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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 140


Chapter 140: Yao Ruoxian (8)

Translator: Kelaude Editor:

Something like this, of course it would be better for him to have it all to himself. If everyone could obtain it, then what use was there? It was best to play dumb when he should play dumb.

’’Bullshit!’’ The sloppy old man instantly burst into rage, like a cat that had its tail treaded upon. He pointed at Miao Yi and shouted, ’’I knew you would be dishonest, you brat. You just said that they were still larvae, and that you've only been raising them for a few years. The last time that the Boundless Secular World opened was over a dozen years ago. I dare you to lie to my face again!’’

’’Uhh.....’’ Miao Yi had the urge to slap himself. Why had he gone and said so much unnecessary nonsense? He anxiously explained, ’’I really did get the eggs when the Boundless Secular World last opened dozens of years ago, but I never had the means to hatch them. I only managed to hatch them a few years ago. There's nothing wrong with the timing.’’

’’Pfft! Like I'd believe another word of your lies! You won't tell me, is that it?’’ The sloppy old man made a sly grin, and his gaze descended on Charcoal, ’’I'll kill it first, then slowly torture you. Let's see how long you'll continue to be tight-lipped.’’

Just when the glowing red bar mace flashed, Miao Yi immediately shouted, ’’There's a way! There's a way!’’

The sloppy old man snickered, ’’You won't play dumb and try to lie to me anymore?’’

’’Ay!’’ Miao Yi gave a long sigh. Making another excuse for himself, he said, ’’As the saying goes - one must not have the intent to harm others, just as one must not lack the desire to protect oneself. This junior couldn't help but lie to you. Senior, try being in my shoes and think for a moment. If I were to tell you everything, you could simply burn your bridges once you've crossed the river, and strike a vicious blow at me again. So how could I willingly tell you, wouldn't you say?’’

The old man gave it some thought and agreed. Everyone had a desire to keep themselves safe, but he had a disdainful expression on his face as he said, ’’Do you think you're worth me burning my bridges after crossing the river? Your fate rests on mere whim of mine. I could just forcefully pry open your mouth. Do you think I need to spare so much effort for a little rascal like you?’’

At this point, even though Miao Yi had just given his excuse, he also couldn't help but agree after some thought. If the old man really did have that intention, he truly had no need to use such a roundabout method. It seemed that he really didn't have any intention of harming him.

Miao Yi immediately took up a stance as though this secret was something only the heavens, the earth, the old man and himself should know of, as he transmitted to the old man, ’’Senior, go to the Boundless Secular World, and wait for the night of a full moon. Use a mirror to reflect the moonlight into the Boundless Secular World, and you'll be able to lure the mother mantis out....’’

This time he was honest and told the truth.

But as someone who was in a crisis, he wouldn't be easily trusted.

The old man looked unconvinced as he voiced his doubts, ’’You're just randomly making this up, right? There was once a Purple Lotus expert that lay in wait outside the Boundless Secular World and attacked a Hell Mantis that was passing near the border. As a result, that monster charged out and ripped that expert to shreds. Something so frightening, and you're telling me that you can lure it out with a simple mirror?’’

Miao Yi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He hadn't believe it as well when Lao Bai had told him back then. He sighed, ’’It's true. This was a method I discovered unwittingly. Why won't you believe me?’’

The old man scoffed, ’’Me not believing you? Is it my disbelief, or is it your mouth full of lies that makes others doubtful?’’

’’I... Then what would it take for you to believe me?’’ Miao Yi spread his arms helplessly.

The old man chuckled slyly, ’’Simple, you just have to accompany me on this trip. I'll let you go as soon as I obtain the larvae.’’

’’Can I not go?’’


Miao Yi was speechless, 'I knew I had no choice.'

In contrast, the old man was putting his hands together, as though he couldn't bear the excitement any longer. He pointed to the storage rings on the ground and said, ’’It's best not to stay in this place for too long. If we somehow attract the Yao General here, we wouldn't be able to run away even if we wanted to. Hurry up and pick them up so we can leave!’’

