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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 116


Chapter 116: Who is Singing? (2)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

'BANG!' A splattering of blood erupted from mid air.

Even with Zheng Jinlong's White Lotus Third Grade cultivation, he had actually been gripped by the enormous tentacle until he burst! It was visibly clear the cultivation base of the sea demon was far superior to Zheng Jinlong.

Before the other five men could resist, they were instantly dragged below into the depths of the sea by the enormous tentacles. It was uncertain as to whether they were dead or alive, but it was very likely that they were doomed.

Miao Yi was struck dumb by the scene. He had already heard that the Sea of Constellations was incredibly dangerous. As a testament to that, they had just arrived, barely having time to reach the shore before already suffering extreme losses. It was unexpected that the Sea of Constellations was vicious to this this extent. He wasn't sure whether he had made the right decision coming here hastily!

Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbao were fortunate, managing to escape their doom. They had moved quickly and landed on the cliff, their faces a deathly shade of pale as they turned their heads to look.

Great waves raged on surface of the sea. A few dragon steeds were swiftly swimming to shore, splashing forward through the rolling waves when suddenly, they were drawn by the enormous tentacles back into the sea.

The ship had turned into countless fragments drifting on the water, and not a single living soul could be visibly seen. The surface of the sea then seemingly subsided into its previously calm state.

Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbao quivered with fear as they turned their heads to shakily say, ’’Cave Master...’’

’’Don't say anything! Hurry and run!

With a wave of the silver spear in Miao Yi's hands, Charcoal turned around and was about to speedily make his escape from this place.

All of a sudden, a rumbling sound reverberated immediately after a 'BANG!', as though something under the sea had collided with the cliff, causing the entire cliff to shake and the very earth to quake. Even Charcoal almost couldn't keep his footing on the ground as he swayed about.

Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbao were trembling even more severely, looking almost drunk as they violently wavered about.

A large piece of the cliff began to collapse, roiling forward as they came crashing down onto the sea surface.

'BANG!' Seawater splashed high into the sky before falling back to shower down upon the three men. The trio then swiftly invoke their arts, brandishing their spears to sweep it away.

Suddenly, the sky turned black. A massive octopus was charging overhead with an imposingness that was astonishing, blocking out the light and assaulting their nostrils with a burst of foul wind.

The three of them were stunned. It was a mind-bogglingly, massive octopus;they gauged it to be about thirty metres long, and speckled with multicolored spots from head to toe. High up in the sky, it spread open its eight enormous tentacles before descending past the trio's heads.

The moment the massive octopus landed, its body emitted a blue light and rapidly shrunk in size.

In a flash, the colossus had turned into a gorgeous woman with a full-bodied figure and long, fluttering hair.

Dressed in a colourful polkadot dress, her figure gently floated about as she descended onto the ground, blocking their path.

The three of them sucked in a breath of cold air. They could tell from the blue light emitted by the other party during her transformation earlier, that this demon's cultivation base had attainted the Second Grade;equivalent to a cultivator of the Blue Lotus grade. She was a Second Grade Yao cultivator.

How could they ward off a demon of Blue Lotus grade? They certainly wouldn't be able to forcefully break through!

Miao Yi quickly surveyed his surroundings as he calmly schemed to make his escape.

The gorgeous woman was fair skinned, her figure elegant and well-rounded. Her full and supple breasts were partially revealed, looking both erotic and alluring. She gazed at Miao Yi and said with a smile, ’’Cave Master? A Cave Master from which land? A mere Cave Master dares to trespass in the Sea of Constellations? You're really looking for trouble.’’

She had obviously heard the scream that Wang Xiuqin let out before her death.

Miao Yi readied the point of his silver spear at her and asked lowly, ’’We have nothing against you, why do you want to kill us?’’

’’Nothing against me? There seems to be about twenty more years until the next Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade. Let's not discuss first why you guys have come here, and I also won't look into the matter of you trespassing into my territory.’’ The gorgeous woman beamed as she asked, ’’I wonder who said before that my singing voice is pleasant to hear but my appearance is hideous? Dear Cave Master, have you seen me before? Can you please tell me where on earth am I hideous looking? I don't know when have I ever provoked and angered you, to actually cause you to speak ill of me and insult me, the Madame, in this manner?’’

