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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 135


Chapter 135: Yao Ruoxian (3)

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Miao Yi had heard it clearly. That red-haired man was Commander Yuan, while the sloppy old man was the fake Niu Youde. They had really misunderstood each other because of his situation.

Yuan Kaishan continued to thunder in rage, ’’Old scum! You've really gone too far! There are so many places in the Sea of Constellation that you could have gone to and yet you stir trouble in my territory! Do you seriously find me easy to mess with?!’’

The sloppy old man replied feebly, ’’Who asked for your domain to be at the outermost edges? I only came here to collect materials. You understand it well yourself that when going in too deep into the Sea of Constellations, it's not easy to run away when something happens. Coming to your place is safer. At least it's easier for me to make my escape and less difficult when not being surrounded and blocked by people... Don't be so hasty, and listen to me first. I assure you that as long as you let me go this time, I guarantee that I will not come here the next time and will definitely go to another person's territory. I will no longer bother you from now on. What do you think?’’

What kind of reasoning was this? Yuan Kaishan almost coughed out blood. My trusted aides have all been slaughtered by you and won't be able to restore their vital energy for hundreds of years. Just one line's worth of a pledge and you wish to make it okay? What do you take me for?!

’’You shameless bastard!’’ Yuan Kaishan bellowed in fury, ’’Give me your life!’’

With a swing of his hand, there came another streak of red light. The toothed club shot out with a burst, smashing towards the sloppy old man.

Since his speed in escaping was inferior to the guy and the guy was persistent in having a life and death struggle with him, the sloppy old man couldn't do anything about it. A bar mace shot out from his hand, intertwining in a fierce battle with the toothed club in the night sky. They were all third grade transcendent artifacts, so for a moment, it was hard to tell which would emerge the victor in their fight.

’’Hey!’’ Yuan Kaishan shook his arms, and the two black hoops on his arms suddenly burst with red light, breaking up into pieces. Each piece gradually turned into numerous dispersing specks of red light that descended onto both of his hands, before once again condensing, and finally turning into two flickering red glowing rings.

’’Go!’’ Yuan Kaishan casted them out with both of his palms.

The rings flashed and a glowing red light shot out.

Clutching onto his bar mace, the sloppy old man readied himself to face the attack. But who could've known that the two rings with red light shooting towards him would suddenly split into halves, the upper one aimed towards his head while the lower one aimed towards his feet.

The treasured bar mace wielded by the sloppy old man immediately burst with a flash, turning into numerous rays of red light that circled around him protectively at great speed, akin to a glowing red shroud.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Up in the air, a wave of rushing explosions erupted, emitting a violent exploding sound of metal.

Similarly, the two rings of red light revolved in a quick assault, intending to smash through the swirling red light's defenses. They kept up their attacks until the surrounding glowing red shroud of the sloppy old man gradually darkened in color.

If this continued, he wouldn't be able to endure it. The old man reached out his hand to beckon the treasured bar mace, which was engaged in a fierce battle with the toothed club, and it promptly flew back to him.

Bang! It knocked out and sent one of the red glowing rings flying.

At the same time, the numerous red specks of light around him condensed in a flash, turning back into the bar mace and falling into the old man's hand.

The slovenly old man imbued the bar mace with transcendence energy before making a sweeping movement. Bang! It once again smashed the other red glowing ring, sending it flying! Simultaneously, he dredged up another bar mace into his hand.

He had only just wielded both bar maces before the toothed club managed to break through the wind, hurtling in his direction. As such, the twin bar maces once again charged out at breakneck speed from his grip.

Boom! The toothed club was struck flying.

However, Yuan Kaishan had already spread open his arms, grabbing the two red glowing rings with his hands.

’’ARGHH!’’ Yuan Kaishan faced upwards and roared in fury, his entire body flashing with a red light, and his figure suddenly rose dramatically.

Miao Yi who was struck dumb from the scene, once again widened his eyes. Having risen dramatically into the air, Yuan Kaishan had already revealed his true form, shockingly turning into a figure with a height of around five meters a giant Azure Ape covered in fiery red fur. His appearance looked ancient and sinister.

The sloppy old man watched until his facial expression became distorted. Apparently, the other guy wouldn't stop until he killed him! He wondered who the bastard was that committed the fine deed at Brass Gong Fort, causing him to be unjustly blamed.

