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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Not Only Will I Go Behind Your Back, But I Will Also Beat You

Translator: Jilian Editor: Jimmy

Qin Wushuang's attitude had not only provoked Ling Tian but had also angered all of his

companions. At first, Yun Qingyan was still trying to show a little consideration, but now, she

no longer stopped them when she saw this situation.

Ye Feng smiled: ’’Ling Tian, you have never experienced this kind of feeling after being looked

down by an offspring of the Humble Class, right?’’ No one knew if he'd spoke these words

intentionally or unintentionally.

As soon as Ling Tian heard these words, he immediately became furious as if a firework had

gone off. He jumped up and growled: ’’Kid, get out here!’’

Qin Wushuang's light voice came from inside: ’’If you want to challenge me, then wait here.

When I've finished shopping, I may be interested in playing with you children. Ling Tian? You

seriously think you can do whatever you want because you were given such a mighty sounding


Ling Tian had not only been ignored, even that high and mighty Ye Feng also felt humiliated.

Inwardly, he was angry and decided that he would punish this offspring of the Humble Class.

After all, he was a little over twenty years old. He was obviously unhappy that some brat from

the Humble Class, a recent graduate of the Martial Arts Academy, was treating him like a kid.

Ling Tian shouted again: ’’Kid, if you are a man, then don't run away!’’

Naturally, Qin Wushuang did not leave because even one such as he had a limit to his tolerance.

Although Qin Wushuang had good self-control, it did not mean he would allow others to freely

spit in his face.

Even a Buddha made of mud would be angered.

’’You want to fight me?’’ Qin Wushuang spoke with a cold tone. His whole body stood straight

like a spear that emanated a wave of biting cold presence.

’’I will teach you a lesson.’’

Ling Tian started to move and no longer cared about any aristocratic etiquette. He immediately

threw a punch at Qin Wushuang's face.

Qin Wushuang was not some nobody. He'd already seen through Ling Tian before he'd even

moved his body. He revealed a trace of mocking smile on the corner of his mouth as he nimbly

dodged without even looking at Ling Tian. He stopped to the side of Ling Tian.

Ling Tian's momentum, on the other hand, continued to carry him toward the jewelry counters

since his punch had missed its target. The strength of the blow instantly shattered the counters

to pieces with several loud noises.

Ling Tian howled like a tiger and threw out another three punches. These punches flew at Qin

Wushuang's head, chest, and stomach with a howling sound. He clenched his teeth and did not

show any mercy. Even someone that was seeking revenge for their father would not look like


Qin Wushuang's movements were like the wind, it was as if his whole body was a leaf. He

nimbly dodged the punches.


Bang! Bang!

With the force of each punch, it landed on the counters. The shop immediately turned into a


Qin Wushuang seemed to have deliberately baited Ling Tian's punches. For each punch, it

appeared that they had made contact, yet it did not reach its target. And with the force of each

punch, the people of the Forever Flourishing Jewelry shop fell into further despair.

The shadows and howls of the punches all created an astonishing presence. But, in the end,

Ling Tian was about ready to cry since he had thrown out so many punches and yet none had

landed. When he looked at the mess in the jewelry shop, he knew that he was in big trouble. But

right now, it was impossible to stop halfway. However, he ready to cough blood because

although his crazy attacks had brought him exhaustion, he had not even managed to touch a

corner of the other party's clothing.

’’Kid, do you know anything else besides running away?’’ Inwardly, Ling Tian was on the verge

of collapse.

Qin Wushuang leisurely stood in the center of the hall and glanced at the devastated jewelry

shop. He could not help but mock him: ’’So the purpose of you training your fists was not to hit

people but to destroy things. This Forever Flourishing jewelry shop must share a lot of hatred

with you. Why are you tearing it down as if you want them gone?’’

Qin Wushuang appeared sympathetic, but inwardly, he was laughing. He had killed two birds

with one stone and the feeling was quite superb. He had not only humiliated this Ling Tian, but

he'd also borrowed Ling Tian's hands to punish the arrogance of this Forever Flourishing

jewelry shop. How could he not be happy?

When he saw that the hall had been torn to pieces, Qin Wushuang said to that sales clerk who

was shivering and hiding in the corner with an ’’apologetic’’ face: ’’You see, these are the

aristocrats you admire so much from the bottom of your heart. They broke all your things even

though they had no grudges with you. Now, you know who is good or bad, right?’’

