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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 146


“What materials do you need?”

Miao Yi genuinely did not understand what refining a transcendent artifact required and could only consult humbly.

With a nasty look on his face, Yao Ruoxian chuckled as he said, “That will depend on what grade of transcendent artifact you want to refine. Gold Crystal transcendent artifacts communicate better with the practitioner. It can increase the attack power of the transcendent artifact’s spiritual body, most effectively reduce the cultivator’s transcendence energy consumption, and when in battle, it can better withstand formidable attacks. It also wouldn’t get ruined easily. Do you want to refine one? I won’t charge you any labor fee.”

Miao Yi was heavily sweating buckets. He was making fun of him again. If refining a White Crystal spear required four billion White Crystals, then refining a Gold Crystal spear would require four billion Gold Crystals. What kind of idea was this? There was a difference of a million times more!

If refining from Black Crystals, maybe he could consider it a little more with the items he had at hand, but how many would place a First Grade Yao Core as the transcendent artifact’s spiritual body when refining Black Crystal transcendent artifacts? Placing a First Grade Yao Core as the transcendent artifact’s spiritual body in a Gold Crystal transcendent artifact was out of the question as well.

Actually, he had seen Yang Qing’s White Crystal helmet refined with a Third Grade Yao Core. But presumably, Yang Qing was pushed too far by Lu Yu, so he made his decision to do it in a hurry as a contingency. Thus, he was unable to maximize and bring the formidable power of the Third Grade Yao Core fully into play.

“I’m a poor man. Can it be not that extravagant?” Miao Yi smiled bitterly. “Can I refine a White Crystal transcendent artifact instead?”

“Of course!” Yao Ruoxian nodded his head in reply. “What kind of transcendent artifact do you want to refine?”

It was only natural that he wanted to refine a handy weapon. Thus, Miao Yi asked, “How about refining a spear?”

“Sure!” Yao Ruoxian asked in reply. “Do you know how much White Crystals are needed as raw materials to extract the essence powder in order to refine a spear?”

“I heard it needs one billion White Crystals to be enough?”

“That is just an average standard spear. If you want to have some increase in quality, the expenditure is more than that. Even if it’s one billion White Crystals, do you know how much time is needed to spend to extract the essence powder from one billion crystal coins?”

“I don’t know.”

“Three years!” Yao Ruoxian shoved three fingers to Miao Yi’s face. “Listen carefully. Three years! It’s not like I can complete refining it now even if you made me do immediately.”

Miao Yi undid his clothes right then and there. This bastard now seemed to frequently undo his clothes in front of people.

Bringing the string of storage rings to his face, a silver white trident quickly came out with a swish, landing onto Miao Yi’s hand. He presented it before Yao Ruoxian and asked, “Can we modify this directly instead?”

“Uh….” Yao Ruoxian was dumbfounded. How could he have forgotten that all of the seventy-two Fort Masters’ belongings had been plundered by this rascal?

Having a readily available White Crystal transcendent artifact, it was inexcusable to say that extracting the essence powder was troublesome. Yao Ruoxian accepted the trident in his hand. After examining it, he squinted and said, “It can be modified for sure. But you have to think it over carefully. Once modifications are made, the transcendent artifact’s spiritual body inside will be discarded and you need to place a new Yao Core into it to act as the spiritual body.”

“Why?!” Miao Yi cried out involuntarily.

The spiritual body inside was a First Grade Yao Core. If it were to be truly discarded, that would meant one hundred low-grade Orbs of Will were laid to waste! Equivalent to a hundred thousand Gold Crystals being thrown away.

In cultivating up to this point, since when had Miao Yi ever used one hundred Orbs of Will? Not to mention wasting even one. Even hearing it only made him pained.

Yao Ruoxian flipped the trident in his grip, raising his hand to invoke his arts. With his cultivation level, he easily erased the art source of the former master in the transcendent artifact.

After turning the trident into an masterless object, he instantly invoked his arts with a shake, and the trident exploded into a ball of silver mist, transforming into the phantom of a python. It coiled between the two of them as it unconsciously swayed its head, looking slightly intimidating.

