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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 111


Chapter 111: March Onwards to the Sea of Constellations


Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

After arduously leading everyone to Mount Calming Sea once again, Miao Yi

was ignored by Qin Weiwei as always.

Miao Yi had already gotten used to this, but it wasn't so bad this way; after all,

he wasn't really needed, so he could have more time to himself and go about

his own business.

Leading his troops at a gallop out the Mount Calming Sea mountain gates,

Miao Yi turned to throw Zheng Jinlong a look. The latter understood his

intentions, and brought his dragon steed forward to ride alongside the Cave


’’Are there any signs of movement from Xiong Xiao?’’ Miao Yi transmitted a

message to him to ask.

He had already ordered Zheng Jinlong to get in touch with the School of Blue

Jade, to help keep an eye out for any signs of movement from Xiong Xiao, as

well as his underlings.

Every single abode of Immortals belonging to South Edict Manor had the

School of Blue Jade's disciples stationed within, so if Xiong Xiao himself or

even his underlings were to make a move, the School of Blue Jade would be able

to grasp their movements almost completely.

The purpose of bringing Zheng Jinlong to Mount Calming Sea this time, was

distinctly to let Zheng Jinlong get in touch with the person-in-charge here at

Mount Calming Sea.

Zheng Jinlong knew that he was worried that Xiong Xiao would strike at him

secretly, so he transmitted back, ’’Rest assured Cave Master, I have already

asked for the school's help; any sign of movement from the people of Mount

Shaotai will be within our grasps. If anyone were to go missing, someone will

notify us. For the time being, Xiong Xiao has not made any movements out of

the norm.’’

He was trying to raise the value of his own face with these words; he didn't

have the qualifications yet to make the entire School of Blue Jade cooperate. It

was only because the School of Blue Jade wanted to make use of Miao Yi that

they went along with his needs.

’’Very good.’’ Miao Yi felt relieved. At first, he had been a little anxious that

Zheng Jinlong's level of influence was not sufficient to convince the School of

Blue Jade to help. Now that he had their assistance, as long as he could grasp

the movements of Xiong Xiao and his underlings, he wouldn't need to be afraid

of any tricks that Xiong Xiao might try to pull. Otherwise, he would inevitably

feel a little nervous even if it was just a trip to Mount Calming Sea.

The group quickly returned to East Arrival Cave, and Miao Yi sped back to his

own silent cultivation quarters and made a few preparations. He then called

Xue'Er over, ’’Ask Yan Xiu to come over.’’

’’Yes!’’ Xue'Er replied and left.

Not long after, Yan Xiu came over in quick steps. Cupping his fists, he said,

’’What does the Cave Master ask of me?’’

Miao Yi waved his hand, sending both Qian'Er and Xue'Er away from the silent

quarters, then beckoned Yan Xiu over; looking at him with a solemn gaze, he

told him confidently, ’’I am preparing to lead the men of East Arrival Cave to go

hunting at the Sea of Constellations. What do you think?’’

’’Ah.....’’ Yan Xiu was speechless, and could only laugh bitterly. He had long

guessed that the Cave Master had this idea, only that the Cave Master himself

had never admitted it. Yan Xiu could only earnestly advise him, ’’Cave Master,

the Sea of Constellations is a place of utmost danger; who knew how many

have perished every time the 'Sea of Constellations Subjugation Crusade' was

held. I am afraid with just the strength of our East Arrival Cave, it would be a

journey with no return. Please reconsider, Cave Master.’’

To be blunt, it was because our cultivations were too low that going there was

tantamount to courting death.

’’My mind is set. You don't need to try and convince me otherwise.’’ Miao Yi

waved his hand, completely resolute; he said, ’’The reason why I am telling you

beforehand, is because I trust you, and also because I don't plan on bring you

along to the Sea of Constellations to take this risk with me. When I am away, I

would like to leave East Arrival Cave in your hands.’’

’’.......’’ Yan Xiu was unsure whether he should feel grateful for his trust, or if he

should feel something else, but there were some things that he couldn't

understand so he asked, ’’Cave Master, there are some things that I am unsure

if I should ask or not.’’

Miao Yi nodded and said, ’’It is fine, speak your mind!’’

