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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Pledging One's Life to Protect

Translator: Jillian Editor: Jimmy

’’People of the Qin, listen carefully. The Qin family have colluded with a foreign country and is

guilty of treason. We are government officials here to investigate. Hurry up and open the gates.

We will only put the head criminal to death; we will exempt those who collaborated with them

from the death sentence. If you remain stubborn and insist on resisting, then we will kill you


Xu Sanli's strategy was very vicious. He was pretending to be the government and placed a

mark of treason on the Qin family. When he poured this bowl of dirty water on them, it was

surely a heavy blow to the mentality of the servants in the Qin.

All these servants were born in the Bai Yue Country and never once had they thought about

betraying their country. When someone suddenly accused them of being a traitor, they would,

of course, feel nervous.

Xu Sanli had considered this factor and had decided to use this strategy to eliminate all

resistance. He wanted to break into the Qin residence quickly to kill, rob and then withdraw.

Elder Yue gave an appreciative look at Xu Sanli. Then, he also shouted: ’’We are going to

countdown from ten. After the countdown finishes, we will immediately attack and kill all.’’

Since the father and son of the Qin family weren't present in the manor, Qin Sixi was

responsible for all matters in the house. As for the security and protection, Qin Lianchuan, the

captain of the bodyguards was in charge.

Qin Lianchuan was not originally a family member. He swore an oath of brotherhood with Qin

Lianshan and did not share any blood with the Qin family. However, after he had sworn the

oath, he had worked for the Qin for more than half of his life. Thus, he also changed his last

name to Qin.

In Qin Lianshan's eyes, he was no different than any other direct descendant in the family.

This Qin Lianchuan was a mighty warrior at Stage Nine of the Power Force. He had personally

trained the guards in the family. In total, there were one hundred and twenty people divided

into four teams.

These one hundred and twenty people were known as the private guards of the Qin manor.

Although they were still some levels away from those Venerable and Wealthy Class families,

they were the elite existence in Eastwood Town.

’’Master Four, are they really from the government?’’ Qin Lianchuan asked sternly.

Qin Sixi immediately refuted the question: ’’Impossible. Patriarch and Young Master had just

won the Wealthy Class seat battle. At the moment, they are celebrating. How could they

conspire with foreign countries? Not to mention, the government is assisting the Zhen Wu Holy

Place in hosting the Family Class Evaluations, how could they find time to investigate?’’

’’This means they are imposters!’’ With a sharp expression, Qin Lianchuan looked in the

direction of the men outside the gates. He rubbed his hands: ’’No matter who they are or where

they're from, I will make sure they never return.’’

’’Don't be so hasty, the safety of the manor comes first.’’

Qin Lianchuan nodded: ’’Yes, I understand.’’

He took a few steps forward and said in a clear voice: ’’Since you are the government, do you

have any documents? The symbolic plate of the official?’’

Outside, Xu Sanli said coldly: ’’How dare you negotiate, are you not afraid to get three

generations of the family executed?’’

Qin Lianchuan laughed: ’’Such unknown demons and clowns who dared to pose as government

officials. If you have courage, then I dare you to come in. I promise to chop all your heads off.’’

When Xu Sanli saw that his threats had not succeeded, he made a sign to Elder Yue and shouted

to the people behind him: ’’Xu Zhou, Xu Yuan, you two brothers will lead our people and wait for

the signal to advance. Elder Yue and I will climb over the wall, and our whistles will be the


’’Yes, Father!’’ Both Xu Zhou and Xu Yuan hated the Qin family deeply. Of course, they were

eager to get into action.

Both Xu Sanli and Elder Yue gave a light shout. Then, like a pigeon that rolled in the sky, their

bodies flew from the horseback, and in an instant, they jumped onto the high wall.

A Stage Five and a Stage Four Genuine Force Warrior, one could not underestimate them.

Qin Lianchuan saw clearly as the two shadowy figures jumped in from outside like two ghosts.

He shouted: ’’Archers, get ready, shoot within one hundred steps!’’


Among the four teams, two of the teams were mainly composed of high-skilled and

extraordinary archers. Qin Lianchuan had hand-picked them all and had put them through

hardcore training.

Although they faced such high-level warriors, they were not afraid.

’’Master Four, you bring the servants in the family to hide in the secret chamber. We will take

care of things here!’’ When Qin Lianchuan saw the powerful enemies, he knew today's business

would not be simple and would be very dangerous. Thus, he immediately whispered to Qin Sixi.

Qin Sixi did not hesitate and immediately called everyone to retreat. After he had directed those

servants to hide, Qin Sixi returned to Qin Lianchuan.

’’Master Four, why are you still not leaving?’’

’’Lianchuan, give me two of your teams to come with me to protect our ancestor's house!’’

Qin Lianchuan immediately understood and nodded: ’’Team Two and Four, go follow Master

Four. You will follow all of his orders. Team one and three, continue to shoot!’’

Like devastating locust, the arrows swirled in the air and continued to greet Xu Sanli and Elder

Yue who were approaching.

Although these two were powerful, under the rain of arrows, it was impossible for them to get

any closer. Those two dodged left and right with swift body movements. While they continued

to dodge, they let out a long whistle and summoned Xu Zhou to attack with his subordinates.

While attacking one enemy from two sides, the people of the Xu acted like a crazed tiger and

rushed in with boundless hatred.

