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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 131


Chapter 131: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (9)

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’’The bejeweled nectar of each respective Fort Master has honestly made Miao-’’ With the alcohol rushing up to his brain, he almost said his real name. Miao Yi pretended to belch, and hurried to correct himself, ’’-they have honestly made me amazed beyond measure. I only regret not being able to bring out an exquisite brew like the Fort Masters' to share, and can only sit here to simply enjoy it. I'm truly ashamed.’’

’’Ah! My boy, you are mistaken!’’ Zhu Daneng stood up, magnanimously waving his hands and said, ’’We are all well-versed in wine so we're not lacking for your brew. Brother, it's enough that you do not hesitate;sit down and be at ease. If I have been a bad host, please forgive me!’’

Everyone nodded in agreement one after another. The next person in a hurry to offer his wine was even gesturing for Miao Yi to quickly sit down. He was still waiting for his world-shaking comment.

But Miao Yi did not do so. If he continued on once more, he wouldn't be able to take it! He came here to subdue demons, not to let demons mess around with him. Thus, he promptly requested of everyone present with cupped fists, ’’Everyone, please let me finish and listen to what I have to say first.’’

Everyone was currently in high spirits, and as the master, Zhu Daneng couldn't possibly prohibit his guest from speaking. Hence, he naturally extended his hand and said, ’’Please speak!’’

However, the Fort Master whose turn it was to present his wine, was instead slightly impatient. He urged hurriedly, ’’Make it brief! Quick!’’

'You bastard! Are you in a hurry to throw your life?' Miao Yi slandered deep down, whilst uttering in a composed manner, ’’It is not in my manner to freeload. Although I can't bring out excellent wine to share with the respective Fort Masters, I am willing to produce some prizes, so I can be part of this with the Fort Masters. Whichever Fort Master's exquisite brew should come out on top, I am willing to present a treasure earnestly with both hands!’’

’’Treasure?’’ Everybody was curious. They weren't certain what kind of treasure this guy could give, so they all asked in unison, ’’What kind of treasure?’’

Miao Yi smiled at them all. ’’A treasure which has been bestowed by Commander Bi of Jade Stream Manor. I am certain that once everyone has seen it, they won't be disappointed after! ’’

’’Words alone are not proof! Show it to us first!’’ Someone shouted out loudly.

’’This...’’ Miao Yi appeared to be put in an awkward position as he looked at the surrounding singers and dancers. ’’Naturally, it needs to be shown for everyone to examine, except that this treasure is no small matter. There are too many people, which means there will be more chances for the news of this treasure being seen to spread from here. If this travels to my cousin's ears, she will most likely say that I'm a black sheep again and will definitely punish me well later. Fort Master Zhu, can you please first dismiss the rest who have nothing to do with this?’’

Zhu Daneng gave a hearty laugh. It was only a simple matter that required a single command, hardly any bother at all. Immediately, he waved his hand and shouted, ’’Everyone, dismissed! You're not allowed to come up without being summoned!’’

He turned to look at Miao Yi and asked, ’’Brother Niu, can you bring it out now that you can feel reassured?’’

The others also followed along to heckle, ’’Stop dawdling! Hurry up and bring it out for us to see.’’

Taking a quick scan around his surroundings, he saw that the entertainers and little demon attendants had already left the high platform of over a dozen meters, and only the seventy-two Fort Masters remained. Deep down, Miao Yi secretly rejoiced as his chances had increased.

The reason why he had done so was quite straightforward. There were simply too many demons at the scene, surpassing the number of little ones he had at hand. If he hadn't gotten rid of the other demons, he completely wouldn't have had any chance to strike. Otherwise, as long as one little demon gave a shout, the entire mass of demons beneath the high platform would have rushed up and definitely beaten him into a meat patty.

Earlier when he had been touring Brass Gong Fort, he had already scouted out the situation at the fortress. Zhu Daneng's subordinates alone consisted of several Yao cultivators equivalent to White Lotus Seventh, Eighth and Ninth grades. The respective Fort Masters who had come to attend the banquet had also brought along quite a number of subordinates with fairly decent cultivation bases as attendants.

Once he was surrounded by these people, it would be like being trapped in the tiger's den. With his current cultivation, he wouldn't be able to flee even if he wanted to.

