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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 134


Chapter 134: Yao Ruoxian (2)

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’’......’’ Miao Yi, who was hiding in the canopy and had hunched his head back down out of fear, was stunned and thought, 'What's the deal with this conversation?'

He quickly popped his head back up to take a look.

It seemed as though the red flash in front was not as fast as the one behind it. There was probably no escaping the one behind. Suddenly, it lowered its flying altitude, and charged into a precipitous mountain range, then started to circle around the peaks, playing cat-and-mouse with the red flash chasing behind it.

You give chase and I'll circle around. The more you chase, the more I'll run. The two red flashes glided around the mountains at blinding speed.

As Miao Yi hid in the canopy and watched from afar with his transcendence vision, he couldn't help but feel awestruck. Just from the fact that they could fly through the air, they should at least be Red Lotus experts.

But even though he was taken aback, he couldn't help hiding the doubtful look on his face.

Isn't Yuan Kaishan that Commander Yuan from around these parts? As for Niu Youde.... Could it be that the name he randomly made up had actually belonged to someone else?

After Miao Yi thought about it for a little while, he started to have his suspicions. There was a high chance that Yuan Kaishan suddenly showing up here had something to do with what he did at Brass Gong Fort. Since he was currently chasing this person and shouting the name 'Niu Youde', whereas the person-in-question was denying he was Niu Youde, then could it be that Yuan Kaishan was mistaking this person for Miao Yi himself?

With this conjecture in mind, Miao Yi was secretly delighted. This could be good as well, as it seemed that the fake Niu Youde was not even Yuan Kaishan's opponent. If Yuan Kaishan killed that person, he would definitely assume that he'd eliminated the Niu Youde that had wreaked havoc in Brass Gong Fort. When that happened, Miao Yi's problems would be resolved, and he could run away in peace.

Catch up to him, catch up to him and kill him, kill him, kill him, kill him, hurry up and kill him... Miao Yi repeatedly cheered for Yuan Kaishan in his mind.

It seemed as though Yuan Kaishan had gotten sick of playing cat-and-mouse with 'Niu Youde'.

’’Hold it!’’ he bellowed.

The red streak that had been giving chase suddenly crashed into a mountaintop.

Boom! The earth and the mountains shook so heavily, that even Miao Yi could clearly feel the tremors from where he hid.

Under the light of the moon, that mountain peak that had been crashed into instantly split to pieces, and was reduced to flat ground in the blink of an eye.

By forcefully crashing into the mountaintop, the red streak that had been chasing behind instantly cut in front of the other red streak that was running away.

As everything was happening so suddenly, and realizing that there was no way of escaping, the red light that had been running away decisively opted to crash into the red light that had cut in front of it.

Bang bang bang....

Each bang shook the earth. The two red lights clashed ferociously dozens of times at great speeds they had let go of all restraints and started fighting.

Waves of transcendence energy surged forth from them both, uprooting the large trees from the peaks of the surrounding mountains, as though they were just casually sweeping away the obstacles in their path.

Peak after peak crumbled to pieces under the violent crashing of the two red lights. Both had a murderous aura, as though they would kill even gods or Buddha if they stood in their way. In the span of a few breaths, dozens of peaks were reduced to flat ground, as if they were instantly flattened by the crashing red lights.

Within the split peaks of the mountains, amidst the clouds of dust and rubble, two red lights interweaved, violently crashing into each other, and the resulting boom shook the heavens and earth!

Looking at the current sight before him, Miao Yi couldn't help but break into a cold sweat, thinking, 'So this is a clash between Red Lotus experts, so this is the difference in strength between the two major realms of Levitation and Traversing.'

Miao Yi couldn't help but swallow his saliva watching such an overwhelming battle style and aura. It was his first time seeing a clash between Red Lotus experts. It was too overwhelming, and completely incomparable to the battle style of those who had to fight while riding a dragon steed on the ground!

