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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 139


Chapter 139: Yao Ruoxian (7)

Translator: Kelaude Editor:

A surge of transcendence energy rushed forth from his hands. The silver spear moved twistedly, wrung from one side to the other end at lightning speed, forcing Miao Yi to let go.

Bang! Moreover, Miao Yi was sent flying from the direct impact of the transcendence energy. Stunned, he struggled for a while, unable to clamber up, his face distorted as he watched the frozen, frosty old man, as though he had seen a ghost.

This guy was to blame. He hadn't seen the moment before Yuan Kaishan met his fate. Before Yuan Kaishan died, he'd only been beaten to death by the sloppy old man because his strength was being restrained. But even though he couldn't unleash his full power, that level of strength could kill Miao Yi as easily as slicing vegetables. He felt the same thing applied to this sloppy old man.

Charcoal took the chance to quickly scurry over, his speed incredibly fast. He bit onto Miao Yi and flung him onto his back, carrying him away as he ran off.

Miao Yi smiled bitterly, could they even get away?

As expected, a bar mace suffused with a red glow dashed in front of them. Charcoal came to an emergency halt, and tried running in several different directions. But he kept being blocked by the bar mace.

’’I advise you two to obediently come back. If you continue to run, don't blame me for being rude.’’ The voice of the sloppy old man traveled over to them.

He had no choice and couldn't even be angry about it. Charcoal, who earlier had felt eager and pleased, was now dejectedly lowering its head as it carried Miao Yi back.

They had been chased back by the red-glowing bar mace.

Dismounting his steed, Miao Yi seized Charcoal and proceeded to beat him up. ’’Did I make you run? Who asked you to run...?’’

’’Stop pretending, you're not such a good person yourself. Who was it again who'd tried to kill me just now?’’ Standing there unmoving, the sloppy old man ridiculed Miao Yi in an odd voice, suddenly mimicking a certain someone. ’’Being able to meet Senior at the Sea of Constellations can also be considered as fate. As two human cultivators, we must not massacre one another at the Sea of Constellations and let the demons see us as laughingstocks. Senior, am I not right... You damn brat, you say one thing and yet you do another. You put it so nicely, but when you strike, you don't hold back at all! Fortunately I still have some skills, or else I would have fallen head first into your hands!’’

He found it awfully awkward, but not to the extent of feeling ashamed. Being able to escape between life and death was a form of skill and yet, after being spoken to in such a way, he now longed to find a hole in the ground to crawl in. It was too embarrassing, and the guy simply didn't spare him an ounce of face.

After waiting for a while, the sloppy old man suddenly swung his sleeves.

Bang! The frost wrapped around his body was blown away, falling onto the ground. He had managed to expel the deep-seated chill from his body.

Charcoal lowered his head. Miao Yi was also lowering his head. The sloppy old man circled around the two of them with his hands clasped behind his back. He sneered repeatedly, ’’Truly the mount mirrors the personality of the master, what a joke, the pair of you! Stop pretending you're terrified! Raise your heads.’’

Miao Yi slowly lifted his head, forcing out a smile as he said, ’’What advice does Senior have?’’

The sloppy old man rolled his eyes. ’’Brat. I won't make things difficult for you. I won't take any of those things which you've risked your life to obtain. But you have to give me one thing. If you give me your word on this, I can disregard the fact that I was made your scapegoat.’’

Miao Yi was surprised. To be offered something this good? He then asked cautiously, ’’What is it?’’

The old man pointed at the buzzing little ones who were flitting their wings. ’’Give them to me and the method to control them.’’

He understood and had personally experienced their wrath. He understood the value of the little ones' enormous potential. As long as he could obtain these little ones and exploit them, then a mere two hundred storage rings alone meant nothing to him. For instance, the matter of Yuan Kaishan who had already fallen in battle before him, just the items on him alone would definitely be worth more than the two hundred storage rings.


’’What? You're unwilling? I have already been considerably courteous to you. If you tried this exchange with anyone else, they wouldn't necessarily let you go, even if they sucked you dry. Don't refuse such generosity!’’

