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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 128


Chapter 128: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (6)

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In the beginning, he'd remained inwardly vigilant as he was afraid of being exposed. But now it was just as well, since absolutely no one had paid him any attention. He realized that he was just thinking too much, as it wasn't entirely difficult to mingle with these people.

Was it too weird for him to be sitting here alone, would it make it easier for him to be exposed?

Miao Yi looked around him. Upon seeing that everyone was exchanging greetings, he found it slightly difficult to keep still.

’’Old Hei, I heard you've got a beauty. Why didn't you bring her here for everyone to see?’’

Not far from him, a couple of Fort Masters were gathering together, teasing one of their members.

Miao Yi casually grabbed a cup of wine and left his seat. He moved closer, chuckling as he said, ’’Yeah! Why didn't you bring her here for us to check out?’’

They turned their heads to look. Somebody glanced at him with a faint smile on his face, and someone else didn't bother putting on false pretenses. Another simply chuckled, nodding his head, then one by one, they all proceeded to turn on their heels and leave.

Miao Yi was left alone in the same spot. He held onto his cup of wine, putting on a rigid smile as he stood speechlessly. You arrogant f*kers, what is the meaning of this?

Glancing around to look, he made his way to another bunch of people gathered together and took the initiative to interrupt them, ’’Fort Masters, what are you guys chatting about?’’

Nobody would have expected to get the same treatment as before. On seeing that it was him, everyone gradually walked away with indifference.

Someone even replied sarcastically, ’’What's it got to do with you?’’

Previously, Miao Yi did not wish to expose himself so he came to chat on his own accord. Now that he was being disregarded to this extent, he was instantly agitated. Since when had he been this hated? And being disliked by a bunch of demons at that. It was too damaging for his pride.

Feeling dissatisfied, this bastard seemed to have forgotten his objective in coming here. Out of sheer determination, he went everywhere to exchange conversations with the Fort Masters.

Should this spectacle be seen by other human cultivators, what would their impressions be? It was very likely that they would be astonished at the arrogance and audacity of this bastard! Forget about the fact that he'd barged into the Sea of Constellations with such a low level of cultivation, he then went so far as to mix in with the demons without the slightest clue of when to withdraw and blend in with the background. Instead, he'd taken the initiative to come up to them. He showed no regard for the Yaos, so how could the Yaos in the Sea of Constellations be able to bear this?

In fact, if the Fort Masters had studied Miao Yi closely, it was very likely that they'd see through this guy's true identity.

But the Fort Masters were very much alike they'd never dream that there could be an arrogant and audacious man who didn't play by the rules.

When faced against this person who joined the fun on his own accord, they completely didn't think of the possibility that he was a human cultivator. On the other hand, they wondered how this guy could be so ignorant? Was he too blind to see that nobody wanted to talk to him?

The results were obvious: no one spared a glance for the Great Cave Master Miao, causing the Great Cave Master Miao's pride to take a deep hit.

Thus, the Great Cave Master Miao, who deep down was full of resentment, began to focus his mind and mull over how to put these guys to death.

After closely observing them for a while, he watched many of the party-goers enter and leave the area. No place was completely free from someone's field of view. On top of that, the group of small demons serving them shuttled about between the crowd. Hence, he didn't have the utmost confidence in making use of the little ones to deliver a sinister blow.

The most important thing was that these little ones were too weak they could only ambush. The moment they were discovered, the only path left to them was death.

Two months prior, the reason why he could kill Madame Wu Hua was because he'd purely used the sea as a cover for his surprise attack. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for the little ones to get close to an expert of the Blue Lotus realm. One should never treat the other party's cultivation base as a decoration.

He went around the assembly hall a few times. More people meant more chances of being seen, so Miao Yi couldn't find the opportunity to strike.

He stretched out the empty cup of wine, accepting the fine liquor a little demon was pouring into his cup. His gaze dropped onto Fort Master Zhu Daneng, who was currently engrossed in a conversation with someone else.

Walking over to them, Miao Yi interrupted their exchange. ’’Fort Master Zhu, I would like to head out to have a stroll around Brass Gong Fort. I'm unsure whether it's allowed?’’

He wanted to go out to observe the environs, trying to find out whether he could find an opportunity to set his plans into motion.

