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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: As Prophesized (3)

The reason why Head Guard Huang's daughter, who was sent to become an Immortal's handmaiden, hadn't allowed her little brother to risk going inside the Boundless Secular World, was because the Immortal that she had been trying to please had already checked on her little brother and deemed him unsuitable for cultivation. So there was no need for him to risk his life by going inside the Boundless Secular World. So what if he were able to find the treasures? He'd be accepted and treated as a slave, being sent to do menial jobs. It was better for him to become a rich mortal in the secular world.

Just like what the old monk had told Miao Yi, leaving an immortal herb for himself would only bring him harm, because he could see that Miao Yi was unsuitable for cultivation.

It wasn't as if he wanted the immortal herb, he only wanted to prevent Miao Yi from coming to harm, so he had no choice but to accept the immortal herb from Fatty Zhang, just to save Miao Yi from future regrets.

Just like Little Lu, if she had the aptitude, then the official document at the side would immediately register her results and she would be returned to the gate after that. If she didn't have the aptitude, then there was no need make a registration, not even the name.

However, the results from the test shocked everyone standing witness. They could see a phantom of a phoenix rising from the top of Little Lu's head as she stood on the jade plate. The phoenix soared around the sky above the residence.

Normal people were unable to see it, only cultivators who possessed the transcendence vision could see it. At that very moment, all of the cultivators in the Ancient City were looking towards its direction.

A lot of people were shocked and involuntarily exclaimed, ’’Phoenix form!’’

In the world of cultivation, there was a phrase, 'The Bearing of Dragon and Phoenix', that referred to the aptitude best suited for cultivation, which was considered a top-notch aptitude. The dragon signified men, while the phoenix signified women. People with this kind of natural endowment were only found by chance, and most of the time they were highly sought after and fought over by the different sects.

All the cultivators at the scene found it hard to believe that they were able to meet someone with the qualification of 'phoenix form' in a small place like this.

Fairy Hong Chen, who stood inside the loft, suddenly turned around, her eyes focusing on Little Lu who was on the jade plate in the courtyard. She mumbled to herself in surprise, ’’I see, the Oracle's art of divining heavenly secrets is indeed worthy of his reputation!’’

Little Lu looked around nervously, she wasn't sure why everyone was looking at her in that way.

The flash of a red shadow flew by. Fairy Hong Chen appeared in the courtyard, her dress fluttered about as she strolled in.

All the cultivators earnestly lowered their heads and moved to the sidelines at her sudden appearance.

The elder leading the group twitched, as he sighed discreetly. With Fairy Hong Chen here, there was no way he could keep the little girl for himself. It was clear that the little girl was not fated to be in his sect. D*mn! What was the high and mighty Fairy Hong Chen doing here, instead of quietly staying put at the Realm Beyond Heaven?

Fairy Hong Chen slowly approached the jade plate and looked at the timid Lu Xuexin. She revealed a smile, extended her slender arms, and said in a distinct voice, ’’Don't be scared, won't you come with Big Sister?’’

Not many were fortunate enough to see her smile.

With both of them being so near to each other, Little Lu was able to clearly see Fairy Hong Chen's face. She had never seen such a beautiful Big Sister in her entire life.

Little Lu's mind went blank the moment Fairy Hong Chen showed her charm. Under her extraordinary charisma, Lu Xuexin found herself unable to refuse her wishes, and subconsciously nodded her head in confusion.

As soon as the little girl agreed, Fairy Hong Chen smiled sweetly and grabbed her by her tiny hand.

In an instant, a two-metre-long sash of red silk flew up into the air, followed by her golden hairpin and all three of her golden bracelets, simultaneously turning into a phantom of a golden phoenix. The phantom whisked both of them away and soared into the sky. It was almost as if they vanished from the crowd in the blink of an eye.

Only Fairy Hong Chen's faint aroma of orchids remained in the courtyard. The elder man stomped his feet and sighed. ’’What a waste! She came of her own will!’’

