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Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 100


Chapter 100: The Snowy South Edict (6)

Translator: Kelaude Editor: Milkbiscuit

’’Second Grade Transcendent Artifact!’’

’’Despicable! To actually rely on a Second Grade Transcendent Artifact to obtain victory!’’

’’Was it not despicable for two to fight against one?’’

’’They were the ones that combined forces first, was it wrong to counter-attack?’’

The crowd of spectators began to accuse one another.

Yang Qing on the other hand didn't seem like he cared, he still had a smile on his face, and

announced, ’’No need to compete anymore, the other two shall take second place together, as

it's a tie you both can divide the ten Orbs of Will equally.’’

After he finished saying this he turned his dragon steed around, then turned his head and went

on ahead, a certain someone's cloak looking very fashionable on him.

Everyone else had also begun to withdraw, a battle for good omens was meant to be a joyous

occasion, but now it had ended with an argument because of everyone's bickering.

Fan Renfang and Fang Ziyu had been called to Xiong Xiao alone and were especially nervous;

the both of them cupped their fists and apologized, ’’We have failed to fulfill the Mountain

Chieftain's expectations!’’

It wasn't because they didn't manage to match up with Miao Yi, the other party hadn't even

wanted to step up even if he was killed, so they had no choice in that matter, and of course

wouldn't be blamed. The main issue was that the two of them hadn't even managed to get into

the top twenty, and just lost.

Xiong Xiao chuckled and said benevolently, ’’No need to take it to heart, these kinds of

competitions are merely a tussle for good omens, don't take it too seriously. A competition is an

ordinary situation, when the time comes for a battle to the death, where the victor lives and the

loser dies, how could a placing in a competition hold any weight?’’

The two of them hastily thanked the Mountain Chieftain for his benevolence.

Who knew Xiong Xiao would then casually tell them, ’’Each Mountain Chieftain has to lead two

capable subordinates and accompany the Manor Head to deliver the entire shipment of Orbs of

Will of South Edict Manor to Suppressing Second Palace. I assume Qin Weiwei will not likely be

bringing that brat along, both of you will have to make your preparations early, do you

understand what I am saying?’’

Of course they understood, he had already laid it out so clearly, how could they not?

Fan Renfang and Fang Ziyu glanced at one another, they didn't know why the Mountain

Chieftain just wouldn't let this guy go. Nevertheless, they could only cup their fists and obey,


’’I don't wish to see that brat return to East Arrival Cave alive. Make it clean and don't leave any

trouble behind.’’ Xiong Xiao commanded, then turned around and left.

He did not believe that with two White Lotus Fifth Grade cultivators joining forces, that the brat

would still be able to escape.

The men from Mount Calming Sea that were in South Edict Manor had already been gathered

by Qin Weiwei; the one that had taken second place in the competition, Gongsun Yu, was the

last to arrive, walking into the courtyard after changing into a set of clean clothes.

This man didn't look too old, his appearance was dignified as if he carried a certain loftiness.

As soon as he came in, Gongsun Yu immediately asked for her forgiveness as Qin Weiwei stood

with her hands behind her, stating how he had disappointed her. The way he looked at Qin

Weiwei was a little strange.

On the other hand, Miao Yi was transmitting a message to his subordinates to the side, ’’I feel as

though the way this Cave Master Gongsun is looking at that vil... at Mountain Chieftain is a bit

strange, there's definitely something nasty going on between them!’’

Zheng Jinlong tried to restrain his laughter, it seemed that this Cave Master really did not take

too kindly to the Mountain Chieftain, so he replied his message, ’’Cave Master is really in the

dark, I have heard some information from a senior by the gates. When Mountain Chieftain was

reporting for her duty at Mount Calming Sea, this Gongsun Yu took the initiative to ask the

Mountain Chieftain for an assignment, and said he wanted to follow the Mountain Chieftain.

Another small channel of information told me, this Gongsun Yu has indeed been courting our

Mountain Chieftain for a while now, as for whether it has succeeded, that remains a question.’’

’’I tell you, no wonder; they're all working in collusion for their misdeeds with the subordinate

taking after the person at the top....’’

Miao Yi wore a disdainful expression as he grumbled silently.

Zheng Jinlong wanted to remind the Cave Master, 'You seem to have slandered yourself as well.'

