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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 119


Chapter 119: Pi Junzi (1)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

’’Damn fatty, time to go ashore.’’ Wielding the spear with a single arm, Miao Yi brandished his spear and called out.

However, Charcoal dragged a large tentacle as he swam over, whimpering as he snorted at him.

Miao Yi understood what he meant. This bastard seemed to love eating this thing, and wanted him to help in bringing some along.

What made Miao Yi feel even more strange was that the little ones, who were responsible for standing guard in the surrounding sea and on the surface of the water, were also sending out their state of mind to him;desiring to devour the Octopus Spirit's flesh.

Miao Yi was curious. Could it be that eating the demonic spirit's flesh would be nutritious? Otherwise, why would Charcoal and the little ones drool over it?

If he didn't have the image of the Octopus Spirit transforming into a gorgeous woman, Miao Yi would have also desired to roast it to eat. But he felt that it was slightly disgusting, so he put a stop to it and let it be.

Now that all his subordinates were dead, he still had to rely on Charcoal and the little ones to help out later. Since they wanted to eat something, he couldn't refuse them this honor, so he could only help out to pack a few.

However, the storage ring he had was of the lowest grade, so the space was limited and couldn't accommodate anything that was too big. The Octopus Spirit's tentacles were excessively huge. He could only brandish his spear in succession, slicing the large tentacles into pieces, and packing a few of them into the storage ring.

Inside the storage ring was a vacuum, hence he wasn't afraid of the tentacles going bad;at least, not while keeping them for just a short moment.

After tucking away the little ones who were responsible for standing guard in the surrounding sea and surface of the sea, akin to riding the waves and flying, Miao Yi wielded his spear and once again soared to the top of the cliff. In the water, Charcoal was unable to muster any jumping strength, so he could only swim to the reef at the bottom of the cliff, before gathering his force and jumping up.

Upon landing on the cliff, Charcoal shook his fatty body, flicking off the water droplets.

MIao Yi swiftly saddled him. From his elevated position under the splendid sun, he wielded his spear with a single arm as he glanced back at the sea surface left in complete disarray;he was feeling a little dispirited.

An esteemed East Arrival Cave Cave Master, personally leading his subordinates into battle. They had just arrived at the Sea of Constellations and nine men had already died out of ten. Only he, the Cave Master was left alone. Even if he managed to survive and return, no matter how easy Yang Qing was to deal with, how would he explain matters to the School of Blue Jade?

’’Sigh... I guess I can't be a Cave Master anymore...’’ muttered Miao Yi as he glanced back at the tall ancient trees of the boundless mountain forest.

Since he may not be able to safeguard his seat as a Cave Master, and had already arrived at the Sea of Constellations, then wouldn't it be better to think of ways to dredge up more? So that when the time came, even if he couldn't be a Cave Master anymore, he still had some security, right?

After witnessing the scene of the little ones cleaning up the Octopus Spirit, and realizing that even a Blue Lotus level Yao cultivator could be dealt with, the Great Cave Master Miao's confidence was off the charts.

’’Great wealth only comes from great risks!’’ Miao Yi yelled loudly to lift his spirits, brushing away his dejected mood.

Charcoal broke into a gallop, carrying him as he dashed away.

Miao Yi did not dare to directly dive into the forest. He had just arrived by the coast, and had already encountered a Second Grade Yao cultivator. It was readily apparent that it wasn't without reason that the Sea of Constellations was said to be frightful.

To prevent mishaps, he would go around the coast, which should be safer...

After moving around the coast and trodding a certain distance, he discovered there wasn't any anomalies. Thus, he let Charcoal reduced his speed and stealthily charged into the primitive forests with the tall aged trees.

Amidst the mountain forest, there were trees so gigantic that even several men would not be able to carry one. Once a man entered, he would immediately feel how insignificant he was, as though he had just entered a nation of giants.

Despite the fact that Miao Yi felt he was too conspicuous of a target whilst sitting on top of Charcoal, he could only make do with this. Initially, he had wanted to dismount and go on foot sneakily;however, after considering the issue of speed, if he happened to meet with trouble, he still had to depend on Charcoal's leg strength to escape.

