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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 143


Chapter 143: Small Fortune (2)

Translator: Kelaude Editor:

He totalled everything up. Although the Fort Masters, when counted individually, did not have more crystal coins than Madame Wu Hua, the crystal coins of the seventy-two Fort Masters when added together was also an insane amount.

When all the Gold Crystals, Black Crystals and White Crystals were counted as Gold Crystals, there would be around thirty million coins altogether. Changing them to White Crystals would be three hundred billion coins, while exchanging them into Black Crystals would net him three billion coins.

This had yet to include the total of sixty hundred and twenty thousand Gold Crystals from Madame Wu Hua.

To those high level cultivators with status, these may not seem like much. However to Miao Yi, this was definitely an astronomical number. Even if he were to act as the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave for a lifetime, he would not be able to obtain this amount.

Miao Yi could be entirely sure that even if it was Yang Qing, the Manor Head of South Edict Manor, he would only be able to gather this amount in at least two hundred years.

He also didn't know how many years it had taken for the seventy-two Fort Masters to bring forth this wealth. Today, he had benefited greatly from it.

Wealth was unimportant as some items have worth but no market. For instance, both the Orbs of Will and Yao Core had value in the market. However, one might not be able to buy it even when they were willing to spend. Unless they were people who were in a hurry to spend money.

The reasoning was simple. Those who did not lack Orbs of Will or Yao Cores, the majority of them would also not be lacking in money to spend. So who would go sell their things for money?

There were 2,428 low-grade Orbs of Will and a hundred seventy mid-grade Orbs of Will roughly the size of a pearls.

Eight hundred sixty-two gradeless Yao Cores and ninety-seven First Grade Yao Cores.

These were the Orbs of Will and Yao Cores found inside the seventy-two Fort Masters' storage rings.

There were also some items that Miao Yi couldn't stop himself from drooling over. They were the exquisite brews that he had tasted at the Bejeweled Nectar Conclave. The storage rings of the seventy-two Fort Masters had actually kept over ten thousand pots of exquisite wine. If ever he were craving for them, over ten thousand pots could last him a long time.

He reckoned that these things were difficult to obtained elsewhere. At least, it would be difficult to get this much. So this time, he had really hit the jackpot.

Perhaps it was because these Fort Masters wanted to use spiritual herbs to brew their wine, each of their storage rings unexpectedly had quite a dazzlingly endless array of spiritual herbs;with the amount surpassing twenty thousand herbs, each of them oddly new and strange. Miao Yi had never come into contact with these things before. He might have heard of their names before if the names were to be reported to him, but he wasn't familiar with them and could not tell which ones were valuable and which were not. Thus, he could only temporarily leave them be for now.

There were also antique jewelries and others of its like of numerous different varieties. There were too many to count! There were already over hundreds of Legendary Luminous Pearls that were the size of fists. Miao Yi wasn't interested in any of these so he didn' bother to carefully scrutinize them.

What made him smile most foolishly was, to his surprise, realizing that the storage rings of the seventy-two Fort Masters had transcendent artifacts. Each of them had at least one or two first grade transcendent artifacts refined from White Crystals, and there were exactly one hundred and three of them. It was very clear that these were the weapons used by the seventy-two Fort Masters.

The essence powder extracted from one million Black Crystals could refined a storage ring. Whereas the essence powder required for a Black Crystal weapon would need about an amount required for one thousand storage rings. This was equivalent to needing to extract the essence powder from more than one billion Black Crystals in order to forge a weapon.

Regardless of White Crystals, Black Crystals or Gold Crystals, the amount of essence powder found within them were the same. The only difference was the quality of the essence powder.

Which meant that the logic was the same, only the essence powder found within one billion White Crystals could forge a White Crystal weapon.

And as for the essence powder extracted from the crystal coins, depending on which of the three different types of crystal coins: white, black and gold;the degree of toughness was different and the difficulty in refining them would vary as well. The fee would be calculated in a one to one ratio. The fee needed to extract out the essence powder from one billion crystal coins would require an expense of one billion.

The value of one low-grade Orb of Will was worth one thousand crystal coins, whereas the value of one First Grade Yao Core would be worth one hundred low-grade Orbs of Will. When exchanged into Gold Crystals, that would be one hundred thousand Gold Crystals, equivalent to one billion White Crystals.

