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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Secret Information of the Feudal Lords

Translator: Jillian Editor: Jimmy

When he returned to the inn, both his father and sister were standing at the door with a worried


When they saw Qin Wushuang had returned safely, their worries were immediately replaced

with a look of relief as they walked over.

’’Wushuang, are you alright?’’ Qin Xiu quickly grabbed Qin Wushuang's hand and asked in a

caring tone.

’’Let's talk inside.’’

The family of three entered Qin Wushuang's room, and he started to speak: ’’Sister, don't worry,

it's alright.’’

Qin Lianshan asked sincerely: ’’Xi Men Feudal Lords? Those people again?’’

His father's tone was noticeably brimming with despair and a trace of terror. The intervention

of a Feudal Lord powerhouses was far beyond his tolerance.

Even during their most prosperous time, the Qin family had only been a Wealthy Class. The gap

between them and the Feudal Lords was immense.

And right now, people of the Xi Men Feudal Lords had repeatedly come after them. Qin

Lianshan could not help feeling worried and even become somewhat hesitant.

’’It is the Xi Men Feudal Lords. But this time, these visitors were more powerful than that Xi

Men Qian, whom we had met last time at the Venerable Da Xi family.’’

Qin Lianshan's heart bumped, as he thought, stronger than Xi Men Qian?

A lot of the aristocrats had seen with their own eyes of how Xi Men Qian had acted arrogantly in

front of Da Xi Heng. In Qin Lianshan's mind, Xi Men Qian was already an unreachable


If they were stronger than Xi Men Qian, how much more powerful could they be?

Qin Wushuang had sharp eyes, and he knew that his father's mind had swayed. It was not his

fault because this fact was, indeed, far beyond his knowledge and tolerance.

’’Father, since I was three years old, you have taught me to memorize our old rules. Until today,

how many years has it been?’’

Those who seek our family's asset, we will fight back with five times the force.

Those who seek our family's social status, we will fight back with ten times the force.

Those who dared to destroy the Qin family, we will fight with all our strength, regardless of


Since the ancient times, all male members of the family had started to memorize these rules by

heart at the age of three. In their life, at least, they had to memorize it more than ten thousand

times. How would Qin Lianshan not remember?

When he saw that his father did not speak, Qin Wushuang continued: ’’The current situation is

no longer a fight between the aristocratic seats and family assets. Instead, it is about the

survival of the Qin family. Do you know what those three visitors of the Xi Men family said?’’

’’What did they say?’’ A trace of anger and determination flashed across Qin Lianshan's eyes.

’’They said that if the Humble Qin did not give up on this Wealthy Class fight, then in ten days,

they will definitely destroy the Qin family.’’


Qin Lianshan suddenly slammed his fist down on the tea table and shook the tea set around.

’’Please calm down, Father. I want to ask you, if we had given up the Wealthy Class fight earlier,

then with the tyranny of the Xi Men Feudal Lords and the Xu family, how could they not use the

Qin family as an example?’’

Qin Lianshan's expression froze and revealed a thoughtful look. His son, at such young age, had

already analyzed the problem thoroughly. In the current situation, regardless of moving

forward or backing down, the power of the enemies would not change. If they continued to

fight for it, they would surely get revenge. If not, the Qin family would become civilians and get


When facing such a situation, what more did they need to consider?

Qin Lianshan was someone that clearly hated losing. Earlier, he had hesitated because of the

massive gap between the Qin and the Feudal Lords. For a time, it was difficult for him to accept

this reality.

After he understood, he slapped the table and lights dimmed in his eyes. He said with a hoarse

voice: ’’Those who dared to attempt to destroy the Qin family, we will fight back with all our

strength, regardless of death! Wushuang, are you confident in the afternoon match?’’

Qin Wushuang leisurely responded: ’’Destroying the Xu family is like killing a dog! Father, when

the third match finishes in the afternoon, we Qin will return to being the Wealthy Class, we will

all celebrate!’’

As soon as his words had dropped, Qin Wushuang suddenly smiled lightly: ’’We have visitors.’’

Outside the corridor, organized footsteps approached quickly that filled the ears.

’’Is Patriarch Qin here?’’

Qin Lianshan heard the voice and recognized it as that grizzly beard examiner of the Zhen Wu

Holy Place who had invited them to the banquet.

’’Haha, Elder Zhou, please come in.’’

Qin Wushuang opened the door and glanced outside. He saw twenty-four uniformed warriors

of the Zhen Wu Holy Place standing in formation behind Elder Zhou. Each and every one of

them had an active and healthy physical figure, with deep and bright eyes. At a glance, they

appeared to be well-trained mighty warriors.

Individually, they were at least Stage Four of Genuine Force. But when they moved in a group,

they could wield even more power.

’’I heard something happened here?’’ Like a smile yet not a smile, Elder Zhou did not speak


’’Only three jumping clowns. When they heard about the Zhen Wu Holy Place, they already fled

in terror,’’ Qin Wushuang said with a light tone.

Elder Zhou nodded and turned to close the door. He walked closer and lowered his voice and

asked: ’’Xi Men Feudal Lords?’’

