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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 121


Chapter 121: Pi Junzi (3)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

’’Uh...’’ Pi Junzi's eyes brightened as he nodded his head repeatedly and said, ’’Correct. Correct. Could it be that Great Immortal is the Madame's acquaintance? No wonder you are here in Madame's territory! It looks like we have failed to recognize each other when we are on the same side, simply one family that did not know one another! Since we're one family, Great Immortal, please let me go and allow me to salute you. Such agony has really tormented me to a frantic state!’’

’’Hehe!’’ Miao Yi laughed coldly for a while, his face revealing a teasing look. He turned and pointed at the meat roasting on top of the fire rack. ’’Your Madame and I surely knew each other. How could you not notice your Madame is currently roasting over the fire? The meaty fragrance is permeating the entire place! Hurry up and recognize her!’’

’’Eh...Madame...’’ Pi Junzi slowly uttered, completely at a loss for words.

After having it pointed out, it wasn't hard to recognize an octopus tentacle roasting over the fire. A normal octopus could never have grown this huge.

Miao Yi strolled over to the side of the fire. He reached out and grabbed the scalding hot longspear. With a shake, the large piece of cooked octopus meat fell before Charcoal.

'Harrumph!' Charcoal let out a loud snort, swinging his mane around as he split open his jaw to reveal razor sharp teeth. He lowered his head and bit down in satisfaction.

Pi Junzi kept twitching unceasingly, finding it difficult to swallow his saliva. His eyes gradually shifted away from the thing that Charcoal was eating, and finally dropped his gaze onto Miao Yi. At last, he saw Miao Yi was currently looking askance at him as he smirked. Uncontrollably, he felt goosebumps and could already imagine the scene of himself being propped over the fire and getting roasted!

’’Benefactor!’’ Pi Junzi suddenly faced upwards and let out a mournful cry. He clambered up, and faced Miao Yi to bow down to pay his respects.

'Neigh!' Charcoal titled his head to the side. On seeing the guy raise a fuss, he immediately ignore his delicious food for the time being and turned around galloping while dragging the steel chain behind him.

’’AIIIEE!’’ Pi Junzi emitted a blood-curdling scream, and was once again dragged away by Charcoal in a flurry without rhyme or reason.

'BANG! BANG! BANG!' ...the crafty, lean figure was being slammed ferociously against large trees.

Due to the suppression of the netherworldly Yin energy in his body, it wasn't easy for him to invoke his defensive arts. He was instantly jolted to the point he was befuddled, simply screaming for his life repeatedly, ’’OW! Great Immortal, please spare my life! OW! Great Immortal, please spare me!’’

Miao Yi was also slightly at a loss for words. He realized that Charcoal always had this evil sadistic streak in him. He had kept the Rat Spirit alive and didn't kill him because he still had some use for him, so don't he dare kill him off.

’’Damn fatty! Don't run too far! Come back!’’ Miao Yi called out to put a stop to it.

In the end, the still spirited and trembling with excitement Charcoal, dragged the howling and crying Pi Junzi back to Miao Yi.

He stopped in his tracks with his rear facing Pi Junzi and swished his tail around to display his prowess, before lowering his head to continue eating his delicious food.

Like a drowned mouse, Pi Junzi collapsed to his side, groaning in pain. His hair was scattered all about in a frazzled state. His entire body covered in mud and withered leaves .

However, it was important to safeguard his life and Pi Junzi was afraid to delay any further. Using hands pierced and shackled to the bone, he wiped off the blood flowing from his nose after the collisions. Quickly, he clambered up and faced Miao Yi to kowtow. Once again, he cried out in sorrow, ’’Benefactor...’’

As he just finished saying that, he seemed to recalled something. His voice trailed off slightly as he quickly turned his head to cast a glance at Charcoal. It seemed he had really learnt his lesson from his past mistake.

Just now he had shouted out 'Benefactor', which lead him to be dragged away and be tortured by that fat dragon steed. He was slightly worried that misfortunes would come from his mouth, and he would be tormented again.

He was unable to wrap his mind around it. He had only called out 'Benefactor' and yet why had that fat dragon steed over reacted?

Seeing that he was safe, Pi Junzi heaved a sigh of relief. Once again, he kowtowed and cried out wretchedly, ’’Benefactor!’’

When he lifted his head, one could see the tears flowing from his eyes. The tears that cascaded down his face appeared sparkling and translucent under the illumination of the flames, as he revealed a look of agony on his face.

