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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 125


Chapter 125: Bejeweled Nectar Conclave (3)

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Pi Junzi had been lying on the ground in his original rodent state. Slowly, he opened his eyes and came to. He raised his head and looked at Miao Yi, hiding a bitter smile in his eyes. Until now, he still hadn't figured out what sort of frightening arts the other party was using.

His body glowed with a white light, and he turned into that skinny, shifty-eyed, moustached man once more.

Stretching his curled body, he stood back up as he tried to get his bearings. Then, he greeted Miao Yi respectfully, ’’Great Immortal.’’

Miao Yi lightly nodded, ’’Two months have passed. Tell me the approximate location of the Bejeweled Nectar Conclave.’’

’’Two months have passed?’’ Pi Junzi was taken aback. He didn't think that he had been unconscious for so long. Facing Miao Yi's cold glance, he couldn't help but tremble a little deep down. He didn't dare keep anything a secret. Immediately, he knelt on the ground, using his fingers to draw out a map in the soil and highlighted a certain area.

Miao Yi paid close attention. After he was done imprinting it into his memory, he took out a set of luxurious clothes from his storage ring, and changed out of the black outfit of East Arrival Cave. He tied his hair with a jade crown, and placed the First Grade Yao Core inside his belt.

The luxurious clothes, the jade crown;four storage rings on his fingers, as well as the Cave Master's presence that had been slowly cultured from being at East Arrival Cave. He really did look as though he hailed from some extraordinary place.

Miao Yi spread his arms and spun around, then asked, ’’Do you think this attire is enough for me to participate?’’

’’The Great Immortal is brimming with grace. It absolutely won't be a problem!’’ Pi Junzi nodded repeatedly, then asked, ’’May I know what identity will the Great Immortal use to participate?’’

’’How about as Madame Wu Hua's cousin?’’

’’The Great Immortal is wise!’’ Pi Junzi complimented him for the sake of appearances, but completely disagreed with it. He then asked weakly, ’’If this humbled one were to accompany the Great Immortal, shouldn't I tidy up my attire as well?’’

He lifted both his arms that had been pierced by the steel chains, as though reminding Miao Yi to help him remove them, otherwise they would definitely be exposed if he were to go looking like this.

Miao Yi indifferently said, ’’You don't need to go. I can make the trip alone!’’

’’Ah!’’ Pi Junzi was shocked, ’’Great Immortal will go alone?’’

He thought that Miao Yi must have been joking. He didn't know anything about the situation, and dared to charge in on his own. Wasn't this too audacious?

Miao Yi didn't need to explain too much to him. He simply lifted his hand and slowly reached out to pat Pi Junzi's shoulder.

'Here it comes again.....' Pi Junzi was fearful in his heart. He opened his eyes wide and stared, as the other party's hand dropped down on his own shoulder, but he didn't dare resist.

As he expected, something pricked him on the back of his shoulder. That frighteningly and abysmal chill quickly invaded his body, and he instantly lost consciousness, falling into a daze.

Pi Junzi's eyes rolled back, and he fell to the ground once more. Without the support of his transcendence energy, his body glowed white, and he again reverted back to his original form.

The little one that was crawling on Miao Yi's finger spread its wings and flew onto Pi Junzi's body.

’’If I brought you with me, there would be too much opportunity for you to sabotage me. Wouldn't that be even more dangerous!’’

Miao Yi squinted at Pi Junzi, then turned away and summoned Charcoal over before they left together.

As for Pi Junzi, in a situation where Miao Yi hadn't settled the matter, there was still a use for him. Miao Yi wouldn't kill him. There might even be a use for the Rat Spirit when he came back. Miao Yi left one of the little ones to take care of him. He could keep him in this state indefinitely without waking up if he wanted.

If Pi Junzi had the gall to set him up so that he wouldn't be able to return, once time passed, the little one would have Pi Junzi for dinner when it got hungry.

Once he was treated as food for the little one, even if Pi Junzi was still alive and well, he was no different than a dead man. The more the little one ate, the longer you would stay unconscious. It could devour you alive from start to finish.

With such a giant Rat Spirit, the little one would be able to feast for quite a while.