The other commoners outside the courtyard did not see Fairy Hong Chen leaving. Of course, Miao Yi did not get the chance to see her either. He was still worried about Fatty Zhang, so he ran back to check the building again and pushed the door open.

As before, there was still no sight of anyone inside.

’’Looks like Little Brother really has been taken away by the Immortal.’’

After he left the building, Miao Yi once again returned to the place where he had sent Little Lu away. He went around searching for information about the Immortals inside, but how would most ordinary mortals even know?

Fatty Zhang had already been taken away, but Miao Yi still wished to personally send his little sister off to become an Immortal. He spent the remaining days waiting inside the Ancient City, waiting for the day when Little Lu would leave the sect.

But his public announcements from before once again resurfaced. The news about him sending his little brother and little sister to become Immortals had been spread around.

Finally, Head Guard Huang, who had been waiting eagerly to skin Miao Yi alive, had blocked his way out in the Ancient City. He looked very unhappy. Meanwhile, Zhao Xingwu who had escaped death, was still in a state of shock. After all, he had witnessed Miao Yi's violence with his very own eyes. He saw him stab Huang Cheng and his big brother to death with a butcher knife.

Immortals from all over the world were still gathering in the Ancient City, so Head Guard Huang did not have the guts to do anything to Miao Yi yet. Although in the beginning, when he lost his temper and wanted to slaughter Miao Yi, his henchmen quickly held him back so he could cool down.

Miao Yi decided he could not stay there for long. He wanted to escape the city as soon as possible, but he discovered that the four city gates were already being guarded by Head Guard Huang's henchmen. He reckoned that as soon as he dared to step outside, someone would immediately follow him out to kill him.

And even if he wanted to, he couldn't escape by climbing over the city wall because their exits were also being closely guarded. At all times two men followed him around, day and night without fail.

Head Guard Huang had meticulously made preparations to prevent Miao Yi from escaping. It was obvious that he was planning to keep Miao Yi within the city and wait until the Immortals left before he could kill him.

In the end, Miao Yi could only hide around places near the gate where he had sent Little Lu. He hoped that when his little sister, who was about to step onto the path of Immortals, came out, she would be allowed to greet her big brother.

It may be pointless, but right now, he could only hope and try his luck.

When it was two days away from the closing of the Boundless Secular World, there was an unexpected surprise waiting for Miao Yi.

Yan Beihong, who now had two additional bandages on him, appeared before Miao Yi. He had also come back alive in one piece.

Apparently, he had also heard about Fairy Hong Chen. His appearance was unkempt, and he strode past carrying a broadsword at his waist.

’’Big Brother Yan, Big Brother Yan.’’

The overjoyed Miao Yi hid in a small alley corner and called out for him twice.

Yan Beihong was stunned when he heard the voice. It sounded familiar, so he turned around. He was quite surprised to see that it was Miao Yi. He quickly entered the small alley, and said in amazement, ’’You came back alive? That's weird, how did you get here before me?’’

’’It's hard to explain...’’ Miao Yi told him the whole story of what happened after Yan Beihong left him. But he remembered the warning from the handsome man, Lao Bai, so he didn't tell him about the huge qin.

’’You were thrown out by the Hell Mantis? Such a lucky thing really happened?’’ Yan Beihong was shocked, but if he thought about it further, it was entirely possible. Otherwise, this kid would not be able to return earlier than him. He stroked his chin and clicked his tongue. ’’D*mn it, I struggled my way through and almost lost my life crawling out from that place. Lucky you, you just unknowingly flew out like you were in a dream. No wonder you came out faster than I did. If I had known earlier, I would have gone with you.’’

’’Big Brother Yan, I've come across some trouble...’’ Miao Yi told him again about how he was intercepted by Head Guard Huang after his younger siblings were sent off to become Immortals.

Yan Beihong was surprised. ’’You gave them to your little brother and little sister, and didn't leave one for yourself?’’


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