Miao Yi nodded his head at the group, revealing both of his hands from his sleeves. He cupped his fists at everyone present and said, ’’Everybody, please watch closely!’’

With a flip of his palm, a Glorious Star immortal herb with glittering hazy starlight about one chi in length descended onto his palm. It was truly the red stone branches and gem-like leaves of lore, bearing with them, nine vivid red crystal fruits in stark contrast to the glittering white starlight. Pure, sparkling and translucent, it was indeed a rare sight in the world!

A rustling sound resounded from the scene as everyone stood. All the seventy-two Fort Masters were staring wide-eyed, practically sucking in a breath of cold air in unison. They were shocked to the point that they were unable to utter another word.

Not to mention never having seen a Glorious Star immortal herb of such a great size, a Glorious Star immortal herb that had born celestial fruits was even more unheard of! How many years would it actually take to grow to this extent?

Now everyone finally understood why this bastard had been afraid of the news traveling back to Madame Wu Hua's ears. If this treasure was so easily gifted away, this brat would most likely be crippled by his cousin. It looked like Madame Wu Hua was correct, this bastard was truly a black sheep!

Times had changed and now Miao Yi naturally knew the worth of the Glorious Star immortal herb in his hand. It was far beyond comparison with the ordinary Glorious Star immortal herbs. If the ordinary immortal herb containing the Glorious Star medicinal efficacy could be used to heal a hundred times, then the medicinal efficacy of this Glorious Star immortal herb could at least heal injuries five thousand times. Thus, one could well imagined it's worth.

He knew for sure that once he had revealed the item, everyone present would be awed. And this was the kind of effect he wanted.

The little ones had all crawled under the feet of the respective Fort Masters, not daring to move recklessly. They were waiting for the precise moment to strike.

Now, the seventy-two Fort Masters had completely lost their composure and were utterly defenseless. There was no time to lose - such an opportunity would never come again!

Deciding promptly, Miao Yi secretly transmitted his thoughts to strike. If he did not make his move now, until when would he wait? 'STRIKE!'

Immediately, the little ones swiftly jumped onto the Fort Masters' legs one by one, brandishing their tiny sickles and viciously stabbing down, injecting a wave of chill netherworldly aura into the Fort Masters' bodies.

The sight of every single Fort Master groaning greeted him. Their eyesight blurred as their bodies swayed. Some of them raised their hands to smack their heads while others were shaking their heads forcibly, wanting to sober up.

Afraid that there would be mishaps, Miao Yi did not dare hesitate for even a moment. He decisively swung his hand rapidly, releasing the remaining twenty-seven little ones from his storage ring. As long as they caught any signs of the Fort Masters moving, the little ones would immediately pounced on them to stab them with their tiny sickles, sinking the chilling netherworldly aura into their bodies.

Each and every single one of the seventy-two little ones were resting on the seventy-two Fort Masters' legs, biting on with their mouthparts without any intention of letting go. Unwilling to even release the pair of tiny sickles which were pierced into their victims.

The remaining twenty seven were like a swarm of bees, continuously taking turns jabbing and biting chaotically all over the seventy-two Fort Masters' bodies.

One by one, the seventy-two Fort Masters all collapsed, listing to the ground with a roll of their eyes, immediately smashing all manner of tables, chairs and plates onto the ground.

This commotion alarmed Miao Yi as he was afraid that the little demons below them would come up to investigate the situation.

But such a bastard that dared to risk his life would naturally have his forte, he wasn't lacking in the ability to adapt to circumstances. He laughed out loud heartily and exclaimed, ’’Fort Masters, don't rush. Look one by one!’’

Upon hearing the commotion, the Yao cultivators underneath the high platform had raised their heads, casting a suspicious gaze at the top of the high platform. After hearing Miao Yi's words, they exchanged gazes with each other, revealing a look of envy, uncertain as to what kind of treasure that guy had shown to cause the Fort Masters to lose their composure to this extent.

'There's no time to lose!' thought Miao Yi on the high platform. He immediately kept away the Glorious Star immortal herb with a flip of his palm. A blade then fell into his grasp. Starting from the nearest Fort Master, he took two storage rings from the opponent's hand first.

Drawing from experience with Madame Wu Hua, he realized that the items inside the Yao cultivators' storage rings most likely had more worth than the Yao Core within their bodies.


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