Miao Yi found that this Rat Spirit had many cards up his sleeves. He had threatened him in the beginning and soon after, he was begging for mercy. So what was he playing at now? It hadn't been long, yet the speed at which he had changed his attitude was really fast.

’’You're calling me Benefactor?’’

Miao Yi asked cautiously, feeling a bit suspicious. If it wasn't for the fact that he was the only one present, he would've almost thought that he heard it wrongly. He had already tormented him to this extent, yet the guy could still kneel down and kowtow, calling him a benefactor while thanking him?

Pi Junzi once again, sadly wiped away the blood flowing from his nose. He nodded his head, choking with sobs, ’’Precisely!’’

’’Oh!’’ Miao Yi asked in amusement, ’’I'd like to hear the details!’’

Pi Junzi shook his head in anger and grief, saying, ’’She's the most poisonous wrench! That Octopus Spirit seized my territory, forced me to be her slave, and often used countless methods of unprecedented brutality to insult and abuse me! Benefactor has not witnessed it personally. If you had, you would know that everything she did would simply make people bristle with anger. For the last three hundred years, I have lived in fear every day and night, and was often startled awake from a nightmare weeping bitter tears. It was the same as a living death! Now that benefactor has punished her on behalf of heaven and beheaded that wretched woman devoid of conscience for me, allowing me to shed off a wretched plight. How could I not be moved to tears? Oh benefactor, please accept my paying of respects again!’’

When he said paying his respects, he did it exactly as he said, his attitude was sincere with tears hanging on his face. He kowtowed soundly on the ground one after another, kneeling for a long time with no intention of getting up.

Miao Yi twitched. Having grown to this age, this was still his first time seeing such a shameless bastard. It would be astonishing if he had actually believed this Rat Spirit. He wasn't an idiot. The guy was obviously paying lip service for the sake of surviving.

’’Really?’’ asked Miao Yi indifferently, slightly raising his brow.

Pi Junzi was kneeling with his head pressed to the ground when he suddenly lifted his head. He raised the hands pierced through the bones with the fine steel chain over his head. ’’It's true! It couldn't be anymore true! I swear to the heavens above that I hated to be unable to eat that wretched woman's flesh, drinking her blood, sleeping on her skin! For the past three hundred years until now, I have wished that I could devour her whole every day and night!’’

Miao Yi really had to give it to him, yet he still remained indifferent, ’’Really?’’

Pi Junzi began to panic. He had already spoken to this point and he still didn't trust him?

Looking around him, his gaze fell onto the meat that Charcoal was biting on. Since he didn't believe what he said, he decided to take action to prove how much he really wished he could eat that Octopus Spirit's meat and drink her blood.

Without uttering another word, he dragged the steel chain along as he ran over in a hurry. He crouched on the ground, grabbing onto the cooked Octopus Spirit's meat and gobbled it down whilst madly chewing.

After devouring a few mouthfuls ravenously, he even faced upwards towards the sky and laughed heartily, ’’Wretched woman! Serves you right!’’

Once he had finished scolding, he continued to lunge down with his head, madly eating a few mouthfuls before cursing again. He was virtually drawing the line between him and the Octopus Spirit at any cost.

Charcoal widened his eyes greatly as he stared at him. He actually dared to rob his delicious food?!

’’Wretched woman! I finally-’’

'-BANG!' Before he could finish, Charcoal had turned around and faced him with his rear, promptly giving him a backward kick. Immediately, Pi Junzi's words were cut off as he was sent flying.

What a joke! The dragon steed's most valiant trait was their leg strength. One could well imagine the consequence of being kicked by a dragon steed.

Blood spurted out from Pi Junzi's mouth as he flew backwards. The meal that he had eaten earlier was also vomited out, while the cracking sound of fracturing bones were crisp to the ears.

He flew halfway up the sky before being dragged to a halt in mid air by the fine steel chain tied to Charcoal's body. He hovered for a while, then came crashing down onto the ground with a 'BANG'!

Looking at this scene, Miao Yi couldn't help but grimace. He could very well imagine the taste of that kick by Charcoal and couldn't stand thinking of the agonizing pain felt by Pi Junzi. He almost didn't have the heart to continue watching.

Lying on the ground, Pi Junzi coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood. After groaning for quite a while, he struggled for a bit, shocked to the point that he couldn't clamber up and was unable to utter a single word. This time his internal injury were really severe.


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