Miao Yi promptly waved his hands and explained, ’’Senior, I didn't mean it like that. I can give them to you, but as for the method to control them, even if I wanted to give it, I can't.’’

The old man frowned. ’’What do you mean?’’

’’The method to control them is a kind of telepathy. They're still larvaes now, although I have raised them for a few years. To be able to build that kind of telepathy, I've accompanied them since they were hatched. There aren't any other ways to control them, so I can't do anything about it as well.’’

’’There's a method such as this?’’ the old man asked dubiously, ’’So you mean to say that they only listen to your commands and it's useless for another person to order them around?

Miao Yi nodded his head as he smiled bitterly. ’’That is indeed correct.’’

The old man glared. ’’You damned brat. Are you playing me? If I can't control them, then what use do I have for them?’’

Miao Yi replied grudgingly, ’’Senior, it truly is this way. Even if you kill me because you don't believe me, I can't do anything about it!’’

’’Don't deny it! I will know once I've tried it,’’ the old man scoffed coldly, walking over and reaching out a hand to place on Miao Yi. He used his transcendence energy to envelope the entirety of Miao Yi's body. As long as there were any fluctuations or abnormalities in Miao Yi's transcendence energy within his body, he would sense it straightaway. ’’Make them drop to the ground.’’

Miao Yi knew that he was testing him. With a slight thought, all of the little ones immediately dropped to the ground.

The sloppy old man was astonished. He gulped. ’’Make them fly up and down.’’

Without needing to say more, the little ones immediately did as they were told.

The old man tried out different kinds of commands, and since he couldn't find any anomalies in the fluctuation of transcendence energy in Miao Yi's body, he even made Miao Yi turn around, afraid that he was using his eyes to command them.

In the end, the little ones did as they were told.

Finally, the old man pushed Miao Yi away, staring at the little ones and gulping down his own saliva incessantly, his eyes quickly turning green with anticipation.

He could control them just by using telepathy. What did this mean? This meant that all wishes would be granted, and he could control them without using any other means. Not only that, no one would be able to snatch them away.

’’Nghh...’’ The old man emitted a sob, swaying as he walked in front of the little ones. He knelt down with a thud, spreading his arms open, looking as though he wanted to embrace the little ones.

Miao Yi was shocked. Why was he kneeling? He asked cautiously, ’’Senior, are you alright?’’

Suddenly, the sloppy old man made a fist and hammered violently at his own chest, until thumping sounds resounded throughout. He then shook his head as he said with grief and indignation, ’’It's killing me! Such a good thing is placed in front of me, right within my hand's reach and yet I can't have them. I'm dying from frustration! You damned brat, why did you have to show me something so good? You're causing me so much suffering! ’’

Miao Yi was at a loss for words he was the one who'd forced him to take them out.

’’No!’’ The old man suddenly leapt to his feet, glaring at Miao Yi, who was startled with shock. He chuckled and said, ’’I almost forgot. You can hatch them, so why can't I hatch them too? Hurry up and tell me where these precious things come from. If you dare to say no, I will kill you immediately!’’

’’...’’ Miao Yi could only think that the man had won, but he couldn't say no. He had already fallen into the other man's grasp, so he couldn't deceive him anymore! ’’Eggs of the Hell Mantis from the Boundless Secular World!’’

’’Ah! Hell Mantis...’’ The old man sucked in a breath of cold air. ’’They're hatched from the eggs of the monstrous Hell Mantis?’’

Miao Yi nodded his head and replied, ’’Yes.’’

’’No wonder, I was wondering where these freaks came from!’’ Afterwards, the old man twirled his beard with his fingers as he faintly nodded his head, then asked with puzzlement, ’’No one can enter the Boundless Secular World right now. How did you get the eggs?’’

Miao Yi sighed, ’’Naturally, they were obtained when the Boundless Secular World was unsealed. If you want to get more then you'll have to wait, more or less, for another one thousand years for the Boundless Secular World to lift its seal again.’’


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