That sales clerk let out a weak ’’Wow’’ and started to whimper.

Qin Wushuang spread out his hands innocently while appearing calm and unruffled in the

midst of the chaos. He said: ’’Ling Tian, right? Aren't you tired after fighting for so long? Why

don't you stop and take a break, and think about how you'll repay the damages.’’

At this moment, Yun Qingyan snarled: ’’Qin Wushuang, this was all caused by your fight. The

faults do not lie with Big Brother Ling Tian entirely. Don't even think about trying to shrug off

the responsibility!’’

With a face full of hurt, Qin Wushuang said in an aggrieved voice: ’’Missy Yun, from the

beginning to end, I did not use a single move. Your Big Brother Ling Tian was the one that

me one-sidedly. I genuinely did not know that he had such hostility towards the

Forever Flourishing Jewelry shop. He did not show mercy when he attacked.’’

’’You... You are nit-picking!’’

’’Nit-picking about what?’’

’’You said you did not attack at all, then what is that jumping around the business a moment


Qin Wushuang sighed and spoke truthfully and with justice: ’’Your Big Brother Ling Tian had a

surging desire to show off his strong fist techniques in front of everyone. I could not stay at the

same place and be his punching bag, right? I only dodged according to the situation. I simply

did not want to get hurt.’’

As he said these words, he thoroughly emphasized his innocence.

Qin Xiu held back her laughter as she finally understood that her brother was just toying with

these people. She also knew that he'd wanted to punish the arrogance of the jewelry shop sales


Among these people, Ye Feng was the oldest and the most experienced leader. When he saw the

situation, he'd already realized that Qin Wushuang was not as simple as he appeared to be. He

knew that Ling Tian had a hot temper and had fallen into Qin Wushuang's vicious trap.

He glanced around and noticed that not too many of the cheap jewelry had been destroyed. He

said lightly: ’’I will cover all of the cost of these damaged goods in the hall.’’

Although Ling Tian looked at Ye Feng in gratitude, he received a meaningful look in return.

Ling Tian immediately understood and shouted: ’’Son of the Qin family, if you are a man, let's

fight on open ground!’’

Qin Wushuang smile vanished, he changed his tone and said coldly: ’’Seems like you still don't

want to give up. Don't blame me for reminding you. Before going onto the battlefield, you

should consider how the two offsprings of the Zhang family has already died by my hands.’’

Clearly, this Ye Feng and Ling Tian were not aristocrats from River County. Qin Wushuang was

not interested in where they had come from. However, he would remind them of these battles

before they started. After all, it would be meaningless if they lost their lives over such simple


However, since the other party was determined to fight, they would be Qin Wushuang's enemy

as soon as they entered the battlefield. Qin Wushuang would never show mercy to his enemies!

’’Stop talking, let's fight to the death!’’

Ling Tian's common sense had been completely clouded by anger. He walked outside filled with

frustration and spirit.

Qin Wushuang murmured: ’’It's very strange! We have never kicked the Widow Door and had

never dug the grave of a household that had no heir, how come they keep wanting to fight to the

death? They are all loved by their parents, do each and every one them not care about their


Qin Wushuang stood leisurely around the center of the open ground. He ignored Ling Tian who

was openly fuming with rage and gritting his teeth. He said casually: ’’Ok, here we are.’’

Finally, Ling Tian's bellyful of resentment had found a place to vent.

He shouted and jumped. Straightening his body, he extended his legs and kicked nine times in

mid-air. His whole body was like a butterfly that had spread its wings as he moved to attack

Qin Wushuang.

These nine kicks appeared continuously from the left and right sides. His kicks created a vortex

of wind and gave the attacks an astonishing momentum.

This was a technique called the Nine Revolving Deciduous Kicks!

It was one of Ling Tian's killer techniques and one of the elite moves he'd learned in his life.

Since Ling Tian was consumed with anger, he showed more murderous intent than usual when

he'd used these nine kicks. In fact, the momentum was sharper than usual.

Yun Qingyan's face was full of admiration. She clapped: ’’Big Brother Ling Tian, great kicks!’’

Qin Wushuang stood motionless, appearing high and mighty. He ignored Ling Tian's garish leg

techniques and slightly raised his head. Then, he used one of the fingers to poke air, his actions

appeared neither strong nor gentle; in fact, it seemed rather ordinary. With a snort, he shot the

finger attack toward Ling Tian.