Qin Lianchuan knew it was not good news when the twenty or thirty people rushed in. Each of

them was swift and nimble, and not to mention they were led by several mighty Warriors of the

Genuine Force.

’’Team One, continue to shoot. Team Three retreat one hundred steps. Cover for each other and

exchange fire!’’

Xu Zhou immediately waved his hand when he saw the guards of the Qin had begun to retreat.

He growled crazily: ’’Go, kill all the people of the Qin, leave no one alive! Kill, kill, kill!’’

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Arrows hissed, and another rain of arrows came rushing down.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Those weaker members of the Xu still charged on but were hit with the arrows and fell from the


This time, it was apparent that the Xu did not care about their own casualties. As long as the

core offspring of the family did not get harmed, they would risk everything.

They only had one goal Kill, kill, kill!

Kill everyone and everything!

Qin Lianchuan was in a gloomy mood. Until now, no casualty had appeared in his guards. They

had also hit a few strong ones on the enemy side.

However, it was evident that on the opposing side, there were six to seven mighty warriors at

the Genuine Force stage. No injuries had occurred on these mighty warriors.

As soon as they ran out arrows, and when their firepower could no longer stop the enemy's

advancement, it would be like a wolf entering the sheep's den when fighting in close combat

with these people.

Individually, these guards were only at Stage Five or Six of the Power Force. Even Qin

Lianchuan, the captain, was only at Stage Nine of the Power Force.

In other words, without a mighty warrior at the Genuine Force stage, it was impossible to hold

back the situation in close combat.

When he considered these factors, Qin Lianchuan shouted: ’’Retreat to the ancestor's hall.

Protect the ancestor's hall with your life. If the ancestor's home still exists, then you will exist!’’

Xu Sanli placed his hands on the waist. After a momentary observation, he discerned the

situation and shouted: ’’Go after them, attack and destroy the ancestor house of the Qin. Make

sure the souls of the ancestors of the Qin family have no place to come back and become lost


Before the ancestor house, Qin Lianchuan led two teams and regrouped with the previous Team

Two and Four. He set up a formation and waited.

These guards had worked for the Qin family since they were still young. They were indeed the

most loyal to the Qin. At the moment, although strong enemies stood before them, no one

showed any intention of withdrawing. With the desire to protect the ancestor hall, each and

every one wore a grave expression as they were determined to fight to the death against the


Xu Sanli had already arrived with his people. He proudly laughed, looked at the Qin's ancestor

house with a twisted expression, and threatened vigorously: ’’Those who don't want to die, get

lost. Those who are not afraid to die, then stay.’’

Elder Yue shouted harshly as he brandished a steel knife: ’’I will charge first!’’

He flipped the steel knife, the glint of steel flickered along its sharp edge. With a fast speed, he

jumped toward the the guards formation.

’’Shoot!’’ Qin Lianchuan ordered.


With a popping and cracking sound, Elder Yue used the steel knife and knocked aside the

arrows. After a few short leaps, he was already approaching the center of Team One.

’’Pike squadron, Attack!’’ Another order came down.


Thirty organized long spears stabbed directly toward Elder Yue from behind.

Elder Yue flipped his body and swung the steel knife, a powerful wind force swirled up in the

wake of the knife swing. With a flickering white light, the tip of the knife swept across a circle,

and a pile of pike tips dropped to the floor.

He revealed an evil grin, and in the next instant, he was in the middle of the group. Whenever

he slashed down with the knife, five or six guards would immediately collapse as if he was

harvesting wheat.

However, these guards were very tough. Since they did not die immediately after they had

collapsed, they threw themselves onto Elder Yue crazily. They either held onto his legs or tore

at him with their teeth. Each and every one of them fought for their life.

Elder Yue felt his two feet instantly became numb as two guards had all grabbed onto his legs.

With a long hiss, the tip of the knife slashed down and directly severed the four arms that had

been wrapped around his legs. Momentarily struck with fear, he took a few steps back and

when he saw these crazy tiger-like Qin guards continue to charge at him regardless of the

difference in their strength.

If these people had held his legs just a bit longer, and if he was slightly slower, he would have

been turned into a hedgehog by the dozen of big spears that were charging at him.

’’Brothers, kill! Kill one of these mighty warriors of the Genuine Force would gain interest from

your initial investment!’’ Qin Lianchuan yelled, grabbed a knife and jumped over.

Suddenly, a white light flashed across him. Then, Qin Lianchuan could no longer feel his arm.

His entire arm had been separated from the shoulder.

Xu Sanli rushed over with an evil grin. In one sword attack, he had chopped off Qin Lianchuan's


’’Make them stop!’’ Xu Sanli held the sword to Qin Lianchuan's neck and shouted.

Qin Lianchuan spat with despise: ’’In your dreams!’’

’’Then just go d ’’

He moved his arm and was about to take Qin Lianchuan's life, but before he could say the word

'die.' An explosive sound suddenly came from the sky.


With a sparkle, a robust and powerful wave of force smashed into the edge of his blade.

Xu Sanli instantly felt a wave of extreme pain spreading from the web between his thumb and

index finger. Blood seeped from the wound, and he could no longer hold the longsword.

At the same time, a stern shout came: ’’Leave no one alive from the Xu thugs!’’


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