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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 142


Chapter 142: Small Fortune (1)

Translator: Kelaude Editor:

As 'Yao Ruoxian' clapped his hands together, the halo of light surrounding them immediately turned into an illusion of a huge, vicious bear. As a result, their speed drastically decreased, such that even the red light flying behind them with Charcoal inside was now faster than theirs.

When he moved his palms further apart, the bear phantom turned back into a glowing shroud.

Yao Ruoxian stroked his slovenly beard as he cast a glance at Miao Yi. The hand that was stroking his beard suddenly flicked forwards, and the halo of light the two were in abruptly increased its speed, catching up quickly to Charcoal once more.

He turned back and asked, ’’Do you understand now?’’

Miao Yi replied inquisitively, ’’So what you're saying is that with regards to the spirit body that was refined into the transcendent artifact, there are some that are suited to flying, and some unsuitable for flying. For example, birds are ideal for flying, whereas your bear isn't?’’

’’You can put it that way, but that is not always the case.’’ Yao Ruoxian then asked in return, ’’Between a First Grade Bat Spirit and a Third Grade Fox Spirit, which would you say possesses a superior flying speed?’’

Miao Yi pondered for a while, then answered confidently, ’’The gap in strength is evident here. What's more if it has reached a Third Grade Yao cultivation, it would already have the ability to levitate and fly in the air, so the Third Grade Fox Spirit would definitely have the faster flying speed.’’

Yao Ruoxian displayed his agreement, then asked again, ’’What if both of them had a Third Grade cultivation?’’

Miao Yi replied confidently, ’’The Bat Spirit possesses an innate talent for flight. If both had a similar cultivation, the Fox Spirit would definitely lose to the Bat Spirit.’’

Yao Ruoxian nodded and said, ’’For a Bat Spirit that has attained a third grade in its cultivation, its inborn aptitude for flight would be augmented by the levitation ability, and its flying speed would be something only those that have reached the Purple Lotus realm would be able to subdue, otherwise it would be difficult for normal people to even capture it, let alone taking out its Yao Core for refining artifacts. Not to mention, after the Yao Core is taken out, its strength wouldn't compare to when the Yao cultivator was alive, automatically regressing to second grade. To those whose cultivation have reached the Red Lotus realm, it would be no different than their own flying speed. If it isn't easy to replenish the transcendent artifact's energy after usage, and if the recharging process is not as fast as the cultivator recovering their own transcendence energy, the cultivator would normally choose to use their own transcendence energy for flight instead of using the transcendence artifact itself.’’

Miao Yi asked puzzledly, ’’Then why did the person I saw release the bird-type spirit body to control the transcendent artifact?’’

Yao Ruoxian casually replied, ’’Maybe they had urgent matters to attend to, to the point that they didn't mind expending both their own transcendence energy as well as the transcendent artifact's energy in order to superimpose the flying speeds of both methods together, increasing the overall flight speed to hurry on their journey.’’

Miao Yi thought for a moment to the times when he saw Fairy Hong Chen and the Lady Boss, then shook his head, ’’They didn't seem to be in a rush.’’

Yao Ruoxian chuckled, ’’Then the person you saw may be someone fairly important. They had enough Yao Cores to replenish the energy of their own transcendent artifact precisely because they could afford the expenditure. Furthermore, they would either have a Purple Lotus cultivation themselves, or possess a background with a Purple Lotus cultivator, or even a Golden Lotus cultivator.

’’Golden Lotus cultivator?’’ Miao Yi was shocked. That was such a far-off existence. Their cultivation would have already entered the realm of Soaring the Heavens of the Four Great Realms, and were able to surpass the boundaries of the world, soaring through the vast universe. He couldn't help but ask, ’’Why do you say so?’’

’’Simple. In normal situations, for those who can levitate and fly, their cultivation would obviously have reached the Red Lotus realm. To control a transcendent artifact lower than the Third Grade would not be much faster than their own flying speed, even if they released the bird-type spirit's true body, it would actually be more troublesome. If the other person didn't have any urgent matters, why would they do such a thing? Hence, there's a high chance that their bird-type transcendent artifact is third grade and above. What would it mean if they had a third grade bird-type transcendent artifact? It would mean that the bird-type spirit body had a cultivation of the fourth grade when it was alive, which is equivalent to the Purple Lotus realm of human cultivators. Taking its flight speed into account, it would be difficult to capture it without a Golden Lotus cultivation, but at the very least they would need to have a Purple Lotus cultivation.’’

