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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 113


Chapter 113: March Onwards to the Sea of Constellations (3)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

After making this deduction, everyone was shocked. The Sea of Constellations was a wretched place that they absolutely could not enter with their current cultivation. During every Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade, even Blue Lotus cultivators would perish in droves. How could they possibly go do something as dangerous as pulling a tooth out of a tiger's mouth? Going was tantamount to courting death.

This time no one would sit still any longer; they had to let Senior Brother heng take the lead, and ask the Cave Master for an explanation.

’’What is it?’’

Miao Yi sat cross-legged on his long bed, staring at heng Jinlong and the others as they entered with excessive cordiality after knocking on his door.

The group slowly squeezed inside the room. heng Jinlong began hesitantly, ’’Cave Master, everyone has something they are unsure of, and would like to ask for your clarification.’’

Miao Yi indifferently said, ’’Tell it to me straight, I am not someone that is fond of beating around the bush.’’

heng Jinlong cupped his fists and said, ’’Then if I may be so bold as to ask, Cave Master, are we heading towards the Yao Nation's Sea of Constellations?’’

Miao Yi knew that they would figure it out eventually, so he nodded and said, ’’Indeed, we are heading towards the Sea of Constellations in order to hunt.’’


The Cave Master had actually replied so honestly. He really wasn't someone who liked to beat around the bush, but his answer had clearly taken everyone by surprise and they were too frightened for words.

heng Jinlong replied anxiously, ’’Cave Master, we must not do such a thing, the Sea of Constellations was Yao Saint Ji Huan's place of origin. Ji Huan has always been lenient with the demonkind belonging to the Sea of Constellations, which is why all manner of them run amok in the Sea of Constellations. It is not a place that we should enter recklessly with our cultivation. Please reconsider, Cave Master!’’

The rest of them also hurriedly tried to persuade Miao Yi, ’’Cave Master, we mustn't go! The Sea of Constellations is too dangerous...’’

Miao Yi listened on indifferently, he didn't say another word. Only when everyone was done nagging did he ask coldly, ’’Are all of you done?’’

’’Cave Master, we mustn't go!’’ Nan Sisi meekly added, as she faked a piteous expression on her face; women liked to take advantage like this very much.

’’Since everyone is unwilling to go, I won't force all of you to come with. Try to keep an eye out as we sail and if a merchant ship passes by, you can all hitch a ride back. I can go there by myself. I won't trouble everyone to take this risk with me, but I will let all of you know the bad news beforehand....’’ Miao Yi swept a glance over everyone, and coldly said, ’’When I return, everything that I have brought back will belong solely to me; there won't be a share for any of you. When that happens, don't blame this Cave Master for not keeping his promise!’’

Everyone looked at each other thinking, With just your level of cultivation, you would actually dare to go to the Sea of Constellations to hunt alone?'

’’Hmph! Were it not for the promise I made to all of you before, I really wouldn't have wanted to bring you all with me, and would have just made the trip to the Sea of Constellations alone. It isn't my first time so naturally, I have my methods; I don't need anyone to come with me. Alright, I understand everyone's thoughts now. All of you can leave.’’

Miao Yi waved his hand impatiently, as though telling them not to bother with his cultivation.

However, no one moved a single step; they could hear what the Cave Master was implying with his words, and each of them had a sudden moment of revelation as they thought back to the mid-grade Orb of Will that Miao Yi had before.

That's right!' If the Cave Master didn't have a way, how would he dare come to the Sea of Constellations by himself? He definitely had some kind of safe passage otherwise he wouldn't be so confident, so what did they have to fear?

Seeing that no one had gone, Miao Yi furrowed his brows and said, ’’Why are all of you still here? Don't tell me you would like me to send you back, or perhaps force me to jump ship and hand over the boat to all of you?’’

’’Nothing of the sort!’’ heng Jinlong hurriedly waved his hand, and added seriously, ’’We are the Cave Master's subordinates, how could we stand by and watch as the Cave Master takes the risk by himself. Since the Cave Master has already made up his mind, regardless of wherever the Cave Master wants to go, we will naturally follow, and work ourselves to the ground for the Cave Master's sake!’’

’’We are willing to work ourselves to the ground for the Cave Master's sake!’’ Everyone gave their answer, as they all tried to make a heartfelt display of loyalty.

