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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 118


Chapter 118: Finally Rich

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

With a flick of his left hand he tucked the Orbs of Will away. Then he spread open the five fingers of his right hand;one could see that his index finger, middle finger, and ring finger each wore a black storage ring.

Of course, this was murder and plunder, as the three storage rings naturally belonged to the Octopus Spirit.

It wouldn't do to judge the storage ring by its size, a single storage ring required the essence powder of a million black crystals. What's more, not everyone knew how to refine something like this. Refining storage rings was the same as refining transcendent artifacts, thus only cultivators who were skilled in the art of refinement of transcendent artifacts could create this.

Furthermore, the salary needed to extract the essence powder from a million black crystals was another million black crystals;one must know that it is not easy extracting the essence powder within the tough crystal coins.

And finally, the salary given for refining the extracted essence powder was another million black crystals. Which is to say, a normal storage ring had a net value of three million black crystals, equivalent to three billion white crystals! This was why it wasn't something any cultivator could afford to use.

Miao Yi had only been awarded one because he had become the Cave Master for East Arrival Cave;it was given to deal with the responsibilities of his position.

But now that he had managed to obtain three storage rings in one fell swoop, Miao Yi was already finding it difficult to shut his mouth out of delight. He was finally rich!

Naturally, he had to take a look at what was inside the three storage rings.

Imbuing his transcendence energy to examine the ring on his index finger, he saw that there was a vacuum space almost the size of a room, filled with nothing but chests after chests of crystal coins. It was divided into three separate piles of gold crystals, black crystals and white crystals.

Sweeping past with his transcendence energy, he made a rough estimation, and found that there were almost five hundred thousand pieces of gold crystals, about ten million black crystals, and around two billion white crystals. If they were all converted to gold crystals he would have roughly six hundred and twenty thousand of them.

East Arrival City handed over only ten thousand gold crystals every year, and East Arrival Cave could only obtain twenty percent of that, which was two thousand pieces.

Miao Yi sucked in a breath of cold air, calming himself down. He felt that this Octopus Spirit was a rich Madame indeed. How many years as the Cave Master would he need before he could accumulate such a sum of crystal coins. He was also wondered over how many years of wealth did that Octopus Spirit accumulate such wealth.

He excitedly imbued his transcendence energy into the storage ring on his middle finger, but the contents of it disappointed him a little. What was all this junk?

Piece after piece of women's clothing flew out from the storage ring. There were women's dresses, socks, shoes, revealing clothes and the like. They all came in a plethora of patterns and colors, and had numerous different styles. Some of the more uncommon styles even made the Great Cave Master Miao blush a little as he thought about them. There was so little fabric, did women actually wear clothes this transparent?

A few thousand pieces of clothing, shoes and the like flew out from the storage ring, and were floating on the surface of the ocean, making a part of the ocean look extremely colorful. It was a remarkable view.

’’This slutty Octopus Spirit, why did it collect so many women's clothes? It must be out of its mind!’’

After which, he directed a pile of women's cosmetics and accessories to fly out in droves from inside the storage ring.

’’Can't toss away the jewellery and cosmetics, they might actually be worth some money....’’

He retrieved the ten or so jewellery boxes that he had almost thrown out. There was also a large chest filled with strange gems of various colors.

After he was done sorting everything, Miao Yi didn't know whether to laugh or cry, wondering if the Octopus Spirit really was out of her mind. She had actually used a storage ring to store all these women's items, and didn't even hate that they took up so much space. After he cleared all those things out, the storage ring was almost empty.

This clearly meant that he had yet to understand women. Unless they didn't have any means to do so, any capable women who could, would of course do the same.

When it came to dressing up, women would never complain that it was troublesome.

There was a crystal plaque placed separately from the rest in the corner. Miao Yi held it up, and felt that it looked rather pretty. He had mistaken it for another women's accessory and was just about to throw it away, when he vaguely felt a tiny pulse of an art source sealed inside.