After she finished, she even shook her flowery skirt, and twirled around twice to let Miao Yi explain which part of her was hideous?

Miao Yi was sweating buckets. It seemed like he seriously could not speak ill of others behind their back;this wasn't offending a person by mistake anymore, he had instead, accidentally offended a demon.

The expression that Wang Zifa and Zhu Tianbao casted in Miao Yi's direction was filled with bitterness. The two of them were disconcerted;since the Cave Master had experience, why did he still desire to attract trouble? It turned out that the Cave Master's malicious talk had offended her, leading everyone to incur upon themselves a deathly misfortune. Their fellow Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers had really died full of resentment.

Still clutching his spear, Miao Yi cupped his hands and said, ’’Just now it was I who had spoken rudely. I have greatly offended you and hope that Madame can forgive me. I hope that Madame can be generous and let us go.’’

Instead, the gorgeous woman sized Miao Yi up well with amusement. She realized that Miao Yi was surprisingly unafraid when he saw her, and was abnormally calm. He was unlike the other two who had been terrified until their faces had turned pale.

Little would Miao Yi have imagined that although he did not attain any world-shaking abilities during his ten years on the island with Lao Bai, he had gained a fearless temperament in the face of death, even when going against powerful enemies. Granted, even if he wasn't likely to defeat his opponent, how could the person that Lao Bai had taken great care to teach ever cower in fright on the eve of battle?!

’’Not a problem. So what will I gain from letting you all go? If you can trawl out some sort of benefit that interests me, I wouldn't mind showing you mercy. If you can't, then I will use my Yao arts to refine all of you into puppets! When I am in a good mood, I will play with you like dolls. Otherwise, I will kill you all to retrieve the cores.’’ The gorgeous woman gave a light laugh.

In the cultivation world, it was not just ghost cultivators that have Yin Cores within their bodies, even Yao cultivators have Yao Cores inside their bodies. Men could also cultivate the Yao arts or the Yin arts, but a different approach would be needed to be taken to form the Inner Cores.

Those who follow such cultivation methods were known as immoral practitioners, not abiding by the ordinary ways, and are said to be going astray. The Devil Sage, Yun Aotian was a talented person in these methods.

Hence, it was not only the human cultivators who could retrieve the Inner Cores from the Yao cultivators and ghost cultivators. Similarly, the Yao cultivators and ghost cultivators could also obtain the Inner Core of a human cultivator. But the premise was that they had to refine the human cultivators into puppets first, and then further refine the art source within their bodies into Inner Cores. Only then would they be able to remove the Inner Core, otherwise they wouldn't be able to retrieve it while the art source was in a chaotic state.

The Inner Cores of demons, devils, ghosts and monsters, were in fact just an art source using a different form to exist. This was the largest difference between the normal human cultivators, and the demons, devils, ghosts and monsters.

Miao Yi was not an idiot. Under these conditions where the other party had the strength to have full control of the situation, if he had really taken out a benefit that would interest his opponent, it would be even less likely that his opponent would let him go. She would kill him and still claim the benefit.

She was only just gauging him, trying him to see if there was really any form of gains he had on him. If she really had no problem with them, then she would have called out to them in the first place, and wouldn't have slaughtered them as she pleased.

Miao Yi's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and judge current circumstances was certainly not lacking, else he wouldn't have survived until today.

Moreover, he had initially come to the Sea of Constellations to hunt, not to gift benefits.

But things don't always go as planned. Originally, the plan was once they arrived at the Sea of Constellations, they would avoid provoking the strong demons, and only target First Grade Yao cultivators.

Although beheading a First Grade Yao cultivator would only yield a gradeless Yao Core, worth only a low-grade Orb of Will in exchange, they had many people;it would be enough to join forces and killed several of them.

Alas, even the best laid plans go astray. They just reached the shore and hadn't even killed a demon when instead, seven people on his side were slaughtered by the demon in just a few moments.

Miao Yi disarmed the spear in his hand, looking as though he had shed his defense and slowly said, ’’I do have some good stuff. It's just that I do not know if Madame is interested or not.’’


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