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Soaring Of Galaxia - Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Do Not Mess With Me

Translator: Jilian Editor: Jimmy

As the Qin brother and sister wandered the streets, they were still unable to find a suitable gift

after having visited a few shops. Qin Xiu looked around, she immediately called out as she

noticed that they were not far from that Forever Flourishing jewelry store: ’’Wushuang, let's

look over there.’’

The Forever Flourishing jewelry shop was the sole authority among jewelry shops in River

County. The aristocrats of River County also favored this shop.

When they walked into the hall, a few of the salespeople glanced at them from head to toe and

turned away with a smiling face. All of them either continued chatting or went about their own

business. In fact, no one came up to greet them.

The Forever Flourishing jewelry shop was a shop supported by aristocrats. However, this did

not mean that every aristocrat would have the spending power!

These salespeople have met all sorts of people from serving customers. They, of course, had

their prejudices and preconceptions for judging people. When they saw these two dressed in

Humble Class clothing, their attitudes immediately turned cold.

How much spending power would these little Humble aristocrats have?

Although Qin Xiu did not pay attention to the disdain from these people, Qin Wushuang noticed

all of it. However, he did not get angry. He knew how pragmatic this world was. It was not

strange for these sales clerks to look down on them. If he became serious about this small

matter, then he would have nothing to do except to feel angry all day.

If you wanted to change the way others looked at you, then you must change your social status.

Qin Wushuang was even more depressed about how the jewelry displayed at the hall of the

Forever Flourishing jewelry shop was of such mediocrity. Giving them to an ordinary person

would be alright. If they were to bring these goods to the Da Xi household, Qin Wushuang would

feel ashamed even if the Da Xi family did not look down on it. He would not care about it.

However, to his sister, Qin Xiu, who had a thin skin, she would surely feel embarrassed in that


’’Wushuang, how is this necklace?’’


’’Yes, how about this pair of earrings?’’


’’Hm, this bracelet seems right, Wushuang, what do you think?’’

’’It is mediocre.’’

Qin Wushuang was a person of two lifetimes. He had a lot of experience, so what kind of rare

goods had he not seen before? He had traveled freely to the biggest museum of his former world

and took whatever he'd wanted. Naturally, he was picky about everything. In his eyes, these

mediocre jewelry were no better than mud bricks to him.

’’The famous Forever Flourishing jewelry shop only have such goods?’’ When Qin Wushuang

saw that group of sales clerks were looking at them as if they were jokes, he could not help but

say sarcastically.

A little sales clerk walked over with a face as if she were going to sue them. She said with a

harsh tone: ’’Of course there are better goods. But those are prepared for upper Wealthy Class

aristocrats. For these, even ordinary people cannot afford it.’’

From her tone and her expression, she had clearly already classified Qin Wushuang in the

’’ordinary people’’ category.

Qin Xiu did not mind, and smiled: ’’Please show us something better.’’

’’Sorry, higher-quality goods are only available for aristocrats above the Prominent Class. As for

you guys...’’ That sales clerk viciously looked up and down at them, ’’Children of the Humble

Class, I am afraid we can not show them to you. If you wanted to broaden your horizon, you

don't have to use such lowly means.’’

’’You... How could you think of it this way?’’ Qin Xiu was not happy.

’’Sorry, it's the rules of our shop. And to myself, I also think this way.’’ This sales clerk judged

people based on first impressions. Plus, since Qin Wushuang had previously looked down on the

jewelry of the shop and had spoken of them in such a dismissive tone, she felt these two were

simply boasting.

’’You are being unreasonable,’’ Qin Xiu said with frustration, ’’I have never seen someone doing

business like you people. It seems like you want to drive away all the customers.’’

’’Of course we will welcome those clients who can afford it. I simply do not have the time to deal

with those who can not afford things, yet brag about disliking everything. Just say it if you

cannot afford it.’’

Qin Wushuang suddenly smiled leisurely: ’’Sister, do you see it now? It's just like when a dog

looks down on a person.’’

After he'd finished, his face suddenly changed. He stared at that sales clerk and said lightly: ’’I

don't want to waste my words with you nor do I want trouble. Bring us your better jewelry.’’

Before that sales clerk could answer, a sharp, mocking tone came from outside: ’’Qin Wushuang,

are you only capable of bullying girls?’’

Qin Wushuang could not help but frown when he heard this voice. He did not need to turn

around to know it was that arrogant Missy Yun Qingyan from the Yun family.

He turned his head and looked at them coldly. He saw Yun Qingyan standing in front of her

group with a disdainful expression and with eyes filled with mocking and ridicule. It seemed

that Qin Wushuang was the most unfortunate thing she had seen in this world.

Behind Yun Qingyan, five or six men and women also accompanied her. Each and every one of

them was dressed in beautiful aristocratic clothing. Although these people had different

appearances, they all shared one feature. That was, they all looked down on people from their


It seemed that within River County, it would be a great shame to them if people viewed them on

an equal level.

When Qin Wushuang saw each and every one of their disgusting appearance, he felt very

unlucky. Inwardly, he wondered why he had not thought to check the astrology before he'd

gone out and how trouble always seemed to find him.

