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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 126


Chapter 126: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (4)

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It wasn't up to them to cast suspicion onto Miao Yi's identity. The majority of the places in the Sea of Constellations were islands, so there weren't many areas which could accommodate a dragon steed's speed as it galloped recklessly.

The main issue was that the areas were small. With the speed of a dragon steed, it wouldn't take them long to rush to the coast. Their speed wasn't bad on land but in the sea, it was a different story. Thus, dragon steeds had practically no use in the Sea of Constellations. It would be enough to make a round trip with the Yao cultivators' own leg strength alone on the island. On top of that, the Yao cultivators were not well-versed in rearing dragon steeds, so usually, only on islands where there was a large area of land would they be most likely to use dragon steeds.

Dressed in exquisite clothes and a jade crown, Miao Yi swiftly charged into the mountain forest, only to hear a shout coming from the forest a distance up ahead. ’’Who goes there?’’

Two figures wielding sabers and spears suddenly ran out from the forest. They held their weapons, blocking the mountain path.

Charcoal raised his front limbs, his rear hooves drawing deep grooves on the ground and violently sending dust flying in all directions before coming to an urgent stop.

Sitting upright on top of Charcoal, Miao Yi sized up the two little mountain patrol demons, finding them a little ridiculous deep down. He realized that today was really an eye-opening experience.

The two little mountain patrol demons roughly had four limbs sprouting from their body. However, one had a wild boar's physique and a boar's head, whilst the other had a wild wolf's physique and head. Their four limbs had also yet to completely transform into a human limbs. They were thick with hair and had dense, fierce teeth, looking more than a little frightening. In stark contrast, the words they spoke was the language of men.

Obviously, these two little demons' cultivation levels had yet to attain a grade, so now they still could not completely transform into a human appearance.

From the two little demons, Miao Yi's gaze shifted to the fluttering banner at the mountain peak up ahead and instead, asked them an unrelated question, ’’Is that Brass Gong Fort up ahead?’’

At first, the two little demons were shocked at Charcoal's obese physique. They were a bit skeptical, wondering whether or not they had made a wrong judgement. Was this really a dragon steed?

At last, they finally diverted their attention onto Miao Yi. They felt a faint Yao energy coming from him, so they relaxed their guard slightly. However, they were still unwilling to let him pass easily. The Wild Boar Spirit brandished his spear and shouted, ’’Who are you?’’

Miao Yi revealed the four storage rings on his hands, making the two little demons green with envy. They felt that the bearer was quite outlandish.

As expected, Miao Yi summoned out a crystal token from his storage ring, revealing the 'Jade' word to the two of them. ’’I am from Jade Stream Manor. I heard that Brass Gong Fort is holding the Bejeweled Nectar Conclave so I specially came to join the festivities. I trouble you to please send word to the Fort Master.’’

’’Jade Stream Manor?’’ The two little demons exchanged glances with each other.

The Wolf Spirit withdrew his hostile posture, carrying his saber as he walked over. He took the token in his hand and examined it for a bit. He had never seen a Jade Stream Manor token before, but his senses were telling him that there shouldn't be any issues. He began to inquire, ’’Dare I ask the name of the esteemed guest, and what position you are holding in the Jade Stream Manor, so this humbled one can report to the Fort Master?’’

Miao Yi coldly replied, ’’Is my name something that a little demon like you can ask? Hurry and go send word!’’

He acted extremely high and mighty;so much that the Wolf Spirit, was instead a little scared. At once, he bowed and scraped, ’’Esteemed guest, please wait for a while. This humbled one will go inform at once!’’

Turning around with Miao Yi's token in his grasp, he promptly dashed out towards the direction of the Brass Gong Fort like a wisp of smoke.

Sitting up high, Miao Yi threw a cold glance at the Wild Boar Spirit staring at him. The latter immediately bowed in submission, smiling apologetically as he said, ’’Esteemed guest, please wait. Please wait. It won't be long. The response will be back soon.’’

Miao Yi asked indifferently, ’’Pig-headed fool. I ask you, have all the seventy two Fort Masters arrived?’’

Let's not forget where Miao Yi had come from - a background of killing pigs. The number of pig heads that he had personally cut were unknown. He knew very well how many intestines were inside a pig's belly, so indeed, he wouldn't attach any importance to a Wild Boar Spirit.

Hearing that this esteemed guest had directly called him a 'pig-headed fool', the Wild Boar Spirit's nostrils flared as he widened his eyes greatly and nearly turned on him right there and then. Yet he was still afraid to provoke him, so he nodded and bowed, ’’Soon! Soon! Dozens of them have arrived. Today all of them will be present. ’’

It seemed like he really was in time! Miao Yi let out a 'Oh!', ’’How can you be sure that they will all be present today?’’