Miao Yi wouldn't decline packing them all up. After all, how could he throw away the items he had risked his life for?

He took out a thin chain from his storage ring, quickly picking up the storage rings on the ground and stringing them together. It would be easy to lose them if they were separated.

He turned around and saw that the sloppy old man was keeping that black toothed club for himself, and couldn't help but envy. How much essence powder needed to be extracted from the black crystals in order to produce such a large club!?

When the old man retrieved the Second Grade Yao Core from the Azure Ape's body, Miao Yi felt his heart sting again. That was a Second Grade Yao Core! How many Orbs of Will would that be!?

Then he saw the old man taking a few storage rings from the Azure Ape's body and keeping it inside his robes. The things inside were sure to be extraordinarily wealthy.

The Great Cave Master Miao could not hold it in anymore, and grumbled, ’’Senior, I'm afraid you'll have to thank this junior's assistance. If it wasn't for my help, how could you get all these things? Three Third Grade transcendent artifacts, and one Second Grade Yao Core. There's quite a fortune inside Commander Yuan's storage ring, right? Senior, you're rich.’’

’’So what if I'm rich? Haven't you managed to obtain a lot of stuff as well?’’

’’I only have a meagre amount here, how about we trade?’’

’’Get lost!’’

’’Senior, it must be some kind of fate that we should meet in this Sea of Constellations. You ate the meat, it wouldn't be wrong to let this junior have some of the broth, would it?’’

The sloppy old man was content after keeping his loot away. He hadn't expected to have such a large harvest when he came this time. Speaking of which, he might actually have this kid to thank for that.

He was in a good mood right now. Turning around, he chuckled, ’’Jealous, little rascal? Why didn't you speak up when this old master was taking the rap for you and nearly lost his life?’’

Taking off his clothes and tying the storage ring chain around his waist, Miao Yi fixed his clothes as he said again, ’’I have also saved your life once, so we're even. Senior, my weapon was destroyed by you, and until now I don't have a transcendent artifact I can call mine. How about you just randomly pick one out for me? I also won't be greedy. Just one is enough. Those two hoops, how about you give one to me?’’

’’You still say you're not greedy? You only have a White Lotus Third Grade cultivation, yet you want to use a Third Grade transcendent artifact? Even if I were to give it to you, do you think you would be able to wield it with your cultivation?’’

’’It doesn't matter if I can wield it. I can have it by my side for now. It wouldn't be too late to use it once my cultivation has increased.’’

’’Brat, you're called Niu Youde right?’’

’’Yes, is there a problem?’’

’’What a stupid name, it sounds horrible. I could tell that the person that thought up this name definitely didn't have much of an education background when I heard it. Brat, I just want to say, a normal man is innocent, but he sins by hiding riches. If word gets out that you, a White Lotus Third Grade cultivator, own a Third Grade Transcendent Artifact, I'm afraid that you won't even have the chance to wait for the next day to die.’’

’’I'd be willing, if I could hold a Third Grade Transcendent Artifact as I die! I could also exchange it for Orbs of Will for my cultivation! Senior, please just give one to me!’’

’’I'm not giving. You can exchange it for Orbs of Will, so can I. Who would complain that they have too many Orbs of Will?’’

’’Senior, then are my mantids not treasures as well? They wouldn't be worse off than that Third Grade Transcendent Artifact of yours right? I'll have to give you such a large gift. Can't you do the same for me?’’

The sloppy old man scoffed, thinking, 'Was that supposed to be a gift? If it wasn't for me being stronger than you and forcing you to spit it out, I'm afraid that I would've already died by your hands.'

He didn't want to care at first, but looking towards Charcoal at the side, he thought back to how Miao Yi would give up everything to protect a dragon steed. His heart wavered a little once more as his eyes glistened.


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