Miao Yi nodded as he listened, expressing his understanding.

Then he listened as Yao Ruoxian added, ’’Not many cultivators would be able to use a third grade transcendent artifact. Do you think a Purple Lotus cultivator would be easy to kill? Not to mention a third grade bird-type transcendent artifact.’’

Miao Yi didn't find this information surprising. He had seen Yang Qing use one before, but thinking about it again, he seemed to have heard that Yang Qing had also borrowed it over from the School of Blue Jade, and that it wasn't his own.

Miao Yi turned to look at him, and asked, ’’Then aren't those dual bar maces of yours two third grade transcendent artifacts?’’

Yao Ruoxian shook his head and replied, ’’Mine is a special case.’’

Miao Yi asked curiously, ’’What special case?’’

’’None of your business!’’ Yao Ruoxian squinted at him.

’’Fine! Let's not talk about your special case, but how do you explain the three third grade transcendent artifacts possessed by a single Commander Yuan?’’

’’I don't know what the deal is with that fellow exactly.’’ Yao Ruoxian shook his head slightly and added, ’’I have overheard some demons discussing this before. That Yuan Kaishan seems to have made connections with some bigshot, and had a sworn brother by the name of Bi Youbo or something. Word is, that sworn brother of his had an impressive background, and was the descendant of a Demonic Behemoth, which is why he could get so many benefits. Otherwise, how could he have three third grade transcendent artifacts?’’

'Bi Youbo?' Miao Yi believed this.

Because he knew that Yuan Kaishan and Bi Youbo were indeed sworn brothers. He had also heard from Pi Junzi that Bi Youbo had an impressive background, but Pi Junzi didn't know how impressive it was. Low-ranking demons wouldn't know too much about matters of the upper echelons, but he never expected Bi Youbo to be a descendant of a Demonic Behemoth.

He grew anxious as he thought about this. He knew how tyrannical those Demonic Behemoths were from Pi Junzi. They were people that didn't give two shits even to the Six Sages. He had murdered Bi Youbo's concubine, and had even helped send his sworn brother to an early grave. That demon wouldn't look for him in revenge, would he?

But he grew relieved after thinking about it again. No matter how tyrannical Bi Youbo's background was, Miao Yi didn't believe that he would dare casually run into Mu Fanjun's territory and wreak havoc.

What's more he hadn't used his real name, so it would be difficult to trace it back to him even if Bi Youbo wanted to.

After the two of them chatted for awhile, Yao Ruoxian didn't want to gossip with him any longer.

Seeing as there was nothing better to do, Miao Yi reached into his clothes and took out the storage ring chain that was wrapped around his waist. He dropped the large chain over his shoulder, and began to inject his transcendence energy to examine each and every one of them.

He didn't bother avoiding Yao Ruoxian, because he knew, there would be no escape. If the other party wanted to rob you clean, you wouldn't be able to stop it either.

If that was the case, why not display your magnanimity a little? Don't always treat the other person as your enemy. If you see the other person as your enemy, they would be able to feel it, and there would be a higher chance for them to also see you as an enemy. Some things were just reciprocated.

Yao Ruoxian twisted his head to look, his face immediately twitching. He thought that he had seen it all, but it was really a first to see someone hugging so many storage rings and fiddle with it on a chain. Since when did storage rings become something so cheap?

He then saw Miao Yi occasionally smiling like a fool as he examined the storage rings one by one.

How many times would he be able to smile like a fool with over two hundred plus storage rings? When he had finished counting, Yao Ruoxian asked mockingly, ’’Rich now, are we?’’

’’No way, no way. Compared to Senior's harvest, mine is but a drop in the bucket.’’ Miao Yi said humbly, overjoyed as he was.

Yao Ruoxian scoffed, ’’Virtues.’’

He's happy even if as he was being scolded. Miao Yi didn't seem to care what Yao Ruoxian said, and instead smiled like a fool even more.

He couldn't help being happy! After counting them all, to a cultivator at his level, he had really struck gold.


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