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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 102


Chapter 102: The Snowy South Edict (8)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

It was also pointless to run all the way to Mount Calming Sea. Qin Weiwei was currently still at South Edict Manor and the remaining people at Mount Calming Sea could not necessarily withstand the combined attacks of these two. If he had fled to other abode of Immortals, they might not necessarily risk their lives for him as was evident from the attitude they had towards him.

'Escape out of South Edict Manor and request help from other manors? Why would they rescue a low leveled cultivator like you?'

Since they rushed to commit the deed at this specific moment, it was clear that the other party had planned beforehand and chosen the time strike when he would have almost no options left.

He could only do his utmost and fight!

The little ones were summoned out of the storage ring one by one, moving along Charcoal's rapidly prancing front hooves and hiding themselves amongst the snow.

Miao Yi could only use an underhanded tactic in exploiting the little ones, as he was well aware that the little ones could not compare to the Hell Mantises from the Boundless Secular World. They were still too weak. Facing them head on, even he, Miao Yi, would be able to kill them off easily, let alone those who were currently pursuing to kill him.

Charcoal quickly turned about, and charged out from the side, running around in rings on the snowy prairie. Miao Yi took this opportunity to sow the little fellas into the snow as though they were seeds.

Coming to block the pathway to South Edict Manor, Fan Renfang came to a halt. He caught sight of Fang Ziyu pursuing Miao Yi all around in circles and was beginning to panic. He shouted loudly, ’’Do it quickly! He's stalling for time!’’

Fang Ziyu was also getting worried. With a flick of his spear, the snow on the ground immediately coiled into a snow dragon, flying towards Miao Yi and crashing against him.

Such a long ranged attack did not cause much damage as his White Lotus Second Grade cultivation was not just for show.

One after another the snow dragons came, lumps of mud and stones that resembled a gale, showering down onto him, but they were all destroyed with an explosive din, by the rain of numerous, and chaotic rays of cold light shooting out from Miao Yi's hand.

Fang Ziyu's gnashed his teeth with hatred as he realized that this bastard was really a piece of work. Miao Yi had that stupid fatty's leg power to depend on and he himself could not do anything to him!

....If he had the guts to dismount from the horse and fight him, he was sure he could kill Miao Yi with a single blow!

Throughout the frantic, heated pursuit, the flustered and exasperated Fang Ziyu completely didn't realize that a small fella had already crawled onto his back. It faced his rear with its tiny sickle hoisted.

Miao Yi smirked as he realized that the little fella was already in position. Abruptly, he stopped Charcoal in his tracks, and hastily turned him around.

’’ATTACK!’’ Miao Yi let out a furious roar as he dashed towards Fang Ziyu, clashing with him head-on.

He did not know whether the small fella would be of any use against a White Lotus Fifth Grade cultivator, but he was already forced to the point that he had no other options but to desperately fight for his life!

'He is seriously courting death!' Fang Ziyu laughed coldly. He was about to move his spear to strike but suddenly felt a stinging pain spread from his buttocks, a terrifying sensation that made one feel as though they were falling into the netherworld rapidly filled his entire body.

Miao Yi quickly acted in concert with the little one's movement, as he was afraid that the little one would fail;apart from its innate skill, its body was still too weak and would not be able to withstand an attack from such a skilled opponent.

He quickly gathered his transcendence energy to the speartip, sweeping it around and gouged into the ground to amass a massive snowball, before launching it from the speartip. The snowball streaked violently shooting towards Fang Ziyu.

Fang Ziyu had intended to turn around to see the commotion but only just managed to raise the last vestige of his awareness, wielding his spear to smash the incoming snowball attack with a loud bang.

'BOOM!' A flurry of snow filled the entire sky.

All of a sudden, Charcoal leapt into the air, carrying Miao Yi as they charged diagonally through the fluttering snowflakes.

Almost subconsciously, Fang Ziyu slowly and sluggishly brought up his spear to receive the attack.

But an attack of such speed and strength was no longer any threat to Miao Yi, since he also wasn't one to be trifled with.

If he could have missed such an opportunity, then the ten years that he, Miao Yi, had spent on the island would have indeed been wasted.

With the flicker of a cold gleam in his hand, he delivered a rapid thrust of his spear.

'SPLURT!' Fang Ziyu's head was launched into the sky.

