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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 109


Chapter 109: The Crystal Coins Eating Little Ones 2

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

Although the Cave Master did not reprimand them, the two girls looked slightly hurt. They felt that it really hadn't been done by them because both of them usually didn't even touch the money. They could not figure out how their coins had appeared in a place like this.

Could Charcoal be the culprit? The two of them quietly casted a glance at the beast that was resting by the cave entrance, sleeping as he swished his serpentine tail about. That beast was often up to no good.

The little ones were still lying on the ground, crunching and munching away without any sign of stopping.

ue'Er couldn't help but ask worriedly, ’’Cave Master, will their stomach get upset?’’

Her worries were not without reason. Since their coins had been dropped here, if the little ones became sick, the Cave Master would most likely blame them when the time came.

Thinking about it, Miao Yi thought it was really plausible. The crystal coins were in fact, hard ores which contained essence powders. With ores and essence powders, it would be bewildering if they didn't get sick. He waved his sleeves and invoked his art without delay, sweeping the little ones to the side, and kept away the gold crystals on the ground before leaving for his cave.

Who knew that the moment he did so, it was akin to poking a hornet's nest. The little ones followed suit, entering the cave and flying around in circles over his head, continuously transmitting the urge that they wanted to eat.

Miao Yi could only order the two girls to slice a piece of fresh meat for them, but no one would have expected that they didn't even bother to touching it, and were still pestering Miao Yi about wanting to eat the crystal coins.

Miao Yi was pestered to the point he had no choice, if it continued on like this, he simply did not have a way to calm his mind and cultivate.

Finally, he had no option but to surrender, throwing out the damaged crystal coins he had kept earlier and allowed them to eat. He even coldly snorted, ’’Don't blame if you get sick when the time comes!’’

Once they ate, they ate for an entire three days, and only then the little ones had completely devoured the dozen crystal coins, did they hold up their hard abdomens and finally came to a rest.

One gold crystal was the equivalent of 10,000 white crystals, which also meant that several tens of thousands of white crystals were gone, just like that!

Money was a small matter and Miao Yi was currently not running short of money. He was mainly worried that their stomachs would get upset, so he came out to take a look at them every day. In the end, he realized that their abdomen were gradually deflating, seemingly able to to digest the coins as well as their other meaty meals. So he felt reassured and did not worry about it anymore.

Who knew that half a month later, a buzzing noise once again resounded above Miao Yi's head as he was sitting in cross-legged meditation. The little ones were pestering about wanting to eat the crystal coins again.

Miao Yi leapt off the stone chair and just lost it. ’’You ate a sum worth several tens of thousands of white crystal coins in just a few days and you still want to eat more? I see that your sickness is coming out. There's no more!’’

The crucial point was that it was useless even if you said there was no more, since the little ones' intelligence could not be compared to humans. They could only vent out by hollering, incessantly that they really want to eat.

Miao Yi was almost at his wit's end. He was pestered to the point that he simply had no choice. The main issue was that he was incapable of reasoning with these demons, so he could only cast a handful of gold crystals out. Only then did the whole world become peaceful again.

However, that peace was short lived. After another half a month had passed, the little ones once again came making noises..

’’I say, seriously? You're all still being incessant? If I let you guys eat like this again, my entire East Arrival Cave will collapse.’’

Although he was exaggerating, his mood was understandable. He still wanted to gather some more money so that in the future, he could also refine a transcendent artifact.

But these little ones did not know how to reason, no matter how solid of an argument you gave, it was the same as preaching to deaf ears.

After being pestered until he again had no choice, Miao Yi was reluctant to give them gold crystals, so he tested the water by throwing out a handful of white crystals instead.

'Yes!' It was effective. The little ones flocked over and were seizing and munching away at them as before. They were alright as long as it was crystals coins and were not picky about their food.

Miao Yi heaved a sigh of relief. This was good enough. If they only ate gold crystals, raising these little bastards would be seriously vexing. On the other hand, white crystals were alright as a piece of gold crystal could be exchanged for more than 10,000 coins for them to slowly eat away.