In his former world, this was the ancient royal martial arts techniques from the southern

border of Yunnan The Congealed Finger!

In the next moment, Ling Tian, who was initially thinking highly of himself only felt a sharp

pain from his ankle. The pain felt as if needles had pierced him and instantly spread through

his entire thigh.


As his thigh turned numb, Ling Tian lost his balance and fell with his head tilted downwards. In

the previous moment, he was acting calm and confident but in the next, had immediately fallen

into a very embarrassing ’’to fall flat on his face’’ posture and stopped on the ground.

Qin Wushuang took a step forward and stepped on Ling Tian's head. He said coldly: ’’I don't care

where you came from nor your background. Since you wanted to fight the death, then you must

have the resolve to die.’’

Just as he was about to exert his full strength and crush Ling Tian's skull, Qin Xiu called out

from behind him: ’’Wushuang, don't kill him.’’

Qin Wushuang had always listened to his sister. In that moment of hesitation where he was

deciding if he should show mercy, a wave of palm force suddenly came from behind. An

excellent palm technique had attacked from behind and was directly aimed at his fatal points.

In his former world, Qin Wushuang was a grandmaster. He, of course, had excellent hearing and

knew that it was Ye Feng who had sneak attacked him. Thus, he did not even look back. He

rolled up his right hand's sleeves and shot out a palm. Then, as if the palm had eyes, with a loud

bang, his palm traveled in the direction that Ye Feng had sent out his palm.


Two palms clashed against each other. Qin Wushuang channeled some power through his palm

that had sent out the eighth palm technique of the Nine Suns Palms The Scare Burning of the

Eight Suns.

The inner power quickly traveled through the palm along with a masculine and vigorous energy

and penetrated Ye Feng's five viscera and six bowels.

Ye Feng took three steps back, and his face immediately turned pale and then red. Finally, he

regained his breath after his face had changed colors three times. When he looked at Qin

Wushuang, his eyes were filled with alarm, shock, and a barely noticeable fear.

Since Qin Wushuang was a person of two lifetimes, he despised people that mounted sneak

attacks. At this moment, he was going to use his power to stamp Ling Tian to death.

Suddenly, a familiar voice called out from a distance: ’’Wushuang, please show mercy.’’

From a distance, Da Xi Ming, who was dressed in white clothing like the snow, quickly rushed


Qin Wushuang gave a light sigh and finally withdrew his foot. It was not because he did not

know how to kill or that he was afraid of repercussions, but it was because he had to show Da Xi

Ming some respect since he had spoken.

Da Xi Ming was quite fast and in an instant, he had arrived before him. As he glanced at Ye

Feng, he only nodded and lightly said without asking for the details: ’’Little Brother Wushuang,

these people are my sisters'classmates at the Redwood Martial Arts Academy. They have

traveled quite a distance to celebrate my sister's birthday. If they've offended you, please laugh

it away on my terms, how about it?’’

Both Yun Qingyu and Yun Qingyan sisters were stunned. They knew that Ling Tian was only an

ordinary offspring of a Wealthy Class from another county.

But Ye Feng was the offspring of a Venerable family from Southcloud City. Regardless of social

status and levels, they would not lose to Venerable Da Xi family! It was the reason of why the

sisters had sucked up to him.

However, this Da Xi Ming was asking Qin Wushuang for a favor as soon as he had arrived. They

were instantly shocked by this scene.

Even that high and mighty Ye Feng also looked at Da Xi Ming with a face full of surprise. He felt

that this Da Xi Ming might have made a mistake regarding the identity.

When Da Xi Ming saw Ye Feng's somewhat accusing looks, he completely ignored him. Instead,

he said lightly: ’’Ye Feng, if you don't want to receive an internal injury that would result in your

blood vessels being blocked, then you should hurry and spit out that suppressed blood in your

throat. Or else, your martial arts would be ruined.’’

Initially, Ye Feng had forced himself to remain calm because he did not want to make a fool of

himself. Since Da Xi Ming had already pointed it out, he could no longer hold back his breath.

With a splashing sound, he spat out a mouthful of clotted blood.

Such a waste to have held it back for so long!

When he spit out this blood, not only did the Yun sisters changed their expressions

dramatically, even that young lady accompanying them was also looking at Qin Wushuang with

a complicated expression.


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