has been leveled into ruins. I have to think of ways to rebuild it. If the Mountain Chieftain does not have anything to ask of me, then I’ll take my leave now."

"Hold it!" Qin Weiwei once more shouted with brittleness, having the sudden urge to charge forward and violently beat him.

But upon seeing both Hong Mian and Lu Liu widening their eyes at her, she immediately noticed she had lost control. She strived to calm herself down and said slowly, "Stay at Mount Calming Sea for now. When all the Cave Masters have arrived, you can accompany me to transport some things to Ever Peace Manor."

This had been a sudden order from Yang Qing. Qin Weiwei was also uninformed of Yang Qing’s plans. In brief, Yang Qing had personally mentioned Miao Yi by name, so this time he would need to go transport the items. Within the recent report, Yang Qing kept insisting over and over again that Miao Yi must be there. As to why, Yang Qing did not clarify.

Miao Yi didn’t give it much thought, and assumed that Mount Calming Sea was understaffed at the moment. And that the reason he was being brought along was to securely transport the items, so he cupped his fists in reply, "Understood!"

Waving her hand with her back turned, Qin Weiwei signaled him to step down.

Miao Yi swiftly went down the loft. Seeing that Gongsun Yu was still pacing about the courtyard, apparently reluctant to leave, he sneered inwardly, ‘How could there be nothing going on between this treacherous couple?’

"Cave Master Miao." Gongsun Yu faced him.

Miao Yi pointed his finger at the loft with a teasing smile. "Go on quickly. Mountain Chieftain is waiting for you!"

Gongsun Yu was immediately alert. He cupped his hands and headed towards the loft with quick steps.

In the end, not long after he entered the loft, Qin Weiwei’s angry roar resonated from it. "SCRAM!"

A distressed Gongsun Yu quickly ran out to settle the score with Miao Yi. He had been tricked...


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