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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: The Battle For The Wealthy Class Seat

Translator: Jillian Editor: Jimmy

Qin Wushuang's act had served as a significant deterrence to Xi Men Qian. He had deliberately

bared his strength to warn Xi Men Qian and Xu Sanli after he had killed Cold-Blooded Eleven

and returned his corpse.

Xi Men Qian was very suspicious. However, he did not know who had killed Cold-Blooded


Even though nobody from the Humble Qin family could have murdered Cold-Blooded Eleven.

That someone who had killed Cold-Blooded Eleven undoubtedly had a strong connection to the

Qin family.

Being as proud as he was, Xi Men Qian did know how to judge the situation. He examined his

own strength that was slightly stronger than Cold-Blooded Eleven and knew that this little

difference was not enough to kill Eleven.

As he thought over the matter, he concluded that the enemy's strength could only be higher

than his.

Arriving at this conclusion, Xi Men Qian realized that this River County was not as simple as it

seemed. He must adopt a completely different view of the Humble Qin family.

On the other hand, Xu Sanli suddenly became extremely anxious. In these past few days; he had

repeatedly come to ask for advice from Xi Men Qian. However, Xi Men Qian did not see him

even once.

This only served to increase the growing sense of crisis in Xu Sanli.

In a flash, ten days had passed. In these ten days, battles for the seats of Humble Class and

Prominent Class were completed. Some were happy, and others were depressed. Some had

failed, and others succeeded.

The Gu, Wen and the Eastwood Niu family had fought over that vacated Humble Class seat that

had once belonged to the Qin family. And as expected, after the numerous battles between the

three families, the Gu family won.

It was undoubtedly the Wealthy Xu family that had supported the Gu family!

And the other Humble Class seat was an internal fight between the two life-long enemies of the

Nine Du Town. Finally, the Blue family, the civilians, overthrew the Li family and won the seat

of the Humble Class.

Initially, everyone had looked forward to the fight between the Prominent Classes. However, it

lost popularity once the Humble Qin family had stepped forward to challenge the Wealthy Class

Xu. In the end, the so-called ’’Number One Humble Class,’’ the Zhou family had defeated the

Prominent Xia family and ascended into the Prominent Class.

Thus, three of the four challenged aristocratic seats had changed hands during this’’Family

Class Evaluation’’ in River County. Those defending powerhouses, except the Qin family, had all


The massive River Square that could fit tens and thousands of people was currently packed and


The bodies of everyone present in the square was filled with tension and excitement; even their

breathing had become much more urgent than usual.

The long awaited event they had anxiously looked forward to, the Battle for the Wealthy Class

seat, will finally begin today!

Ten days of waiting, ten days of anticipation. And finally, the most exciting moment had


The younger people almost couldn't hold their excitement back. The grand finale in this

vicennial event had turned into a huge, dramatic story when a little Humble Class had

challenged the Wealthy Qin family.

Even when the host appeared on the stage, everyone was filled with impatience and only

wanted him to hurry up and finish speaking so that he could hand the stage over to the main

characters of the show The two families participating in the battle!

’’Everyone, just from your looks, I can feel how much you don't want me here. The most

anticipated battle for the Wealthy Class will soon begin! Please welcome the families!’’

The host had shortened his speech and quickly announced both parties with a reverberating


It was Qin Lianshan and his son from the Qin family who entered first. Below the stage, Qin Xiu

stood there both excitedly and nervously as she subconsciously wrung her hands.

The Xu family had deliberately strengthened their influence and gathered all the males from

their family. Their entrance was indeed grand. Dressed in standard combat clothing, the

matching footsteps as they marched onto the stage, the great extravagance they displayed

instantly inflamed the excitement of the audience.

They all complimented the Xu family wholeheartedly: ’’Tsk, tsk, the Wealthy Xu family indeed

have a significant presence.’’

’’Look at their exciting display; I am afraid only the Wealthy aristocrats have such quality. Look

at the Qin family, an old man, and a young man, can they even do this?’’

’’Won't we know soon if they can do it?’’

Beneath the stage, Qin Wushuang heard all of the bustling chatter among the audience. But it

all went in one ear and came out the other. Right now, he was unexpectedly calm, like an

ancient well without any powerful waves.

With the upcoming grand battle, it was one of Qin Wushuang's core tenets as a martial artist to

maintain a proper mentality.

When Qin Lianshan saw the extravagant show of the Xu family, he felt a jolt of nervousness. He

glanced at his son's calm face and noticed that Qin Wushuang was acting as if everything that

was happening had nothing to do with him.

Qin Lianshan could not help but feel ashamed when he saw his son's serene composure. He felt

that he was falling behind because his mentality could not match up with his son's.

Both parties headed into their positions on opposite sides of the stage.

The contrast between the two families was quite evident. The Xu family stood on the left side,

with Xu Sanli sitting in the middle of the front row, two great elders on each side and a few of

the family's offsprings beside the elders. To the back, three rows of the family's male members

stood in a uniform formation, displaying their discipline.