Yao Ruoxian pointed at the phantom python and said, “This is how the artifact’s spiritual body looked like when it was alive. After it was beheaded, it lost its corporeal body. Once it was refined into a transcendent artifact, the Yao Core had already became one with the essence powder. Which also means that this trident has replaced its flesh and is its corporeal body now. Thus, re-modifying the trident is the same as once again destroying its body. However, the Yao Core has been refined. Wishing to again extract the Yao Core from the trident is an impossible feat. You can either use it like this, or if you want to change it, then the artifact’s spiritual body will definitely be destroyed. Make your decision.”

With this explanation, Miao Yi clearly understood. It was indeed a pity to destroy it, but he wasn’t used to wielding a trident. What use was a weapon that wasn’t handy to him? Was it to throw his life away when fighting against the enemy?

Gnashing his teeth, Miao Yi steeled his heart in the end and exclaimed, “Change!”

Yao Ruoxian beamed, “Do you wish to refine a better spear or a just normal one?”

“Senior Yao, who doesn’t want a better one? Of course I hope for a good one.”

Yao Ruoxian spread open his hand;the phantom python between the two speedily shrunk, turning back into the trident and dropping into his clutches. He shook his head. “This trident is only around two metres long. If I refine it into a one zhang longspear for you, this trident's quantity seems to be a tad short.”

Miao Yi was a very firm person. Since he had already decided, he would not be petty. Gnashing his teeth again, without uttering another word, he immediately took out a saber from his storage ring, stabbing it into the ground with a woosh before Yao Ruoxian. He asked, “Is this enough?!”

Yao Ruoxian reached out and grabbed the handle of the saber, nodding his head. “This is enough. But to destroy spiritual bodies of two transcendent artifacts. Are you willing?”

Heart aching, Miao Yi nodded and replied, “Refine it!”

“No hurry. It’s still missing some things.” Yao Ruoxian shook his head.

“What is it?”

“Red Blaze Resin used to refine transcendent artifacts!” Seeing Miao Yi widen his eyes greatly at him, Yao Ruoxian immediately spoke out, “I have already given you enormous face in helping you refine a transcendent artifact without charging you labor fee. I would have to consume quite a lot of transcendence energy, so there is no way I will help you get the Red Blaze Resin. That item is worth a fortune!”

Miao Yi was beginning to get slightly suspicious of whether this sloppy old man was deliberately refusing him.

He had never seen Red Blaze Resins before, but he had heard of them. It was indeed a necessary item in refining transcendent artifacts. A piece about the size of a thumb, would cost ten thousand Gold Crystals. Reportedly there were higher grades in the form of Blue Blaze Resins and Gold Blaze Resins. The prices were all the more expensive.

But where was he supposed to get the Red Blaze Resin all of a sudden? Legend has it that this item was produced in the earth underneath the deep sea.

Gritting his teeth, Miao Yi said, “Senior Yao, since you know how to refine artifacts, I’m sure you have the Red Blaze Resin on you. Why don’t you sell some to me? I’m willing to pay a high price!”

Yao Ruoxian swept a glance across the string of storage rings on Miao Yi’s waist. He coughed dryly and looked away. With a flip of his palm, a ruby-like crystal about the size of a thumb revealed itself from his storage ring and landed in his palm. “I won’t ask for much for this Red Blaze Resin. How does one hundred thousand Gold Crystals sound?”

Miao Yi looked at the size of that thing, his expression immediately distorted. The old man had the nerve to say he wouldn’t ask for much. According to the rumored market price, he reckoned the man had multiplied it by ten folds.

‘Huh…...' Miao Yi muttered deep inside. But he suddenly became stunned as his gaze dropped onto Yao Ruoxian’s palm. He asked cautiously, “This is the Red Blaze Resin?”

Yao Ruoxian face was deadpanned as he said, “I’m deadly honest with elderly and child customers. It’s absolutely real. I can help you refine the artifact first before claiming payment.”

This was the confidence of one who had the strength. They could help you make the item first and were not afraid of you making a run for it.

Still dazed, Miao Yi shifted his gaze to look towards the three storage rings on his right hand, seemingly searching for something.

Yao Ruoxian was rejoicing covertly deep down, thinking Miao Yi a fool for fishing out cash.

Who knew Miao Yi’s face would suddenly fill with glee. He immediately grabbed a handful of gold, blue and red crystals out, feeling overjoyed as he revealed them in his palm. “Senior Yao, then are these gold and blue colored ones the Gold Blaze Resins and Blue Blaze Resins?”


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