On the other side, Qin Weiwei had actually taken the initiative to extend her arms and pulled

Gongsun Yu up. Surprisingly, she revealed a smile that was rarely seen, the other party did win

some glory for her Mount Calming Sea, so she comforted him, ’’Victory and loss are very

common things, Cave Master Gongsun need not blame yourself, furthermore you did not lose in

terms of skill, but lost to the enemy's transcendent artifact...’’

She cast a glance at Miao Yi's face, and when she saw that look of disdain he had on, her good

mood was instantly gone along with her smile, as she coldly added another sentence, ’’At least

you are much stronger than those that would cower from the competition and didn't dare to

step up and fight!’’

’’Uh...’’ Gongsun Yu was shocked, then subconsciously turned around to look at Miao Yi.

The other Cave Masters and their subordinates were all trying to restrain their laughter as they

looked at Miao Yi and thought, 'Weren't you a tough guy?'

’’......’’ 'Who is she talking about? Why is she venting out on me again?' Miao Yi's expression was

as dark as the underside of a pot, his face twitching as he looked at Qin Weiwei; he realised he

could never get along with this vile woman, 'Seeing as Yang Qing has treated me kindly, I'll put

up with it!'

Zheng Jinlong and Wang Zifa also found it hard to bear, they belonged to East Arrival Cave after

all, and facing such humiliation in public, they naturally wouldn't feel good about it, and

thought to themselves, 'No wonder the Cave Master called this woman a vile woman, she was

vile indeed!'

Qin Weiwei couldn't be bothered with Miao Yi's feelings, and turned around to continue

speaking to Gongsun Yu, ’’Manor Head has ordered for the respective Mountain Chieftains to

bring two capable subordinates and deliver the annual tributes of South Edict Manor, I had

originally wanted to bring you along, but now you're hurt....’’

She hadn't even finished before Gongsun Yu immediately cupped his fists and asked for his

orders, ’’It's just a minor wound, nothing to fret about; your subordinate is willing to serve like a

dog or a horse. Please allow me to follow you Mountain Chieftain!’’

'A treacherous couple!' Miao Yi cursed to himself.

Qin Weiwei expressed her doubts for a while, but upon Gongsun Yu's insistence, she agreed in

the end.

She turned around and ordered the rest, ’’The rest of the troops should return to their respective


’’Yes!’’ Everyone obeyed and dispersed.

After throwing a furtive look over and seeing the unhappy Miao Yi, Qin Weiwei was in contrast,

feeling extremely ecstatic deep down!

The troops and Cave Masters of the various mountains, a large force, all departed from South

Edict Manor one after the other.

The respective Cave Masters of Mount Calming Sea probably pretended to be courteous to Miao

Yi out of respect for Yang Qing, but they still had to travel together for a period of time on their

way back from Mount Calming Sea. When the time came to leave and everyone began forming

groups, no one had invited Miao Yi along, as they clearly didn't recognise him as being on the

same level as they were.

The Great Cave Master Miao also didn't want to travel together to the realm of Mount Calming

Sea with those arrogant bastards; He didn't want to tolerate their attitude throughout the

journey and make himself miserable, so he quickly found an excuse to head over to Qian Zifeng

and Zhou Liqin's cultivation residences, and drank his fill of wine before leaving.

Qian Zifeng and Zhou Liqin were not on duty today, and on account of both parties having a bit

of relationship, the two of them personally escorted Miao Yi to the mountain gates.

On the path that had been trampled into a messy mix of dirt and snow, Miao Yi led Zheng

Jinlong and Wang Zifa, and quickly departed.

Compared to those that were leaving noisily in their own groups, they looked a little lonesome,

as well as somewhat out of place.

Miao Yi was aware that there was no escaping the truth. With his level of cultivation, becoming

the East Arrival Cave Master had been entirely because Yang Qing thought highly of him;

without Yang Qing, he would not have the achievements he now did. There was a large gap

between his cultivation and that of the other Cave Masters, so it was normal for others to look

down on him; he couldn't exactly ask every single person that was stronger than him to lower

their status and make friends with him, there was no such logic. In the end, it was because his

own cultivation was too weak so he couldn't blame anyone else.

Approximately two hundred li away from South Edict Manor, three horses charged forth on the


The three riders did not make any sort of conversation the entire way, and only rushed forward

with heavy hearts; Zheng Jinlong and Wang Zifa knew that their Cave Master was not in a good

mood, so they kept quiet.

Under the cold skies and on frozen grounds, no one else could be seen on their journey. The

three of them dashed on their dragon steeds to the edge of a narrow path between two

mountains, when all of them suddenly stopped.


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