Zhu Daneng nodded his head and smiled. He felt he could somehow understand Miao Yi's current mood. He had witnessed Miao Yi running up against a snag all around, so he felt that Miao Yi was probably inwardly depressed at being a bit out of place here. It would only get more awkward the longer he stayed here, so he wanted to go out to take a walk.

He waved his hand to summon a little demon over, making him accompany Miao Yi in taking a stroll outside.

After watching Miao Yi's figure leave, the person to his side scoffed coldly, ’’This guy is so tactless. Doesn't he know that Madame Wu Hua no longer has any power? Why does he feel the need to come and implicate us?’’

’’He's a guest. It's not good of me to drive him away. Madame Wu Hua no longer has any authority, but if I smear her honor at this time, god knows what that mad woman will do. Brother, please understand my predicament.’’ Zhu Daneng shook his head with a sigh, looking resigned.

Actually, it wasn't that everybody looked down on Niu Youde's influence-peddling. It was just that Madame Wu Hua had already lost her power and influence in Jade Stream Manor.

It must be borne in mind that Bi Youbo did not limit himself to having just Madame Wu Hua as his only concubine. It gave people migraines when concubines fought amongst themselves for favor, and it was easy to bring disaster to the fish in the moat. If everyone showered Madame Wu Hua with too much respect, then when the news traveled to the ears of the other Jade Stream Manor concubines, there was always a chance that they might be offended.

Why did the former Fort Master of Pi Junzi want to recall back Pi Junzi's subordinates? He simply did not want so many people attending to Madame Wu Hua, and was attempting to show his stance to the other concubines of Jade Stream Manor.

However, it wasn't good for everyone to offend Madame Wu Hua too excessively. Even Commander Yuan did as such. If by chance, one day, Madame Wu Hua was once again favored by Bi Youbo, she would definitely borrow Bi Youbo's power to settle the score with them later.

Madame Wu Hua was not at all scary, and Bi Youbo's cultivation level had not yet reached the point where it could set rivers on fire and make people tremble with fear and trepidation. The crucial point was that Bi Youbo's background was fearsome, so even Commander Yuan would withdraw when faced with Bi Youbo's concubines.

But as it happened, this Niu Youde was not the least bit tactful. He insisted on coming up and being familiar with them, causing them to feel uncertain as to whether they should deal with him or not. This led to everyone hating him so much, and so they could only avoid him at all costs.

But how could Niu Youde be blamed for this?

Miao Yi was completely in the dark about such a complicated inside story behind Madame Wu Hua's background. Even Pi Junzi, a Yao cultivator who only held a lowly position, had no way to know the upper echelons' reasons, and lacked the means to tell Miao Yi the complete truth.

As it happened, Miao Yi was extremely daring. He hadn't completely grasped the situation and had the audacity to come forth to fish in troubled water. And thus, he kept hitting a wall wherever he went.

Miao Yi had initially wanted to make use of the Jade Stream Manor's power to become well-acquainted with everyone on the scene. Then, he would try to talk to them in private about a small matter, dragging the Fort Masters, one by one, to a secluded area alone so he could do the deed. That was the most safest method.

But one can well imagine that he was gravely mistaken about the circumstances, and now everybody was avoiding him, leaving him with absolutely no room to strike.

Miao Yi couldn't find an opportunity within the abode, so he went to take a stroll outside. He surveyed the surrounding terrain, and at the same time made some inquiries to the small demon accompanying him on the tour, ’’Where will the Bejeweled Nectar Conclave be held tonight?’’

The little demon pointed to a plain not far from there. ’’In reply to the Great One, when the luminous moon hangs overhead in the air, the Fort Masters will drink a toast to solicit the moon.’’

’’There...’’ muttered Miao Yi, faintly shaking his head. The terrain was too open. It wouldn't be easy to strike.

His mood was somewhat melancholy as he realized that he had come in vain. He couldn't find a single opportunity to strike. It looked like there wasn't any point in staying. Even worse, there was the probability that he'd most likely get into trouble should he stay any longer.

But this brat was still a little unwilling to give up. For two months, he had waited in the Sea of Constellations without doing a thing. Even the subordinates he brought were all dead, if he returned home like this, he'd be left unassuaged.

And thus, he remained firm on his decision of taking the risk and observing the situation once more. Who knows, he might really be able to find the opportunity.


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