Strong gusts of wind blowed forth from afar, causing the canopy that Miao Yi was hiding in to shake erratically, but Miao Yi just widened his transcendence vision, and was unable to shift his sights away. He could not miss such an exciting battle.

As though it had also been alerted by the battle, Charcoal came up without even hearing Miao Yi's call. It lifted its head and looked at Miao Yi from the bottom of the tree, then tilted its head and looked in the direction of the battle. Feeling as though the situation was unsafe, it circled to the back of the large tree, and popped its head out to watch.

Far away, after destroying another mountain peak, the two red lights continued to crash into one another as they ascended upwards. They interweaved together as they shot straight up to the skies in a spiral motion.

Boom! After another violent crash, both the two red lights suffered a powerful rebound, splitting away and crashing into the ground in the chinese character of an eight.

On the peaks of two mountains, the two stopped for a moment before leaping upwards once more, charging and crashing into each other. They were flying at such great momentum that the air whooshed loudly behind them.


Another thunderous boom resounded. The two red lights exploded like fireworks as they crashed into one another, and from the center two silhouettes shot out due to the rebound, separating once more and falling hundreds of meters apart. The two invoked their arts and suppressed their momentum, forcefully stopping themselves midair and eyeing each other cautiously.

Miao Yi squinted with his transcendence vision, and was finally able to see both their faces.

One of them was an old man with a head of flowery-white hair. The messy flowery-white hair was casually tied up into a ponytail at the back of his head. The man had a wretched look on his face and a slovenly beard. He wore a loose-fitting and dirty blue robe. The sleeves were especially wide, and as a whole, the old man gave others the impression of a sloppy and disorderly person.

On the other side was a muscular man with fluttering red hair. The man had a burly figure and looked incredibly furious. He wore a red vest that displayed his brawny arms, and on those robust arms of his were two large black hoops.

The two that were facing each other suddenly flicked their arms, and the red lights that were exploding across the mountain range whizzed towards the both of them.

Countless red lights gathered on the sloppy old man's hands and quickly formed two black bar maces. The red light that shone from the two black bar maces could be seen clearly at night, but one might only vaguely catch a faint red glow during the day.

Similarly, countless red lights gathered on the burly man's hands and formed a black toothed club. A red glow also gleamed from the toothed club.

Miao Yi couldn't help feeling envious as he looked, because they both carried in their hands a a third grade transcendent artifact! It would be great if he could get one for himself, as he thought back to how Yang Qing also relied on a third grade transcendent artifact to instantly kill the former South Edict Manor Head, Lu Yu!

The red-haired man gave his toothed club a wave and pointed it towards the old man as he bellowed, ’’You old thief that always sneaks around suspiciously. I never knew what you were called before, but it turns out your name is Niu Youde!’’

The sloppy old man was wide-eyed as he waved his bar mace and pointed back. ’’Yuan Kaishan, how many times does this great senior have to tell you? This great senior is not this goddamned Niu Youde. I wouldn't use such a horrible name even if you beat me to death!’’

’’It doesn't matter who you are!’’ the red-haired man shouted, ’’Do you dare say that you weren't the one always secretly plotting against my subordinates all these years?’’

The sloppy old man gave a dry laugh and said, ’’You must have mistaken me for someone else.’’

’’Bullshit!’’ the red-haired man shouted, ’’How many times have I come after you? With your disposition, do you think I would have you mistaken for someone else? Do you think I'm blind? This time I've finally caught you red-handed, yet you still dare to deny it. Who else would dare to do such a vicious thing here besides you, old thief?’’

’’Fine, then!’’ the sloppy old man said awkwardly, ’’I'll admit I did all those things in the past, but the incident this time at Brass Gong Fort was really not my doing. I had just barely touched Brass Gong Fort, then I ended up bumping into you. I was unfortunate this time. I really did have nothing to do with the deaths of those seventy-two Fort Masters of yours.’’


八 - Eight chinese character


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