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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 117


Chapter 117: Who is Singing (3)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

The beautiful Madame she asked, ’’Tell me, what sort of good items do you have?’’

Miao Yi waved his hand and pointed to the sea, ’’It was inside a chest on the ship, but the ship was already destroyed by Madame. I will head down to the sea and search for it.’’

He turned Charcoal around as he finished saying this, ready to dive into the sea.

’’A chest, is it?’’ A treacherous glint flashed in the beautiful Madame's eyes, as she chuckled, ’’I am the best at finding things under the sea, you should just stay put!’’

Miao Yi felt his heart thump. He knew things didn't look good now;as he expected, the other party was definitely going to make a move on them after knowing where the items were located. He quickly transmitted a message to his left and right saying, ’’Jump into the sea and escape!’’

Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbiao were dumbstruck. The other party was an Octopus Spirit, she would be in her natural element under the sea. Wouldn't they be like lambs entering the tiger's den, sending themselves to their deaths, if they dived into the sea?

The two of them didn't do as he said.

But Miao Yi didn't have time to bother about them. He had already heard the killing intent from the other person's words;if he didn't run now then he wouldn't make it. While riding Charcoal, he immediately dived into the sea and as he entered, he waved his hand in passing. Over a hundred of the little ones shot out from the storage ring one by one, spreading out over the sea.

’’You wish to escape?’’ The beautiful Madame disdainfully mocked. He was actually thinking of running from her grasp in the sea?

The voluptuous figure in the flowery dress trembled violently.

'BOOM!' Transcendence energy gushed forth as her figure rapidly expanded, instantly reverting back to her original form, leaving a gigantic octopus with multicolored spots sitting on top of the reef.

'Woosh! Woosh!' Two large tentacles quickly struck out, pulling Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbiao, who had been scrambling to the left and right, completely frightened out of their wits, into her grasp.

’’AHHH! AHHH.....’’

Both of their screams reverberated throughout the air, as the two wrapped in the tentacles burst in bloody eruptions from her fierce grip.

A few tentacles pushed off the ground, and the mighty multicolored body took to the skies.

At the same time, the two large, extended tentacles retracted, and promptly stuffed the two ensnared cultivators into a frighteningly gigantic octopus beak, swallowing them on the spot.


As the giant multicolored octopus pressed into the sea, the surface of the water surged. Even though such an enormous creature had dived in, there wasn't a single spray of water;one could easily observe that she could control the element of water as she pleased.

Her eight claws spread out over the sea, displaying a figure that was both absolutely massive and tyrannical.

Two large horrifying eyes turned around, instantly locking on Miao Yi and Charcoal, who had been hiding behind a coral reef on the seafloor.

The eight claws squirmed about in the sea, as though she was shaking from laughter;the giant octopus was mocking Miao Yi's ignorance. 'He actually dared to play hide and seek in the sea with her? Doesn't he know that the octopus is one of the ocean's greatest experts in hide and seek?'

She lifted one of her large tentacles and was about to flip over the rock that Miao Yi had been hiding behind when suddenly, she felt a few dozen prickling sensations over her body. A few dozen chilling auras that resembled falling into a dark abyss were injected into her body, making her dazed for a moment.

With the last vestiges of her awareness, she discovered there were a swarm of tiny mantids crawling on her body.

As though afraid that it wasn't effective, another several dozen mantids flocked over from the water, waving their tiny sickles and viciously breaking the transcendence energy protection she had placed on her skin. Another several dozen chilling auras made her fall deeper into the dark abyss, as they were injected into her body once more, one after another.

With so many chilling auras being injected, her mind quickly began to grow flustered, 'Why would there be mantids in the sea.....'

Miao Yi, who had been hiding behind a large coral reef, was taken with joy. He patted Charcoal's back, and it stomped on the coral reef with its mighty hoof.


The surface of the water splashed about, as Miao Yi burst forth from the water surface on Charcoal's back.

With the immense resistance from the sea water, together with the great depth from which they had jumped off the seafloor, by the time Charcoal had escaped the water's surface, it instantly dropped back down.

But Miao Yi had already taken this opportunity to leap up with both legs pushing against Charcoal's back. He took to the skies, brandishing his silver spear with both hands, and focusing all his transcendence energy towards the bald multicolored head that was half afloat on the surface of the sea. Both man and spear stabbed downwards with merciless ferocity.