His cultivation had never been a match for Yuan Kaishan, otherwise he wouldn't have chosen to flee previously. Now that the other party had revealed his true form to attack with all his might, it was impossible for him to withstand the attacks.

Without uttering another word, he dashed forth to make his escape. Yet the toothed club with the flashing red light overturned in the sky as it flew in his direction, preemptively blocking his path of escape.

The twin bar maces left the sloppy old man's hands.

Bang! They hit the toothed club until its red glow darkened, immediately sending it flying.

But the sound of a rustling wind from behind him had already come, and the sloppy old man didn't even glance back to look nor did he have the time to react before the twin bar maces turned to sweep across in fury.


A sound that shocked the sky reverberated throughout. The twin bar maces collided vigorously with the redly lit pair of rings that had been thrown by Yuan Kaishan.

Under the gigantic figure of the Azure Ape, the sloppy old man resembled a chick.

Under the forceful collision, he coughed out a mouthful of blood, his figure jolted out like a shooting star and was sent flying.

The gigantic figure of the Azure Ape was also jolted until he was pressed backwards, staggering.

Meanwhile, the sloppy old man had been jostled until he was sent flying, akin to a meteor, before bumping into a mountain to collapse onto the ground with a reverberating rumble.

Amidst the collapsing mountain that was falling apart and erupting earth and stones that chaotically rocketed into the sky like rain, a figure wrapped in a ray of red light shot out at great speed.

The sloppy old man knew that he was no match for this opponent so he quickly seized the opportunity to hurry and flee for his life!

It didn't matter that he was escaping, but Miao Yi on the other hand was incredibly distressed, because the path in which the man was running in was heading towards his direction.

Quickly retracting his head back into the canopy, he was insanely worried and afraid that disaster would be brought to the fish in the moat. In passing, he released the little ones, covering the entire area of the canopy, earnestly hoping that they would be of use at a crucial moment.

But what caught him by surprise was suddenly hearing Yuan Kaishan's angry roar, ’’Old scum, get the f*k out!’’

What happened? Miao Yi once again poked his head out to look, only to see the two rings with red light hovering before the Azure Ape as he clutched his toothed club. He was currently looking down at the mountain ranges beneath him, seeking everywhere. And that sloppy old man hadn't come to his location so he was unsure of where he'd gone.

Judging by the situation, Miao Yi gradually came to a realization. He reckoned that sloppy old man knew he couldn't win against the burly man no matter what, and it was also unlikely for him to get away. Thus, he had found a suitable opportunity to hide.

Miao Yi's expression suddenly went stiff, his heart doing a complete somersault, followed by his heart palpitating wildly. He felt like he wanted to cry, but no tears would come out.

He hated himself for looking at the bustling scene. He should have seized the chance to escape first, but now it was too late!

The Azure Ape's gaze froze in his direction, and had actually met the watchful gaze of the Great Cave Master Miao.

Miao Yi did not dare to move, wishing that the other party had only glanced in his direction by chance and had yet to discover his presence. Even if he did discover me, he can clearly see that I'm not the sloppy old man, so please don't find me.

His hope was then shattered as the Azure Ape flew over with a woosh. He slowly descended, his floating figure became level with the other as his gaze met with Miao Yi's.

He asked, ’’Have you seen where the guy just now hid himself?’’

Miao Yi waved his hands at once, forcing out an amiable smile as he replied, ’’It's none of my business. I'm only looking. I won't bother you guys anymore, so you lot can continue!’’

Immediately, the Azure Ape became angry. He had asked him a question and he dared not to give him an answer?

He made a grab at Miao Yi in the canopy with his large hand.

Miao Yi was absolutely not the type of person to be resigned to his fate. Seeing that he wouldn't be able to dodge this by chance, he was already sliding down from the canopy, falling onto Charcoal's back. Without looking back, he quickly fled as if his life depended on it.

Riding a mere dragon steed and hoping that you can escape before me? The Azure Ape laughed coldly. Soon after, he was taken aback as his gaze locked onto the outrageously fat Charcoal. Recalling the words of the small bandits from Brass Gong Fort, he bared his fangs uncontrollably, seeming to realize something.

’’ARGH!!!’’ Facing towards the sky, he let out a furious roar. He grabbed the canopy, uprooted the large tree before flinging it across.

When he was about to release his transcendent artifact to strike, a dozen or more stinging sensations traveled from his arm, and a multitude of frightful auras, akin to falling into the netherworld, were instantly injected into his body.


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