Looking at the Qin family, people could not help to feel sorry for them since there was only the

father and son.

Before the battle had begun, just by looking at the disposition of the forces, how would one not

feel that the whole fight for the Wealthy Class seat was simply ridiculous?

The difference between the power and the disposition of each family's forces were far too great.

On the other hand, the host did not say anything. He smiled: ’’Before the battle, I still must

repeat some words. Family Class Evaluations are life and death battles. On the stage, regardless

of the methods or one's life. Unless one party takes the initiative to admit defeat, there must be

a clear winner or loser! Your lives are in the hands of gods!’’

To both the Xu and the Qin family, it was not their first time participating in the Family Class

Evaluations. They naturally understood the rules.

’’Do you guys have anything to say? The Wealthy Xu will speak first.’’

Tens of thousands of eyes were focused on the face of the Xu Sanli, the Patriarch of the Xu

family. He stood up casually and stared at the father and son of the Qin household with a pair of

deep and ruthless eyes.

’’I have but one sentence, those who challenge the pride of the Xu family, I will put them to

death! Such a tiny Humble Class, the Xu family will let people here know what a joke they are!’’

The host turned to look at the Qin family expectantly, it was clear that he wanted to see how

they would respond.

Qin Wushuang smirked: ’’If some people think putting on an extravagant show can scare

people, then they should have just brought all the cats and dogs from the family to bolster their

numbers. Xu Sanli, our Humble Class seat has already given to you in the form of capital! Now,

it's time to take it back with interest!’’

After he had finished speaking, Qin Wushuang suddenly jumped from the chair with his whole

body arched like a full-moon bow. He stood on the stage with incomparable grandness, his face

was full of disdain as he spoke openly: ’’After this battle, the name of the Xu will no longer exist

in the aristocratic circle in River County!’’

The quiet ones would always sneak up on you!

Qin Wushuang's words flew straight up into the skies and forcefully resounded in everyone's


On the surface, this voice amplification technique seemed ordinary. However, beneath it

contained the most elite martial arts technique from his former world: ’’Roar of the Lion.’’ A

technique that moved those who heard it, it excited the hearts of those who heard it with a

forceful momentum.

It was finally time to explode!

More importantly, although the Xu family appeared to have a significant momentum, Qin

Wushuang, with a pair of sharp eyes, saw through the truth behind their show.

If the Xu family weren't afraid of them, why would they put on such a meaningless show?

The enemy no longer had an unyielding mentality. His perfectly timed roar had wrecked their

mentality thereby achieving its purpose of demoralizing the enemy without a battle.

A sharp light flashed from Xu Sanli's eyes. Behind the eyes full murderous intent, it revealed a

trace of suspicion. As for those two great elders next to him, they were infuriated to the point

that their hands were trembling.

Beneath the stage, everyone was stunned by the roar. It was only after some time after the

echoes had begun to dissipate, that people began to clap.

Not for anything else, such passion before a life-and-death battle was enough to impress

people. Although there were many aristocrats in River County, there were few who would even

dare to think of defying the Wealthy Class, much less be able to do it!

Among the members of the Xu family, a boorish-looking man whose body filled with muscles

and power, jumped out and growled: ’’Son of the Qin family, you sure like to talk big, then allow

me, Xu's Fifth Elder destroy your momentum!’’

In the first round, the Xu family was definitely playing it safe and did not send one of their

stronger members. They were proceeding with their old plan, which was to have Xu Wugen

participate in the first fight in order to test the enemies strength.

A butcher of men!

When this Xu Wugen had jumped on the stage, the face of the opponent flashed across the

minds of Qin Wushuang and Qin Lianshan as they recalled the information on the Xu family's

forces that they had investigated.

Brutal, cruel and enjoyed killing would describe this person's character. He was the infamous

butcher of River County, a Stage Three Genuine Force Warrior with a masculine style of martial


To be precise, Xu Wugen did not focus on a masculine style of technique but relied on brute

force. Compared to the use of a variety of martial arts techniques, Xu Wugen preferred to use

brute force to kill. He felt that only through this way could he enjoy the thrill of the kill.

When Qin Lianshan saw Xu Wugen, he became restless and said: ’’The first round, allow me!’’

From Qin Lianshan's results in these past three years, it had been a wise decision when Qin

Wushuang had let his father practiced <The Classics Tendon Changing Technique>.

When an expert in the martial arts started to move, you would know if he had strength.

If it were Qin Lianshan from three years ago, even without stepping on the stage, it would be

easy to see that he would not be a match for a Stage Three Genuine Force Warrior just by

looking at his appearance and temperament.

Now, as he slowly approached the stage, without any showy movements or extravagant actions,

his personality revealed itself as he just stood there.

No longer would people think that this person was not a match for Xu Wugen. On the contrary

Qin Lianshan would be a mighty foe to him!

When Xu Sanli saw that Qin Lianshan had gone up the stage, he was glad, instead of being

surprised. A trace of joyful expression unnoticeably appeared on his face. He glanced to his left

and right at the two great elders and noticed the joy and confidence in their eyes!


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