The Wild Boar Spirit lifted his hairy finger and pointed towards the sky saying, ’’There are things that the esteemed guest doesn't know. Tonight is the night when the luminous full moon hangs overhead in the sky. Every year, on the same day as the night of this full moon, the Bejeweled Nectar Conclave would drink a toast to welcome the moon. Such matter of elegance, how could the seventy-two Fort Masters miss this opportunity? They would naturally all be present before the curtain of night falls.’’

'Elegance my ass. A group of demons pretending to be refined scholars, and drinking a toast to solicit the bright moon?' Miao Yi muttered deep down, but on the surface, he gave a slight nod of his head and said, ’’I see...’’

While he was indirectly asking about the situation in Brass Gong Fort, the Wolf Demon quickly returned with a large bared-arm boorish man trailing behind him, with a pair of twin hammers hanging from his waist.

’’Your token!’’ The Wolf Demon returned the token with both hands, his attitude becoming exceptionally respectful.

It was because the Fort Master had already authenticated that this was indeed the Jade Stream Manor's token. Not only that, the Fort Master had also said that those have this token would not have a low status in the Jade Stream Manor.

The big boorish man with twin hammers hanging from his waist, also couldn't help looking twice at the chubby Charcoal. He muttered in his heart, 'Is this a dragon steed?'

He pushed the Wolf Demon's face, directly pushing him aside. It was entirely the same way an aggressive boss would treat his lackeys. He turned to face Miao Yi, reaching out his hand to invite him and said, ’’Esteemed guest, the Fort Master asks of you.’’

Putting away the token, Miao Yi nodded his head. He rode his dragon steed and followed behind the other person's back at an unhurried pace in the direction of Brass Gong Fort.

As to how Brass Gong Fort had earned its name, Miao Yi couldn't tell. He could only see that it was hollowed out of a stone mountain cave. A tall pole was set up outside, on which hung a fluttering banner with the three words 'Brass Gong Fort' written on it.

Currently, the main entrance of the abode was opened wide. Immediately before the entrance, two rows of grotesquely shaped demons, neither humans or monsters stood in a V-shaped formation. The majority of them were small demons who had not yet attained a grade, so they could not completely transformed into a human form.

But on the inside, stood a few rows of Yao cultivators who looked human.

And at the spot where the main gate opened, stood more than fifty people, each and every single one of them were dressed uniquely. Quite a number of them had cloaks draped over their bodies, looking majestic. One look was enough to deduce that these were Yao cultivators on a completely different level.

On arriving at the entrance of the mountain fortresses, Miao Yi let Charcoal reduce his speed, allowing the big bared-arm boorish man to enter first and send word.

Miao Yi also discovered that everyone's gaze was drawn to his mount, sizing it up.

The boorish man walked over to a short, chubby man with a black cloak draped over his shoulders and with every single lock of his tough hair sticking up like steel needles. He pointed to Miao Yi and muttered a few words softly.

The person nodded his head, gradually forcing out a smile onto his face. He lifted his cloak with his hands and cupped his fists as he walked over, his voice loud and clear as he laughed heartily, ’’An esteemed guest from Jade Stream Manor honors us with his presence, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling. Excuse me, Zhu Daneng, for not coming to meet you. I hope you forgive me.’’

It turned out that this person was the Fort Master Zhu Daneng of Brass Gong Fort. Miao Yi had heard Pi Junzi mention it before. This person was also a Wild Boar Spirit, but his cultivation level had reached the Blue Lotus realm.

Miao Yi jumped off his mount at once, cupping his fists to return the greeting and said, ’’I'm happy to hear that Brass Gong Fort is holding the Bejeweled Nectar Conclave, so I turned up without being invited. Fort Master, please forgive me.’’

’’You're being modest!’’ Zhu Daneng laughed heartily, ’’Having a guest coming from afar, I am most delighted! Dare I ask for the esteemed guest's distinguished name?’’

Miao Yi's eyes swept across the Yaos before stopping at an Ox Demon with two horns on his head. He thought to himself that to have dealings with these group of demons, it was inadvisable for his name sound too human, so he casually replied, ’’Niu Youde is presumptuous to bother Fort Master Zhu!’’

’’Niu Youde?’’ Fort Master Zhu Daneng was taken aback, but quickly laughed heartily once more as he said, ’’Good name! Good name! Both amazing and with character! This name is so arrogant! You received a good name with a great domineering influence! When matched with the stately and handsome Brother Niu dressed in exquisite clothes and a jade crown, others will have no choice but to be utterly convinced!’’


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