Qin Wushuang casually glanced at them and turned away, not paying any further attention to

them. He was, after all, the reincarnation of a grandmaster of martial arts. Tangling with a

bunch of children would be boring.

Suddenly, a black-gowned man said: ’’Little Sister Qingyan, is this the Humble offspring that

had made you unhappy, recently?’’

Yun Qingyan twitched her mouth: ’’Of course, it's him, isn't it? This guy is not only rude but also

full of craftiness and cunning. Qin Wushuang, I ask you, were you the culprit behind that

incident of thievery in the Martial Arts Academy?’’

In these past few years, Yun Qingyan had always felt that something wasn't quite right about

that whole event whenever she thought about it. If Xu Ting had done it, what reason would he

have had to make a scene and ask everyone to catch the thief?

Especially when she thought about Qin Wushuang's words, it seemed that from beginning, he

was constantly dropping hints. He'd used words to trap Xu Ting as if he had already known that

a ghost was hiding in Xu Ting's room.

Yun Qingyan had previously thought that Qin Wushuang would not have the strength to set up

Xu Ting as he was someone who could not even beat Zhang Xian. However, Qin Wushuang had

recently become very famous and had killed Zhang Xian and his brother. The Humble Qin

family had even dared to challenge the Wealthy Xu family! These things had further increased

her doubts about Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang did not look back and snorted disdainfully. He said mockingly: ’’Why are you

asking me when you could not keep your own personal clothing safe? Ask that person where we

had found the goods. What does it have to do with me?’’

’’Qingyu, this child of the Humble Class is not very polite at all. Your River County's aristocratic

circle is filled with all sorts of good and bad people.’’

Among the group of three men and three women, the man that spoke was dressed in beautiful

clothing. He carried a beautiful jade on his waist and had the strongest looking figure. He stood

among the other two young men and appeared to be the head of this little group.

’’Brother Ye Feng, I apologize for how our River County must seem like a laughingstock to you.’’

Behind Yun Qingyan, a lady that had a similar look to Yun Qingyan, but with a more mature and

charming appearance, crooned.

This woman was dressed in pink from head to toe. Her two eyebrows looked as if they could

talk. And in between its movements, they seemed hypnotic in a seductive manner. She was Yun

Qingyan's sister, Yun Qingyu.

He had to admit, this pair of sister flowers of the Yun family were the top beauties in River

County. However, they were only limited to this. In his former world, Qin Wushuang had seen

many different kinds of beautiful girls. However, he did not think any one of them was

stunning. It was not because those beautiful girls did not stand out or because they were not

cute, but to Qin Wushuang's sense of aesthetics, they have always lacked something.

Although this pair of sister flowers before him looked gorgeous, they all had one common trait.

That was in their eyes, where they carried the usual aristocrat's indifference and hostility.

To a lady, if their eyes were not pure, then she would lose a lot of points in Qin Wushuang's

judgment. Compared to his sister Qin Xiu, they were clearly tens of thousands of miles away.

A beauty with a pair of eyes just like the limpid autumn waters and not contaminated by any

form of dust would be called stunning!

That youth, Ye Feng, casually shrugged his shoulders: ’’Laughingstock? That's not the case. I, Ye

Feng, am not so shallow as to argue with children of the Humble Class, right?’’

As she saw her sister and Big Brother Ye Feng was backing her up, Yun Qingyan gained more

courage. She put her hands on her waist and asked old-fashionedly: ’’Qin Wushuang, are you a

man or not? If you are a man, then don't hide, could it be that you are scared to admit what you

had done?’’

Qin Wushuang frowned. These people were worse than fleas. If you did not pay attention to

them, they jumped even higher. You would lower yourself to bully Humble Class children? Do

you think I would care to drop myself to your level?

’’Whether I am a man or not, Missy Yun could ’’check’’ a certain place for the truth. If you are

going to continue with this pointless conversation, then I am afraid I have no time to talk with


As soon as he'd said these words, both of the Yun family's sisters' faces changed. Even that girl

who was silently standing with the sisters looked at Qin Wushuang in surprise.

They clearly hadn't expected an offspring of the Humble Class would dare to speak such vulgar


That black-gowned man who was previously sucking up to Yun Qingyan became furious: ’’Kid,

it seems you have lived too long!’’

Qin Wushuang could not help but laugh. He turned around and casually asked: ’’What? Could it

be that you want to be a flower guardian? Don't you think this kind of method is too oldfashioned?’’

Suddenly, Yun Qingyan who was behind him said: ’’Ling Tian, don't pay attention to these lowly


Ling Tian, that black-gowned man, shouted: ’’If he offends me, I can laugh it away. However, he

spoke those offensive words against Missy Yun, so I cannot forgive him. Kid, come out, let me

measure you and see how much you weigh. How dare you be so arrogant!’’

Qin Xiu felt very sullen. These people were not reasonable at all. In fact, they were the one that

had started this mess, yet they were speaking with a tone of righteousness.

Qin Wushuang looked at him as if he was an idiot, he ignored Ling Tian and said to that sales

clerk: ’’Bring me to the areas with the higher-quality jewelry.’’

Ignored, an offspring of the Humble Class had actually ignored him.

This time, Ling Tian had become truly enraged!


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