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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 122


Chapter 122: Pi Junzi (4)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Clutching his spear, Miao Yi walked over to him.

Pi Junzi turned his head over with exceptional difficulty. Seeing the incoming Miao Yi holding his spear, a look of panic flashed past his eyes. He exerted his entire strength and did his utmost to kneel, once again coughing up a mouthful of blood as he shook his head forcefully and said, ’’Great Immortal, please spare me. Don't kill me! Great Immortal, please spare my life...’’

Standing in front of him, Miao Yi finally understood a single truth from Pi Junzi. As expected, he was really a powerless individual and still coveted his life!

For the sake of living, this Rat Spirit was seriously willing to bear any form of humiliation.

Despite the fact that Miao Yi knew Pi Junzi only said those words for the sake of living, and so it wasn't worth an ounce of trust from the start, he still reached out with his spear, lifting his chin as he said, ’’I believe you! Obey me and I will spare your life. Otherwise, I'll definitely kill you!’’

In a flash, a feeling of happiness engulfed Pi Junzi, as he repeatedly nodded his head and exclaimed, ’’Thank you, Great Immortal! This humbled one pledges my life to vow loyalty and devotion to Great Immortal! And absolutely will not be disloyal to you!’’

It's best to just listen to these kind of words and pay it no heed. Most likely, he acted the same while trying to live through the Octopus Spirit's grasp. Miao Yi shook his head, turned around and left. He again retrieved a piece of meat and roasted it over the fire rack. He pointed to the fire across him in passing, signaling the other person to come over and sit.

Pi Junzi shifted to the place with great difficulty, he hobbled over before sitting, grinning apologetically. Bloodstains were all over his face and his moustache was akin to messy grass, looking exceptionally hideous.

Until now, he couldn't understand how had he even fallen for his trap, as well as how he could unknowingly fall, so much so that he couldn't even perceive the depth of the other person's cultivation base.

’’I came to the Sea of Constellations to hunt. If you cannot assist me in bringing results, then I'll have to kill you to make up the numbers...’’

Miao Yi coerced and threatened, before asking about the state of affairs on the island.

For the sake of his life, it could be said that Pi Junzi answered all questions asked.

The six nations within the Six Sages realm, the control structure was more or less the same from top to bottom. However, the world is so big that nothing should bring surprise. There were bound to be some places that were different. For instance, places like the Flowing Clouds Dune Sea.

Within the realm of the Yao Nation, the Yao Sage Ji Huan came from the Sea of Constellations, so it could be said that it was Ji Huan's place of origin. Hence, the Sea of Constellations area was considerably permissive, causing the place to be relatively unconventional. There weren't too many rules to be had, only that the strongest would be king.

The majority of the places in the entire Sea of Constellations were divided amongst its four kings, who were known by its people as the Four Sea Kings of the Sea of Constellations. Serving under them were the nine Supreme Yao Lords, and under each of the Supreme Yao Lords, there were twelve Grand Yao Generals, with each of the Yao Generals having thirty-six commanders serving under them. The other large and small demons, like Pi Junzi, were also innumerable.

The mysteries of the vast and obscure sea were far more treacherous than that of the land. Furthermore in this region, there were also the cruel, wild, unwilling to be tamed and unrestrainable Demonic Behemoths. Some of the Demonic Behemoths had even surpassed the seniority of the Six Sages. Although they didn't have the qualifications to be at the top, or were as well-respected like the Six Sages, their strength was not to be underestimated. It was uncertain as to how many tens of thousands of years they had spent in cultivation.

These Demonic Behemoths didn't even hold the Six Sages in high regard. Alone, they may not match up to the Six Sages, but should they combine their forces, even the Six Sages would have to consider, not daring to look for such trouble rashly. As long as a conflict of interest between them didn't break out, these Demonic Behemoths were selectively forgotten by the Six Sages.

Of course, the Demonic Behemoths were also reluctant to act rashly by crossing the line with the Six Sages. Due to the fact that conflict already existed between the Six Sages, they would not try working together so easily. However, if they really did lay their hands on the Six Sages' gains, forcing the Six Sages to combine their forces, those Demonic Behemoths would not be able to endure it.

On hearing that, Miao Yi sucked in a breath of cold air. No wonder many said that the Sea of Constellations was extremely dangerous, and furthermore, even exceedingly chaotic. It turned out there were Demonic Behemoths who were selectively forgotten by the Six Sages. With the presence of these demons, it was no wonder that the Yao Sage Ji Huan found it hard to secure the Sea of Constellations, and allowed it to remain in chaos.