Yan Xiu said, ’’Cave Master, even though your current Cave Master position is

low, but it is also a starting point that is admired by countless cultivators

across the land. In addition, you have Manor Head Yang Qing's favor, so you

would only need to maintain a stable cultivating lifestyle, and in a couple

hundred or so years when your cultivation has been raised, a Mountain

Chieftain's seat would be well within your grasp. Why not be patient and

slowly raise your cultivation up? You will be able to expect great things in your

future; why do you still need to gamble with your life like this? I do not believe

that you have the ambition to compete and test your strength against the

realm's heroes, and even if you did, if I may be so forthright as to say, there are

new talents constantly arising amongst the cultivators of the realm, but those

who were able to reign supreme over a single domain are obviously in the

minority. Instead, steadily cultivating and slowly improving oneself seems like

a better option.’’

Miao Yi shook his head and answered, ’’This has nothing to do with ambition.

Do you still remember, back in Transient Light Cave, when I told you about my

younger brother and sister?’’

Yan Xiu nodded, ’’I remember!’’

’’I still remember that Luo Zhen had once warned me, 'when your own

cultivation has yet to reach a realm that allows you to protect yourself from

harm, it is best not to let anyone else know about matters concerning your

younger brother and sister. If something were to happen, you will easily be

exploited by others, and this will become a soft spot which they can use to take

advantage of your siblings'.’’ Miao Yi pursed his lips, and said, ’’I still

remember these words, but I want to find them, and take them in at East

Arrival Cave. However, my own situation is not exactly ideal. It is difficult

enough to keep myself safe; even if I manage to find them now, I wouldn't be

able to take care of them. I can only continue to endure.’’

When Luo Zhen was mentioned, Yan Xiu turned silent and didn't say anything

else; he only nodded his head and smiled, ’’I understand. When does the Cave

Master plan on returning from this trip? What if the superiors were to discover

something, and ask for your whereabouts? How should I reply then?’’

’’I'm not sure when I will return, but I do hope I'll be able to come back alive. If

the superiors were to discover that I'm gone, just tell them that I have gone to

the Sea of Constellations to hunt. So long as I can return alive, with Yang Qing

supporting me from behind, Qin Weiwei can't do anything to me.’’

Yan Xiu didn't know what to say of him. Whatever this Cave Master had set his

mind on doing, he wouldn't hesitate to put his own life in danger.

’’Cave Master, have you ever considered, once Zheng Jinlong and the rest find

out that you're planning on bringing them to the Sea of Constellations to go

hunting, they might not willingly go along with you. When that happens, you

might not be able to suppress them on your own.’’

’’Is that so?’’ Miao Yi raised his arm and invoked his arts, wiping off the Soul

Concealing Paste on his forehead; the vivid outline of a three-petaled white

lotus flower appeared between his brows. He coldly said, ’’There is only death

for those who disobey! Now, they might not be able to defeat me even if they

joined hands. I could kill Fan Renfang and Fang Ziyu, could I not do the same

for those lot? If they have the audacity, they are welcome to try; I will be sure to

let them experience how sharp the spear in my hand is! In East Arrival Cave,

those who do not heed my orders are my enemies, and I have never shown any

mercy when facing my foes!’’

He had wanted to go to the Sea of Constellations to hunt a long time ago, but he

knew his transcendence energy at the time was not up to par, and couldn't

quell the masses, so he had only endured for the time being.

Now that his cultivation had broken through to White Lotus Third Grade, he

didn't need anyone's help. With just the spear in his hand, he had confidence

that he would be able to subdue all the subordinates of East Arrival Cave!

Yan Xiu stared at the lotus outline on his forehead with eyes wide and mouth

agape. He was thoroughly stupefied!

How many years was this? Yan Xiu didn't expect that Miao Yi's cultivation had

already broken through to White Lotus Third Grade!

By normal estimations, those with a higher cultivation tended to refine Orbs of

Will at a quicker pace. With a normal White Lotus First Grade cultivation, it

would take at least a year to refine a low-grade Orb of Will, but it was evident

that the Cave Master's refining speed was greater than normal.

To achieve this, one needed the aid of a good cultivation method. The greatest

difference between a good cultivation method and a bad one was the pace at

which they refined Orbs of Will. None of the new talents that constantly

emerged in the cultivation realm were so, but it wasn't known what grade the

Cave Master's cultivation method was.

Yan Xiu now understood why the Cave Master insisted on taking a risk by

going to the Sea of Constellations. The reason was simple, the share of Orbs of

Will of a mere East Arrival Cave was no longer enough for the Cave Master to

use, and the Cave Master was obviously not strong enough to take over the

surrounding territories to obtain more Orbs of Will.


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