After coming out of the cave, Miao Yi got on Charcoal, and brought his steed to a gallop up the peak of the mountain in the rear. Then, he circled around and surveyed the surrounding terrain.

After matching the terrain with the map that Pi Junzi had drawn and confirming the path, Charcoal quickly charged out, its four hooves stomping ferociously as it carried Miao Yi and leaped a few hundred meters away. It flew down the mountain in a few more leaps, and quickly galloped away.

Pi Junzi had assumed Miao Yi wouldn't dare go to the unfamiliar Bejeweled Nectar Conclave alone, but to Miao Yi, this had nothing to do with courage;only whether it was possible or not.

When he was seventeen years old, under a situation where he didn't have any guarantees, he had dared to take the risk and infiltrate the Boundless Secular World.

Now that he had the token from Jade Stream Manor in his hands, he was even more fearless.

He didn't even leave Charcoal behind, and just brazenly rode on his dragon steed as he headed to the Conclave. This was beyond just being brave.

To other people, they would probably need extra consideration for such a thing, as they might not be able to sneak in with just the Jade Stream Manor's token. In addition, riding a dragon steed in would make it easier to be exposed. It was too dangerous.

But Miao Yi wouldn't believe so. He believed that it was worth a try since he had the token in his hands. In the off chance that he failed, with Charcoal's leg strength, he could just run away. The average Blue Lotus Yao cultivator may not necessarily be able to catch up to Charcoal's legs. He would cross that bridge when it came to a point where he couldn't escape.

With these two conditions, given Miao Yi's personality, it was worth it for him to take the risk.

He was not someone who was scared of every little thing. The way he saw it, there was no need to think too much. Only if there was a need and whether it was possible to do or not. There was no such thing as absolute success in this world. Thinking about everything too much, why, if problems could be solved by just thinking about them, then there wouldn't be a need to do anything.

In his perspective, the problem was very simple. Where would he find all the conditions to ensure his success? It was more likely he would go out of his mind!

As the saying goes, scholars staging a rebellion wouldn't succeed even if they had three years. What it meant was that the more educated someone was, the easier it was for them to overcomplicate a problem. The more they thought, the easier it was for them be fearful of the wolves in front and the tigers behind. In the end, everything would just becomes a figment of their imagination. They would not be willing to do anything out of fear, feeling as though everything was a risk.

Miao Yi didn't receive much education in his youth, and having to raise his family from a young age had made him into a man of action. He wouldn't have been able to feed the mouths in his family by just sticking his head into books, he had to take action. Only then was he able to raise his younger brother and sister. By the time Lao Bai had taught him how to read and write, his disposition had already been established.

In the past, everyone had said that the Sea of Constellations was dangerous. Even Yan Xiu had continuously advised him not to come, but Miao Yi believed that all would be fine as long as he did not offend any powerful beings. In addition to having a few subordinates under his command, he also had the little ones' help. And what's more, he himself had a pressing need to come to the Sea of Constellations, so why wouldn't he make the trip?

The thought process of someone like Miao Yi would probably make many people speechless. This was also the reason why others didn't dare venture into the Sea of Constellations, but he would.

Speaking of which, Lao Bai had judged countless people. If Miao Yi had been a person who liked to calculate everything and was wishy-washy, Lao Bai wouldn't have chosen him. Because even if he was more intelligent, if he only knew how to daydream, then he wouldn't be able to accomplish anything......

The mountain range had no name, but the demons had established a base here, building a single mountain fortress, and giving it the name Brass Gong Fort.

It was Brass Gong Fort's turn to host the Bejeweled Nectar Conclave this year, and the seventy-two Fort Masters would all flock over. Miao Yi was openly charging over on his dragon steed at a ferocious gallop.

’’Who's that person charging over? He's riding a dragon steed, could he be a human cultivator?’’

’’Doesn't seem likely. How would a human cultivator be so brazen as to come charging over on a dragon steed?’’

’’We'll find out as soon as we stop him and ask.’’

Two little demons had been patrolling the mountain when they spotted the figure of a person flying over. They hid in the shadows and whispered to each other.


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