’’What!’’ Miao Yi said curiously, then retracted the hand that was about to toss out the plaque, and examined it closely.

It was cold to the touch, and was the size of a hand. The plaque was crystal clear, and had a wave pattern traced upon it. One side had the word 'Jade' carved on it, and the other had the word 'Order'.

’’Where was this token used for?’’

Miao Yi could recognize that this wasn't a women's accessory, but a token for some place that was definitely not within the mortal realm.

This was because there was a thread of art source sealed inside the token. Only cultivators would do such a thing. An art source varied between cultivators, so even if there were some similarities, a difference would exist when the cultivator was not the same person. Even if the cultivation method was the same, the art source would not be completely identical, thus sealing it into a token was an unforgeable method of identification.

Other than this, he couldn't find any other clues. After some thought, Miao Yi didn't throw it away, and placed the token back into the storage ring.

Once again imbuing his transcendence energy to examine the storage ring on his ring finger, he found that the contents inside to be a little more satisfactory. There were different kinds of weapons, as well as various consumables for times of need. It was a very complete contingency, and even had farming tools inside. He didn't know what this demon had done or was trying to do when she prepared all of this.

There were two jade boxes that were placed separately inside that aroused his attention. He brought them out, then opened them up to examined.

When he saw what was inside, Miao Yi immediately burst into a grin. Two pearl sized Orbs of Will were releasing a warm glow. Clearly they were two mid-grade Orbs of Will, the same as the one the temperamental Lady Boss had given back then.

To the side were an additional eight grain-sized orbs, evidently eight low-grade Orbs of Will.

He hastily kept all of this in his own storage ring on the middle finger of his left hand, then opened up the other jade box to take a look. Now, Great Cave Master Miao's mouth burst into a grin that was difficult to close.

It was a white Yao Core, evidently another First Grade Yao Core. This was equivalent to a hundred low-grade Orbs of Will!

And to the side were twenty-two impure grayish-white Yao Cores. Twenty-two gradeless Yao Cores;this was equivalent to twenty-two low-grade Orbs of Will.

He surmised that these Yao Cores were obtained after the Octopus Spirit had killed other Yao cultivators.

’’RICH! I'm RICH!’’

Miao Yi was brimming with joy as he laughed heartily. He then quickly kept everything away, and patted his own chest in satisfaction. He realised that this trip was definitely worth it! The feeling of striking a fortune was marvelous!

Even though he was happy, it had not been easy coming here;he shouldn't waste anything that he could take with him.

The Great Cave Master Miao looked to the left and right, then quickly grabbed a hold of the Octopus Spirit's remains, and started to peel its skin.

The skin of demons was good stuff, as it was a necessity for refining talisman seals. It didn't matter that Miao Yi didn't know how to refine talisman seals, he just needed to understand that the higher the cultivation of the demon, the greater the price for the skin.

A true talisman seal was not something like the ones those warlocks of the realm just casually drew on yellow paper, those were all to confuse the normal folk. Just think for a bit, how could casually drawing something on a normal piece of yellow paper result in some special ability? A true talisman seal would be able to invoke supernatural phenomenon precisely because it had been imbued with power.

As to why a demon's skin was required to refine talisman seals, it was because they possessed a certain threshold and adaptability to transcendence energy, and could hold the energy that was imbued within. Once a demon's skin was peeled off and refined, it would become a good material for creating talisman seals. The higher the cultivation of the demon, the greater the adaptability and the more transcendence energy the skin was able to hold, and thus it would fetch a higher price as well.

Miao Yi had painstaking peeled off a pile of skin and kept it in his storage ring. When he turned around, he found that Charcoal was currently swimming on top of the ocean surface, holding onto one of the skinned Octopus Spirit's giant tentacles with its four hooves. It opened its jaw full of sharp teeth, and quickly took a ferocious bite of the Octopus Spirit's corpse. It ate happily, as though it was something very delicious.


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