The scene was reminiscent of smashing a rock into a block of tofu. Fresh blood sprayed about gorily, as Miao Yi and his spear penetrated deep into the giant octopus' body.

When faced with a demon that was many times stronger than him, Miao Yi didn't dare show any mercy. Once he penetrated into his opponent's body, he immediately thrashed his spear about with abandon, putting his utmost effort into destruction.

Having lost the protection from its transcendence energy, even if the the giant octopus had a higher cultivation, its flesh would still not be able to withstand such wanton destruction.

Very soon, the enormous figure was dismembered into pieces and fresh blood dyed a large part of the sea a bright red hue. Miao Yi charged out from within with difficulty, holding his spear in one hand, as he slowly floated to the surface. He was holding a white pearl in his hand which was of course, the beautiful Madame's Yao Core;a First Grade Yao Core.

The Octopus Spirit had died painlessly. It didn't even so much as struggle from beginning to end.

After managing to survive his predicament, Miao Yi gazed at the First Grade Yao Core in his hands, revealing an expression of delight as he felt the power emanating from within.

He had never thought of killing a Blue Lotus grade demon and obtaining a First Grade Yao Core. When he came here, he had only wanted to find those White Lotus grade demons and obtain some gradeless Yao Cores to exchange one-for-one with an Orb of Will. This was really a pleasant surprise.

Using the little ones to deal with a Blue Lotus level Yao Cultivator was something he hadn't had a shred of confidence in, but now it was clear that he had underestimated the little ones' prowess.

But to the little ones, doing these things had a huge risk. If they were as large as the Hell Mantis, he wouldn't have to worry, but the little ones were still young bugs with barely any defensive strength. Even a White Lotus First Grade cultivator could easily kill them.

As such, they could only be used to ambush. Otherwise, once the enemy raised their defenses and were on guard, the little ones would not even be able to get close. It was good that they were naturally gifted to break the enemy's defenses with their sharp sickles, but the rest of their bodies had yet to be able to do anything like that.

’’I'm rich, I'm rich!’’ Miao Yi giggled. This First Grade Yao Core could be traded off for a hundred low-grade Orbs of Will. How many years would he need as the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave before he could get just one? As long as he could return alive, then this trip would have been worth it!

As he thought about East Arrival Cave, he also thought back to his completely decimated subordinates;the Great Cave Master Miao was no longer happy. Even if he could return alive, it would be difficult to explain himself. If worst came to worst, he might even lose his Cave Master position.

While he still didn't know whether he should laugh or cry, Charcoal suddenly swam over, intermittently sniffing the Yao Core in Miao Yi's hand. Its eyes shone as it looked towards Miao Yi with charming innocence. He could see the anticipation in its eyes.

Miao Yi frowned, ’’Goddamned Fatso, what are you trying to do?’’

'Harrumph!' Charcoal snorted as it opened its jaws, intending to gobble up the Yao Core in Miao Yi's hand.

Miao Yi smacked its head away with a slap, ’’Weren't you always picky with your food? Go eat your fish and prawns. This isn't something you can eat, you're not even afraid you might die from eating this.’’

'Harrumph!' Charcoal shook its head all over, as though begging to eat it.

Miao Yi pushed it away and was too lazy to bother with it. Even if it could digest it, he wouldn't let the goddamned fatso have something so precious. He tucked it away in his storage ring with a flick of his hand, effectively crushing all of Charcoal's hopes.

Miao Yi turned around and dived into the sea once more. He then invoked his arts to find the remnants from his East Arrival Cave subordinates.

When he burst through the surface of the water from the sea floor once more, he released a long sigh as he looked at the items on his palm.

As he expected, he did manage to find some Orbs of Will from what was left of the dead bodies of Zheng Jinlong and the rest. Neither too few nor too many, there were exactly twenty orbs. Since he was able to obtain so many Orbs of Will, it was obvious that most of it were those given this year at East Arrival Cave. Everyone still hadn't had the chance to use it, and now they never would.

These people were dead, so he could only give a sigh and kept the orbs inside his storage ring. He couldn't well waste them by leaving them out here.


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