’’Xi Men Feudal Lords!’’

’’How are their strength?’’ Elder Zhou asked again.

’’One Stage Eight and two Stage Seven Warriors. Just these three people could slaughter the

entire River County.’’

Initially, Qin Lianshan did not know the strength of those visitors. Although he had mentally

prepared himself, he was still astonished when he heard Qin Wushuang talking about it.

Stage Eight of the Genuine Force?

Only one Stage Eight Genuine Force Warrior was needed to build a Feudal Lord family! Could it

be, the Patriarch of the Xi Men family had come himself?

The color on Elder Zhou's face slightly changed. He said thoughtfully: ’’These Xi Men Feudal

Lords are crossing a line. It seems that Xi Men Qian did not put Manager Huang's words in his

mind. He dared to look down on the Zhen Wu Holy Place. In just these few years, the Xi Men

Feudal Lords have become so arrogant that they overestimate their abilities.’’

’’There is something I want to ask Elder Zhou's opinion on.’’

’’Tell me.’’

’’How many Stage Eight Genuine Force Warriors does that Xi Men family have?’’ Qin Wushuang

was most concerned about this matter. After all, you will never be defeated if you know yourself

and your enemy.

’’There are four Royal Territories in Bai Yue Country. Each of them governs the eight states. And

in each state, there is one Feudal Lord powerhouse. Plus the dozens of Feudal Lords from the

four Royal Territories and the capital, in total, there are about forty and fifty of them. Among all

the Feudal Lords in the country, the Xi Men are ranked at number five. Naturally, they were one

of the elite. Their Patriarch is a Stage Nine Genuine Force Warrior. At least three of them are

Stage Eight. As for the Stage Sevens, there is most likely more than ten of them.’’

It seemed that there was indeed a Stage Nine of Genuine Force Warrior among the Xi Men.

Although Qin Wushuang had mentally prepared himself, but he was still slightly surprised.

However, he was not worried. What did it matter if there was a Stage Nine?

’’What are the Twelve Great Feudal Lords?’’

’’The Twelve Great Feudal Lords are related to the Stage Nine Genuine Force Warriors. Among

the dozens of Feudal families in the country, only twelve of them have Stage Nine Warriors.

Thus, they were given the title ’’The Twelve Great Feudal Lords. Such a title is only given to

show that they are one level higher than the other Feudal families.’’

’’I see.’’ Finally, Qin Wushuang understood the concept of the Twelve Great Feudal Lords.

Suddenly, Elder Zhou smiled and asked with a strange tone: ’’There is one hour left until the

third match. The battle for the Wealthy Class, are you guys going to give up or continue?’’

’’Why is Elder Zhou saying this?’’ Qin Wushuang was stunned.

’’Are you guys scared of the threats posed by Stage Eight of Genuine Force Warrior?’’

Qin Wushuang stared at this Elder Zhou. After a few moments, he smiled bitterly: ’’Elder Zhou, I

almost didn't see through the meaning beneath your words.’’

Then, he straightened his chest and said in a clear and loud voice: ’’Still that word After the

third match, the Wealthy Xu will cease to exist!’’

When he heard these words, Elder Zhou rubbed his hand and also smiled happily: ’’Good, you do

not fear the authority nor the threats. A man is the strongest when he follows through his

belief. Wushuang, do not worry, although I cannot promise you anything else, the Zhen Wu

Holy Place will definitely ensure that it is a fair match, we will give you guys an entirely

unbiased competition environment!’’

Qin Wushuang nodded, yet, he dwelled on his words inwardly. Elder Zhou's words needed to be

treated carefully. He only mentioned providing a fair environment for the Qin family in this

match for the Wealthy Class. However, he did not speak of the things to come after.

As for after the fight for the Wealthy Class seat, regarding the revenge from the Xi Men Feudal

Lords or whether the Zhen Wu Holy Place would interfere, he did not mention a word.

Of course, Qin Wushuang did not hold a grudge against them. It was already enough since the

Zhen Wu Holy Place was willing to take such measures. After all, it was rare to for the Humble

family to receive such special treatment.

As a proud person, Qin Wushuang obviously did not care to beg the Zhen Wu Holy Place for


Saviors did not exist. He must take the matter into his hands and use his own strength to clear a

path. If he relied on outside help, it would only be an empty promise!

Elder Zhou did not care about Qin Wushuang's thought as he smiled: ’’It's almost time.

Coincidentally, we are also going to the River Square to maintain order. How about we go


’’No thanks, please go ahead, Elder Zhou.’’ Qin Wushuang politely declined.

Elder Zhou showed an appreciative look toward Qin Wushuang. Then, he walked out. Inwardly,

he admired this teenager's pride and gave a long sigh because he did want to help, but the water

was too deep in the entire Bai Yue Country...

He also knew the reason of why Qin Wushuang had refused to go with them. At this time, the

Qin family was not willingly to let other people think that they only came to the battle stage

under the protection of Zhen Wu Holy Place.

It was an attitude. A type of confident attitude that would only appear among the elite warriors.

It was strange to see this kind of attitude manifest in a youth!


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