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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 132


Chapter 132: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (10)

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However, now he didn't have the time to carefully examine what was inside the other party's storage rings. Time was of the essence. The more he delayed, the greater the danger he was putting himself in. As such, he decided to first tuck them away. After all, as long as he could succeed, he would have all the time he needed to look inside later on.

There was no way for a storage ring to be placed inside another storage ring. Apparently it was because normal storage rings could not achieve the effects of superimposing space yet. Only high-grade storage rings were able to do this. But the materials and capital required to refine such a thing was not something a normal storage ring could compare with by far.

He immediately stuffed two storage rings into his clothes. Then, with a swing of the blade, he lopped off the other party's head and promptly cut open his stomach, taking out the Yao core and putting it away inside his storage ring.

As a result of beheading him, that Fort Master immediately regressed to his original form. His figure quickly grew bigger, knocking away the tables with a crash. Miao Yi was astounded by this. It seemed the one he had just beheaded was a Rhinoceros Spirit.

Demons with high cultivations really were different after all. For those with Pi Junzi's cultivation, as soon as you duped them and made them lose consciousness, they would immediately revert to their original forms, but these Fort Masters wouldn't show their original forms unless they were dead. Such was the difference between the two.

’’Don't be hasty. There's no rush! One at a time!’’

Miao Yi quickly shouted to cover up his movements.

But he really did go about things one at a time just like he said. Except he was actually butchering the seventy-two Fort Masters one at a time.

He quickly removed their storage rings and tucked them away, then followed up with a swing of the blade and removed the head. Using his arts to cover his body, he stopped the fresh blood from spilling onto him, then removed the inner core and placed it inside his storage ring. After which, he quickly moved on to the next target;he could not afford to lose any time.

Miao Yi's actions were blindingly fast, basically finishing one off in the span of a few breaths. Removing the storage rings and keeping them away in his chest, chopping off the head, then cutting open the belly and removing the Yao core. It was an almost methodical approach.

They were just lying there for him to kill. There was no counterattack and no obstacles of any sort, so naturally his actions would be quick.

Not long after, the seventy-two Fort Masters that had been brimming with vigor, all began revealing their true forms. They turned into various kinds of animals with severed heads and split bellies.

Rhinoceros, wild boar, monkey, lion, tiger.... It was a bloodbath, and the stench of blood pervaded the air. Who knew if the demons below could smell it or not?

Feeling the pile of storage rings in his chest and smelling the sweet metallic pungence of fresh blood, Miao Yi became taken with excitement.

Taking another look at the corpses of the demonic spirits, he resolved himself again. He'd already come this far, he might as well go all the way. With blade in hand, he started moving to one of the corpses again.

Miao Yi quickly removed the demonic spirit's skin, thinking that every ounce of profit counted. If he could no longer be the Cave Master upon returning to South Edict Manor, then he might as well earn a little bit more now in preparation for the tough days ahead of him.

He had to skip the complicated parts. There was no time to slowly skin them now.

Miao Yi's hand moved swiftly as he removed large flaps of skin on the bellies and backs of the demonic spirits in their true forms. Even though it was a bit wasteful, but those areas were easy to skin, thus saving time.

He put the skins into his storage ring after removing them, then quickly moved on to the next demon.

Under the magnificent beauty of the night sky in the Sea of Constellations, what was supposed to be a conclave for appraising bejeweled nectars had now become a silent festival of massacre. Demons were protecting the area surrounding the high platform, whilst keeping guard on the platform itself was the profiteer who was playing a vicious hand.

The dark green beads on Miao Yi's neck flashed with a faint light, and the vague ripple of a silhouette slowly appeared.

Under the cool brightness of the moon, Lao Bai stood with his hands behinds his back. As graceful as always, he fluttered about as he looked at Miao Yi hard at work with his butt facing him, and couldn't help but shake his head and laugh bitterly.

He realised that this guy may just be a little too bold. Sneaking himself deep into a tiger's den, surrounded by demons on all sides, and yet still having the courage to make a move. This was nothing more than killing and plundering right under their noses. Truly foolhardy.

It was bad enough that he had made the move, but he should have planned to escape once he succeeded. But who knew he still dared to stay and continue making mischief here, unwilling to let go of even the smallest of profits. His audacity was truly infuriating.

Lao Bai couldn't read Miao Yi's mind, so he wouldn't know all his thoughts. Thus, he didn't understand Miao Yi's concerns about losing his Cave Master position once he got back, nor his drive for taking this opportunity to build up his finances and gather more resources in preparation for the future.

Lao Bai had shown himself because he couldn't bear to watch on any longer. He was left speechless looking at this brazen fellow rushing off his feet, and could only shake his head whilst laughing bitterly.

He didn't interfere with anything, nor had he ever any intention of doing so. He was even willing to stand by and watch Miao Yi go through life-and-death perils.

If Miao Yi could really die from such a minor setback, then he was not worth watching over.

In the vast expanse of the universe, life was prolific and abundant. A single Miao Yi's death wouldn't mean anything.

The dark green beads would then naturally return to the Boundless Secular World, awaiting the next chosen one.

Even age-old trees must endure the beatings of rain and wind to slowly grow tall. If one wished to achieve success, one would have to go through many ordeals and experiences.

If they were offered assistance all the time, then they would develop a bad habit of always relying on others. At the very least, they would feel that there would always be a contingency, and thus wouldn't be as willing to work hard to improve themselves.

A flower that is grown inside a greenhouse will never be able to withstand the fury of a real storm.

Furthermore, Lao Bai's wouldn't be able to help much in his current form. If he really did have that power, then he wouldn't have needed to put so much thought into Miao Yi and could have just done things on his own.

Lao Bai was only unable to resist coming out and to take a look because of Miao Yi's impudence, and only to take a look. Afterwhich, his figure turned hazy and he disappeared without a trace....

What was supposed to be a beautiful night, a grand banquet under the light of the moon, had now become a bloody and horrific sight.

When the perpetrator had finished mucking about, he quickly kept his blade away, then called back all the little ones and hid them away too. He hastily straightened up his clothes, giving the scene a quick scan, before flying up to land nimbly under the platform that was several tens of meters tall.

’’Milord.....’’ Zhu Daneng's trusted aide that had been keeping guard below the platform came up to Miao Yi to ask something, while hesitantly lifting his head to look upwards.

It was the rough bloke from before that had descended the mountain to welcome Miao Yi. He looked quite formidable with his arms exposed and twin hammers hanging about his waist.

Miao Yi understood what he was trying to say;he wanted to ask about what had occurred.

He spread his arms, laughing bitterly as he said, ’’If I had known, I wouldn't have taken my treasure out. Now look at me, they no longer have any business with me. What kind of attitude is this? Why do I feel like they're just burning their bridges once they've crossed them? Aye! All the Fort Masters are examining the treasure now, I suggest you don't get in the way of their fun for the moment, otherwise with the way things are, they might just lose their temper. It's like this bunch of Fort Masters have never seen a treasure before.’’

Seeing as he was walking and talking, the rough bloke followed behind him and asked, ’’Where is milord going?’’

’’I drank too much just now and misspoke, taking out my treasure in the heat of the moment. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to explain to my cousin once I get back. I would prefer to get my treasure back now, but the Fort Masters wouldn't let it go and return it to me. So while the festivities are still ongoing, I am going to rush to find my cousin, and see if she can get it back.’’ Miao Yi quickly walked away in a crestfallen manner.

The rough bloke behind him couldn't help breaking out into laughter, thinking, 'Since you've already spoken out and even revealed the treasure, do you really think the Fort Masters would be that stupid to let you gift away and take back as you please?'


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