’’All of you truly are my obedient subordinates- You bunch of assholes, did you think I wouldn't know what was in all of your heads?’’ Miao Yi didn't give them any face, and directly scolded them, then waved his hand impatiently one more time as he added, ’’This journey will be full of perils and those who are willing

to stay, can stay. As for those who aren't, I won't force you to as well, so stop interrupting my cultivation.’’

’’Yes, yes, yes!’’ All of them left one by one.

In the blink of an eye, suddenly no one wanted to leave anymore, and each of them returned to their own rooms one after the other.

That East Arrival Cave had this bunch of subordinates, was the Great Cave Master Miao's fortune', but the Cave Master himself wasn't a good fellow either.....

Mount Calming Sea had never been assured of East Arrival Cave's situation, or more accurately, Qin Weiwei could never rest easy when it came to Miao Yi. When South Edict Manor Head Yang Qing stationed Dan Biaoyi to become the spy in East Arrival Cave, Qin Weiwei had him send in a secret report to Mount Calming Sea every month on the situation in East Arrival Cave.

Obviously, Dan Biaoyi could no longer send in his secret reports on schedule since he had been taken away by Miao Yi.

When she hadn't received the reports, Qin Weiwei felt that something had gone awry, and immediately sent men over to investigate.

Miao Yi had already given Yan Xiu prior instructions that he needn't keep his matters a secret from the higher-ups.

When Qin Weiwei came to know of what had happened, she was furious, and personally made a trip to South Edict Manor to report the matter to Yang Qing herself.

’’He brought the people from East Arrival Cave to the Sea of Constellations to hunt?’’

Inside his mountain-top pavilion, Yang Qing was in deep thought as he stood with his hands behind his back, his brows creased. Like Qin Weiwei, he was very surprised at this revelation. He did not expect that Miao Yi would be so daring as to actually brave such dangers. Even he himself wouldn't dare enter the Sea of Constellations haphazardly.

’’Yes!’’ To his side, Qin Weiwei answered angrily, then added, ’’Such a serious matter, yet he didn't even think to report to me beforehand. Let's not talk about how he doesn't even hold this Mountain Chieftain with any regard, but had even taken it upon himself to bring the people of East Arrival Cave there to take this risk with him, leaving only one person to watch over the East Arrival Cave and leaving it almost completely defenseless. What if someone were to cause trouble at East Arrival Cave? Who gave him the authority to do so!? This was complete arrogance and a blatant disregard for order! As a Cave Master, he only knows about his own interests; if he could even do such a thing, what else wouldn't he do!?’’

Yang Qing pondered for a while, then turned to ask, ’’What do you plan to do?’’

Qin Weiwei replied with unrestrained fury, ’’Manor Head, I think it's time to change the Cave Master for East Arrival Cave!’’

’’Change the Cave Master?’’ Yang Qing said solemnly; he continued to ponder as he paced around the pavilion with his hands behind his back.

Qin Weiwei followed behind him and continued to grumble, ’’Manor Head, if everyone were the same as him, would South Edict Manor not turn completely lawless? We must not let this trend continue to escalate!’’

Unexpectedly, Yang Qing turned around to look at Qing Ju and Qing Mei, and asked, ’’What do the both of you make of this?’’

The two ladies looked at one another. Qing Mei had never been a woman of many words, and only knew how to follow the Manor Head's instructions, so she didn't really have her own opinion on the matter.

In contrast, Qing Ju hesitated for a while before answering, ’’Miao Yi has already thrown aside all caution to the wind with Xiong Xiao. Both of them are like fire and water, yet this feud must eventually come to an end, and things are clearly not favourable for Miao Yi. If he weren't out of ideas, I don't think he would have normally taken such a risk in his right mind. He has only done such a thing because he was forced to the point where he has no path of retreat!’’

There were no outsiders here, otherwise Qing Ju wouldn't say such a thing out loud.

Qin Weiwei hadn't expected that Qing Ju would be saying words on Miao Yi's behalf, and coldly laughed, ’’Is Little Auntie trying to speak on behalf of him?’’

’’The young miss is mistaken. I only feel that if someone else were to become the Cave Master for East Arrival Cave, they might not do as good a job as Miao Yi. Right now all the abode of Immortals are frustrated because of the people from the School of Blue Jade, and only East Arrival Cave is relatively peaceful.’’ Qing Ju said as she lowered her body slightly.

She also added another line to herself. I'm not even trying to speak on his behalf, it's just that the Manor Head wanted to borrow my voice to speak these words out.'


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