The rumours that the Sea of Constellations was the place of origin of Ji Huan, so Ji Huan was quite permissive of them, were supposedly just excuses to put feathers in one's cap. In reality, it was because Ji Huan couldn't deal with those Demonic Behemoths.

In summary, the ten thousand islands and seas of all sizes in the Sea of Constellations, were all dominated by all kinds of demons.

And currently, Miao Yi was on the territory of the Four Sea Kings of the Sea of Constellations. This island belonged to the Azure Ape Commander. He was called Yuan Kaishan, a Third Grade Yao cultivator, equivalent to a cultivator of the Red Lotus realm.

Listening up till this point, Miao Yi couldn't refrain from asking cautiously, ’’Then Madame Wu Hua is the subordinate of the Azure Ape Commander?’’

A cultivator of the Red Lotus realm was no joke. Amongst the four great realms which Lao Bai divided into the First Art of Traversing, Second Art of Levitation, Third Art of Soaring the Heavens, Fourth Art of Infinity, the Red Lotus rank had already broken through the realm of traversing, thus having the presence of soaring in the air.

If he truly had provoked these demons, then even Charcoal's leg strength were like dregs. Not having the means to flee for his life if the occasion called for it to say that he wasn't fearful would be bogus.

Pi Junzi shook his head. ’’Madame Wu Hua is the fifth concubine of Commander Bi Youbo of Jade Stream Manor, which is three thousand li from here. She's not the subordinate of Commander Yuan.’’

’’Three thousand li away?’’ Surprised, Miao Yi thought that the distance was quite far, so he asked, puzzled, ’’How did a concubine of the Jade Stream Manor's commander run over to the Azure Ape Commander's territory to occupy a land? The Azure Ape Commander doesn't care?’’

He finally understood slightly why the Octopus Spirit's patrimony had been rather generous. It turned out she was the concubine of a household.

Pi Junzi smiled bitterly. ’’After Madame Wu Hua sized my territory back then, this humbled one filed a complaint to the upper echelons. In the end, this humbled one found out later that Commander Bi and Commander Yuan have a special relationship, and apparently were sworn brothers. I heard that he had to call Commander Bi 'Big Brother'. With this layer of relationship present, naturally it's become like this. It's only just that I feel wronged.’’

Miao Yi went speechless. So it seemed that she still had some relation to the Azure Ape Commander. Furthermore, the situation was even more dire. First, Madame Wu Hua was Bi Youbo's concubine and second, she was also Yuan Kaishan's sister in law. Him killing Madame Wu Hua was the same as offending the two demonic commanders all at once.

In any case, he'd managed to gain something from all this. Miao Yi couldn't refrain from thinking whether he should quit while he was ahead and to quickly make his escape

But whenever he thought of all of his dead subordinates, it would be very difficult to save his Cave Master's seat once he returned. If he did not accumulate more items in gains, he would barely be able to make up for the losses.

But he still needed to thoroughly understand the situation. ’’Madame Wu Hua is dead. When do you think Commander Bi and Commander Yuan will find out?’’

Pi Junzi knew what he was worrying about. He shook his head in reply. ’’This, I am not too sure.’’

Flipping over the 'Madame Wu Hua' in his hand as he roasted it, Miao Yi coldly laughed. ’’You'd better consider it carefully. You're now under my command. If some mishaps were to happen to me, I will definitely slaughter you first as my scapegoat. Perhaps, I should kill you now before any further discussion.’’

Pi Junzi was scared out of his wits, exclaiming again and again, ’’Great Immortal, this humbled one really doesn't know. This humbled one doesn't even know where Madame Wu Hua's cave is located in the waters. But I heard that the reason why Madame Wu Hua came here was because she was tired of struggling to be favored and was made an outcast by the other wives of Commander Bi Youbo. She had no place to stay in the Jade Stream Manor, so she temporarily took shelter here. And Commander Yuan would never come here to meet his sister-in-law. It wouldn't be pleasant to her if this gets spread out. Reportedly, Bi Youbo's background is extraordinary. This humbled one believes that Commander Yuan would never disregard Bi Youbo's honor by meeting his sister-in-law in private. So this humbled one estimates that for the short term, there shouldn't be anyone who will discover that Madame Wu Hua is dead.’’


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