Once Charcoal landed, Miao Yi swept the spear in his hand across, blowing away the fluttering snow with a wave of transcendence energy, before turning around to throw a cold glare at Fan Renfang.

From a distance, Fan Renfang was baffled. He could only helplessly witness with his own eyes as a head dropped onto the ground, and a headless Fang Ziyu still lay saddled onto his dragon steed.

The dragon steed under Fang Ziyu began to run into the distance, and immediately, his headless body collapsed onto the ground.

Having now experienced the taste of victory, Miao Yi was instantly brimming with confidence. He pointed the spear in his hand towards Fan Renfang and bellowed in fury, ’’Miao Yi is here! Who dares to challenge me?!’’

'Fang Ziyu was beheaded just like that?' Fan Renfang was bewildered and couldn't wrap his mind around what had happened. But very quickly, he straightened his spear and shouted furiously, ’’Don't run if you've got the guts!’’

His dragon steed immediately lurched forward, rushing towards Miao Yi at great speeds.

'He would be an idiot if he didn't run!' Right now, there was no little one ready on Fan Renfang so naturally, Miao Yi turned Charcoal on his heels and fled. He intended to lead the opponent about the snowy prairie, once more running around in circles again.

Hence, the previous situation repeated itself. Whilst chasing, Fan Renfang kept brandishing his spear as he fiercely attacked.

Miao Yi was simply unafraid since he had the help of Charcoal's leg power. And Charcoal seemed to be in very high-spirits after Miao Yi had turned the tides and beheaded a person. At once, he ran about more gleefully...

From a remote distance, a large squadron of troops were currently charging at great speeds towards their direction. Yang Qing had already changed into a body of silver armor, leading the respectives Mountain Chieftains in tow as they sped forth, to handover the collected Orbs of Will to Suppressing Second Palace.

As they sped along the path, the sounds of battle thundered out from afar. Yang Qing quickly raised his hand, prompting everyone to immediately rein in their mounts, every single one of them listening attentively.

From the side, Xiong Xiao's expression twisted. He was a little worried whether it could be his two subordinates.

On listening carefully, it really was a fight. Yang Qing's face darkened considerably. ’’Who has the impertinence to dare cause trouble in my South Edict Manor?!’’

Xiong Xiao stepped forward, cupping his fists at once, ’’I shall go forth to investigate!’’

Yang Qing was about to nod his head, but who would have expected to faintly hear a furious roar travelling to them at this time, it was Miao Yi's voice, ’’Miao Yi is here! Who dares to challenge me?!’’

A number of people were stunned. Everyone was not unfamiliar with this voice, and that line! To think at that time, some brat gained Yang Qing's high regard with that exact line.

On the other hand, Qin Weiwei furrowed her brows, 'Miao Yi? What the hell is that bastard doing now?!'

It could be said that Xiong Xiao's expression changed considerably, his gaze rapidly flickered unceasingly, 'Could it seriously be.. if it really is... what the hell are those two doing? Could it be that even two White Lotus Fifth Grade cultivators are not able to handle that brat?!'

’’Miao Yi?’’ Yang Qing frowned.

Before Xiong Xiao could have the another chance to request for permission to move forth, Yang Qing's dragon steed had already shot out at great speeds, akin to a drawn arrow shot from a bow. He wanted to see for himself just exactly what was going on!

His troops sped off to trail along after him at once...

The rumbling sounds of the battle up ahead became increasingly clear to their ears.

With Yang Qing in the lead, everyone dashed up the hill, swiftly raising their eyes to look.

They witnessed an enormous snowball being smashed apart by a masked man brandishing his spear whilst Miao Yi shouted angrily, ’’DIE!’’

A mount carrying the visibly reckless Miao Yi, soared high up into the sky. Miao Yi clutched tightly onto his hoisted spear, and thrust vigorously as he bolted at an angle through the fluttering snow.

Such courageous grandeur caused everyone who looked to quiver deep down.

'Plop!' A masked head soared into the sky, breaking through the swirling, disoriented snowflakes in the air before dropping onto the ground.

Yang Qing's pupils shrank, unconsciously bringing his dragon steed to a halt as he silently watched the fluttering snowflakes in the air.

With his cultivation, when he heard the sound from afar, he had already know that the person fighting against Miao Yi was at least a White Lotus Fifth Grade cultivator. When facing against such a strong adversary, that kid had surprisingly charged against the enemy out of his own volition!


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