But what made Miao Yi puzzled was that why would the little ones be so interested in the crystal coins? If they had wanted to eat more solid items, there were all sorts of stones outside. Why crystal coins?

It was alright if he couldn't wrap his mind around it now; at least he had already appeased the little ones, and they would no longer affect his cultivation, which was the most important part of all.

Spring fled, and summer arrived. Then autumn bids its goodbye and winter came once again.

The great waves of the sea were rushing forth and the chilling wind rustled. Another year had again passed.

Miao Yi was sitting cross-legged on the stone chair with his eyes closed. Slowly, he opened his eyes, spitting out the medium grade Orb of Will from his mouth. The Orb of Will that had been coalesced from 10,000 people a year, had already shrunk to a very small size.

With his current speed at refining the Orb of Will, he could refine twenty percent of it in nearly five months, which also meant it would take him about two months to refine a low grade Orb of Will.

After coming to the island, the medium grade Orb of Will gifted by the Lady Boss had already been refined by about forty percent. And before arriving on the island, he had already refined it by almost twenty percent. Adding those numbers together, the medium grade Orb of Will had already been refined by sixty percent.

Miao Yi conducted an inner scan to examine his art source in silence. He reckoned that after refining the remaining forty percent, he would be able to break through to a cultivation at White Lotus Third Grade.

But this year, he could no longer continue refining it and had to depart from closed-door cultivation. The day for East Arrival Cave to gather the Orbs of Will was here. He needed to deliver the Orbs of Will to Mount Calming Sea, and it was mandatory for a Cave Master like him to step forth and take charge of it.

Qian'Er and ue'Er once again dressed in a dignified and pleasant manner despite being used to dressing simply. The bodies of the two girls appeared to have grown quite a bit as well, faintly exuding a woman's grace.

They had already received news from Miao Yi that they were going to return to East Arrival Case beforehand, so the two of them had already finished packing their belongings. They followed behind Miao Yi, and departed from the cave.

The little ones were indeed the offsprings of the Hell Mantids, they seemed to especially love the chill winter. The moment winter came, they immediately became lively, wreaking havoc across the island as they flew about chaotically in the forest.

Miao Yi shut his eyes for a while and finally used his thoughts to summon the little ones back as he revealed his palm.

One by one, the little ones flew over in succession, quietly disappearing into the storage ring.

’’Huh!’’ Suddenly, Miao Yi cried out in surprise as if he had discovered something. He reached out and grabbed a little one to examine.

The little ones had grown considerably. Although they were still brown in color and looked the same as normal mantids, but upon closer inspection, one could noticed that the surface of the little ones' body was unexpectedly and faintly suffused with a layer similar to a metallic gloss.

Especially the sensation of pinching it in his hands; when he pinched them before, the little one's body felt slightly delicate. However, it had evidently become hard, similar to a carved sculpture. It was very clear that its resistance to taking a beating was slightly stronger than before.

Miao Yi revealed a pensive expression on his face, faintly coming to a vague understanding as to why the little ones loved to eat crystal coins. He began to suspect that it had something to do with the essence powder contained within the crystal coins...

He wasn't able to confirm the actual reason for now, so he flipped his palm open, keeping all of the little ones away into his storage ring.

After arriving at the harbor, he proceeded to remove the trees that were covering the large ship. Then, he went behind the ship, and sent the tree frames supporting the ship flying with a single kick; moving over to the prow, he invoked his art lightly, causing the entire ship to slide into the sea on top of the rolling trees.

Miao Yi led the two girls to nimbly descend onto the ship. Although, the two girls' cultivation had yet to enter a grade, leaping a few metres high no longer posed an issue; they could no longer be compared to the delicate young girls they used to be.

Charcoal seemed to realize what it meant for the ship to go out to sea; he would once again be forced to do the hard labor of running around in circles, so he paced back and forth on the shore, appearing reluctant to board the ship.

Miao Yi could not bother spouting nonsense with this stupid fatty who was naturally born without the moral disposition of a dragon steed. With a casual wave of his hand, a few little ones shot out from the storage ring, buzzing as they flapped their wings to stop Charcoal, forcing him to comply.


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