The labor fee for refining transcendent artifacts would be valued based on the grade and the dimension of the transcendent artifact, which would require at least one billion White Crystals.

After investing one billion White Crystals to extract the essence powder, another fee of one billion would be used to actually extract the essence powder from;the price of a First Grade Yao Core would cost another one billion crystal coins, while the labor fee to refine a transcendent artifact would need another one billion. Totalling everything together, the price of a first grade transcendent artifact weapon would at least be valued at forty billion White Crystals. After exchanging into Gold Crystals, that would be four hundred thousand coins.

In a brief moment, Miao Yi had gotten his hands on one hundred and three first grade transcendent artifacts. In total, they were worth about forty million Gold Crystals.

He had really hit it big this time around. How could he not grin from ear to ear, whilst being unable to conceal his happiness?

His sole regret was that among the seventy-two Fort Masters, none of them actually used spears. They had weapons like the Square Sky Decorated Halberds, tridents, long sabers, toothed clubs and baguettes. There were no long spears in sight. None of them were convenient for him to use.

He didn't keep this regret to heart for the time being. Deep down, he silently add up his own Orbs of Will and Yao Cores. These two items could be converted immediately.

He already owned six low-grade Orbs of Will;Wang Zifa and the rest had left behind twenty of them;there were eight from Madame Wu Hua;whilst inside of the storage rings of the seventy-two Fort Masters, were another four hundred and twenty eight orbs. So in total, he had four hundred and sixty-two low-grade Orbs of Will.

For the mid-grade Orbs of Will, he had obtained two orbs from Madame Wu Hua whilst from the seventy-two Fort Masters, he had obtained one hundred and seventy orbs. So in total, he had one hundred and seventy-two mid-grade Orbs of Will.

Converting all of the low-grade and mid-grade Orbs of Will into low-grade Orbs of Will would meant he currently owned 17,662 low-grade Orbs of Will.

Once the numbers were totaled up, Miao Yi was smiling until his mouth watered. So many Orbs of Will! Even if it was Yang Qing, he reckoned he would need to act as a Manor Head for at least ten years to earn this much.

He proceeded to count the Yao Cores.

For gradeless Yao Cores, he had obtained twenty-two cores from Madame Wu Hua and eight hundred and sixty-six cores from the seventy-two Fort Masters, which totaled up to eight hundred and eighty-eight cores. This could be exchanged for eight hundred and eighty-eight low-grade Orbs of Will.

For First Grade Yao Cores, he had obtained one core from Madame Wu Hua and ninety-seven from the seventy-two Fort Masters. In addition, killing Madame Wu Hua and the seventy-two Fort Masters had him net a total of seventy-three cores. Thus, there were one hundred and seventy-one cores, equal to seventeen thousand and one hundred low-grade Orbs of Will.

If he exchanged all of the Yao Cores into Orbs of Will, in addition to the Orbs of Will he had now, in total, he would have 35,650 low-grade Orbs of Will!

More than thirty-thousand orbs! Enough for him to breakthrough to the Blue Lotus realm! It was extremely worth it to risk his life taking this trip down to the Sea of Constellations...

Miao Yi was smiling until the muscles on his face had started to cramp. Every cell on his body was blossoming into smiles. He couldn't restrain himself from chuckling loudly. Indeed, this was because he had yet to see the world.

Yao Ruoxian was currently eyeing Charcoal with a curious look on his face. He found that while Charcoal was encased within the flying red light, he was currently sleeping;his little tail swishing about, seeming to enjoy his slumber very much. ’’

A chuckling sound resounded suddenly by his ears. Yao Ruoxian turned to look. After realizing the annoying state Miao Yi was in, he was immediately engulfed by the desire to roll his eyes. His face full of derision as he said, ’’Your mouth is watering happily, and yet you say that you're not rich?’’

’’Uh...’’ On hearing him, Miao Yi came to himself, unconsciously wiping his mouth. After finding that there wasn't any drool at all, he realized that the other man was making fun of him.

However, he realized one problem;he had to have a good relation with this old man. Otherwise, he would be dead and regardless of how many more Orbs of Will he had, he wouldn't be able to enjoy it!

’’Small fortune! Small fortune! Excuse me, Senior!’’ Miao Yi chuckled as he cupped his hands.

’’Virtues!’’ Yao Ruoxian sneered.


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