Instead, the silver spear he wielded was kept on guard at all times. Even the little ones were let out, to disperse into the surroundings and scout for a path.

For the greater part of the day, he moved around the primitive forest and met quite a few birds and animals. However, throughout the entire journey, he had yet to counter a single demon. It didn't seem to be quite as dangerous as he had imagined.

After going around within a radius of a dozen li, he drew a blank as before.

He wanted to let Charcoal loose and wildly run about, but Miao Yi was afraid of taking too much risk, since this place was the terrifying Sea of Constellations of legends.

The sun was setting in the west, causing the forest to gradually darkened. Just when darkness was imminent, tiny fireflies began to drag their bright tails around, floating about in the empty mountain forest. At times, there would be owls hooting, lending this ancient forest an additional flavor of reverie and illusions.

'Harrump!' Charcoal would occasionally turned back to snort at Miao Yi, giving off a hint of discontent.

Both of them had been together for so long, how could they not understand each other?

Miao Yi knew that this bastard's lazy habit was acting up again, and he was still thinking about the Octopus Spirit's flesh.

When compared to his time at Transient Light Cave, Charcoal was already considered to be quite hardworking. Ever since what happened to Luo Zhen, this lazy fatty went through a great change. Although he was still extremely lazy as before, when he was needed for hard work, he didn't slack in the least.

Saddling on Charcoal's back with his spear in hand, Miao Yi stepped onto the bones at Charcoal's either side and lifted his head to look. Through the thinly spread trees, he saw the twinkling stars in the night sky. Occasional, a meteor would shoot past.

In this split second, Miao Yi felt like the entire world was remarkably tranquil and beautiful, but in direct juxtaposition, he was instead charging forth to kill!

Scanning his surroundings, he casually waved his hand and a large tentacle of the Octopus Spirit was thrown to the ground. He dismounted his steed, and stabbed the silver spear in this hand into the soil. Turning around, he sat on top of a large boulder.

He called back half of the little ones who were scattered about the surroundings, and chucked a piece of the Octopus Spirit's flesh so that the little ones could eat.

Seeing Charcoal and the little ones savouring the flesh, Miao Yi couldn't refrain from rubbing his chin. He had never eaten a demon's meat before, should he try it out?

He felt that as long as he did not think about the voluptuous woman, he should be able to stomach it. What right did a demon have to eat people, and why couldn't people eat demons instead?

He acted on what he said at once. He quickly gathered a pile of dry branches from all around and started a fire. Then using a branch, he pierced through a chunk of the octopus meat and racked it on the fire to roast.

Soon after, the peculiar, alluring fragrance of the meat permeated from it. It was a meaty fragrance unlike anything that Miao Yi had ever smelled before.

Miao Yi gathered his hands, greatly anticipating the taste later.

'Harrumph!' Charcoal snorted loudly, flaring its nostrils. He stared at the roasting food racked up on top of the fire, then once again directed its attention to the food he was eating. He also seemed to have been captivated by the bizarre meaty fragrance.

Finally, he opened his mouth and bit onto it, before walking over to the fire side and flinging the Octopus Spirit's tentacle - about half the size of a table - into the open fire, also intending to roast it.

'PFFT!' Sparks of fire surged as the ashes flew about in a flurry. It immediately put out the fire and pressed Miao Yi's almost cooked meat into the pile of ashes.

The main problem was that the meat that Charcoal had been eating was too big. When something the size of half a table came crashing down, it would have been a wonder if the fire had not been extinguished as a result.

'I'm in trouble!' Charcoal knew he had done wrong. He meekly fell back a step, his gaze meeting Miao Yi's, as they stare at each other in consternation.

’’Damn fatty! Didn't you always eat them raw? What, do you also want to have a taste of roast meat today?’’

Miao Yi waved his hand to swipe away the flying sparks of fire and ashes before him. He didn't get angry and was instead curious, finding Charcoal's behaviour strange.

Seeing that he wasn't furious, Charcoal was immediately revitalized. He knelt down on all four hooves, lying on the ground and swishing its serpentine tail from time to time;his eyes gleaming as he looked at Miao Yi and snorted. His face held a look full of anticipation as he acted in an endearing manner.


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